elkeponhello I have a quick and simple question for you guys about partitioning00:37
elkeponwhen I install linux if i want to create a new partition what settings do I choose? logical or primary?00:38
elkeponand what extention?00:38
elkeponI want to be able to read it in linux00:38
elkeponand that can be auto-mounted00:38
elkeponanyone here>00:38
punkgeekhow to install synaptics driver for tuchpad?00:44
sav0elkepon: choose logical00:45
sav0ext4 extension00:45
sav0when the partition gui appears, the defaults should already be logical, ext4, mount it on '/'00:46
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cameron_can i ask questions here?04:35
ahoneybunabout Kubuntu cameron_?05:10
cameron_yes, I can't find anywhere in settings to disable the trackpoint on my dell laptop05:30
cameron_I'm using kubunut 15.0405:31
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ahoneybuncameron_: System Settings -> Input Devices -> Trackpad05:45
regeditSOS :( after installing nvidia drivers 355.11 recommended from driver manager, i cannot access my graphical desktop06:36
regeditthis happened after switching from embedded to discrete GPU, how can i switch back to embedded from command line?06:37
regediti have nvidia-prime installed06:37
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nexiaHi. My friend is trying to install kubuntu 15.04 and is getting the ion(0)libGL error: unable to load driver: r600_dri.so10:24
nexia error.10:24
nexiawhen he installed steam10:24
nexiaSeems to be a thing with his graphics card, which is an AMD....and lshw -numeric -C display10:27
nexia resulted in http://paste.ubuntu.com/12499465/10:27
marcofehello all10:29
lordievadernexia: Perhaps Steam works better with the fglrx driver.10:32
nexiaalso http://pastebin.com/jzAFcamV10:33
nexialordievader: wouldn't he want to install the AMD radeon whatever drivers on his kubuntu installation? (I'm totally unfamilar with AMD, haven't used a device with an AMD graphics card)10:34
nexiaI don't think he has run sudo apt-get upgrade yet. Would that help perhaps?10:35
lordievadernexia: The radeon driver is the open source one. Fglrx is the closed source driver.10:35
nexiaSo it would work...for what I think is a slightly old one?10:36
nexiaI mean. "Slightly old graphics card"10:37
nexiaAMD Radeon™ HD 667010:37
nexiaor similiar :P10:37
lordievaderYes, the 6k series should still be supported.10:37
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nexialordievader: friend: "Plasma crashed?!?!"10:49
* nexia has a bad feeling about this :(10:49
marcofehello guys, i've a problem and i don't find a solution. When i started my pc and no connection is present, plasma is to 100% of the CPU and into desktop there aren't no icons, no bar. After set connection (set ip address and so on), plasma crashes and everything become ok. Anyone do run into in this issue?10:50
nexiaHow would he be able to post some sort of debug10:51
lordievadernexia: What changed?10:52
lordievaderThe driver?10:52
BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
nexialordievader: Apparently there were some 'additional software updates' (I think it was the kubuntu driver manager or wahtever)10:52
nexiathat seems to have fixed the steam issue for him10:53
lordievadernexia: That is the fglrx driver ;)10:53
nexiaah. nevermind. 5:53 AM - Emral: steam still doesn't work, like I said10:53
lordievaderOr atleast I think you are talking about the additional drivers utility.10:53
nexiaI asked him to reboot...10:54
lordievader'Still doesn't work', how?10:54
nexiaProbably mis-understood him. In any case, he's rebooting via sudo reboot now.10:54
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nexia<nexia> Probably mis-understood him. In any case, he's rebooting via sudo reboot now.10:57
nexiaDumb connection :|10:57
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Okitainirusel: haaai senpai12:24
steve-_-hi all. this wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Kubuntu) has a field "Upgrading from 15.0412:49
steve-_-" but then it says twice (why twice?) "note that this does not work" and then again there's a description what to do? is that a joke?12:49
lordievadersteve-_-: The kubuntu-do-release-upgrade tool doesn't work, do-release-upgrade does work.12:53
steve-_-lordievader: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1464330 last comment mentions that it might be solved12:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1488843 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1464330 SRU: upgrader kde frontend fails to start" [Critical,Fix released]12:54
steve-_-I'll try to confirm12:54
lordievaderThat is what I heard, that is thould be fixed.12:54
lordievaderBut I'd use do-release-upgrade anyways ;)12:55
steve-_-fix confirmed. so can someone update that wiki page?13:03
steve-_-lordievader: do you have a wiki account?13:07
lordievaderI do.13:08
steve-_-would you update that field? terminal kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade works like a charm13:09
steve-_-the linked bug is a dupe anyways but the orginial bug is fixed so both texts with link should be removed I guess13:09
Eli2does anyone here have an idea how to prevent the systray from flickering, doing weird things and eating cpu13:15
lordievaderUpdated, steve-_-13:15
Eli2it makes kubuntu kinda unuseable for me13:16
MoonUnit`oh well, looks like i'm not going to get any support with the rotation problem in Wily.13:21
MoonUnit`he wants me to upgrade the BIOS despite rotation working fine on the same xorg version in arch.13:22
steve-_-lordievader: thx, a friend did some further cleaning on the wiki13:24
steve-_-should be less confusing to users now13:24
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DDRHi all. I'm having an issue where I'm getting very low framerates on an app I'm writing in Chromium.13:47
DDRI don't think it's the app, since chromium reports internally that it's rendering 50fps.13:47
DDRI tried running glgears, and got wildly varying framerates. http://www.pasteall.org/6123013:47
DDRFrom 3000 to 3. :|13:48
DDR... Wow, complaining worked excellently. All my problems just went away.13:50
DDRCouldn't have done it without you guys! :D13:50
lordievaderMoonUnit`: What rotation problem?14:03
MoonUnit`lordievader: if i rotate my 2nd screen with monitor.conf or xrandr the screen corrupts, works in vivid and arch but not in wily. radeonsi driver.14:05
lordievaderDoes the screen corrupt and after a while come back? (That is what I am seeing here when switching from 2 screens to one or vice versa.14:06
MoonUnit`no stays corrupt, if i rotate back to normal it works ok. the weird thing is when i rotate left i can see the conky display from when i was using arch.14:08
lordievaderHmm, sounds a bit like the driver is acting up. Do the driver versions match?14:09
MoonUnit`haven't looked, i'll check next time i boot into wily14:09
Okitainwhat is wily again?14:17
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+114:18
Okitainis it currently beta1, beta2, or RC?14:19
lordievader< ubottu> A schedule of wily werewolf (15.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule14:24
solarseedhi all14:28
solarseedI am looking for a Tool to create Thumbnails from a specific Directory containing Jailpegs14:28
solarseedAre there any LINUX Commands I can do this with, or can anyone recommend a Tool within the Kubuntu Repos?14:29
Gamayunsolarseed: There are are ton of options for that. ImageMagick for one: http://polishlinux.org/howtos/cli-tricks-creating-image-thumbnails/14:38
solarseedThanks Gamayun14:41
solarseedNice Tutorial! :)14:41
GamayunSure ;)14:42
MyPicturesIs the best solution of issue 1182784 really to just install a different keyboard layout then Switzerland and afterwards switch to it after installation? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/118278414:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1182784 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Trusty) "Kubuntu: Switzerland keyboard setup fails" [Critical,Triaged]14:46
GamayunMyPictures: Possibly. I use a dvorak-variant, and having an 'exotic' layout set during boot can produce some oddities. Esp. if you have an encrypted hard drive, making a passphrase for it on a fallback layout.14:59
Gamayun... is something that I would recommend.14:59
MyPicturesYeah well I use germanies keyboard layout which is pretty much the same and luckly I can also show what Im typing in.15:02
GamayunMyPictures: Should be fixed in Wily though (fingers crossed).15:06
MyPicturesOhh would be nice I currently use kubuntu 15.0415:07
MyPicturesThx Gamayun! It worked fine.15:10
GamayunDoes anyone here have any experience using telepathy's desktop sharing function (xmpp & krfb/krdc)?15:18
GamayunDoes it need port forwarding / tunelling set up in advance?15:18
GamayunI'll be setting up a Kubuntu box for my mother, and since we live in different countries, being able to help her remotely is probably a good idea.15:19
GamayunAlternatively, is there someone willing to test it out with me?15:19
austin6598 i have my printer driver installed but how do i get it connected? kubuntu 15.0415:32
MyPicturesaustin6598: Under the printer settings15:42
MyPicturesyou add a new printer15:42
MyPicturesGamayun: No idea I mostly use teamviewer or ssh over putty15:42
austin6598MyPictures> its already added15:42
MyPicturesbut usualy for a connection to get it from outside you need to open the port from the router and from your software Firewall aswell15:43
MyPicturesThen you are good to print?15:43
austin6598no it says it cant connect15:43
MyPicturesIs it over USB?15:43
austin6598status is "idle"15:43
austin6598no wireless15:43
MyPicturesWireless --> Router --> PC or direct wireless?15:44
austin6598pc to printer directly15:44
austin6598actually i think its over the router15:44
austin6598yea it is15:44
MyPicturesBut the setup found it and installed it?15:44
austin6598the printer is connected to the wifi as it works on other computers15:44
MyPicturesSo it is visible15:44
austin6598i did it a long time ago and now its not working15:45
GamayunMyPictures: Yeah, that's my thinking.15:46
MyPicturesaustin6598: Remove it and try if you find it again.15:48
MyPicturesI assume your printer used DHCP to get an IP from the router so sometimes it get assigned a new one then15:49
MyPicturesIf your router frimware sucks...15:49
MyPicturesusualy its smart to bind a IP to a MAC adress15:49
austin6598now its just called unknown and says idle15:51
austin6598oh ill try it showed up under discovered network printers15:51
austin6598thanks all set15:56
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steve-_-ok, there's still a lot of work for kubuntu to do regarding the 15.10 update process. after running for 2 hours, I'm then told that modemmanager was not installed. and the next error msg says, update could not be installed. wasting 2h of a users time to figure that out is not cool16:06
steve-_-lol after clicking ok on the last msg, the next message is "update complete"16:06
MyPicturesYeah agree16:07
MyPicturesBut I really like the KDE Plasma16:07
zapBroxinfo zapbrox16:07
MyPicturesIts super resposive16:07
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solarseedIs there a Pendant to Adobe Flashanimator which is Free and OpenSource?18:09
solarseedI've still got some Projects (Videos) pending to be created... and I don't really like to use Adobe Software...18:09
steve-_-solarseed: why use flash at all?18:10
Okitainsolarseed: synfig and Pencil2D are both animation creation packages, but they do not support Flash.18:13
Okitainhonestly, as a person whose friends have banged the walls of Flash limitations, i would advise against using it at all.18:14
Okitainand if you are going to be serious about animation, maybe use ToonBoom, which costs $375 or $25/month18:16
DDRWeird. If I ctrl-alt-f12 by accident, when I come back to my graphical desktop via ctrl-alt-f7, my graphical desktop has high fps again.18:23
DDRThen, an hour or two later, my graphical desktop starts chugging again, and again I fix it.18:24
OkitainDDR: do 3d benchmarks have the same kind of behaviour on your desktop as well? Does the CPU usage seem high? Does changing drivers help18:26
DDRWell, I just fixed the problem, so it'll be a while until I can test.18:26
OkitainDDR: also, try changing the desktop rendering backend/method18:27
DDRBut fgl_glxgears had weird slowdown, it oscillated between 15fps and 3000fps.18:27
Okitain(e.g. GLX/EGL and OpenGL/XRender)18:28
DDRI'll try OpenGL 3.1, as opposed to 2.0 for now.18:28
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DDRAh, OK.18:28
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DDRWell. xRender seems to be where it's at.18:32
OkitainDDR: where it's at? Are you from the nineties?18:34
DDRYes, as it happens.18:34
DDRhe he he18:35
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kaneki-kenhi, there20:05
mparilloFrom 1965 http://www.bobdylan.com/us/songs/positively-4th-street You say you lost your faith / But that's not where it's at / You had no faith to lose / And you know it20:07
Okitainmparillo: is this a thing that in any way relates to kubuntu?20:07
mparilloFair enough. I probably should have gone offtopic. I was replying to DDR's use of the phrase "where it's at"20:15
OkitainActually "where it's at" is also in another Dylan song20:16
Okitainthat is, Rolling Stone.20:16
DDRNow that you mention it, it's probably where I heard it. I've been listening to some Bob Dylan lately. :)20:16
zKarpQuick question, does anyone have experiance with OpenSuse? what draw backs does it have vs KUbuntu20:26
OkitainzKarp: OpenSuse has a more centralized configuration menu, which occasionally conflicts with the menus that are provided by KDE20:27
Okitainalso AFAIK no Plasma5 available yet20:27
zKarpThank you Okitain.20:30
mparilloIf you use Open Suse's Tumbleweed you do get Plasma 5. The biggest disadvantages are (1) It is a more traditional Unix root / user versus the hidden root / sudo approach *buntus use (which I find much easier for a single-user desktop distro). Second they use RPMs instead of DEBs. I find dependency resolution is smoother with DEB-based distros.20:37
mparilloLast (for me at least), I find more software just works on *buntu. Sure, if I were smarter, I could make it work on Open SUSE.20:38
zKarpmparilllo, I found out that things break pretty easy, within a few minutes after testing tumbleweed20:40
zKarpI tried to install mpeg codecs and dependencies were all missing.20:40
zKarpand after updating, bunch of things broke too lol20:42
frecel_is anyone else missing some options in the right click menu in dolphin in15.10?20:42
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clivejofrecel:  try kubuntu-devel for wily 15.10 questions20:43
mparilloYes, I lost patience with tumbleweed after a couple of hours. If I want new stuff, I would rather just run the Kubuntu devel release.20:44
quisimI haven't used KDE since Ubuntu 12.10. Any tips?20:46
clivejouse it, its great :)20:50
quisimI guess I'm looking for help with the window manager and widgets. Where do I start is what I'm asking.21:04
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barteki have problem with installation22:57
clivejowhat is the problem?22:59
bartekwhen i start instalation media from usb it hang when desktop image appear22:59
barteki have nvidia go 7300 gpu23:00
bartekacer 561023:00
clivejowhich kubuntu version?23:11
clivejoI have trouble with Nvidia chipsets and have to pass nomodeset to the kernel on boot23:13
clivejocan you edit the grub line and see if that helps?23:13
rayneayamiim experiencing an error with kvm23:22
rayneayamiinternal error: cannot load AppArmor profile 'libvirt-64f8f795-aea1-4538-86b9-34ac393c24f6' this is the error and i can't locate a solution23:23
ejayhi all23:42
punkgeekwhen im running make -j for compile new kernlen i got this error, what should i do?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/12510242/23:49

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