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maxvancefferHi to all ! Can some body help me, in what paths my app can write data ?10:07
maxvancefferBecause i am trying right now to write some cache inside my app folder, but app armor denied10:08
aquariusOK, now confused. I'm on 14.04, attempting to build a C++ app in Qt Creator using my 14.10 arm chroot. If I re-run cmake in Qt Creator (right-click project name in left sidebar, say "Run CMake"), it throws the error "g++ version must be at least 4.9!". Now, the gcc in my 14.04 machine is indeed 4.8.4, but in the chroot it is not; it is
aquariusso this should work, right? But... no. So... help?18:13
aquariusalso, appdevs ^ :)18:14
popeyand it's definitely using the kit and not building on your desktop?18:28
aquariusI don't know how to know that :(18:28
aquariuscertainly I haven't changed anything about the build code, and it has built in the past -- it's an armhf chroot which builds for the phone, so if it were entirely using my desktop's stuff, it'd fail when installed tothe phone 'cos the desktop is amd6418:29
aquariusand the build output says:18:29
aquariusCommand returned 1: schroot -c 'click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-armhf-ucca-1000-{807325e9-3c48-498f-825b-80767f03ac79}' --run-session -- env DEB_BUILD_ARCH=amd64 DEB_BUILD_ARCH_BITS=64 DEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU=x86_64 DEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH=x86_64-linux-gnu DEB_BUILD_ARCH_CPU=amd64 DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE=arm-linux-gnueabihf DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM=linux-gnueabihf DEB_BUILD_GNU_SYSTEM=linux-gnu DEB_BUILD_ARCH_ENDIAN=little DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU18:29
aquarius=arm DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS=linux DEB_HOST_ARCH=armhf DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH=arm-linux-gnueabihf DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU=arm DEB_HOST_ARCH_ENDIAN=little DEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS=32 DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=x86_64-linux-gnu DEB_BUILD_ARCH_OS=linux cmake /home/aquarius/Programs/Others/addtodash '-GCodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles'18:29
popeyclick projects on the left18:29
popeywhy are you building in a 14.10 chroot?18:30
aquariuswhich certainly looks like it's building on the phone.18:30
popeyyou should be on a 15.04 chroot18:30
aquarius(and only the "Bq E4.5 Ubuntu (GCC armhf)" kit is being used.18:30
aquariusMainly because I haven't set up a 15.04 chroot yet, because the 14.10 one works fine.18:31
popeyi would18:31
popeyi recently updated my 15.04 because it build broken binaries18:31
popeyI even added the stable ppa to my chroot18:31
popeyand now it builds things that work :S18:31
aquariusmine builds things that work -- it did a week ago, anyway :)18:31
aquariusagreed that I should at some point set up a new one18:31
aquariusbut the whole area of kits and chroots is terribly confusing and I am loath to abandon a working thing :)18:32
popeyjust do this:-18:33
popeyclick chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 create18:33
popeywith sudo18:33
popeyand leave it running18:33
aquariuscurrently reading up on how to create a new kit.18:34
aquarius(I know the command line works, but I don't wanna do it that way.)18:34
popeyi only interact with the sdk via the command line18:34
popeyI don't use qtc at all anymore18:35
aquariusi am the exact opposite :)18:35
popeyall bases covered18:35
aquarius"Managing targets and kits" under https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/sdk/tutorials/click-targets-and-device-kits/ seems to be the way18:36
aquariusnow to wait a hundred years while I download a whole debian archive again ;)18:36
aquariuslet's see if this fixes things, at least.18:39
aquariuspopey, that does seem to have fixed the previous issue, indeed, now that I'm building in a 15.04 chroot. So, I get dragged kicking and screaming into the modern day, again :)19:24
popeywell, also, 14.10 isn't even supported anymore19:34
aquariusapps built with it should still work, though19:37
aquariusthat's what version numbering of the components is for. :)19:38

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