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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wonderful Weirdos Day! 😝08:30
* zmoylan-pi waves at weirdos day :-D o/08:30
zmoylan-piand why hasn't there been an os called weird?! :-)08:33
JamesTaitBack in Uni, when I was working on a MUD in my spare time, I started building a framework around the DGD kernel library that I dubbed WyrdOS.08:35
JamesTaitI probably still have some code somewhere.08:36
JamesTaitThough I doubt it would run on today's servers without significant changes.08:36
davmor2JamesTait: We have a whole day \o/08:38
JamesTaitdavmor2, *every* day should be wonderful weirdos day. 😉08:40
davmor2JamesTait: much better name for Wily too ;)08:41
zmoylan-pimeh you can run an emulator on a rasp pi now :-)08:57
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:10
Myrtti:-D https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GoogleUK/posts/Kv2MVe6S1QF09:36
MyrttiI'm so excited, going to get a RasPi display for my knitting machine kit :-D10:10
zmoylan-piisn't the output of the knitting machine the display? :-)10:12
Myrttinah. My knitting machine is controlled by an Arduino board, which requires the computer holding the pattern and doing the actual instructions to be either on all the time, or for the person doing the knitting make notes on where they're at. I figured it's easier to move that part to a RasPi than to either attempt (and fail) to keep a tally on what's the progress, or to keep the laptop on, conn---10:23
Myrttiected to the Arduino, for days.10:23
zmoylan-piuse a rasp pi and just ssh in when you need to from your phone for maximum geekiness :-)10:24
Myrttisadly the knitting pattern stuff is quite visual10:25
Myrttiso SSH won't really do10:26
zmoylan-pivnc it is :-)10:26
awilkinsASCII ART10:39
awilkinsMake an ncurses knitting pattern UI10:39
zmoylan-piusing ansi for colours10:39
* awilkins just got a new RPi2 for the weekend NHS Hack Day10:40
zmoylan-pinhs and hack... 2 words you don't normally want to see together...10:40
awilkinsHack in the old fashioned sense10:40
awilkinsNot the press-hysteria sense10:41
zmoylan-piyeah that's what worries me... :-)10:41
zmoylan-piwhen the worlds fastest amputation had a 300% mortality rate10:41
zmoylan-piit was a different time... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Liston#Liston.27s_most_famous_cases10:44
awilkinsHoly crap10:47
zmoylan-piand he was a great surgeon!10:48
awilkinsGreat surgeons often are complete bumholes....10:48
zmoylan-piit's part of the mentality required for the job i think10:49
awilkinsczajkowski, You seen this? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fbz/knityak-custom-mathematical-knit-scarves10:58
Myrttiooh, double jacquard instructions11:03
czajkowskiawilkins: ah interesting - I'm not the knitter on here though11:06
awilkinsSorry. I obviously meant Myrtti.11:06
czajkowskiawilkins: Myrtti is :)11:06
Myrttiyeah, I knew about it before she even started the Kickstarter11:07
Myrttias she had published the pattern just before11:07
zmoylan-piczajkowski would never have time to knit, unless they started allowing knitting needles on planes again11:07
Myrttibut they do allow knitting needles on planes11:07
Myrttinon-metallic ones.11:07
MyrttiI just don't bother11:08
awilkinsWas going to say, if they don't allow carbon fibre go-faster knitting needles on planes I don't wanna fly11:08
awilkins(I don't want to anyway. Flying is fun, security theatre is awful.)11:09
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: wedding planning, house renovations nad work are keeping me very busy :)11:09
zmoylan-piwould you have it any other way? :-)11:10
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foobarrythere is a patent for the ability to record a programme while watching another :|12:45
Myrtti"Original Assignee Tivo Inc."12:46
foobarrytivo suck12:47
zmoylan-piisn't that what ever vcr has done since the 60s?12:48
foobarrynot record and play at same time12:49
foobarryalso a patent for smooth presentation of images during fast search. not the algorithm but the concept :-|12:49
zmoylan-pithey'd patent watching a fly crawl up the wall if they could12:50
foobarryamericans would grant it12:51
foobarryand let someone else deal with the fallout12:51
foobarrywhich is the reason my dock doesn't zoom when i move the mouse over it12:52
Myrttiour mail ninja hasn't gone past us on his rounds yet and I'm hungry. If I go nuke a soup for myself, the mail ninja will strike and leave a "Couldn't fit this through your mailbox, neener neener" note12:53
Myrttioh the frustration12:54
zmoylan-pisuperglue on the letter box12:54
foobarryare you camping by the window like a dog?12:54
Myrttino, just in the lounge12:55
zmoylan-picamping like a dog is as nothing to watching like a cat12:55
foobarryi wonder if the reason many popular PVR don't do 30/60/180s skip is due to pressure from advertisers or because of a fake patent?12:55
zmoylan-pii seem to remember a few pvrs had the ability to skip ads removed or limited12:55
zmoylan-pimore likely just took cash from the cable companies12:56
foobarryah maybe its just sky and vbox12:56
foobarryyouview are planning it12:56
foobarryoh that was 3yrs ago, they should have it12:57
zmoylan-pifox targeted dish to remove autohop feature https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_Broadcasting_Co._v._Dish_Network,_LLC13:00
foobarryand lost13:03
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awilkinsMythTV has autoskip16:04
awilkinsI believe it uses a number of algorithms like detecting the sudden absence of channel logos and black keyframes 30s apart16:05
Azelphurhttp://i.imgur.com/MehAyNA.png yay for documenting my ISPs failure to provide decent connection speeds over the course of a month16:52
diddledanAzelphur: how did you do that? (I like the idea but don't know how do do such a thing)16:55
AzelphurI wrote a little script using speedtest-cli that generates CSVs and brought them into openoffice, I test every hour.16:55
diddledanyou image shows a lot of fluctuation :-)16:56
diddledanhopefully your isp will buckle :-p16:56
AzelphurIndeed it does, those 3mbit drops are what caused me to start documenting it16:56
AzelphurI know what's wrong, it's their corporate policy16:56
diddledanover provisioning?16:57
AzelphurI've had the engineers tell me about it, their policy is Step 1) Pile users onto node, Step 2) Wait until users complain, Step 3) Discuss the fact that users are complaining at monthly review, Step 4) Set up new node16:57
diddledanthat's shocking16:57
popeyAzelphur: got the script handy?16:57
popeyI'd like to run that on my server at home16:58
diddledanpop it on github ;-)16:58
popeyi was just about to do the same thing with speedtest-cli --simple16:59
Azelphurit's really ugly/hacky, but here you go http://pastebin.com/C06z28UX16:59
AzelphurMaybe I'll tidy it up, seems a few people want something that doesn't suck16:59
Azelphurpopey: that's exactly what I've done16:59
Azelphurbut yea, can certainly see my ISP is consistently failing to provide above the fault range17:01
AzelphurI have 25 tests in the past month, all of which fall below 20mbit17:02
popeyand you can be sure you're not doing anything else at the same time?17:05
popeybecause obviously, that will affect the speedtests17:05
Azelphurpopey: no I can't17:06
Azelphurthat's the downside17:06
davmor2popey: there is an api for speedof.me too apparently17:08
Azelphurpopey: somehow I doubt it though, because I have a lot of speedtest fails at times when I'd be asleep17:09
popeyno torrents or owt?17:09
Azelphuryea torrents are running17:09
popeyso surely that's going to affect it17:10
Azelphurperhaps, but as I say I've seen these issues ruining my connection before, and checked at the router level17:11
AzelphurI might rewrite this to talk to my AsusWRT router and collect data direct from the router - that way I know exactly what is going in/out and can get accurate metrics even while the connection is in use17:11
popeywhere is the torrent running?17:11
davmor2Azelphur: which provider are you with?17:12
popeyI use vnstat to show what traffic I'm using17:12
Azelphurdavmor2: enta.net17:12
Azelphurpopey: on the same box, in a vm17:12
davmor2Azelphur: do they cap at peak times?17:12
popeyperfect, so install vnstat17:12
Azelphurshouldn't do17:12
popeyand it will graph the traffic on the box for you17:12
Azelphurpopey: attacking it at the router level is still the best bet :)17:12
popeyvnstat gives you nice stuff like this for free http://popey.com/bandwidth/17:13
AzelphurI know, but only for traffic you are using17:14
Azelphurfor line tests you need a short period result17:14
AzelphurI did some more interesting stuff though, and grouped failures (failure is deemed <20mbit) by time, https://dpaste.de/Qh3Z17:14
popeyno, not the point I was making17:16
popeythe point I'm making is you can see from the graph what traffic you're using at the same time as your tests17:16
popeyso you can eliminate that17:16
Azelphurah I see17:16
AzelphurThat's fairly conclusive that the connection is shit between 9am-3pm really, that's 76 fails, 39 of them (51%) occurred in that time period17:18
AzelphurI'll have to get into the router I think for my next thing, and collect data at that level17:18
diddledanapple have a new product: the pencil17:32
diddledanoh yey. microsoft are at the apple event17:36
diddledanyou should swap that with --care so that care gets reduced before you assign it17:44
daftykinsi return!17:53
daftykinsWales is quite pretty in places17:54
daftykinsmanaged to keep the damage to a minimum this time :)17:54
diddledanfunction daftykins() { return "present"; }17:54
diddledanapple tv time17:55
diddledanI wonder if it's still a hobby17:55
diddledan"The future of tv is apps"17:56
daftykins"we're going to start working with Kodi on AirPlay"17:56
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diddledanwhy hasn't the developer of crossy road been sued by the people who made frogger back in the 80s?18:12
daftykinsi had partly expected that to crop up18:15
diddledanbrr. I'm chilly18:27
daftykinsa few creatures from Wales looked like they could keep you warm ;)18:28
diddledan"the most advanced smartphones in the world"?!18:29
diddledan3d touch? how is my mum going to understand the difference between touching and touching?18:35
daftykinswhy does that generation matter? :)18:37
diddledanapple make an android app now. one that will helpfully move your android stuff onto an iphone18:58
diddledan(I'm trolling here, I think it's a bit silly myself)18:59
diddledanI mean googley have many apps on ios but apple have one on android19:00
diddledanand that one's goal is to get you off android19:00
diddledaneh? what's the difference between getting an iphone on a contract vs getting one on an installment plan?19:01
ali1234diddledan: because konami are too busy milking metal gear...19:11
daftykinsi forgot that was aout19:21
ali1234what's the easiest way to get a containerized LAMP set up on ubuntu?19:37
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diddledanspeaking of konami - they should have patented the konami code :-p21:44
Azelphurpopey: I'm building v2, I have realtime (1ms accuracy) bandwidth coming out of my AsusWRT router :)22:02
diddledanooh. the iana have specified .onion as a special-use domain22:08
Azelphurpopey:  while torrenting, https://dpaste.de/tWr2then while not torrenting, pretty cool :)22:16
Azelphurdo you have AsusWRT?22:16
Azelphur:( shame22:23
diddledanwhat's the difference between asuswrt and other wrts?22:37
m0nkey_asuswrt is built on dd-wrt i believe23:15
m0nkey_diddledan, i like the way that facebook actually took apart the Tor protocol to figure out how to get the .onion domain with the word facebook23:16

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