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eight08is it odd that xubuntu didn't install a program like whois?02:59
Unit193Not specifically, though I do myself.03:00
cfhowletteight08, no it's not odd.  if you want it, get it.03:05
eight08cfhowlett, I did, I just thought it was weird. I feel like the last time I installed xub it was installed by default03:07
cfhowletteight08, I think you're correct, but things do change.03:07
eight08good point03:08
Unit193Could check the seeds to see.03:08
Unit193Or manifests.03:08
eight08Unit193 I should probably get in the habit of doing that03:11
Unit193And create a list of your applications.03:20
cfhowlettdpkg -l > applications03:24
Unit193Err, not like that no.03:25
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ninoxHi guys!07:33
ninoxI've installed on my notebook xubuntu, but I have problems with the wifi connection07:33
ninoxThe computer recognizes the wifi and I can connect it on a wifi07:34
ninoxBut I can surf on internet only for some minutes07:34
ninoxThen the connection doesn't work more07:34
ninoxCan you help me? Thanks! :)07:35
davegriAnyone know why save image as might not be working in chrome?09:53
davegriIt doesn't open a window09:53
flips15.04 xubuntu x86_68, virt-viewer/spicec works, but virt-manager still complains SpiceClientGTK missing ... hints?10:23
lesaHello! :) Does anyone of you have Xubuntu 14.04 with Xfce 4.12 with working Firefox 40.0.3? I like the browser but it keeps crashing everytime. :(11:14
Unit193Might want to check bug reports, apport should generate them.  Output goes to ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log that might be interesting.11:15
Unit193I use vivid or wily myself.11:15
lesaI am getting this error when running in safe mode http://paste.ubuntu.com/12281265/11:17
Unit193For the heck of it, not that I think it'll do anything, can you switch to Greybird|Numix or any other Shimmer theme for a second?11:18
lesaThanks Unit193, I'll check there ... Ok I will switch11:19
lesaNo luck, different error this time http://paste.ubuntu.com/12281295/11:22
lesaDo you have any idea what i could do?11:22
lesahere is the content of startxfce4.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/12281315/11:25
lesaalso not looking good... :(11:26
Unit193lesa: That's a usual error, I get it too so knew to ignore it.11:32
lesaOk, but FF won't budge. :(11:36
lesaHow do you make it run then Unit193?11:37
Unit193I just launch it, no problems for me.  And you said you used  firefox --safe-mode  ?11:38
lesaYes,  it says (process:2604): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed11:39
lesaYesterday came an update(for kernel and Xfce too) perhaps it broke things for me.11:41
cfhowlettlesa, the test is to boot the older kernel11:41
lesaI'll try right away, thanks cfhowlett11:42
lesaNope, using older kernel didn't change anything.11:44
Unit193Wouldn't expect it to.  Usually a recommendation is to try out a guest session, see if any config is mangled.  Also, you mentioned PPAs, could one of those be the issue?11:45
lesaI'll try with a guest session. But tell me Unit193 do you ever apt-get autoremove any "no longer required" packages? I'm starting to regret doing it.11:48
knomelesa, it's sage.11:48
knome*safe too11:48
knomelesa, it won't break anything11:48
Unit193Usually safe, anywho.11:48
knomewhen it's not, then there's something wrong anyway11:49
lesaAllright i try with a guest account11:49
Unit193I do it with --purge, but I do look at what packages.11:50
knomeUnit193, yep, same here.11:51
knomeUnit193, has never broken anything for me though11:51
knomeUnit193, but i don't use a lot of PPAs or weird stuff like you...11:51
lesaheh, Firefox is running in guest account. Any ideas?11:52
Unit193I don't do a lot of PPAs.11:52
knomeUnit193, PPAs or weird stuff11:52
Unit193Weird stuff is the only way to do it.11:53
knomelesa, try removing the cache11:53
knomelesa, eg. /home/yourusername/.cache11:54
lesaok, right away11:54
lesabut Firefox still won't budge11:55
Unit193I'd strace it, see where the hangup is.11:57
lesasorry "strace" is what exactly, unit193?11:58
Unit193A very user unfriendly program..11:59
lesaSo how do i use it?11:59
lesai have it installed tho...12:00
Unit193You could either 1. Launch the profile manager and try to create a new profile (or see if it gets that far.)  2. Move the firefox dirs such that it re-creates them (and if it doesn't help you can move them back.)12:00
lesaI have so far, tried to completely remove it, deleting all stuff left even when uninstall purge is issued, but when i reinstall the same thing happens from my user account.12:02
Unit193Presuming you have removed .cache, the important one is ~/.mozilla/12:02
Unit193Ah, fun.12:02
lesaok, I'll delete that too12:02
Unit193Well, that's your firefox profile...12:03
lesano, same thing, only this time around it asks to import things from Chrome, then same error happens12:03
Unit193Error, different than the one you pasted?12:04
lesano the same thing again12:04
Unit193Right, that's unrelated.12:04
lesabut, how do i fix my profile if i cannot access firefox even in safe mode?12:05
Unit193knome: Got any easier ideas?12:06
knomei would probably simply try reinstalling firefox12:06
lesai did that AND deleted .mozilla stuff from /etc and /usr and that didn't help. it's weird that it's working from guest session tho:-(12:08
knomewait, you deleted stuff from /etc and /usr ?12:10
lesayes because there is /etc/firefox left even if it is purged and there is /usr/lib/firefox and /usr/lib/firefox-addons which should also be deleted for a complete removal.12:13
lesaand dotted stuff in /home like .mozilla .adobe...12:13
lesabut all that didn't help any so far...12:14
lesaI guess, my Xfce settup is somehow broken and I should just let it be and get used to Chrome(while its working) till it gets totally down needing clean install. Thanks a ton bros! Much obliged.:)12:16
lesaHello again guys (Unit193, knome)?13:25
lesaI've found the culprit...13:25
lesafor Firefox not running13:25
lesau there?13:26
flipswhat was the culprit? :)13:48
dunpealHi. Is there a way to set a custom icon for an application on the task switcher?14:18
auscompgeekdunpeal: well, icon themes exist14:37
lesaJust wanted to say hey and warn everyone that freshplayer plugin seems to have a bug which prevents Firefox from starting, for that's what it was i was asking help for earlier this day.15:33
lesathanks Unit193 and knome for your help. :) all is in order, except flash player is still required on number of sites so, i cannot ditch it right now.15:35
drclesa: Not knowing what went on earlier with flash, maybe changing to "ask to activate" instead of "always activate".  That way you can choose when Flash is actually used.15:38
lesawell, the thing is, i cannot even start firefox when freshplayer is installed. wonder if firefox is still compatible with npapi plugins? if not then we're stack with old and risky flash player 11.2 from regular repos.15:40
drcTrue, but if you change to "ask" then you minimize your exposure.15:43
lesai prefer to use the latest 18.0.233 version that comes with Chrome. Perhaps, it is better maintained.15:46
hoodedicehow do I reorder the window buttons on the top pane?16:01
cfhowletthoodedice, right click, move16:01
hoodedicedoesn't work16:01
hoodediceit is moving the window16:02
cfhowlettpanel > preferences > Items16:02
hoodedicefound what I needed in the preferences for the panel item, ie, Window Buttons16:03
|Anthony|what file is changed when using the settings manager GUI for Xfce? I changed the splash screen setting in there and now the computer will not boot into that OS16:53
|Anthony|I'm hoping that I can boot into another OS and edit that file from there.16:54
|Anthony|what file is changed when using the settings manager GUI for Xfce? I changed the splash screen setting in there and now the computer will not boot into that OS17:47
|Anthony|I can't seem to stay connected on this phone18:20
|Anthony|what file is changed when using the settings manager GUI for Xfce? I changed the splash screen setting in there and now the computer will not boot into that OS18:20
ravi__kumarhow can i switch from ubuntu's default desktop env to xfce's lightweight desktop env ?18:23
flipsinstall task-xubuntu-desktop ... then remove the other stuff later ... :)18:42
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LeminoHi, I run xubuntu on a Dell Vostro 3360. Letting the closing of the lid (as set in power management settings) controll suspend or hibernate works fine, except it breaks the wireless upon awakening. How come? Everything works as suppossed when I tell the system to suspend or hibernate through the menu.22:33

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