trippehI'm having some crashes with vanilla 4.2(.1-rc) as well, but havent taken the time to capture any eventual kernel output02:30
apwjtaylor, a new bug ... with the crashes if you can get them ... we have one patch we are tracking which might cause network related crashes02:59
trippehapw: got a link? my crashing machine is a router.03:02
trippehlooked briefly in netdev but didnt find anything03:02
apwtrippeh, this issue wouldn't affect 4.2 as far as i know ...03:06
apwjtaylor, LP #149718403:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1497184 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "Kernel-panic with 3.13.0-64.104 generic kernel (BUG at net/core/skbuff:1290)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149718403:06
trippehoh, ok03:07
trippehI dont even have kernel output yet so who knows ;)03:07
apwtrippeh, it was in 4.1* but is in 4.2-rc7 and later03:08
apw(thats not at all clear, the fix was in 4.2-rc7 and later, before that 4.1 etc was affected)03:09
trippehyeah probably not related then03:09
apwtrippeh, get a stack if you can and get it reported in a bug03:11
trippehwas just a shot in the dark :) have to dig up some hw for a serial console methinks03:18
UNIm95apw: henrix I got panic again. As predicted it was while router updated my IP address. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1497184/comments/505:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1497184 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "Kernel-panic with 3.13.0-64.104 generic kernel (BUG at net/core/skbuff:1290)" [High,Confirmed]05:26
apwUNIm95, was that with the original kernel or with the test kernel from henrix ?08:11
UNIm95apw it was with original kernel08:11
apwUNIm95, ok great, i assume you will switch over to the test kernel now08:12
apw(and can you indicate that that comment relates to the old kernel in the bug, esle its position with the request to test feels like the fix was tested)08:12
UNIm95apw yes. I waited till some one you, or henrix came here08:12
UNIm95apw:  but i haven't build test network with dhcp renewal of some minutes. 08:14
UNIm951apw:  Damn.  My router has minimum lease time 60 min =(08:20
UNIm951apw: do you know how we can simulate short lease time?08:21
=== UNIm951 is now known as UNIm95
TJ-UNIm95: via dhclient config08:25
UNIm95TJ-: can network-manger do this? i dont want to kill nm.08:25
UNIm95and then restore it08:26
TJ-UNIm95: NM runs a 'private' instance of dhclient. It might be possible to configure a predefined/override for te lease 'expire'08:28
UNIm95TJ-: Ok. i hope changes that i made are right. 08:35
UNIm95apw Now I going to install  henrix kernel and test it08:35
jtaylorapw: looks like my issue, I get stacktraces from skb stuff08:49
UNIm95apw:  henrix Now i with henrix kernel. 08:58
UNIm95henrix:  Is it ok that internet now works very slov?09:19
UNIm95henrix:  with your suggested kernel?09:19
UNIm95apw: First dhcp renewal. All works09:49
apwUNIm95, that is encouraging, we have others testing this kernle too15:03
UNIm95apw all ok. router has mistake in config. internet works ok16:48
apwUNIm95, thanks for the update18:41
UNIm95apw Pls. Uptime 9:47. No bugs.18:42
apwUNIm95, nice ... let us know tommorow where you are at, if no issues i think we have things identified18:42
UNIm95apw: Ok. But from  Friday till Saturday  a had only one pamic18:43
UNIm95So i think we must wait18:43
apwUNIm95, yep, we hope but not cirtainty indeed18:47
UNIm95apw this patch will came with *-64-105 or *-65?18:48
apwUNIm95, though it is not my direct decision, I would expect us to respin to just add that single patch18:50
UNIm95apw:  Thanks.18:50

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