abeatojgdx, hey, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/libqofono/0.82/+merge/270812 needs approval too for silo 4406:23
abeatojgdx, also, jenkins integration is failing for https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/availableTechnologies/+merge/27073606:23
jgdxabeato, I think libqofono is a package upload. Does that restriction still apply?06:27
jgdxabeato, ci fails due to the new libqofono version, so not much to do there.06:27
abeatojgdx, hmm, there is a MP so I do not think libqofono is a direct upload06:28
abeatojgdx, ack about jenkins06:28
abeatojgdx, anyway, do you mind if I approve libqofono branch to have QA happy?06:37
jgdxabeato, well, in that case, isn't that mp invalid? It says it drops a patch but I don't see that.06:37
abeatojgdx, hmm, yeah, that's weird06:39
abeatojgdx, I guess the patch changed availableTechnologies from upstream to modemTechnologies06:40
abeatojgdx, which is not necessary anymore06:40
jgdxabeato, but it's supposed to be in the diff, right?06:40
abeatojgdx, maybe the patch was a direct upload06:40
abeatojgdx, the mentioned patch is not in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/libqofono/ubuntu/files/head:/debian/patches/06:41
abeatobad... it must have been a direct upload, let me get the source package06:42
abeatojgdx, the source package contains expose_modem_tech.patch06:46
abeatojgdx, at the same time there are a couple of patches that are not in the package but appear in the branch: connman-resetcontexts.patch and context-preferred.patch06:47
abeatojgdx, so basically the MP drops the patch simply by using the bzr branch as the patch is not there06:48
abeatojgdx, hmm, wait I think I did not download the overlay ppa package; connman-resetcontexts.patch and context-preferred.patch are probably there06:50
abeatojgdx, in the end I think all is fine: previously libqofono was a direct upload, but kenvandine created last week lp:~phablet-team/libqofono/ubuntu to integrate it with the CI-train I guess06:58
abeatojgdx, so I think the MP is fine, do you mind if I approve it?06:59
jgdxabeato, no, but one question, do you have the silo installed?07:03
abeatojgdx, yep, well, I had to download manually the packages, but installing things manually worked07:04
jgdxabeato, could you change the radio tech and check the system settings log output? That'd definitely ease my mind07:04
jgdxabeato, tail -f .cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log07:05
abeatojgdx, sure07:05
abeatojgdx, no log output, but radio settings does change in ofono, and I see radio detaching and attaching again07:08
jgdxabeato, +0107:09
jgdxabeato, approved07:10
abeatojgdx, cool, thanks07:10
abeatojgdx, re: the jenkins failure, the build fails because the package dependency is in the PPA and jenkins does not get packages from there? just curious07:11
jgdxabeato, right, libqofono-0.82 is only in the silo ppa and the tests are run using rc-proposed (vivid+overlay).07:13
jgdxwe really would like to be able to disable CI for these branches and instead run it against the silo.07:13
abeatojgdx, I see, thanks07:14
Mirvogra_: sil2100: a core dev would be apparently needed to publish 035 https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-035-2-publish/20/ - it seems train failed to do the diff, and therefore falls back to requiring a core dev for publishing (packaging changes or not)07:22
robruMirv: source packages always require core dev even without diff.07:25
robruAnd man, i really gotta fix oxide diffing07:25
robruMirv: the reason oxide fails is because the diff always ends up being several GB and the current diffing algo we use tries to have it all in memory at once, so it OOMs and then catches the error or something. There's a bug somewhere saying not to diff in memory07:27
sil2100Yeah, we had constant issues with publishing oxide07:28
robruIt boggles my mind how oxide functions as a project with diffs that huge. Last time we successfully diffed it it was like 3.5GBs.07:30
sil2100The diff is really small this time anyway, so we can use the LP one instead: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/216837188/oxide-qt_1.9.1-0ubuntu0.15.04.1_1.9.2-0ubuntu0.15.04.1.diff.gz07:30
Mirvrobru: oh, I thought I was still able to publish main packages if there are no packaging changes. that explains.07:31
robruMirv: nah you can only publish if it's an MP and there's no packaging changes.07:31
sil2100ogra_: you have a moment to publish landing https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-035-2-publish ? The changes are here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/216837188/oxide-qt_1.9.1-0ubuntu0.15.04.1_1.9.2-0ubuntu0.15.04.1.diff.gz07:31
robrusil2100: is that the full diff? Why the hell didn't the train get that? Wtf?07:34
sil2100That's the full diff alright, still... even getting such a small diff by diffing two huge sources might cause trouble on the train machine or something07:36
sil2100robru: you! Go rest! It's unhealthy to use your holidays for work ;)07:37
robrusil2100: Hmmmmmmm but i thought i shelled out to make the diff and then only kept the diff in memory. It surely doesn't put the whole project in memory to do the diff...07:37
robrusil2100: OK OK I'm going ;-)07:38
mardymy root partition on the Nexus 4 is full, and I've just reflashed my phone yesterday (wily, devel-proposed). Any tricks to free some space?07:51
Mirvmardy: flash with --wipe?08:05
Mirvmardy: if that already done, maybe --bootstrap --wipe08:05
Mirvwipe should probably do what it says already08:06
sil2100There's not much difference between --bootstrap and --wipe, both do the same thing but in different ways IIRC08:06
mardyMirv, sil2100: is there a way to flash the phone which completely resets the / to its original state, but keeps /home untouched?08:08
mardysil2100: and another unrelated question about "wily" being skipped: does it mean that the 15.10 framework will be skipped too? Or will it come via the vivid + overlay channel?08:10
sil2100mardy: I don't think we have an easy way for doing that, I think the best way is to tar up /home and then do a wipe/bootstrap flash08:11
sil2100mardy: and for the framework - we'll be shipping it in our vivid overlay, we already have it there actually08:13
sil2100Rationale here:08:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1456328 in Canonical System Image "Need a development framework on Vivid overlay" [High,Fix committed]08:13
sil2100Not released on stable phones yet though08:13
Mirvsil2100: I think the last --bootstrap changed my device id. but I also had a screen "this device needs to be brought to service center" or something so maybe it did something super extra. I hadn't seen that screen before.08:24
ogra_sil2100, did the publishing happen already ?08:30
ogra_ah, your link was just to short ... Mirv's is better :)08:32
sil2100ogra_: eeek, ok, irssi cut it up08:43
abeatorvr, hey, the branches for silo 44 are approved now09:18
rvrabeato: Cool09:19
Mirv20 builds and weeks of autopilot later I'm wiser, but not exactly closer to landing anything...09:24
rvrmorphis: ping09:50
morphisrvr: ping10:04
rvrmorphis: I have a problem installing silo 2210:20
rvrmorphis: Setting up bluez (4.101+15.04.20150914.2-0ubuntu1) ...10:20
rvrmorphis: And stops there10:20
morphisrvr: ah10:21
rvrmorphis: How did you install it?10:21
morphisit tries to restart the services on install which doesn't work10:21
morphisas that conflicts a bit with the android container for bluetooth10:22
morphisrvr: so either you pull http://paste.ubuntu.com/12416639/ and save that as citrain10:22
morphisthen use it as normal to install the silo10:22
morphisor you do manually a echo "exit 101" | sudo -A tee /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d10:23
morphisbefore you install the silo10:23
morphishave a go a MP out against the citrain tool to fix that10:23
rvrOk, let me see10:24
abeatosil2100, hi, I'd like to seed package gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-amr into the phone images (see bug #1386553)10:25
ubot5bug 1386553 in Canonical System Image "AMR audio codec not supported" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138655310:25
abeatosil2100, which steps should I follow?10:25
sil2100abeato: hey! Let me take a look at the bug first10:25
abeatosil2100, ok10:25
davmor2morphis: just to confirm bt is working on reboots10:26
morphisdavmor2: ?10:27
davmor2morphis: you wanted confirmation that a connected device would reconnect on a reboot it does, I think in the end you realised it was an issue with you config, but I said I'd look for you and confirm if it worked or not :)10:28
morphisah right10:28
rvrmorphis: The bash script doesn't work10:36
rvrmorphis: /bin/sh: 0: Illegal option -10:36
morphisrvr: you're running the script from your PC?10:37
rvrmorphis: citrain works on the PC, yes10:37
morphisrvr: which arguments are you using?10:39
michirobru: Getting strange failure with silo 10: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-010-1-build/226/console10:39
rvrmorphis: citrain.sh device-upgrade <silo> <password>10:39
michi+ su -p pbuser -c './debian/rules clean'10:40
michimake: dh: Command not found10:40
michimake: *** [clean] Error 12710:40
morphisrvr: to make sure there is no copy-error: wget http://file.gravedo.de/citrain && chmod +x citrain10:40
rvrmorphis: ERROR 404: Not Found.10:41
morphisah sorry .. wget http://files.gravedo.de/citrain10:41
sil2100michi: robru is on holidays right now ;)10:43
ogra_michi, is you package missin a build-dep on debhelper perhaps ? :)10:44
sil2100michi: did your package in this state build before in the train?10:45
michisil2100: Yes, it built just a few days ago.10:46
michiThis is brand new.10:46
michiI don’t think this has anything to do with what I did?10:46
michiI’m using an absolutely minimal control file.10:46
michiBecause the real control file is generated.10:47
michiBut that works fine with bzr bd.10:47
sil2100michi: did you change anything in the packaging since the last time it built? I just want to first get the baseline here10:47
morphisrvr: https://code.launchpad.net/~morphis/phablet-tools/citrain-changes/+merge/27109410:47
michisil2100: ...10:47
michiOK, I think I might know.10:47
michiWhich package is dh in?10:47
michiHmmm… I left that as the only build-dep.10:47
michiBasically, I reduced the dummy control file to the bare bones, so no-one would mistake it for the real thing.10:48
michiAs part of that, I removed all build-deps except for debhelper.10:48
michiI wonder whether there is something else I should have left in place.10:48
rvrmorphis: Nice, the one hosted in your website works :)10:48
morphisrvr: very good :)10:48
michiI removed debhelper.10:48
michiMea culpa.10:48
michiMy apologies for the noise.10:49
sil2100michi: interesting that it's not really installing debhelper to build the source package10:49
sil2100No worries ;)10:49
michiApparently, unless you have an explicit build dep, debhelper isn’t installed.10:49
rvrmorphis: It's important to add any relevant installation information to silos10:50
rvrmorphis: Ok, bluetooth seems to be working, approving 2210:53
morphisrvr: thanks!10:53
morphisrvr: will add that bit next time10:53
rvrmorphis: Thanks :)10:53
michiogra_: Thanks, yes, well spotted! :)10:53
michisil2100, ogra_: Amazing how much difference one little line can make :)10:54
greybacktrainguards: hey, I'm in silo27, I'm trying to dual-land qtubuntu-gles. Train seems to have only built the vivid+overlay package however. Any ideas?11:36
sil2100greyback: hey, let me take a quick look11:37
sil2100hm, looks like the wily source package was built at least, let me see why it didn't reach the PPA11:39
sil2100Ah, wait, I might have an idea11:40
sil2100greyback: interesting11:51
sil2100greyback: I think I see the problem, but I wonder if this somehow worked before - do you know if you were dual landing qtubuntu with qtubuntu-gles previously?11:54
sil2100greyback: so I think the issue is this:11:54
greybacksil2100: honestly I don't think so.11:55
sil2100https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtubuntu/gles-sync/+merge/269178 <- this is the -gles sync merge, right?11:55
greybackbut I didn't see any obvious reason why isn't not possible11:55
greybacksil2100: yeah11:55
sil2100It is possible, but it needs to be done a bit differently :)11:55
greybackok, lead on!11:55
sil2100So how dual landings work - they take the selected merge proposal, build a source package of it for wily (the main series) and then the train copies that, re-versions the wily source package to vivid and uploads both to the PPA11:56
sil2100This implies that the original merge needs to target the wily branches11:56
sil2100Now, what happens here - the mp for the -gles sync actually targets vivid, as you can see the version number is 0.62+15.04.20150914-0ubuntu1 instead of 0.62+15.10.20150914-0ubuntu1 (15.04 vs 15.10)11:57
greybackyep, so I should retarget it to wily?11:58
sil2100So the train built that, created the 0.62+15.04.20150914-0ubuntu1 source package targetting wily (!), then copied it and wanted to reversion to vivid (which was a noop), so it overwritten the wily versions11:58
sil2100Just change the MP to have the wily version11:58
sil2100And I suppose this should help11:58
sil2100(if my understanding is correct)11:58
greybackok, trying11:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
pstolowskirobru, kenvandine hey guys, michi made some tweaks to the MP in silo 10 and also commented on the last NACK, can you give it another look?12:26
michipstolowski: robru is on vacation.12:27
Mirvpstolowski: michi: there are no common files, but I believe what was wanted is that upon upgrade the no-longer-built-from-any-source-package binary packages would get removed from the systems via conflicts12:28
michikenvandine: James and I discussed this at length. We don’t think there is any need for a Conflicts or Replaces entry for the Qt library because there are no binaries that are common.12:28
michiMirv: Hmmm...12:28
michiSo, if the Conflicts entry is missing, the old lib won’t be removed?12:28
Mirvor at least ken is saying "for the binaries that landed in wily that aren't built anymore"12:28
michiI really don’t know what he means there.12:29
Mirvyes, people will have the old libraries infinitely12:29
michiWe are using Replaces/Conflicts for unity-scopes-api because that package installs executables, such as the scoperegistry12:29
michiCan you help me here?12:29
michiWhat is the difference between Conflicts and Replaces when it comes to upgrading/uninstalling?12:30
Mirvmichi: Conflicts = can't be installed at the same time, remove the other one. Replaces = allow the fact that there are identical files in two packages, ie don't fail even if the other package wasn't yet completely uninstalled. I don't see why Replaces would be needed here though if all the file paths are different.12:31
michiFor the Qt lib, there are no common file paths.12:32
michiAnd both old and new can be installed at the same time, as far as the Qt lib package is concerned.12:32
michiAlthough, they may well have conflicting prereqs.12:32
michiThanks for the link!12:33
michiSo, I don’t really mind.12:33
michiI can add a Conflicts entry, a Replaces entry, or both.12:33
morphisMirv: can you publish https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/314 ?12:33
michiBut I honestly don’t know which one is right.12:33
michiAll three options are equally easy to do.12:33
Mirvmichi: I believe the correct thing would be Breaks: only :) not Replaces, and using Breaks since both can be unpacked at the same time (no same file paths)12:34
Mirvso Breaks: oldbinarypackagenamethatisnolongerinarchivesafterthissourceversion12:35
michiChecking the debian bible…12:35
Mirvyeah, me too... always takes a couple of re-readings..12:35
michiMirv: “Normally, Breaks should be used in conjunction with Replaces.”12:36
Mirvand Breaks should be used "when moving a file from one package to another"12:37
michiMirv: Section 76.112:37
michiMirv: Hmmm… Sounds like Breaks: is right.12:38
michiBut does it need a Replaces: or not?12:38
Mirvmichi: my interpretation would be that Conflicts + Replaces is a poor man's replacement for what should be usually Breaks :)12:38
Mirvonly if some files are getting overwritten, Replaces would be needed (as it reads in 7.3)12:39
michiSo, sounds like I should be adding a Breaks: entry then for the Qt lib12:39
michiChapter and verse…12:39
Mirvmorphis: probably not, as it has packaging changes. but I'll try12:40
morphisMirv: what extra work would it need then?12:40
Mirvmorphis: it'll need us to ping a core-dev to run the publishing job12:40
Mirvlike... ogra_, please, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-022-2-publish/35/12:41
Mirvthis changed a week/two ago, we can't anymore just verbally ask for an ack from a core-dev, the core-dev needs to run the publish job12:42
morphisah I see12:43
michiMirv: Thanks for your help. I’ll have another go at this tomorrow. It’s late here, and I’m too tired to make changes now without making a mistake.12:43
michiAnother day, another chance…12:43
ogra_morphis, Mirv, done ...12:46
morphisogra_: thanks!12:46
sil2100renatu: ping12:47
sil2100renatu: hey! The indicator-transfer landing that introduced indicator-transfer-download-manager - did that land already?12:48
cjwatsonMirv,michi: if it's just a library soname change, you should normally have none of Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces.  why is Breaks required here?12:51
cjwatsonand no, Conflicts+Replaces is not a "poor man's replacement" for Breaks; that has a different purpose.12:52
michicjwatson: I honestly don’t know.12:52
michiI’m just getting beaten up by the QA guys ;)12:52
cjwatsonmichi: which binary package is at issue here?12:52
michicjwatson: libunity-scopes-qt<version>12:53
michiSee silo 1012:53
cjwatsonmichi: AFAICS kenvandine is wrong.  None of Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces is necessary there.12:55
kenvandinecjwatson, oh?12:55
michiThat’s what jamesh thinks too.12:55
cjwatsonkenvandine: Justify your position :)12:55
kenvandinewe should clean up the old binaries if they are installed...12:55
cjwatsonThat's not the purpose of those fields.12:55
cjwatsonStop misusing them.12:55
kenvandinewe want the new binary to replace the old one12:56
cjwatsonIf you're misusing them in this way routinely, then you are making apt's job harder and in some cases harmfully so.12:56
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
cjwatsonStop it :)12:56
seb128the old ones should automatically drop from the image if nothing pull them in12:56
oSoMoNtrainguards: can silo 21 be published, please?12:56
kenvandineand not leave a bunch of old version around... especially if they aren't compatable12:56
sil2100oSoMoN: on it now!12:56
cjwatsonThat is not the purpose of Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces.12:56
seb128kenvandine, compatible with what?12:56
cjwatsonIt's the purpose of other tools.12:56
sil2100oSoMoN: apologies, was on lunch12:56
cjwatsone.g. deborphan12:56
renatusil2100, yes12:57
oSoMoNsil2100, no worries, I just came back from lunch myself :)12:57
cjwatsonMisusing C/B/R for this causes upgrade problems.12:57
seb128if there is a e.g a dbus api that changed, it makes sense to force the removal of things that talk the old protocol12:57
kenvandinethey renamed the lib package twice12:57
kenvandineone of which only landed in wily12:57
kenvandineand they are reverting that12:57
cjwatsonSimple soname changes shouldn't have any of C/B/R.12:57
cjwatsonIf you add them, then apt has to do significant extra work to order changes in a way that's otherwise entirely unnecessary.12:58
kenvandinei think they wrap dbus apis12:58
seb128cjwatson, what if the old lib talks to a server over a protocol that changed and make them not work with the new service?12:58
kenvandineit's unity scope apis12:58
cjwatsonseb128: I would still not expect to see lib0.2 conflicting with or breaking lib0.1!12:58
michikenvandine: This has nothing to do with dbus or on-the-wire protocols.12:58
seb128cjwatson, right, but the new service with the old lib maybe?12:58
pstolowskihey trainguards, i'd like to abandon silo 57 (requested same stuff twice by mistake), but not sure how12:58
michiThe library under discussion is a plain Qt API.12:58
cjwatsonseb128: Maybe.  But that's not what was being argued ...12:59
kenvandinemichi, i see... i thought it was a lib that wrapped dbus apis12:59
cjwatson"there needs to be a replaces/conflicts for the binaries that landed in wily that aren't built anymore"12:59
cjwatsonwhich is a specious argument12:59
seb128cjwatson, I don't think kenvandine defends the current solution, just the fact that the old libs shouldn't be co-installable with the new service since they are incompatible12:59
michipstolowski: Merge and Clean. Then ONLY_FREE_SILO12:59
michiThat throws the whole thing away.12:59
sil2100pstolowski: as michi said12:59
cjwatsonseb128: the thing I quoted above was the reason given, and it is not a good reason12:59
seb128just saying that there might be a need for some of those conflicts13:00
seb128in different places13:00
michiseb128: There is no issue about the old libs being compatible with the service.13:00
kenvandineperhaps i didn't explain my concern well enough, since it was for the scopes API i thought it was dbus13:00
kenvandinethen that fine13:00
michiNo, no dbus involved in any of this.13:00
seb128michi, so clients of the old soname keep working fine?13:00
seb128they don't need to ported/migrated to the new one13:00
seb128kenvandine, seems good then :-)13:00
kenvandinethen that's fine13:01
michiOK, phew...13:01
sil2100kenvandine: hey! Could you publish https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-021-2-publish/ ? There's this change: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-021-2-publish/92/artifact/webbrowser-app_packaging_changes.diff13:01
sil2100(so only a dep bump)13:01
michiOne of these days, my debian Fu will hopefully increase to level 7, so I can actually claim that I more or less know what I’m doing...13:01
* kenvandine checks13:01
pstolowskiseb128, michi allright, thanks13:02
cjwatsonOK, great.  I just try to nip confusion in this area in the bud so that some poor soul in foundations isn't left digging through apt debugging output in a month's time trying to make the upgrade sensible :)13:02
cjwatson(not that that is my problem any more ...)13:02
sil2100renatu: do you know if anyone pushed the seed changes, or should I do it now?13:02
michicjwatson, Mirv, kenvandine: Thanks for all your help everyone, I truly appreciate it!13:03
renatusil2100, I need to check, do you have the link for the the repository with the meta-package?13:05
sil2100renatu: no worries, I'll check it then :)13:05
renatusil2100, ok thanks13:05
sil2100renatu: ok, I see didrocks uploaded the wily change and Mirv did the overlay change13:09
renatugreat thanks13:09
kenvandinesil2100, done13:09
sil2100kenvandine: \o/ Thanks!13:09
sil2100Mirv: hey, regardin indicator-transfer seed change, you could have removed indicator-transfer when adding the new package ;)13:11
sil2100As it pulls it in as a dependency13:11
sil2100kenvandine: hm, so you reviewed silo 10 already, right?13:11
kenvandinenot 1013:12
sil2100Since I have the power to publish it, but it's a big diff - should I also take a look at it? Or will I be doubling work then?13:12
sil2100kenvandine: right, but silo 10 is the silo that you NACKed earlier :)13:12
kenvandinethen i had reviewed it13:13
sil2100And seeing the discussion above, the NACK was invalidated - so is it completely reviewed now? :)13:13
kenvandinethat was my only concern13:13
sil2100kenvandine: I wonder - do soname bumps require us poking archive admins for permission?13:22
sil2100Or can we just publish those as is?13:22
sil2100Since there's that rule that new binary package additions require archive admin ACKs13:22
kenvandinei think you have to publish them so they show up in NEW13:23
sil2100New binary packages won't show up in the NEW queue, those go straight to the archive13:24
sil2100New source packages only show up in the NEW queue when published from the CI Train13:24
sil2100That was one of the issues of the train itself13:24
kenvandinesil2100, oh... i didn't know that13:24
kenvandinei thought the usual archive workflow would be maintained13:25
sil2100Sadly for new bins it's bypassing the normal workflow, which is why there's that warning on top of the packaging diff when there are new binary packages involved ;)13:25
cjwatsonsil2100: technically that does require an archive admin ack yes13:28
cjwatsonone of these days we will fix that LP bug :-/13:28
sil2100cjwatson: could you take a look? :) https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-010-2-publish/80/artifact/unity-scopes-api_packaging_changes.diff <- it's from silo 10 that was discussed some moments ago, it's from the changes that make the packaging to generate packaging basing on what series the package builds for13:29
sil2100(I know how that sounds)13:29
cjwatsonI have no problem with such things in principle, depends rather on how they're done :)13:31
cjwatsonsil2100: ok, sorry, this is more than I have time for right now though.  could you ask in the usual places?13:31
sil2100hah, yeah, that's what I thought originally when I saw the diff13:32
sil2100Ok, let me bring that up on -release13:32
Mirvcjwatson: thanks. I also thought nothing would be needed at the first sight but I tried to interpret (correctly) what kenvandine seemed to want (which turned out is not really wanted)13:35
Mirvsil2100: why remove?13:37
kenvandineMirv, sorry, i'm just used to most of these types of changes being to handle incompatible dbus API changes under the covers, /me grumbles about indicators :)13:37
Mirvsil2100: oh right, I understand, not needed anymore, true13:37
sil2100Mirv: not a biggie, just redundant :)13:37
rvrabeato: Is silo 44 ready or not? :-/14:17
abeatorvr, it is, awe_ got confused :)14:18
rvrAh, nice :)14:18
abeatorvr, just talking with him on hangouts14:18
rvrThe comment disappeared just after I read it14:18
abeatoself-destroying message :p14:19
morphissil2100: ping14:29
sil2100morphis: pong14:44
morphissil2100: I just pushed a fix for phablet-tools which ogra_ already reviewed14:45
morphisquestion now is where to land this14:45
morphiswily only?14:45
ogra_morphis, in the phablet-tools PPA14:47
morphisogra_: can I do that from bileto?14:49
ogra_morphis, no idea :)14:50
ogra_i guess sil2100 could tell14:50
sil2100morphis: you can do that with bileto too, at least that was possible in the past14:50
sil2100Let's experiment with that ;p14:51
sil2100ogra_: did you use the train to release phablet-tools in the past anyway?14:51
morphissil2100: so I have to select another target ppa?14:51
sil2100morphis: yes, just write down the phablet-tools PPA in the same format as the overlay one is written14:51
morphissil2100: good14:52
morphisdo we need QA for that, I think so, right?14:52
ogra_sil2100, i dont think so, i always dput'ed to the PPA14:52
sil2100ogra_, morphis: if the train wasn't used for that, then I suppose a dput is enough - we don't usually do QA on it since it's not really on the image14:58
morphissil2100: ok14:58
morphisogra_: can you do the dput then?14:58
ogra_morphis, no guarantees i can manage that today, sorry ... snapp yrelease preparation is ongoing and i'm very behind on stuff14:59
morphisogra_: np14:59
morphisno hurry14:59
nuclearbobplars: I15:04
nuclearbob'm looking at the old desktop utah testing, and I have an old approved branch that I think I'd like to try to land15:04
nuclearbobare you the person to talk to about that?15:04
plarsnuclearbob: I actually don't remember where that box landed... it's technically still in a maas cluster that CI controls, but probably not really in their scope or ours at the moment... one of those limbo things :)15:16
nuclearbobplars: I'm not actually looking for the box at the moment, I'd like to land a change to the utah code15:17
plarsnuclearbob: where's the code?15:17
nuclearbobplars: https://code.launchpad.net/~nuclearbob/utah/psutil-215:17
nuclearbobor maybe https://code.launchpad.net/~nuclearbob/utah/psutil-2/+merge/226313 makes more sense15:18
plarsnuclearbob: right now, it's pulling lp:~canonical-ci-engineering/ubiquity/ubiquity-ci-testing but that's a ubiquity branch, not utah15:22
plarsnuclearbob: iirc this thing never used utah15:22
plarsnuclearbob: are we talking about the same tests?15:22
nuclearbobplars: this isn't about the ubiquity testing, this is about the desktop utah tests in lp:ubuntu-test-cases/desktop, but changed to psutil back in utopic have broken the utah vm provisioner15:23
plarsnuclearbob: ah, no we're not talking about the same stuff then15:23
plarsnuclearbob: that's definitely not me15:23
nuclearbobplars: okay. Do you know who it might be?15:23
plarsnuclearbob: hmm, try josepht, fginther, or psivaa maybe? or better yet talk to Ursinha or ev. But this is very likely stuff they are looking to move over to your own jenkaas I would guess.15:24
plarsev: Ursinha: ^ this is *not* the ubiquity tests running in maas that he's talking about15:24
pstolowskisil2100, hey, i haven't been following entire discussion about silo 10; is it going to land soon?15:29
nuclearbobjosepht, fginther, psivaa: right now I actually just want to land a branch to utah that psivaa approved more than a year ago15:30
sil2100pstolowski: hey! Yes, but it needs a review from the archive admins15:31
sil2100(waiting for someone to pick it up)15:31
fginthernuclearbob, looking15:31
josephtnuclearbob: The MP looks fine to land but I'd prefer psivaa have a chance to comment as he's done some utah cowboying that may need to be considered as well15:33
nuclearbobjosepht: cool, I'll await his feedback15:33
nuclearbobfginther: thanks!15:33
josephtnuclearbob: how would you like to become the maintainer of utah?15:34
nuclearbobjosepht: I'd have to ask jibel about that15:35
josephtnuclearbob: ack15:35
psivaanuclearbob: josepht: fginther: i dont mind landing this. Was being curious how we're not seeing any issues without this change, though15:36
fgintherpsivaa, our host runs trusty15:36
fgintherpsivaa, this appears to only impact utopic and newer hosts15:36
psivaafginther: right, just saw that. thank you15:37
pstolowskisil2100, great, thanks!15:39
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
cyphermoxsil2100: you still around?17:11
cyphermoxwondering whether we're at the point where robru needs help to cover trainguard duties :)17:12
robrucyphermox: yes please17:28
cyphermoxrobru: ok17:39

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