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Unit193Rhonda: Right now, you can't eliminate it entirely.  Debian uses the libval support while Ubuntu doesn't because some silly rules about irssi being in main and dnsval not.01:47
reversib1eandoes running pbuilder-dist for the current working release instead of the development release speed up the download process?07:24
RhondaUnit193: Oh, didn't know that part, thanks for mentioning it!11:10
Unit193Of course, though cutting down the delta is always nice.  I asked about that specific patch becaues vorlon refreshed and re-applied it.11:10
Unit193I experimented with the different patches, seemed to work fine.11:11
Unit193Erm, that is, series/ubuntu.series.11:11
RhondaCan you publish that git somewhere so I can pull?  Or git format-patch and send it to me?11:30
Unit193I, err, lost it since .17 was published, rebased my stuff and that had no importance to me.  I can look into it again though.11:31

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