Unit193Don't think it's related, but https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2015/09/msg00000.html02:36
Unit193bluesabre, micahg: In case you didn't already see ↑02:37
ubottuDebian bug 798074 in catfish "catfish: New upstream release available" [Wishlist,Open]08:43
flocculantnot sure why qa articles is a work item - moved it to whiteboard10:04
bluesabreUnit193: the debian menu discussion makes sense10:46
bluesabreI'm guessing debian menus existed before the FD.o desktop spec10:47
bluesabrere Catfish, would debian actually want a development release packaged?10:47
flocculanthi bluesabre 10:50
Unit193bluesabre: 1. Eh, not as-is, no.  2. Chances that person knew it was a development release?  May have either seen 2a. New release announcement and not read.  2b. New release on Xfce.  2c. That Ubuntu had newer.10:50
flocculantand Unit193 :)10:51
Unit193flocculant: Howdy.10:51
Unit193bluesabre: If you're using the version numbering of Xfce, update watch file? :D10:51
bluesabrehey flocculant 10:52
bluesabrehey Unit193 10:52
bluesabreso, can update the watch file to only watch for even numbered releases...10:52
Unit193I thought https://sources.debian.net/src/xfce4-settings/4.12.0-2/debian/watch/ was pretty creative.10:53
Unit193Hrm, actually.  That's point releases it's looking at. :D10:54
bluesabreclosed enough10:54
Unit193Ah, I see how the structure is, nm.10:54
Unit193(Anywho, that was mearly an idea, not necessarily even a recommendation!)10:58
bluesabreyeah, I might work with that10:58
bluesabrelooks like the build failures for menulibre/mugshot might be caused by python3-distutils-extra10:59
bluesabreor gobject-introspection10:59
bluesabreI'll look at that a bit later10:59
bluesabreUnit193: thoughts on setting CLUTTER_BACKEND=x11 in our env until I get the bug report sorted with gnome upstream?11:01
Unit193bluesabre: File in /usr or /etc?11:01
Unit193Can the user easily override?11:01
Unit193And I'd presume this affects more than just parole, but that'd be intended due to the same issue.11:02
bluesabreright, since it affects parole and even mugshot (which is a super basic usecase of clutter) I think it would probably affect other things as well11:03
Unit193Reminds me, did zequence want those too?11:05
bluesabreI think so... maybe11:05
Unit193(Being in x-d-s won't exactly help him much though, soo. :P )11:05
Unit193bluesabre: Oh!  And next release we'll get to sync xfce4-terminal!11:06
Unit193Added your action item for xfdesktop, but not sure we've got enough testing to get that in.  One of us could pop it up though.11:07
bluesabrewe can drop it into -staging and request that folks review it, then get it in later this week11:09
bluesabreif it's just bugfix, should be pretty fine11:09
flocculantbluesabre: if you send mail to the m/l - I'll copy it to the testers LP group11:10
bluesabrealrighty then11:11
bluesabresuppose that's a good motivation to get that done this morning11:11
flocculantjust make sure to ask what you need people to look at :)11:11
flocculantI'll copy as soon as I see it11:11
Unit193bluesabre: Already got xfdesktop4.11:12
bluesabreUnit193: cool, so you want to go ahead and upload it to -staging?11:12
Unit193Am now.11:12
bluesabreyou rock11:13
Unit193Unless I dun goofed.11:13
bluesabreit's too bad that eric does not update NEWS in the repo when making a release11:25
bluesabreor make release announcements11:26
bluesabrenothing to link to :p11:26
bluesabreoh wait11:26
bluesabreand the cert is still dead on xfce11:27
bluesabreflocculant: sound good or too verbose? http://pad.ubuntu.com/xfdesktop-staging11:30
Unit193Yes, yes it is...  And, http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/commit/?h=xfce-4.12&id=bce031253515aabb8dfd7497b7d9c2a8a36cef8b11:30
bluesabrehe should really update trunk11:31
flocculantbluesabre: looks ok - though if there's something specific you want people to look at then now's the time 11:31
Unit193I popped it up into my own Xfce, so I'll get it in wily and vivid too.11:33
bluesabreUnit193: thanks, looks like its published now11:35
bluesabresending the mail out11:35
flocculantbluesabre: that looks better - thanks 11:35
Unit193...I suppose someone should re-assign that task, then.11:38
flocculantbluesabre: and copied as soon as I saw it 11:39
flocculantjust need to get the socially aware peeps to ping it out :D11:40
bluesabreUnit193: gave the task to you since the only thing I'm doing with it is uploading a bit later11:43
bluesabreyou did all the heavy lifting ;)11:43
Unit193Hah, well was easy enough this time.11:44
Unit193And thanks, of course.11:44
bluesabrethank you, much faster than if I did it11:45
bluesabrenormal morning routine for me: wake up, eat, watch news/anime, check email, then start working on stuff11:46
bluesabreI had only finished "eat" when all this started, so we're well ahead of schedule :D11:46
Unit193Hah. :P11:46
knomebluesabre, Unit193, flocculant: feel free to check out lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu for some new art for the last slide11:47
knome"./test-slideshow.sh xubuntu" to run the xubuntu slideshow11:48
bluesabreknome: I like it11:51
bluesabreand that color scheme11:52
knomegood good :)11:52
knomeit's directly drawn from the new wallpaper11:52
knomefor much rejoicing for flocculant 11:52
flocculantback tomorrow probably11:59
knomehf then :)12:00
jjfrv8knome, slideshow is nice. One question, though... it looks like there's been a regression to a draft vivid version in line 8 of the Customize slide.13:15
jjfrv8knome, paste.ubuntu.com/12281910/13:15
jjfrv8knome, looks like it happened back in revision 690. Don't know if it was intentional or not.13:16
knomejjfrv8, probably unintentional - i'll get it fixed - thanks :)13:43
knomejjfrv8, pushed to production, thanks again14:05
knome(well trunk, not production...)14:05
ochosievening all21:03
knomehello ochosi 21:05
ochosithought i'd quickly check up on things21:06
ochosicurrently pulling in the slideshow21:06
ochosigee, it's so big21:07
knomei've heard that before21:08
ochosifunny leg :)21:08
ochosiwas that bitten off by a vampire or something? :)21:08
ochosiother than that, gotta love the moon21:08
knomewell i don't know21:08
knomebut you can have the svg source if you want to improve it...21:08
knomethe leg is kind of, ehm21:08
ochosiand the idea of only showing the werewolf leaving instead of howling i like21:09
knomeyeah, i didn't really like showing "werewolf"21:09
ochosiheh, yeah, maybe that's ok since it's a *were*wolf instead of just a wolf21:09
knome"killing" and "blood-thirsty" are not the things i want our users to have in their mind when they install xubuntu21:09
ochosihowling would be ok, but then again, i think this is totally fine21:09
knomeglad to hear you like it21:10
ochosieven without the werewolf btw, the moon and the colorscheme work really well together21:10
ochosibut let's keep it as is21:10
ochosinice work!21:10
* knome bows21:10
ochosibtw, have any of you tested numix?21:11
ochosii've gotten a reply from satya saying he might merge the SASS branch and do a release with that21:11
ochosithe SASS branch should work ok with gtk3.1621:11
ochosibut i haven't ever tried it21:11
ochosii guess that'll finally break the sync/synergy between greybird and numix21:12
knomedo you think it would be too much to ask that satya dedicated some time to come here before our releases?21:13
ochosii dunno, i think it'd be ok21:15
ochosithen again, i haven't seen him being very active lately21:16
ochosiso i'm not sure what to expect for numix's future21:16
ochosibut we can evaluate that fater 16.0421:16
ochosii presume until then it'll remain maintained21:16
sidioooh, ochosi 21:23
sidiochosi, tell me, would you like to earn some money? :D (i suspect not since you're a fellow phd student)21:23
knomesidi, oh please, take the advertising to PMs :)21:27
ochosisidi: i'm not a student anymore - started job last week21:27
knomeor if you want to "catch-all", it's fine to send one email to the mailing list21:27
ochosibut yeah, what knome said :) if you have a proposal, feel free to PM me ;)21:29
knomeochosi, he wants to backdoor your pc21:29
sidiah i'll stop, sorry i sometimes feel like im on shimmer21:29
knomesidi, that's what the channel name is shown for in clients :P21:30
ochosinight all!21:41
knomenighty simon21:41
flocculantevening all - just looking at slideshow, and ... 22:34
flocculantMake the desktop your own - wording is odd22:35
knomewe can still change that22:35
flocculantEdit your user menus, whether adding applications, directories, separators to the menu layout or reordering menu items.22:36
knomesuggest a replacement :)22:36
flocculantthe .whether adding replacements wording 22:37
flocculantimplies the 'or reordering'22:37
flocculantbut really implies do anything 22:38
flocculantnot sure how to reword that22:38
flocculantbut I do like the werewolf shaking the crap that was vervet of it's foot :D 22:39
flocculantprobably a comma does the job -> Edit your user menus, whether adding applications, directories, separators to the menu layout,or reordering menu items.22:40
flocculantpushed something 22:44
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