kulelu88the comments shows more languages00:10
magespawngood morning05:18
Kilosafternoon superfly inetpro and all others14:58
magespawnhowdy Kilos 15:01
Kiloshi magespawn 15:01
magespawnKilos you been keeping busy?16:27
Kilosyeah magespawn trying to get kde understandable so sis can get to telegram easy16:29
Kiloswith power cuts she cant follow rigmarole16:29
theblazehenKilos! Using telegram! My man! :)16:29
Kilosso basically must book into telegram16:30
Kiloshi theblazehen 16:30
theblazehenhey Kilos16:30
Kilosi even have it working on pidgin16:30
magespawnlooks like more than one person is having connection issues18:27
magespawnevery night around this time my ping times go beserk18:28
superflyhi magespawn19:08
magespawnhi superfly19:30
magespawnbed time, good night all20:07

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