nhandlerNeed to fill out and submit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WaPvaP4jfJBojodVMTQ8_SETXF_MMZFii2PQ0dGcIws/edit?usp=sharing for the release party on Monday17:28
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu Wily Release Party - Google Docs]17:28
pleia2nhandler: do you have james ouyang's contact info?17:33
pleia2he said he might be able to pitch in with helping17:33
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, I'll poke him17:34
pleia2I'll try to think of other folks to contact, either as speakers or helpers17:35
nhandlerYou rock, pleia2 :)17:36
pleia2friday the 23rd, yeah?17:37
nhandlerpleia2: 22nd17:38
nhandler(other events got rescheduled)17:38
pleia2ah, nice :)17:38

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