daftykinsi think if you didn't want more than openelec could provide, life could be simple :)00:13
shaunowell, I'm trying to use osmc at the moment00:14
shaunoso .. similar.  except I can actually access the filesystem without rebuilding the whole thing00:14
daftykinsoh dear00:14
daftykinshaha i had a PM from one of the people in the community/devs for that, because i called their community incompetent00:14
shauno(I tried openelec, trying to remaster their rootfs was pure pain)00:14
daftykinsreason being, they tailor the thing for Pis - yet none of their IRC channel even know about the memory divider00:15
shaunowell you're just a big mean meanie.00:15
daftykinswas just a bit concerning that i was able to point out the problem to a couple of people, when i don't even own one00:15
shaunomostly I'm just finding the same problem as the rest of opensource00:15
shauno"stop trying to fix it, it already works"00:15
daftykinsbut you must geek, so it can work _better_!00:16
shaunothis isn't better.  this really isn't better  lol00:16
shaunoI'm trying to figure out how to port the skin I was using on 11, because it was near-perfect.  but they've kept on fiddling, and now it's a disaster00:17
shaunothere's a lot to be said for figuring out when to say no00:17
daftykinsooh-err, i think skins are an exercise in pain00:17
daftykinsi don't even stray from confluence00:18
shaunomost the skins seem to be obsessed with seeing how many more flashy lights they can fit in00:19
shaunoI had a really old build of refocus where I just had links down the side for movies/tv shows/weather.  and that's it00:19
shaunonow it's all like .. we found some spare space to add another flashy!  needs more, needs more!00:20
daftykinsah so quite close to the stock ATV one?00:20
shaunomore like the windows metro look, if you took away the tiles behind the text00:20
shaunobut now each button has borders, which adds nothing.  and each button now tries to do 4 things, when it only needed to do one00:21
shaunoI mean, when I press 'tv shows'.  I want to see my tv shows.  that should be really obvious.  I don't need a submenu.00:22
* daftykins fires up Kodi00:23
shaunothey have added a 'feature' to customize the buttons, but to me that's just admitting that they've replaced "works" with "can be massaged into working"00:23
daftykinsthat does sound quite annoying00:24
daftykinsoh dear i've just gotten a 'drive timeout detected' on my RAID :(00:24
daftykinsport 11, hmm00:24
shaunothat also sounds quite annoying :p00:25
daftykinsdrive removed O_O00:25
penguin42how many disks have you got?00:25
daftykins12 port controller, ports 7-12 are populated with my newest array atm00:25
daftykins1-6 is the old which don't get powered on00:26
daftykinsare the old disks, i should say00:26
shauno"all of them".  when you're on a far-flung island, it's performant to cache the internet.  the entire internet.00:26
penguin42yeech I hate the 'performant' word00:26
daftykinsand the best part, Kodi carried on updating the library as if nothing happened00:26
shaunoreminds me, the gen8 hp microserver .. anyone tried running the OS off the sd card?00:27
daftykinsthere we go, replugged the power to the disk whilst live and she's rebuilding now00:38
daftykins"oh noes! our sibling was gone for mere minutes!"00:38
daftykins<3 hardware RAID :)00:43
* penguin42 got sent a job ad for a C++ programmer in Cambridge doing something involving Yocto, Perl/Python and Postcipt/PDF/PCL - so it sounds like someones trying to build a Yocto based printer - I'm not interested but can forward to anyone who is00:44
daftykinsah this "Mr. Robot" is really fun so far :) episode 101:13
shaunoaha, got my optical out working :)01:33
shaunoand yeha, I liked ep1.  but ..01:34
daftykinsslid from there huh?01:38
shaunoI dunno.  everyone else seems to like it01:41
daftykinsthere we go, ep 1 down01:59
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leecowdrey_Ah the RAT survivors08:07
zmoylan-pithose that minded the step...08:08
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: lol08:15
czajkowskiI was driving I've to fly in a few hours on a 11 hr flight08:15
czajkowskihttps://plus.google.com/u/0/+LauraCzajkowski/posts/3jbCYWG8S43  community social day out08:16
zmoylan-piyou must by now have the biggest collection of duty free...08:19
czajkowskim past duty free excitement08:23
zmoylan-piyou could build a log cabin of toblerones...08:23
czajkowski<--- gone08:24
knightwisepopey: I am in need of a little convergence demo video of ubuntu (where you can switch from touch to desktop mode) do you have anyplace I might find a decent one ?09:36
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:41
Myrttimmm cracked corn toblerone09:55
leecowdrey_Knightwise there are some on YouTube10:00
knightwiseleecowdrey_: found some .. mostly demos by engineers or developers .. no "commercial video's " that i can quickly use in a presentation10:02
leecowdrey_Yeah sorry, don't know about commercial ones as thought was still work in progress for 2016 as the phones out on the market (not ports) don't yet support MHL10:04
popeyknightwise: no commerical ones yet because it's not stable enough10:40
knightwisepopey: not even concept ones ?15:18
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)16:42
* penguin42 yawns16:42
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penguin42hey popey18:04
zmoylan-pihammer time...18:06
MooDooevening all18:28
zmoylan-piall the rail passengers survived the rat then?19:14
zmoylan-piand did anyone slip the receipt from a tattoo parlor into the back pocket of anyone? :-D19:16
shaunoI wonder if there's a term for that?  'rat train', like 'pin number'19:23
daftykinsseems like the kinda thing that should19:26
shaunothat's what I'm thinking.  if spoonerisms have a term, this surely should19:26
shaunoclosest I can find is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAS_syndrome19:27
shaunobut that seems quite difficult to use in a sentence.19:28
shauno(and I'm quite impressed I found that much.  further proof that googling stuff is the primary skillset in my job)19:29
daftykinshaha yeah i'm amazed you found that19:30
zmoylan-piwouldn't rat train be wrong as the t in rat is train?19:35
daftykinsnah that's the point, it's redundant repetition on the tail end of acronyms19:37
foobarryhmm, my lid doesn't suspend the laptop anymore19:38
shaunoright, "real ale train train"19:38
* zmoylan-pi leaves these common redundancies... http://grammar.about.com/od/words/a/redundancies.htm19:38
popeyI never call it RAT, it's always known as the Beer Train round these parts19:42
foobarryfirefox doesn't reflow text on android :(19:46
* Laney screams19:50
Laneytook me 9 attempts to type my passphrase just now19:51
Laneyemphasis on the phrase19:51
daftykinsLaney: into what?19:52
Laneypinentry dialog19:52
Laneywas sighing an email19:52
* daftykins blinks19:53
Laneyyes very good19:53
Laneyif I just type it slower it'll probably take less time overall19:53
shaunowell now we can see why the passphrase was a struggle ;)19:53
shaunoI keep getting this at work.  everytime they make us change our passwords, by time it's muscle-memory it's time to change it again19:54
shaunoso I feel like an idiot every single time I sit down19:55
daftykinssuch policy can only be harmful20:00
daftykinsforces folk to pick less complex things i reckon20:01
shaunoor entices them to write them down20:01
popeywhich is a good thing20:07
popeywriting down passwords is a good idea20:08
popeyit means you can have very long complex passwords and not worry about forgetting them20:08
daftykinsnot if they're left in front of the keyboard by users :D20:08
popeyI didn't say that :)20:08
popeyI write mine down. I tend not to stick it to the screen20:08
daftykinsno but i think that's more the scenario we were angling at20:08
shaunoI actually have a bunch on a small whiteboard by my desk20:08
shaunoa practice I'll quit as soon as they actually fix SSO20:09
zmoylan-pior one of your neighbours gets a drone... ;-)20:09
shaunoheh, I mean at work.  they won't need a drone :)20:10
zmoylan-pii have my passwords written down bottom to top split across 2 pieces of paper.  so if you find one...20:11
zmoylan-piand if you can a glimpse it's gibberish20:11
zmoylan-pii would use ogham but there's not enough characters :-)20:11
shaunooh I don't bother complicating it at all.  if you want to go do my performance appraisals for me, feel free.  they're all low-value cruft else they'd be using SSO20:12
neuroEVENIN ALL20:13
foobarryi wonder if password crack dicts have klingon dicts20:39
foobarrybah, my lid closed suspend script worked once only :(20:41
zmoylan-piit's just a list of words added to their already big lists so yeah...20:43
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