wgrantbanix: You can never seen email addresses anonymously, and even when logged in you can only see them if the user has allowed it.00:20
banixwgrant: thanks for answering. Makes sense. Then I should use login_with instead of login_anonymously?00:22
banixwgrant: When I do that, can I authenticate programatically? If I use the login_with I am taken into the interactive interface that is what I don’t want00:23
wgrantbanix: It depends where you're going to run it.00:25
wgrantbanix: In a desktop environment, the token is stored in the DE's keyring so you only have to log in once.00:25
wgrantIf you're running it remotely without a DE it will use a standalone file.00:26
wgrantWhen using it over SSH I normally kill the CLI browser that it spawns and open the URL it printed in my desktop browser.00:26
wgrantAnd authorise it there, rather than logging in in w3m.00:26
wgrantOnce you've authorised a system, further login_withs from there will be non-interactive.00:27
banixwgrant: I see; and that first time is done using the gui.00:27
banixi mean the web interface00:27
banixis there an API where I can provide my user id and password, and get a token or somethinga long that line?00:28
wgrantbanix: No, but you can open the URL it prints in any browser -- it doesn't need to be on the same system.00:30
wgrantIt misguidedly opens a browser by default, as if it were on a desktop, but you can just close that.00:30
banixwgrant: thanks for being paitient with me. What URL you are referring to and when I open it, what do I get in return and how can I use that in my python script.00:32
banixreading the above I think I understand what you are saying. I run my script on an Ubuntu box and it opens a wget screen I believe; so let’s say I authorize there, I can keep the login_with in my script and further runs will go through?00:35
wgrantbanix: Right, it only prompts the first time.00:39
wgrantbanix: For subsequent runs it uses the stored token.00:40
banixwgrant: thank you for your help. I’ll try what you suggested.00:40
dobeybanix: you should not rely on the e-mail address of users being visible, or even correct, to verify if they are in a certain organization or not. you should use teams to manage groups of users.01:29
banixdobey: yes that makes sense. We have a group but it turned out some of the members have not added themselves to the group; So I played with using email and of course some users don’t have their email address available. With the helps I got on this channel, I know a bit to write a couple of scripts.02:03
banixdobey: I have been looking for a place where the API for launchpadlib is documented in its entirety. If there is such a place and if you have a pointer handy please share. Thanks again.02:04
wgrantbanix: https://api.launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html documents the LP API, https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib documents launchpadlib.03:08
wgrantbanix: launchpadlib reads the machine-parsable API definition provided by launchpad.net and exposes it as Python objects.03:08
banixwgrant: Thank you!03:12
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