cmaloneyHow goes the morning?13:03
brouschCalculating a consulting hourly rate is stressful13:04
cmaloneybrousch: I really hate that.13:05
cmaloneymoney and computers should never mix. ;)13:05
brouschMoving from a salaried job with 401k, health care, paid time off to one with none of that is quite different13:09
cmaloneyUgh, are you consulting?13:19
cmaloneyor freelancing?13:20
jrwrenbrousch: if you were making 50k, charge $50/hr. if you were making 100k, charge 100$/hr.  It only sounds like a lot to you. I won't sound like a lot to your clients.13:52
jrwrenbrousch: Vacations, Health Insurance, Self Employment Tax and cost of business are expensive.13:52
rick_h_jrwren: I've always heard 2x from hourly to annual13:59
jrwrenrick_h_: that can work too.14:00
cmaloneyI prefer the "if you have to ask you can't afford it" methodology.14:01
cmaloneyJust give me a blank check and I'll do the rest14:01
brouschjrwren: That's the rule of thumb I've seen from a few other people14:01
brouschIt works out to roughly the same as rick_h_  suggests14:01
brouschThe freelance calculators I've found online end up 15% below that14:03
jrwrenbrousch: give up that 15% and live in the poor house. I know. I did it.14:03
brouschI'm afraid they're designed for punk kids willing to live in a van and never visit a doctor14:04
mrgoodcatlol spacex has a pricing page on their website14:57
mrgoodcatlike i'm just gonna be browsing and be like 61.2M is such a good deal14:57
mrgoodcathope they accept paypal14:58
mrgoodcatno "add to cart" button though14:58
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Need to get away in a hurry?15:02
mrgoodcatin style at the very least15:02
mrgoodcatmake all the bugattis at the club look like fools15:03
cmaloneygreg-g: Hurray on the "no surgery" prognosis18:44

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