cmaloneyI missed the meeting. :l01:40
cmaloneyWEll, I see nobody else must've noticed. ;)01:42
cmaloneyAnyone here for the meeting?01:44
cmaloneyYeah, that's what I figured.01:59
_stink_i was here.  i called it to order, and voted to invade Canada.13:55
cmaloneyOf course13:59
DrDaemonEye_stink_: We have to invade Canada?  I thought they were already a part of Michigan.14:51
_stink_they won't send along the polar bears that they ride into battle so we can invade Ohio.  so first step is to take them.15:04
rick_h_for just a little bit more15:49
rick_h_cmaloney: what's MUG tomorrow? Looks like I might get to escape :)15:49
cmaloneyInstall-fest and possibly digital archiving16:33

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