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happyaronLaney: it's .desktop autostart, will upload fix to debian today09:33
IronDevHi Guys13:57
IronDevI have a Mid 2011 MacBook Air13:57
IronDevAnd it had 14.04 installed13:57
IronDevSo I upgraded it to 14.1013:57
IronDevAnd when I did that the trackpad/wifi went bad13:58
IronDevSo I used bluetooth to connect to the internet and a mouse to control my computer13:59
IronDevAnd I was messing with the system13:59
IronDevWhen I tried to install Synaptiks from the Ubuntu Software Center13:59
IronDevIt froze and I forced restart and now the only thing I see is a blinking underscore after the ubuntu boot logo14:00
IronDevAnyone on?14:03
IronDev:) I got tty2 on14:04
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IronDevIts just a graphic prob14:05
ayanIronDev: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode15:40

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