lindolhi all00:08
darkxstLinDol_phone, hi09:31
darkxstcopy text: presumably means like copy + paste text09:32
darkxstcutting edge: is like brand new/leading technology09:32
LinDol_phoneyeah, I have learned it already.:)09:33
LinDol_phonethank you.09:33
LinDol_phoneI am waiting for review to confirm it, After finishing to translate ;)09:38
LinDol_phonethank you darkxst for giving me chance.09:39
darkxstLinDol_phone, great! and no problem09:39
octoquaddarkxst, do you see anything strange here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12499531/ Re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings/+bug/149420110:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1494201 in Ubuntu GNOME "update initramfs when installing plymouth theme" [High,In progress]10:41
octoquadtwo calls to update-initramfs so not sure if there is a problem somewhere else now10:42
octoquadHi LinDol_phone10:42
LinDol_phoneoctoquad, hi ;)10:47
darkxstoctoquad, looks ok10:48
octoquaddarkxst, then there is nothing to due then?10:56
darkxstoctoquad, all I can think of that their upgrades borked and had stuck packages not yet configured10:56
octoquaddarkxst, I get plymouth text in VM so unable to confirm if it works correctly though10:57
octoquaddarkxst, ok, should I just mark as invalid?10:57
darkxstplymouth works in vmware with 3d enabled10:57
octoquadinteresting, i'll give that a bash then. vbox has 3d acceleration enabled. wierd10:58
InokiGuys I just purged gnome3 and staging PPAs, but when I open dconf-editor and look for the mouse in peripherals, I see only the speed string, nothing else. That normal? Was the same under 3.16.11:01
darkxstInoki, the settings moved11:03
Inokidarkxst: thanks a ton!11:03
InokiThat's what I get for having used Unity...11:04
darkxstInoki, I moved them in unity also11:04
darkxstwell Unity inherited the move11:04
darkxstoctoquad, vbox 3d drivers are absolute rubbish, vmware has a nice (and in mainline kernel) gallium based driver11:06
InokiYeah, I was used to them appearing immediately after I type in "periph" in dconf, now I had to double-Enter.11:06
InokiA bit confusing but all good in the end.11:06
Inokibtw darkxst, you guys aware of the notification glitches in 3.16?11:06
InokiNot many perhaps use Empathy, I started now and noticed, that when I connect to IRC I just couldn't get the notifications out of the notification tray by just clicking the "x" on them, I had to open manually each window and clear its contents several times before they disappeared.11:09
InokiAlso, hovering over a contact in Empathy gave strange blinking pop-ups.11:09
InokiI reverted back to 3.14 and now it's all good.11:09
InokiAlso, another thing - in 3.16 sometimes shades from under windows appeared rough, not smooth as they should. they even formed a box around the normal window with a visible stroke.11:10
darkxstInoki, are you using 3.16 on 15.04?11:13
Inokidarkxst: I was, up until now.11:13
Inokidarkxst: I just reverted back.11:13
darkxstI would strongly suggest upgrading to 15.10 at this point11:13
InokiI will, but even so, since it's recommended to purge those PPAs before an upgrade to a greater version I removed them.11:14
InokiWhile we're at it, you could have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/HowTo/UpgradeGnomeShell if you haven't done so darkxst, to verify I wrote everything correct.11:15
darkxstInoki, did you see my email an hour ago?11:15
InokiNot sure, gonna check now.11:16
darkxstalso gnome3 is considered stable and contains the last missing bits that did make it into the proper archives11:16
darkxstgnome3-staging is the one more for testing, but we declare it stable around 3.xx.1 release11:16
InokiNow checking the email...11:17
InokiRight, gonna update the article now.11:18
Inokidarkxst check now11:28
darkxstInoki, you missed the -get and the caret "^"in apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^11:29
darkxst"ppa-purge doesn't remove added repositories completely, only disables them," <- software-updater11:30
InokiNot necessary imo. I use it always without and it works.11:30
InokiI install everything with sudo apt install <package>11:30
InokiIt even shows install progress that way.11:30
darkxstInoki, it is neccesary11:31
darkxstit can pull in Unity stuff if done as a normal install11:31
InokiOk, I'll change it then.11:31
darkxstInoki, you have the Just to be safe section completely backward!11:32
InokiHuh? How is that?11:33
darkxstppa-purge removes the packages and disables the ppas11:33
darkxstthat is ok11:33
darkxstbut software-updater only disable ppa's, and many people just assume that is enough11:33
InokiI meant it doesn't remove the repos themselves, only disables them11:33
InokiBut it removes packages11:33
darkxstespecially if they have done upgrades before11:33
darkxst"The Software updater only disables PPA's and doesn't remove the actual packages, this can cause issues with the upgrades if you are using gnome3-staging, so make sure you ppa-purge before upgrade"11:35
InokiSo I'll write that ppa-purge disables PPAs and removes their packages, but it's necessary to open up Software & Updates to manually navigate to those sources and remove them completely.11:35
darkxstor something11:35
darkxstno, ppa-purge is enough11:35
darkxstbut ofter people don't do that11:35
darkxstbecause they have seen the messages in the updater saying ppa's are being disabled before11:36
darkxstInoki, and it should probaly go in the Install section, so they actually read it when installing!11:39
Inokidarkxst: easy, calm down dude :)11:41
Inokidarkxst: it should be in users' interest to read instructions carefully. If they don't do so no matter what we do we won't change the fact that they screwed up, not us.11:41
darkxstJust to be perfectly safe next you upgrade11:41
darkxstThe Software updater only disables PPA's and doesn't remove the actual packages, this can cause issues with the upgrades if you are using gnome3-staging, so make sure you ppa-purge before upgrade to a new distro release11:41
darkxstand move it up to below Reboot11:42
darkxstremove the other bits11:42
InokiDude, if you have issues with it, to make it to your image log in to that page and change it however you want, because we can argue like this till the end of the day and nothing gets solved. You're confusing the heck of me in the morning.11:45
darkxstricotz webkit build failed at 85% in the end, but looks like its just due to a missing dep for gdkwayland12:24
darkxstbecause I of course wasn't building that12:25
darkxstnot sure why i'd disabled it though!12:26
ricotzdarkxst, probably missing cairo-gl12:28
ricotzmeaning no 2.9.92+ in ubuntu without having cairo building its gl/egl backend12:29
darkxstidk, I had the gtk wayland backend disable in jhbuildrc for some reason12:31
darkxstbut the missing cairo gl backend does sound like it could cause problems12:33
ricotzI havent looked further into this linker problem yet12:33
ricotzdarkxst, heh, do you recognize the problem ;) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/218409229/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.mozjs38_38.2.1~rc0-0ubuntu1~15.10~wfg0_BUILDING.txt.gz18:38

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