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CooloutAChey how do I disable whoopsie?16:25
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holsteinCooloutAC: http://askubuntu.com/questions/135540/what-is-the-whoopsie-process-and-how-can-i-remove-it20:07
CythesLubuntu... ... I kinda hope I can update on my Radaxa.20:33
OS_ConnoisseurWill Lubuntu run on a 1996 computer with a 133 MHz Pentium and 32 MB of RAM?21:45
vikingredwolfOS_Connoisseur, I don't think so21:46
vikingredwolfyou can check here the system requirements: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#System_Requirements21:46
vikingredwolfyou might need 256 mb RAM21:46
OS_ConnoisseurI need some lightweight OS that can boot off of a CD and back up files to my NAS from my ancient PC.21:47
vikingredwolfthe only Linux that I think can run on that system is Tiny Linux, without apps21:47
OS_ConnoisseurI might try Puppy Linux first, and if that fails to boot, I might use Tiny Core.21:49
vikingredwolfI'm sorry :)21:49
vikingredwolfbut good luck with that computer, if it's not broken it totally deserves a Linux OS inside21:50
OS_ConnoisseurYep! :) I stopped using it about 2001 because it just wasn't powerful enough for web browsing. I just started it up today after 14 years, and it works perfectly! I just have some old documents on it that need backing up.21:52
vikingredwolfI run Puppy in a very limited and even damaged PC, so you might be lucky with it21:52
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OS_ConnoisseurDamn, this thing is so ancient, it can't even read rewritable cd-roms!22:07
vikingredwolfyeah, happened to me with that old machine. you need to waste one22:07
OS_ConnoisseurOh, so Windows 95 can access network shares. I guess I can just do that. I'm not getting Linux on this computer easily!22:17

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