valoriewe need to draw in new people, and educate them00:02
valoriebut for now, dinner00:02
ahoneybunvalorie: Mamarok I believe it was changed in the dailies05:07
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BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
clivejoyofel: you about?13:43
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: ?16:18
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knomehello kubuntu uploaders!21:02
knome(and developers)21:02
knomebecause of some changes lately, shimmer-themes has been snatched to the kubuntu packageset from xubuntu - the package-internal reason is the orion theme21:03
knomenow, the orion theme is actually not maintained anymore, so for the xubuntu/shimmer team, it's ok that we simply remove that theme from the package and regain control of shimmer-themes21:04
knomenow the question is, since kubuntu-desktop depends on that package indirectly, we were wondering if that was intentional and that you actually have a use for that theme?21:04
* knome pokes Riddell,ScottK, sitter 21:06
ScottKknome: I'm not doing Kubuntu development anymore.21:07
knomeScottK, right-o, just saw you are still have the upload rights21:07
knome(because obviously, we need somebody with those to change the package)21:07
knomeScottK, sorry for the distraction! :)21:08
ScottKThe packageset is controlled via seeds.21:08
knomei know21:08
knomewe're pretty sure this is an unintentional side-effect, because there's little use for gtk themes with kde21:09
knomeso here's a bug we've filed to actually fix the situation in another way: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/breeze/+bug/149778421:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497784 in breeze (Ubuntu) "Drop recommends on deprecated orion-gtk-theme" [Undecided,New]21:09
yofelexcept that we need *some* theme for gtk apps, and since gtk broke the theming engine there is no kde-native one anymore21:10
yofelnot sure if we use orion for that...21:10
knomeyofel, the orion theme is unmaintained though, so it won't work very well with latest gtk3 versions21:10
knomeyofel, we're happy to just drop it from shimmer-themes too if you want to keep both of the orion theme pieces ;)21:10
knomethat's why we wanted to check with you first...21:11
yofelbreeze-5.4.0/misc/gtkbreeze/main.cpp:    const QString gtk3Theme = QStringLiteral("Orion"); // Orion looks kindae like breeze21:15
yofelknome: thanks for the info in any case, we'll look at it tomorrow when Riddell and sitter are here21:16
knomeso i guess the two options are that 1) you get the package and totally get to keep it or 2) we resolve the dependency issue in a way or another so that shimmer-themes gets back to xubuntu21:16
yofelshouldn't adding it to the xubuntu seed put it into both seeds?21:17
knomebluesabre, isn't shimmer-themes in the xubuntu seed?21:18
knomeyofel, ^ and i think no, because the way the packagesets are built21:18
knome(kubuntu comes before xubuntu, so it snatches shimmer-themes)21:19
bluesabreit was until earlier in the cycle, then got pulled into the kubuntu seed with the breeze upload21:19
knomemaybe some packageseed building wizard knows a way around this - we don't21:19
bluesabreseeds are generated by a script run by DMB members, micahg is currently looking into it21:20
ochosiyeah, but really, i don't wanna waste any more time and manhours on that. if you want orion just take it. we're not maintaining it anymore either way21:22
knomeso yeah, for that, it's as simple as dropping it from shimmer-themes :)21:23
yofelsure, we'll probably do that for 15.10. I don't think we or the plasma folks will find a good replacement in a hurry21:23
knomeif you want something that matches, then likely not21:24
knomeif you want something that works, then it's a different thing, but then we'll likely need some packageset hacking anyway ;)21:24

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