wileeefrozenonline, this will put a text of what is there in home, dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages00:00
frozenonlinethanks wileee..00:01
frozenonlineI'll check it out..00:01
wileeenp, you can use it for installing the set as well00:01
frozenonlineI had no idea how much stuff was installed when installing ubuntu.. that's a lot of packages ..00:03
frozenonlineI'm using an intel centrino wireless card in my HP 8440p laptop. It keeps messing up when trying to connect to my wifi. I disable power management on the adapter with iwconfig and works great. Is there a way to have it turn off in a script?00:07
kulelu88Hello all00:10
frozenonlinehey kule00:10
frozenonlinewhat's going on tonight?00:11
kulelu88Does anybody know of a combination of terminal/commandline commands where I can: 1) See the output of a file to the terminal screen . 2) save that output to another file . I need to save a continuously updating file to another file and then cancel the saving at a certain point, by visually reaching a certain point and hitting: CTRL+C00:12
AvatarAif the file starts from empty you could use "tail -f file | tee output"00:14
frozenonlineso you want to see the contents of a file continuously while it's also copying to another file but when it gets to a certain point you want to it to quit?00:14
kulelu88frozenonline: yes, exactly that. Also, if I am fetching the file from a URL, will the command be something akin to: wget URL | tail -f file | tee output ?00:16
kulelu88AvatarA: ^^00:16
kulelu88apologies for not mentioning the most crucial detail, fetching the file from a URL. Slipped my mind00:18
FastZI'm studying for the Linux+ certification. Could anyone recommend a free online Linux+ practice test that is current with the latest exam version?00:18
explosiveif you're fetching from wget then it's getting looped so why not just cat it?00:18
reisioprobably want wget -O - for that00:19
reisioor s/wget/curl/00:19
frozenonlineexplosive if he cats it.. it won't give him the ability to send to another file or would it?00:20
explosivehmm, he could tee it00:20
explosivewget -O - | tee00:20
reisiowget does not use stdout by default is all00:20
frozenonlineFastZ... checkout linuxfoundations.org may have some material for you there.00:20
reisiobecause it's stupid00:21
kulelu88I can use curl if that is better ?00:21
FastZfrozenonline: thanks! I'll check that out now.00:21
OerHeksFastZ, only the exams are not free https://www.edx.org/course?search_query=linux+certification00:22
kulelu88explosive: so something like: wget -0 - URL | tee file.txt ... will (possibly) work?00:22
FastZThanks OerHeks. I'll look there as well.00:22
reisioO(h), not (zer)000:23
reisiocurl uses stdout by default00:23
reisiowhich makes it less silly00:23
kulelu88reisio: any suggestions for a curl alternative?00:24
reisiowget -O -00:24
duckgooseoh lordy someone help00:24
kulelu88no no, sorry, i mean what would be the curl alternative to wget -O - ?00:24
kulelu88how can we assist tonight? duckgoose00:24
reisiowget -O - foo is like curl foo00:24
reisiosane applications send to stdout by default00:25
reisiothey call it standard out because it's supposed to be standard00:25
duckgooseI have a ubuntu box running (CLI only) thats getting internet via wifi. I'd like to share the wifi internet through the ethernet port on the box, but every tutorial I find is based on GUI00:25
kulelu88duckgoose: are you sharing the internet via the box or a router?00:26
duckgoosethe box is connected to my router via wifi. I want to share this connection through ethernet  to another router00:27
OerHekssure there is a cli wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing00:28
kulelu88duckgoose: so you want to: get internet via wifi to an ubuntu-box that only runs CLI, then via the ethernet port, share the wifi internet to another router via the ubuntu box?00:29
kulelu88alright. I think the problem is now fully explained, but it is orders of magnitude above my knowledge, but someone here might have the knowledge of it00:30
duckgoosethis looks pretty complicated @ kulelu8800:30
kulelu88it is duckgoose00:31
kulelu88what I'm not sure of is whether a machine/PC can handle parsing network traffic like a router can?00:32
AvatarAof course it can00:32
kulelu88so router>Wifi>PC>router>ethernet (and reverse) is possible? AvatarA00:32
explosiveduckgoose: you need nmcli to get the wifi working with a cli ubuntu box00:32
duckgooseI have wifi working00:33
explosiveon the cli box?00:33
kulelu88explosive: he needs to connect another router to the CLI box via ethernet now00:33
AvatarAkulelu88, when it comes to linux, ANYTHING is possible, I hate it when someone asks something and someone else says it cannot be done00:33
protnhey folks who here managed to import open vpn file via ubuntu plugin?00:34
kulelu88AvatarA: I didn't say it. I asked :)00:34
AvatarAmaybe it's hard to do/complicated/not worth it, but it can always be done00:34
explosiveduckgoose: try setting up eth0 with an ip00:35
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 1294899 in network-manager-openvpn (Ubuntu) "Import saved VPN connection has been Recently Broken" [High,Confirmed]00:42
protnwas it fixed?00:42
protnyet to work here00:42
OerHeksbug from n 2014-03-1900:42
maddogcz75cwhats up everyone00:43
deepeshhi am installing notepadqq but getting error E: Unable to locate package notepadqq00:44
deepesh... any help pls?00:44
protnOerHeks: well I installed ubuntu like 2 months ago00:44
maddogcz75cIm below intermediate when it comes to linux but not beginner if that makes sence im trying to learn linux i know some i did arch it was two advance for me i did manjaro it was not working great for my laptop so now im here00:44
maddogcz75chow do i get my fucking touchscreen to work00:45
reisiomaddogcz75c: doesn't work now?00:45
=== 32NAAEKNF is now known as threethirty
kulelu88maddogcz75c: Please don't swear, for the sake of the admins here not needing to ban you00:48
maddogcz75cno distro works reisio wich makes me want to goto windows again as I hate it00:48
maddogcz75cI like my touch screen as a crutch if that makes sence00:48
kulelu88maddogcz75c: I think what you need is the software used for ubuntu-phone. it supports touch and may work for you00:48
maddogcz75cok kuleu88 sorry thought we were adults here wont happen again00:49
maddogcz75chow do i get thaqt00:49
maddogcz75cim just so mad cause i hate windows but I want my touch to work00:49
maddogcz75cits a nice crutch like two finger scroll and clicking things withouch using my fingers to move a stupid touch pad00:50
maddogcz75cbut I do say I went to ubuntu and my laptop runs so much better00:50
kulelu88maddogcz75c: we are adults, that is why it is polite to not swear/curse :)00:50
maddogcz75cif I had a pc I would use arch but laptop wise ubuntu wins00:50
maddogcz75csorry for the swearing im just so pissed cant make up my mind00:51
maddogcz75clinux is killing me I cant decide00:51
maddogcz75cbut I hate windows and I hate mac00:51
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
maddogcz75cthis is where I should be is with Linux but Im now new or pro so it pisses me off00:52
maddogcz75csorry just venting00:52
OerHeksmaddogcz75c, is your rant done now?00:52
kulelu88maddogcz75c: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch00:52
kulelu88also: http://askubuntu.com/questions/452159/ubuntu-14-04-multi-touch-screen-support00:52
[n0mad]what kind of system do you have?00:52
maddogcz75cI have and Asus x200ca laptop00:53
kulelu88touch support should work out of the box for ubuntu 14.0400:53
LambdaComplexmaddogcz75c: how does ubuntu win for laptops?00:53
* LambdaComplex is curious00:53
LambdaComplexover arch i mean00:53
maddogcz75cLambdaComples its just working better for me on my laptop it may suck for you00:53
reisiomaddogcz75c: so go to windows00:54
=== ivanjianjian is now known as Guest30171
maddogcz75c#@$% windows lol00:54
LambdaComplexmaddogcz75c: ...what specifically is working better?00:54
maddogcz75cthis is way  better im just below intermidiate and above new lol00:54
maddogcz75ccant find my distro i guess if thats what you call it00:54
LambdaComplexokay, that's a valid reason to not use arch i suppose :P00:55
LambdaComplexbut the touchscreen should work on arch00:55
nudogemaddogcz75c: this is ubuntu support00:55
nudogemaddogcz75c: try lxle ubuntu00:55
kulelu88maddogcz75c: Please see the links i provided you. you just need to install ubuntu on your laptop00:55
OerHeksnudoge, lxle is not supported here00:55
LambdaComplexwhat's lxle?00:55
LambdaComplexis that like lxde?00:55
OerHekssuggest lubuntu, but that is not his problem00:55
jouffluglmark2 score: 118 ...how does that stack up compared to everyone else?00:56
spaghettimanhey I just installed tails and I can't get my trackpad to work, google isn't helping. any thoughts?00:56
AvatarAfrom what I can remember joufflu that is very low00:56
maddogcz75cIm running ubuntu and I must say it runs smooth and my laptop is not over heating but I cant get touch to work like two finger scrolling other than that its awsome00:56
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
maddogcz75cdesktop wise I would install arch00:56
kulelu88spaghettiman: tails linux ? Probably not the right channel00:56
OerHeksmaddogcz75c, read those urls , sure it can be enabled00:56
maddogcz75cthanks I gonna read00:57
spaghettiman@kulelu88 yeah but the tails channel is dead and ubuntu and tails are both based on debian00:57
LambdaComplexspaghettiman: synaptics touchpad drivers might be needed00:57
maddogcz75cim just all over the place since I somewhat know my stuff but still lost00:57
LambdaComplexthat's my first and only guess00:57
OerHeksspaghettiman, wrong channel for forks00:57
kulelu88may be worth asking in debian also00:57
spaghettiman@oerheks should I go to debian then?00:57
maddogcz75cI will say ubuntu supporr is WWWAYYYY better than arch00:57
maddogcz75cthey would say read the wiki and go away00:58
kulelu88we sure would like to help you spaghettiman , but the problem is that nobody else has tails installed (assuming)00:58
spaghettimananyone know if accutype is synaptics?00:58
OerHeksmaddogcz75c, no we don't, we hate copy pasting, read it yourself.00:58
maddogcz75cso just for the record I thank all of you for your support cause you can easily tell me go away and $%*$ off lol00:58
kulelu88maddogcz75c: we didn't tell you to go away, but if a question has already been answered (and requires intense detail), it is easier to link to it00:59
maddogcz75cyea Im gonna go read OerHeks00:59
maddogcz75cno Im talking about Arch forum really they would say read wiki and not give info00:59
maddogcz75cPut it this way you guys are way more supportive01:00
kulelu88oh ok.01:01
maddogcz75csorry guys I had to get that off my chest Im just about 1/4 inch below intermediate Im just trying to make linux work cause windows sux and so does mac no offence to who ever uses them but really you shouldnt be here lol01:02
maddogcz75cI just know ubuntu support is way  better01:02
maddogcz75cand like i said my laptop runs flawless  but touchscreen runs like crap01:02
maddogcz75cI like the extra crutch01:03
maddogcz75cjust tell me to shut up and ill shut up lol01:03
maddogcz75cIll give ubuntu props though cause everything just works other that my touch01:04
protnubuntu buggy network manager!!!01:04
nudogemaddogcz75c: I haven't tried ubuntu on any touch devices yet.01:04
protnfailed secters01:04
viderimaddog, what kind of hardware are you working with?01:05
maddogcz75cvideri I have a asus x200ca laptop01:05
maddogcz75cnudoge I dont thing any linux distro works perfect with touch01:05
[n0mad]my touch screen works fine without anything needed01:06
maddogcz75cbut I may be wrong01:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738849 in network-manager-openvpn (Ubuntu) " The VPN connection 'xxx' failed because of invalid VPN secrets" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:06
maddogcz75cn0mad I will mine did01:06
maddogcz75csorry typing to fast01:06
[n0mad]mostly what you can do with it is app dependent01:06
[n0mad]like in chrome, you should just be able to scroll with your finger and click links01:06
maddogcz75ci have firefox01:07
[n0mad]or in irc, highlight text or click and drag the buttons, scroll bars01:07
maddogcz75clet me install chrome and try01:07
videriI'm still looking for something worthwhile to put on my android linuxwise. It's been feisty thus far.01:07
[n0mad]yeah, maddogcz75c firefox doesn't work01:07
[n0mad]there may be some option to run it or something01:08
maddogcz75cok let me go get chrome see what happens01:08
[n0mad]in firefox i have to actually use the scrollbar01:08
[n0mad]otherwise it just will highlight text01:08
maddogcz75cdo i need chome or chromium01:08
videriyour laptop isn't a dinosaur so anything should run fine. I installed linux after windows 10 came out due to it being a spyful wank.01:09
[n0mad]up to you, i use chrome. chromium is a version or 2 behind usually and doesn't have all the google stuff in it01:09
jack-zhang I want to change net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra=2 to accept_ra=0, but no matter I use command sudo -w sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra=0 or write it in /etc/sysctl.conf the value would reset to 2. What can I do?01:10
kulelu88jack-zhang: try using "sudo nano" and edit the file and then save it?01:12
jack-zhangkulelu88, I've tried it, but it doesn't work01:13
kulelu88there are other terrible ways to do it jack-zhang , but not sure if they should be mentioned (for safety purposes)01:14
maddogcz75cn0mad you &^%&**& rule bro I just put chome on my laptops it does work01:15
maddogcz75cthank you so much man01:15
[n0mad]yeah, you will just see that apps handle it differently01:15
[n0mad]no problem, it's rare i can help!01:16
jack-zhangkulelu88, please tell me01:17
videriI've been having trouble putting linux on my phone, but I'm pretty sure it's my inability to concentrate after meds wear off and my misses won't leave me the hell alone to do it.01:18
=== daniel is now known as Guest64158
kulelu88whats the make of the phone? videri01:18
=== Saulo is now known as Saulo-
viderilg g2. Aka feisty buttnugget. lol.01:19
prometHi, over the last week or so, my ssh connections to two 15.04 boxes now fail with "no route to host" errors. They had been working great for months prior. Both boxes can still be successfully pinged by both their ip and dyndns hostnames. Anyone have any thoughts about that?01:19
videriI was only able to root it because I didn't do the recent update and there was actually something floating around online that worked. Ioroot does not work for me.ever.01:20
prometI don't recall any ssh updates recently, so before "checking the plumbing", I'm just curious if anyone has noticed anything similar01:20
prometI've checked both from the lan and wan sides01:21
kulelu88are auto-updates enabled? promet01:21
lukastheblackPromet: where are the servers? Vps01:21
prometkulelu88, no I manually update01:21
lukastheblackOr on your lan?01:21
prometlukastheblack, the servers are both "home" lan servers01:21
prometI can't even ssh from one to the other, but ping happily succeeds01:22
prometone to the other over the lan that is01:22
lukastheblackPromet: what is the output of traceroute?01:23
kulelu88promet: try this maybe: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/no-route-to-host-error-and-solution.html01:23
HouseMusicI have an app and the file are all owned by games:games. I am a member of the games group. I'm getting write errors to files with 664 but not with 666.01:24
HouseMusicI've tried a bunch of stuff but any clue would be most helpful.01:24
prometlukastheblack, thanks, will post momentarily01:24
prometkulelu88, thanks also, checking that out01:24
AvatarAHouseMusic, did you just recently add yourself to the games group?01:28
prometlukastheblack, hmmm, weird; well, not "weird", just never seen that myself before: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12496183/01:28
HouseMusichmm today for sure, do I need to reboot?01:28
HouseMusicI probably haven't since I addd myself, I've relogged though01:28
prometBy which I mean "!H" response01:29
AvatarAnewgrp command, or even easier, log out and login again01:29
HouseMusicnp thanks going to try that immediately01:29
lukastheblackPromet: that's new to me too, have you restarted either server?01:31
prometI have restarted one, "/etc/init.d/ssh restart" which reported successful, but no dice on ssh connection.01:32
OneBoywhois OneBoy01:33
bipulI have downloaded 32 bit logstash forwarder <logstash-forwarder_linux_386> , but i am unable to find it's extension. I am wondering how to execute this file.?01:33
HouseMusicAvatarA that did it sir. I had an RDP session up to the server as well which I never disconnected. Very much appreciated.01:34
prometHere's an, super obvious, but not until just now had I recalled, point. I just recently started fooling around with the enlightenment window manager which, on it's startup, I think, required the removal on gnome-network-manager.01:34
prometWhich I allowed, just for kicks and to check it out, easy enough to fix. Maybe though this had some "unforeseen consequences"?01:35
=== orfeo1 is now known as orfeo
lukastheblackWhat's the output of "route -n"01:35
AvatarAwhat does "route" say?01:35
prometgnome-network-manager and network-manager, now that I think of it.01:35
prometI wouldn't have thought removal of those would have an affect on ssh; but, maybe?01:35
bipullukastheblack, It will show your local network details, like gateway and subnest masking01:36
AvatarAwhy not? it is network Manager after all :)01:36
bipulDoes anyone know how to configure 32 bit architect Logstash-forwarder?01:37
lukastheblackPromet: What's the output of "route -n"01:37
lukastheblackServer and box you're connecting from01:37
prometlukastheblack, like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12496289/01:39
lukastheblackPromet: I'm cautious, but I almost want to have you delete that route for
bob876Hi, I'm having a problem where my screen randomly turns off and won't turn on until I go to sleep mode and back.01:40
pressure679My PC is making weird noises which I think is the mic, anyone else experienced this?01:40
prometregarding enlightenment window manager; no idea why that would affect "box #2", as it's, essentially, running headless...so...01:41
* pressure679 thinks his computer wants him to speak to it.01:41
prometlukastheblack, throwing caution to the wind has never been one of my problems ;)01:42
lukastheblackPromet: route del Are you bridging connections? If so, do NOT follow this advice01:42
prometlukastheblack, though, I have also been messing with android virtual machine via genymotion lately, and maybe that is a route designation for android vm's via vitrualbox?01:43
prometnot shying away, just noting01:43
AvatarAwell if he is trying to connect to and has netmask, in my limited knowledge about networking, it shoudl route correctly to that ip01:43
lukastheblackPromet: not being familiar, but that sounds like what the bridge is from, may not be wise in that01:44
AvatarAmaybe the routes on the ssh box are wrong01:44
lukastheblackAvatara: I would agree, it's just very odd he can ping and then gets a route error on ssh01:44
prometlukastheblack, hmmmm, so, just spit-balling, maybe genymotion android vm network bridges may be screwing with ssh/host routing?01:45
knobHey guys... interesting side-question.  I have a 2tb hdd that died.  I also have the same model right next to it, that is working.  I tried placing the working-hdd's board unto the dead-hdd... and although it spins up and makes sounds,... it doesn't show up.   Any suggestions?01:45
prometlukastheblack, I did also, btw, try an "ssh localhost" and it gave me the standard "host recognition "man in the middle" warning, if you've seen that; in my network shenanigans, I see it pretty often ;)01:46
lukastheblackPromet: it's definitely possible, if it's easy, it might be worth trying to remove it01:47
AvatarAmaybe try ssh -vv and see what that says01:47
AvatarAalso nc -vv boxip port01:47
AvatarAsee if you can connect to other ports if you have any other services running01:48
lukastheblackKnob: does it show up in lsblk ? If not, dmesg?01:48
lukastheblackAvatara: great idea01:48
prometlukastheblack, easy enough, genymotion is pretty quick setup/takedown configuration-wise (recommended actually, if anyone is into that sort of thing - current issue notwithstanding ;) ), I will play with this and see if it might bring ssh back up. Thanks very much for your input, wasn't even thinking along that line...01:49
lukastheblackPromet: I would try avatara's advice first, it's faster and probably will give us more01:50
AvatarAI have a hunch data goes out from his computer to his box but it doesn't go out from box to computer, at least from what we saw up to this point01:51
lukastheblackI think you're on  the Right track avatara01:52
prometlukastheblack, AvatarA, roger that...01:53
prometAvatarA, thanks very much for the input as well, much appreciated...01:53
bob876I can't figure out what's causing my screen to go dark. Could someone check my dmesg? http://pastebin.com/urc9LBhL01:53
AvatarAand we didn't even ask what sits between those01:53
AvatarAbecause it can be a router problem as well01:53
lukastheblackBut that shouldn't be an actual Routing problem if it's on the same segment01:54
lukastheblackThough the router could certainly be the core of it01:54
c4nc3rwhat is a good place to watch hurtcore?01:56
c4nc3rwhat i need is to see kiddies being bonded with rope, gagged and whipped01:56
c4nc3rall the hurtcore links i have are down :(01:56
prometAvatarA, output of "ssh -vv" to "box #2 ("headless one")" from "box #1 (all lan)" - seemingly, not very revealing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12496453/01:56
lukastheblacknc ?01:57
prometAvatarA, results of "nc -vv": http://paste.ubuntu.com/12496507/01:59
lukastheblackSo you're connecting to ssh on port 6784?02:01
[n0mad]port blocked? firewall? port forwarding on the router?02:01
prometlukastheblack, "NC - BSD General Commands Manual NC(1) NAME  :   nc — arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens"02:01
AvatarAyeah, see what 'route' says on that box02:02
prometlukastheblack, yes, 6784 is the correct port for box #202:02
Volundokay guys. I've got a few dealies that need dealing02:03
old1how do ii add users on the command line that are secure from root access?02:03
prometrouter, which, for these boxes, forwards a range of ports, is the same as prior working config.02:03
lukastheblackPromet: in box 2, netstat -at and confirm it's listing on that port02:03
prometwas working suspiciously well, actually; desktop to desktop, android to desktop, etc, etc. which is why I'm confused...02:04
lukastheblackOld1: do they need to have sudo access?02:04
AvatarAfrom what I understand, gnome-network-manager was removed from that ssh box, right?02:04
prometlukastheblack, will try that...02:04
VolundAnyone got a good GIF viewer - I'd like the ability to zoom and have a frame-by-frame display - and the ability to have gifs show icons in Unity? Possible?02:05
yabdiotoplukastheblack: ok02:05
old1no its to rujn a tf2 server02:05
old1or does it02:05
yabdiotopold1: yeah it will02:06
lukastheblackShould be able to run without sudo02:06
yabdiotopVolund: yes jpegddd02:07
old1say i wanted to call it tfguy can you give me an example?02:07
prometlukastheblack, kvm switch is actually disconnected and I don't have to fortitude to re-cable at the moment, will try that (netstat -at) in troubleshooting though02:08
yabdiotopold1: cursing02:08
=== charles is now known as Guest27261
AvatarApromet, please see my question02:09
old1adduser blah blahy02:09
prometAvatarA, yes, gnome-network-manager was removed; weirdly, a requirement, apparently, of enlightenment wm02:09
AvatarAif that's the case then whatever other network manager remained/got installed changed your ip or other network settings02:09
Guest27261Hey guys02:10
old1sorry useradd blah blah lol02:10
prometAvatarA, total possibility, enlightenment is very "proactive" with system changes.; nice wm though.02:11
AvatarAit probably removed gnome-networking-manager because it has its own network manager and the packages conflict02:12
VolundI'm not finding any jpegddd02:12
prometAvatarA, I'm going to try to re-install gnome-network-manager and boot Unity and see what's going on with that; may drop out as a result; thanks again for your help! AvatarA, yes it does I think have it's own network management scheme02:13
old1what im wondering is how doi start the server/limit the users access to sudo etc that url was helpful but basic useradd knowledge02:13
lukastheblackOld1: useradd -m -g tf2user02:15
yabdiotopold1: you PM me02:15
yabdiotoplukastheblack: you trying to ruin him02:16
old1no i didn't your very vulgar yabdiotop02:17
yabdiotopold1: who asked you02:17
old1thanks lukastheblack02:17
AvatarAold1 when you add an user with adduser, it has no root or sudo access by default02:17
LambdaComplexuseradd -m -g users -G wheel02:18
LambdaComplexthen username02:18
LambdaComplexAvatarA: better?02:18
lukastheblackYabdiotop is very vulgar02:18
yabdiotopLambdaComplex: now you got it02:19
lukastheblackI think old 1 wants the user to NOT have sudo02:19
AvatarAMr Freeman agrees02:19
LambdaComplexthen `useradd -m -g users username`02:19
yabdiotoplukastheblack: you insulting02:19
supergauntletso I can't run mumble on ubuntu 14.04. I googled the error it gave and apparently found an old thread about libqt4-sql-sqlite not being a dependency, but this isn't the case anymore.02:19
supergauntletany ideas?02:19
old1well i need to start the dedicated server with a user so whatever makes that user i start it with the most secure02:20
bazhang!ot | yabdiotop02:20
ubottuyabdiotop: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:20
supergauntletCan I rollback libqt4-sql-sqlite to a previous version and would that fix it?02:20
AvatarAold1 as I said, normal user has no root access, but that is not the whole story anyway with security02:20
supergauntlet<yabdiotop> mumble is part of you being a bastard02:20
wileeesupergauntlet, Unity desktop?02:20
yabdiotopMumble supergauntlet02:21
supergauntletwileee: xubuntu02:21
supergauntlethow do I get ops again?02:21
supergauntletwell he quit anyways02:21
supergauntletanyway, I'm on xubuntu 14.04. I did accidentally break my packages a few days ago but I thought I fixed it with a few apt-get upgrades02:21
old1ok so this is good then useradd -m -g users username02:22
LambdaComplexold1: do you want the user to have sudo privs?02:22
AvatarAjust use "adduser nameofuser", it's easier for beginners02:23
LambdaComplex...What's hard about useradd?02:23
LambdaComplex-m makes a home folder under /home/username02:23
LambdaComplex-g sets the primary group02:23
AvatarAhe has no idea what -m -g does and stuff like that02:23
old1ok i need to do this command :  ./srcds_run -game tf +sv_pure 1 +map ctf_2fort.bsp +maxplayers 2402:23
AvatarAyeah, now he does :p02:23
wileeesupergauntlet, I see a ppa here, not sure if that fixes that depend, http://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Installing_Mumble#Ubuntu02:23
supergauntletwileee: I don't think it's an issue with mumble02:24
supergauntletit's literally not seeing the database driver02:24
supergauntletwileee: I'll give that a go though02:24
old1i know what a man page is though02:24
LambdaComplexold1: Ooh, actually limiting maxplayers to 24. I like you02:24
old1just an example02:25
supergauntletwileee: same problem02:25
AvatarAyeah but adduser prompts you to fill in all the details and takes care of home directory creation and all that jazz02:25
LambdaComplexSounds more annoying than useradd to me02:25
AvatarAno need to go "low level utility" if you don't need low level stuff02:25
supergauntletwileee: any other ideas maybe?02:27
wileeesupergauntlet, does your update and upgrade run clean?02:27
supergauntletuh let me check02:27
Volundviewnoir is CLOSE to what I want, but lacks play controls for a gif... argh02:27
supergauntletwileee: theres a few updates but nothing relevant02:28
supergauntleti'll upgrade and get back to you02:28
wileeesupergauntlet, Cool, no held is what we want to see.02:29
supergauntletoh hold on02:29
supergauntletthere's a couple packages that are kept back02:29
supergauntletsome kernel headers, some graphics drivers stuff and pip02:29
wileeesupergauntlet, pastebin the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:30
supergauntletyep doing dist-upgrade right now02:30
wileeecool, you can watch it I think, no need to paste as of yet really02:30
Volundoh hooray02:32
VolundGNOME Mplayer seems capable of doing what I want02:32
VolundI'm probably just going to run a Windows virtualbox or something though for it, eh02:33
* Volund grabs a windows 10 download02:35
OerHeksVolund, move that funny talk to ubuntu-offtopic, thanks02:36
supergauntletwileee: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:37
supergauntletso its clean now02:37
supergauntlethopefully the nvidia driver updates worked properly and i boot properly next time :^)02:37
supergauntletand nope same mumble issue02:37
wileeesupergauntlet, Have not run xubuntu for awhile so mumble not sure, had just noticed the update issue you mentioned.02:38
poutineDoes anyone know something you could pipe an audio stream through to get speech to text translation? It's ok if it pipes it through google's stuff02:40
supergauntletpoutine: i had a bash alias that did this at one point02:41
supergauntletbut i dont know where it is now..02:41
old1useradd -m -g users username02:46
PublicSubnetWhat framework is used for developing GUI apps for Unity? GTK?02:46
old1i used this then whats the default password02:46
PublicSubnetOr is there gonna be a brand new framework?02:46
old1i did sudo useradd -m -g users xaster02:46
raertersAmityville. old1 is horror show03:04
raertersLambdaComplex: :)03:05
gioansi am a new ubuntu03:26
gioansi have aproblem aboutmy ubuntu03:27
gioansi want to everybody help me03:27
Bashing-om!details | gioans03:27
ubottugioans: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:27
gioansi connected a Wiffi together with another computer are there Windowns, only my computer uses Ubuntu 14.04. and I want to join Homegroup, whati to do ?03:30
gioansplease help me03:31
Bashing-om!info samba03:31
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 864 kB, installed size 11250 kB03:31
drone_toneHi, I'm using the Access Point mode to create a Wifi Access Point from my laptop. However the connection is really slow. Is there any particular fix?03:32
drone_toneI am getting ~300KBPS on my laptop but I connected my phone to the hotspot and it is struggling to get even a decent 10KBPS.03:34
DarkSectorHow do I get upstart to execute a script before executing gunicorn?03:39
=== ilken is now known as ilk
Guest97531hi guys how do i find my device after they renamed to enp2s*03:53
Guest97531it was eth0 and eth1 before update03:53
=== Riley is now known as Guest79353
Guest97531now im unable to get my network up, pretty sure they been renamed to enp2s*03:54
RileyGuyHello, I am having issues with my hard drive after installing ubuntu, I've accidentally reformatted my C:\ drive and both the bootsector and the backup bootsector are bad03:55
RileyGuyIs there any tool I could use to repair them?03:56
Guest97531nyone plz?03:56
RileyGuyTo clarify: I was in the install dialogue of ubuntu, and the option came up to install it alongside windows 7. I thought that it was mistaking my windows 10 install for windows 7, so I went ahead and selected that, and wrote changes to my disk. Only after I finished installing a cinnamon desktop did I realize that my C:\ drive was formatted. I can access the backup partition that windows created, but not the partition with all of m03:58
=== ____r4z is now known as __r4z
OerHeksGuest97531, how did you rename that ?03:59
Guest97531i didnt, the os did04:00
Guest97531[ 1.696722] vmxnet3 0000:03:00.0 eno16777984: renamed from eth004:00
Guest97531[ 1.702592] vmxnet3 0000:0b:00.0 eno33557248: renamed from eth104:00
OerHeksGuest97531, easo to rename it back to eth0 > http://askubuntu.com/a/57865204:00
Guest97531yeah i'll keep it that way04:02
Guest97531its the futur!04:02
gregoryoIs there a known problem with this AU apt repository? ...04:04
gregoryoW: Failed to fetch http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]04:05
VolundSo I have two drives, one is Ext4 and the other is ntfs04:07
wvirxjfI notice that every so often, my .Xauthority file will become owned by root, and it makes me not able to log in with the GUI. What causes that?04:07
Volundand although I thought that I just did a file-by-file copy of everything, the NTFS one seems to have a whole 290 gigabytes more free,.04:08
Bashing-omwvirxjf: Generally. using "sudo" on your home directory . or some such .04:08
Volundeven weirder, gparted is giving me a different free space reading than Unity's file manager04:09
old1how do i add a user to the sudoers file after i already made the user?04:09
wvirxjfBashing-om: Why would it be just that one file?04:10
old1and how do i add them to sudoers file with useradd during creation04:10
xnetanyone know any cyber security chatroom04:10
OerHeksold1, sudo adduser <username> sudo # https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Users04:11
OerHeksafter creatiobn04:11
guest_me_firstwhen i try to sudo apt-get install different packages it fails because it is looking for packages on usb install iso that i used to install.04:11
guest_me_firstusing lubuntu04:12
old1ok ty OerHeks04:12
old1OerHeks what about after the user is already made04:13
wvirxjfguest_me_first, did you try changing stuff in the Software Souces settings?04:13
OerHeksold1, You should do this after creation04:14
old1oh ok04:14
Bashing-omwvirxjf: Has to do with access rights . do ' echo $XAUTHORITY '. Depending on what you have done the .ICEauthority permissions may also get changed .04:14
old1ok what if i wanna rip that user acces to the sudooers file/access to sudo04:16
old1take it away ino04:16
old1anyone OerHeks?04:17
UserUSoldiz: echo "username ALL=(ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers04:19
OerHekssudo visudo # and remove that user04:19
OerHeksUserUS, i wouldn't suggest that.04:20
wvirxjfOr you can just use the GUI and set their account to limited privileges.04:21
UserUSOerHeks: Not for removal, no04:21
citrixHi all04:22
citrixi am using lubuntu 15.0404:22
OerHeks"users & groups" isn't standard installed, afaik http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/05/install-users-groups-management-tool-ubuntu1404/04:22
citrixi am connected to my home router. how can i ssh from outer machine04:22
citrixActually i had created a web server. it works great in the network. but i want it to access from outside. how can i ?04:24
Bashing-omold1: Also : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers .04:24
xnetfirst get a domain name04:26
wvirxjfCitrix: Some ISPs don't allow http access from outside the home network, unless you get their business internet or something.04:26
citrixCan't i access by my ip?04:27
citrixDo i need a domain name04:27
xnetyes you do04:28
Volundhey guys, I just mounted my two storage drives via fstab and all is well except they're owned by root. I want to chown/chmod them to something more accessible to normal users but I'm not quite sure what good settings would BE.04:28
Volund(particularly since I want to use Samba with them)04:28
wvirxjfIf you're fine with typing your IP address in the browser, then you don't need a domain name.04:29
citrixxnet, but previously when i was connected via DSL modem directly. i was able to ssh my pc from outside04:29
OerHekscitrix, just open port 80 tcp in your router to the ip of the server, and you will need no domain name, ip will do04:29
citrixwvirxjf, yes i am fine with that.04:29
zykotick9citrix: IP address will work, domain name NOT required...04:29
OerHeksintern wan ip that is04:29
xnetyes you can ssh your pc anywhere04:29
wvirxjfssh always works from outside. Http doesn't.04:29
citrixyes from internet ip04:30
xnetas long you create a port forwarding on your router04:30
OerHeksssh only works if you open the correct ports.04:30
citrixi had opened 22 and 808004:30
xnetwhich is port 2204:30
citrixfor ssh04:30
xnetbut that does not mean you can host a sever outside your network without a domain name04:31
citrixFor http which port i need ??  Port 8004:31
xnetbut if i were you i would set it up to port 44304:32
OerHeksagain: you will need no domain name, ip will do04:32
xnetwhich is https04:32
xnetbut you can also do both04:33
xnetyes a domain which  is a name that will be translated into your public ip04:34
=== jasoniumh_ is now known as jasoniumh
LightweightOSI'm new to linux, so I've never updated a program before. I was going to update virtualbox to version 5.0, but I think if I did that I would mess up my virtual machine. How can I do it the right way?04:36
xnetjust update it04:36
xnetas ling the software belong to you04:36
xnetdo it04:37
VolundLightweightOS: Virtualbox is pretty good at not breaking when you update it. As for how, Ubuntu's package manager is able to install updates, I think.04:37
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:38
gioansgood afternoon04:39
gioansmy place is afternoon now04:39
citrix_I opened the port 8004:42
old1./srcds_run -game cstrike +maxplayers 32 +map [sudo] password for booger:************** WARNING **************Running the dedicated server as root  is highly discouraged. It is generally unnecessary to use root privileges to execute the dedicated server. **************************************./srcds_run: 128: shift: can't shift that manyss04:44
old1anyone know what this hift error means?04:44
LightweightOSHow many degrees Celsius can my cpu get before I should be worried?04:45
citrix_OerHeks, I  had opened port 80 , but i am not able to get my server page  as i wrote ip address04:45
old15000 kelvin04:45
lotuspsychjeLightweightOS: ask in ##hardware please04:45
citrix_on firefox browser04:45
=== __r4z is now known as r4z
Volundthere we go, chown done...04:49
=== r4z is now known as __r4z
TronaldDumphello everybody04:50
wvirxjfcitrix_: Go to whatsmyip.com on the server and write down the IP address. Go on another computer in your house and type that address in the browser. It should work if your server and router are configured properly.04:51
citrix_wvirxjf, Ok04:52
citrix_wvirxjf, Do we need any other ports also to be forwarded04:52
Volundyay I have SAMBA WORKING04:52
* Volund gleeeeeee04:52
wvirxjfI think just port 80 for HTTP.04:53
citrix_wvirxjf, i am getting webpage is not available04:58
wvirxjfDoes it work if you open the page on the server itself.04:59
citrix_No it is not working here too04:59
anvarhow to fix incomplete language support04:59
citrix_anvar, you can update for system-setting -> language support -> apply system wide05:00
citrix_wvirxjf, but for my routers ip it is woring fine05:01
citrix_wvirxjf, in portchecker.co i checked it says port 80 is open05:02
wvirxjfWhat do you mean by for your router's ip?05:02
citrix_I mean in my server itself.05:02
citrix_if i write
citrix_it works05:03
citrix_but for it do not works05:03
wvirxjfCan you ping the 49.206... IP from another computer?05:04
citrix_wvirxjf, another computer means out of my network?05:06
citrix_49.206.227.73 is  pinging in this pc.05:07
TronaldDumpIs anyone else having problems setting a static IP via nm-applet for their WiFi on 14.0405:07
wvirxjfcitrix_ so you can ping it but not open the page in the browser?05:10
wvirxjfSeems like you're having trouble accessing port 80. The traceroute command might help. Anyway, I gotta go.05:16
regeditok now i can plan to drop my dual boot along with its endless headaches http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-on-linux-release-notes-and-known-issues.350256/05:18
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IanHulettDoes anybody here use weechat?05:26
madmangunrnegative IanHulett05:27
UbuntuNoobif I want to run linux on mac should I replace OS X or dual boot or make a large VM?06:01
IanHulettWhy can't I save any .config files?06:02
=== krsna is now known as Govindam
cinvokeis this the correct channel to ask about kernel errors / hardware errors?06:02
IanHulettIs it related to Ubuntu?06:03
IanHulettIf so, then I'd assume so.06:03
cinvokeIanHulett, yes06:03
IanHulettThen I would say yes.06:03
cinvokeIanHulett, im running ubuntu 1504, but its a hardware error.... just wante dto make sure i shouldnt ask in the # linux chan too06:04
IanHulettAsk in both just to be safe.06:04
cinvokeIm getting kernel errors in dmesg for cpu2 and 3.  Im not sure when it started  but i noticed my mouse freezing up after i installed "gitg". https://paste.debian.net/312514/06:06
=== Leon is now known as Guest33866
jayauraHi, I'm running ubuntu 15.04 on kvm. its not detecting the actual display resolution. "Details" shows the graphics system (inside vm) as "Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe:06:21
jayauraIs it possible to get hardware acceleration ?06:22
jayaurafor graphics06:22
regeditSOS :( after installing recommended 355.11 nvidia drivers and trying to switch from embedded to discrete GPU (i have hybrid with nvidia-prime) i get black screen before logon06:32
regedittrying to restart sddm results in a fatal system crash of some sort, i have to hold dow power button to restart06:33
regediti am now chatting from tty1 weechat from command line06:33
jasonj8regedit, how did you install the drivers? I highly recommend downloading the .run file from the nvidia website. Just based on personal experience.06:34
regeditjasonj8: using the Driver Manager06:34
regediti should note i am on Kubuntu 15.0406:34
cinvokeany help would be nice.06:34
regeditjasonj8: i can try that i guess, but how do i switch nvidia settings back to the embedded intel graphics card for now so i can resume my graphical desktop?06:35
jasonj8when I was having trouble I just purged nvidia-*06:37
jasonj8That may be extreme. I'm not sure.06:37
regeditwhat does Driver Manager do?06:37
regeditoh well im'a try that...06:38
jasonj8Maybe blacklisting the driver would work too?06:39
regeditjasonj8: how do i do that?06:40
regeditjasonj8: oh well i purged nvidia, gonna restart... thanks for the suggestion06:40
regeditjasonj8: ok phew i have arrived at graphical desktop again06:42
regeditjasonj8: so you think installing the .run directly from nvidia can actually work?06:42
jasonj8regedit, Yeah, what worked for me was get a .run file from the nvidia website. Switch to a virtual terminal and stop the lightdm service, run the .run file and install the drivers, and then start lightdm up.06:44
regeditjasonj8: i think my particular flavor/distro (Kubuntu 15.04) runds "sddm" in contrast to lightdm, i think06:44
regeditsame process?06:45
jasonj8No idea. Probably.06:45
jasonj8I'm not a normal help person here, but I happen to have a little experience with the frustration of nvidia drivers on Ubuntu.06:46
regeditjasonj8: well this is great; searching my GPU on the nvidia site brings up version 35206:48
regeditseems the latest one is 355.82 though06:48
regediti.o.w. my gpu is falling out of support?...06:49
jasonj8I doubt there's a huge difference06:50
jasonj8regedit, I have to run. Good luck to you06:50
=== puff` is now known as puff
regeditjasonj8: ok thanks!06:51
BlaXpirit|mhello. my system fails to start. i see KDE's cursor on a black screen. how can i see some error log?06:54
BlaXpirit|malso: how to restart X from a tty?06:56
gioansi am a new ubuntu07:21
cfhowlettgreetings gioans07:23
gioansi have a problem about my ubuntu, i need everybody help me07:24
gioansi want to join HomeGroup to Windowns, what i to do ?07:25
auronandace!samba | gioans07:26
ubottugioans: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html07:26
gioansi don't understan07:28
gioansi don't understand07:28
gregoryoIt appears the the au.archive.ubuntu.com apt repository is working again. Thank you to whomever attended to it, or whomever maintains whichever automated system that self-healed!07:29
azizLIGHTubuntu 14.04 says my nic is sending/receiving 0 bytes, but i have internet. i use killer e2200 ethernet and im on kernel 3.13.0-63-generic07:37
azizLIGHTdoes new kernel have support07:38
azizLIGHTis this why i cant see eth0 in wireshark07:38
cfhowlettazizLIGHT,  sudo apt update && sudo full-upgrade                       will get you all the latest packages07:51
azizLIGHThow do i run a program with sudo, but without a terminal window that could be accidentally closed07:52
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, ??? DON'T close your terminal windows?07:58
azizLIGHTi close them by accident07:59
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, stop doing that.07:59
azizLIGHTit closed my program07:59
azizLIGHTit was a mistake07:59
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, ok.  open a new terminal and try again07:59
azizLIGHTwhat is the command to detach a running program from the terminal window08:03
InglebardHi azizLIGHT, you can use "screen" command08:06
tos-1azizLIGHT: Ctrl+Z to stop the running program, then "bg" to continue it in the background.08:07
azizLIGHTwhat about disown08:08
azizLIGHTtheres no man entry for it08:08
krizoeksomeone here know about a terminal where i can bookmark commands, and maybe also review the command logs with a gui?08:09
azizLIGHTyou can alias commands krizoek08:10
tos-1azizLIGHT: It's a shell builtin, see e.g. bash(1)08:10
tos-1Use it if you want your program to continue even if you close the terminal.08:10
azizLIGHTto bookmark commands with a familiar name try alias08:10
krizoekis there a alias editor?08:10
azizLIGHTyou can shove your alias in .bashrc08:11
azizLIGHTand edit that file08:11
krizoekok, ty08:11
azizLIGHTyou can put multiple aliases in your .bashrc and have a bunch of favorite commands with easy to remember names08:11
krizoekdo i need to reload after a edit?08:13
azizLIGHTtos-1: well i did sudo wireshark &, but it goes to background and doesnt ask for password. i type fg, and got password prompt, entered password, wireshark launches, now i did ctrl-z on terminal, and then did disown and it said something i didnt notice it, and when i closed the terminal window, wireshark got killed08:13
azizLIGHTkrizoek: .bashrc gets loaded on login. you can try to open a new bash and see if it worked08:14
azizLIGHTkrizoek: if you use screen, try opening a new window08:14
krizoekthat worked nicely, ty08:18
azizLIGHTkrizoek: for commands log, you can read .bash_history08:18
tos-1azizLIGHT: That's because your job was still suspended. You forgot to continue it using "bg". Don't fork the sudo command. You could use gksu(1), it's a graphical frontend to sudo.08:19
azizLIGHTit might be limited, im not sure?08:19
tos-1*for sudo08:19
azizLIGHTbut ill still have to disown gksu08:19
krizoekit would be nice with a gui where i could add buttons as the shortcuts too08:20
tos-1If you don't keep your terminal window open: Yes.08:20
azizLIGHTtos-1: nice that works great!08:20
azizLIGHTkrizoek: hmmm im not sure about that sorry08:20
capsicum1looking for help on symbolic links or mount points08:27
BlackDalekI have an ASUS notebook here having login issues with lightdm. It is stuck in infinite login loop. Can't access any tty. Any suggestions?08:45
shooter2killhey all i was just wondering if you dont have root access to your photo can you still install ubuntu on it08:56
=== yeungkachun is now known as ddfoan
linuxuz3rhow do i tar all the files on my home folder including the .files and .folders09:03
linuxuz3recho echo echo echo09:06
tos-1linuxuz3r: tar -cf foo.tar ~09:06
tos-1However, this will create a folder with your home-dir as top folder in the tar archive.09:06
linuxuz3rso tar -cf foo.tar * would not back it all up09:07
linuxuz3rso that i just copy the tar on my homefolder and extract it09:07
linuxuz3rhow should i extract it09:09
tos-1You can use something like $(ls -A) instead of *.09:09
linuxuz3rall my themes x(09:09
tos-1Extract it?09:09
tos-1Look into the tar and then decide. :)09:10
linuxuz3ryes tar with ~/09:10
linuxuz3rroot can do it09:10
linuxuz3rit can tar preserves permissions09:10
TJ-linuxuz3r: I use "tar -czf target.tar.gz $HOME" and then to extract to a different user I may use "tar --strip-components=2 -xzf target.tar.gz -C $HOME"09:14
tos-1linuxuz3r: If you need to be root to tar your home there is something wrong.09:15
munchymaheshhey anyone here to help me out09:15
thechahi how much space should i give each partition before instaling ubuntu?09:16
linuxuz3reven extract09:16
thechai want to use swap and root and home partition how much of my 500 gb shoudl i allot?09:17
TJ-thecha: Could you not see people replying to you in ##linux?09:17
thechawait what?09:17
TJ-thecha: It seemed as if you couldn't see the ongoing conversations, and you didn't seem to see the replies to you either09:18
thechaI didnt see any conversation09:18
TJ-thecha: there was a lot of it. Was your client in the scroll-back buffer by chance?09:18
=== dan_ is now known as Guest51601
thechai think so09:18
munchymahesh_hi everyone09:19
munchymahesh_i need some help09:19
thechaTJ- i wanna ask how much i should allot to each of my gnu/linux partition before installation i mean i wanna have / (root) /linux swap and /home and i have 500 gb09:19
thechai mean how much for the swap09:19
thechashould it be the same as ram?09:19
TJ-thecha: anyhow, to answer your questions: swap = 1.25 x RAM if you want hibernation ability. root-FS ~ 15GB (or less if you split /var/ off into its own FS (of ~6G)09:19
munchymahesh_does anyone here knows how to make the ubuntu desktop look like Deepin OS 2014.3????????09:20
TJ-thecha: I prefer using LVM and reserving at least 20% as free space so it can be allocated later for extenting existing file-systems if they need it, and creating new (possibly temporary) file-systems too09:21
Doxxgood morning guys09:22
alexbucurestigood morning Doxx09:23
DoxxI bought a laptop from ebay and I want to know what version of ubuntu should I install09:23
DoxxCurrently it has Windows vista but I dont like windows09:23
quantsHi guys09:24
alexbucurestihi quants09:24
quantsAnybody able to help me get online again, my laptop won't connect09:26
munchymahesh_does anyone here knows how to make the ubuntu desktop look like Deepin OS 2014.3????????09:43
=== quants_ is now known as quants
kenhohi all, need a little help. I have made a usb install stick of edubuntu, i am guessing my problem is applicable to ubuntu too so i ask here. For some reason the installer cannot mount the usb stick. I end up in a small busybox shell. If i detach and attach the usb stick linux finds it again (looking at dmesg) can i from this point restart the installer somehow? i made this usb stick with rufus so it is a fat formatted usb stick.09:44
Lantiziahey how can I reboot from terminal (without need of root/sudo) - obviously the main menu can (without asking for a password) - so how does it do it?09:49
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quantsCan anybody help me fix a connection issue, I can't get on my wifi , the wifi is working though, its just my laptop that can't connect10:19
MonkeyDustpat__  it works, we see you ... this is the ubuntu support channel10:21
Austin___hi all, having some boot issues after a 'sudo apt-get upgrade'. My boot drivs is not detected by GRUB by UUID. It will boot in support mode however. What's my first port of call?10:22
Austin___I'm at busybox prompt. The error is 'ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/****** does not exist. Dropping to a shell!10:29
EriC^^Austin___: did you add a hdd or remove it?10:32
EriC^^oh, nevermind10:33
Austin___EriC^^: thanks, no, i didn't10:33
EriC^^did you change anything?10:33
Austin___just did a sudo apt-get upgrade10:33
Austin___the box has been on for a good few months10:33
Austin___so i can't really say10:34
quantsI'm in need of help! I can't connect to the net on my laptop10:34
krizoeki had a problem with ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 on a laptop lately, then i found my old windows drive, and put it in. and it has been very stable. with ubuntu it often froze dead, and i didnt find out what caused it. any ideas what it could be?10:45
krizoekevery day when i came home from work i had to restart the ubuntu and start over10:46
mripgurukrizoek:  does the same thing happen if you boot/run off a LiveCD?10:46
MonkeyDustkrizoek  description of symptoms and error messages usually help you find a solution10:47
krizoekyes, i think i tried that too mripguru10:47
quantsNobody wants to help me! A poor newb10:47
krizoekif i had any error messages, that would be great10:48
gasloopdoes anyone know how to run the hp deskjet 3055a over wifi on ubuntu 14.04? tried pretty much everything...10:48
mripgurukrizoek:  does /var/log/messages10:48
mripgurushow anything interesting?10:48
krizoekit didnt help me10:48
krizoeki wondered if it was cpu problem, stress tested it10:48
krizoektested the memory10:49
krizoekchanged the harddrive10:49
krizoekbut nothing seemed to show anything10:49
mripgurudo you have another system to put the Ubuntu drive into?10:49
krizoekthe ubuntu simply just freezes without any explenation10:49
krizoekyes, i have been running it a little on another computer, it seems more stable there. but still it happens from time to time10:49
mripgurukrizoek:  what apps do you have loaded/running on there?10:50
krizoeki mean, i have two computers running two i had problems with10:50
krizoekone is running fine on another laptop10:50
mripgurukrizoek:  what kind of system?10:50
krizoekmostly i run firefox, xchat, komodo edit and filezilla10:51
krizoekand medit10:51
krizoekubuntu 14.04 and ubuntu 15.0410:51
mripgurukrizoek:  what's the laptop model(s)?10:51
gasloopCan somebody help me with HP printer issues on 14.04 LTS?10:51
BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
krizoekone of them is hp probook 450 g2, and the one i have most problem with lately is a packard bell ts11 hr10:53
mripguru(funny, I was looking at a Probook earlier)10:53
krizoekthe probook seems to run ubuntu 14.04 somewhat stable10:54
mripguruseems it's not 100% compatible.10:54
krizoeki havent used those things that doesnt seem to be supported there10:55
mripgurukrizoek:  point is - that's probably not a complete list10:55
gasloopI'm having issues running my HP printer on 14.04 LTS. Anyone up for help, please?10:56
Austin___I'm booted into recovery mode, and am trying to complete sudo apt-get upgrade but keep getting an error: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=EwXjMgrr11:00
Austin___can anyone offer any insight?11:00
MonkeyDustAustin___  try this:  sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get install -f11:11
MonkeyDust(very basic)11:11
Austin___MonkeyDust: both give the same error as i posted above11:12
gasloopI'm having issues running my HP printer on 14.04 LTS. Anyone up for help, please?11:12
Austin___MonkeyDust: apologies, theyre slightly different11:14
Austin___http://pastebin.com/9t7uVfFC <-- install -f11:14
Austin___I'm trying a sudo apt-get install --reinstall python2.7, but i get the same error11:15
Austin___chicken and egg...11:15
mripgurukrizoek: I'm not sure what the answer is - but, it seems related to hardware compatibility. Have you tried another Linux distro to see?11:18
shooter2killhey all im looking to install a program called superoneclick just wondering if its a straight easy install ...or so i need to grab any other files thanks11:19
bazhanginstall from where shooter2kill11:20
bazhang!info superoneclick11:20
ubottuPackage superoneclick does not exist in vivid11:20
shooter2killi was told its available for ubuntu11:21
bazhangshooter2kill, give us a link please11:21
gasloopcant set up hp printer on 14.0411:25
gasloopit doesnt print11:25
bazhangcheck the linuxprinting.org database then gasloop11:26
bazhangsee what drivers it might need gasloop11:26
gasloopyeah installed newest hplib11:26
gasloopsupposedly supporting hp deskjet 3055a (wireless)11:26
gasloopbut no luck there11:27
bazhangshooter2kill, that is for rooting android phones and is many years old11:27
gasloopprogram finds it but cant send print jobs11:27
bazhangshooter2kill, contact the makers of super one etc to see if they support later11:27
gasloopi ve posted it on askubuntu: https://askubuntu.com/questions/676255/hp-deskjet-3055a-recognised-on-the-network-but-not-printing-14-04-lts11:27
shooter2killbazhang do you think it will work fine if i was to install wine and run the windows based copy11:28
bazhangcheck the appdb and ask for help in #winehq shooter2kill11:29
bazhang!appdb | shooter2kill11:29
ubottushooter2kill: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:29
shooter2killthanks mate11:29
Oolgasloop: did you try with the latest version of hplip: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/install/index.html ?11:29
gasloopool indeed11:30
gasloopOol why can't this be as straightforward as windows :D11:30
gasloopOol the newest hplib doesn't help :(11:31
lexicon_hey up11:32
mripgurugasloop:  where's the fun in that? ;)11:34
gasloopmripguru well if you've got plenty of other stuff to do instead of trying to set up a goddamn computer the fun factor is quite limited ... if i'd at least be studying IT that'd be ok11:36
mripgurugasloop:  point taken.11:36
mohitHi folks, does anyone know of an ebook reader on Ubuntu that supports annotations ?11:56
lukastheblackProbably because Windows is for noobs11:58
MonkeyDustmohit  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/2448/what-ebook-readers-are-available11:58
lukastheblackNot that I don't use it lol11:58
gaslooplukastheblack at least windows can print12:02
lukastheblackGasloop: Linux can too, even on crappy to hp printers12:02
gaslooplukastheblack i know, elementary os does it like a charm (https://askubuntu.com/questions/676255/hp-deskjet-3055a-recognised-on-the-network-but-not-printing-14-04-lts)12:04
gaslooplukastheblack its just ubuntu striking12:04
lukastheblackIs the hplip module loaded?12:05
lukastheblackOne sec, gotta double check the command12:05
lukastheblackCause I'm still a noob Linux12:05
gaslooplukastheblack hplib is running just fine, even have the hp toolbox installed and the hp device manager in my tray12:07
mohitMonkeyDust: hey, trying Okular, it seems to support annotations12:07
gaslooplukastheblack just connected my printer via usb, works fine. unplugged it and connection is lost... :/12:07
jeffreylevesquedoes it matter if a private ssh key is on a single line, vs multiline (default when created by openssl)?12:08
gaslooplukastheblack all the details are here https://askubuntu.com/questions/676255/hp-deskjet-3055a-recognised-on-the-network-but-not-printing-14-04-lts12:08
lukastheblackGasloop: not very familiar with using the actual hp manager12:10
gaslooplukastheblack: terminal commands will be fine, too12:10
gaslooplukastheblack as long as its running12:10
lukastheblackGonna read the post quick12:11
nivahi. Question I have to bash variables $var_1 and $var_2 and need somewhere the $var_2 to be inside the $var_1 like $v$var_2ar_1 how do I do that ?12:12
lukastheblackI assume you have Restarted since installing Hp lip ?12:19
gaslooplukastheblack yeah quite frequently12:22
lukastheblackGasloop: if you open a web browser and put the printer's ip in the address bar, does it have a job log or status?12:22
gaslooplukastheblack yes it does, if i active the wifi dongle12:24
gaslooplukastheblack it reads ready for both the network aswell as eprint12:25
lukastheblackGasloop: job log? Does it show your print jobs arriving? I'm gonna guess no12:25
gaslooplukastheblack i can open an eventlog, showing things like:  Maximum Number of Logged Events 15 Number of Logged Events 3 IDEventDescription 6269552Printer Event 6169666Firmware Error 5869552Printer Event12:27
Foogledorkgasloop:can you pastebin those logs12:29
gasloopFoogledork what i posted is all that is shown...12:30
Foogledorkgasloop: gotcha12:30
skinuxI need to fix grub so Linux has a boot entry. Can't quite remember the commands.12:31
gasloopFoogledork: for visualisation https://imgur.com/7sxouC912:31
skinuxHow do I chroot to the partition?12:32
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Foogledorkgasloop: Gas you click on the firmware even for more info?12:34
skinuxI'm gonna need to chroot from livecd to mounted partition.12:35
gianmarcohow can I run tropico 5 as root?12:35
nashantHey, I'm having an issue with ubuntu server I've never had before. Just done a fresh install and it won't let me ssh in. Just gives me 'Permission denied'12:35
Foogledorknashant: Is Ssh running? "service ssh status"12:35
gianmarcoI tried sudo and then the command but it "Cannot run as root user"12:36
nashantFoogledork: Yup, running fine12:36
micwhow can i get back good old names like eth0 on 15.10?12:36
nashantcould it be a problem with using + and = in my password?12:36
Foogledorknashant: in sshd_config is the "AuthorizedUsers" option set?12:37
Foogledorknashant: Not sure12:37
Foogledorknashant: But definitely could be an issue12:37
SchrodingersScat!15.10 | nashant12:37
ubottunashant: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+112:37
Foogledorknashant: permission denied suggests that either the user is not allow to connect via ssh or you have put the wrong pass in12:37
SchrodingersScatsoory nashant , micw ^12:37
gasloopFoogledork: Under Tools > Printer information I found SMP1FN1215BR as firmware number12:37
gianmarcohow can I run tropico 5 as root?  I tried sudo and then the command but it "Cannot run as root user" I'm using the correct password.12:37
SchrodingersScatgianmarco: why would you do this?12:38
Foogledorkgasloop: Ok, this is just so odd12:38
gianmarcobecause either way it won't start, it's a know issue12:38
Foogledorkgasloop: What is the output of12:38
gasloopFoogledork: I don't know if you had seen my question, it might hel12:38
cinvokeI want to use nvidia latest drivers, so i followed this: http://bit.ly/1ipZKrh but when i apt install 349, its not available. can anyone help? thx.12:38
nashantFoogledork: No AuthorizedUsers option12:38
micwThx, cat12:38
gasloopfoogledork: https://askubuntu.com/questions/676255/hp-deskjet-3055a-recognised-on-the-network-but-not-printing-14-04-lts12:38
Foogledorkgasloop: "lpstat -p -d"12:39
Foogledorknashant: sorry, "allowUsers"12:39
gasloopFoogledork: printer Deskjet-3050A-J611-series is idle.  enabled since So 20 Sep 2015 14:13:55 CEST system default destination: Deskjet-3050A-J611-series12:39
nashantFoogledork: It's a password problem. I'm guessing the +12:40
nashantthat's annoying12:40
skinuxSo, how do I chroot to Linux partition so I can update grub?12:40
skinuxmount -t /dev/sdbX mountpoint ?12:40
Foogledorkskinux: mount the drive as you say12:41
Foogledorkskinux: the chroot mountpoint12:41
Foogledorkskinux: *then12:41
EriC^^skinux: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999912:41
EriC^^not yet skinux Foogledork12:41
gasloopFoogledork: for reference https://imgur.com/a/Ccsce12:41
gianmarcohow can I run tropico 5 as root?  I tried sudo and then the command but it "Cannot run as root user" I'm using the correct password.12:41
Foogledorkgasloop: Standby12:42
gasloopfoogledork: copy12:43
skinuxEriC^^: What will that do?12:43
EriC^^skinux: list the partitions and disks12:44
EriC^^and give you a link12:44
skinuxI know how to mount, I'm only asking specifically about chrooting to the mount.12:44
Ben64gianmarco: why would you? thats not something that requires root, and you shouldn't run things as root12:44
EriC^^skinux: you need to mount the partition not the disk12:45
skinuxI know that12:45
EriC^^ok, you said /dev/sdX12:45
EriC^^do you know what the partition is for "/" ?12:45
EriC^^i mean /dev/sdxY12:46
skinuxNo, I don't. But I will.12:46
Foogledorkgasloop: is there a /var/log/cups/ folder ?12:46
gasloopFoogledork: yep12:47
gianmarcoI know but the game won't work otherwise. It's a known issue.12:47
Foogledorkgasloop: What is in the most recent log?12:47
skinuxI'll have to because I need to get a boot entry for Linux otherwise I can't use it.12:47
Foogledorkgasloop: Pastebin might be best for this, or update your forum post?12:47
Ben64gianmarco: i can't find any evidence to support your position12:48
EriC^^skinux: ok, update-grub should do that automatically12:48
gianmarcoI'll send a link to you, is it possible here?12:48
Ben64gianmarco: yep12:49
skinuxEriC^^: Yes, but only after I've mounted and chrooted12:49
EriC^^skinux: you have mount bind virtual filesystems and mount everything12:49
gianmarcolook at linux workarounds , 4th or 5th post12:49
Ben64gianmarco: then fix file permission issues12:50
gianmarcoHow can I do that?12:50
gianmarcoI'm not very experienced sorry12:50
Ben64start it as your user and see what fials12:50
EriC^^skinux: let's start over, do you need help?12:50
gasloopFoogledork: its access_log with a difference of ~30 mins http://pastebin.com/p0rmZpkW12:51
gianmarcoIf I try to start it it won't work, it does nothing.12:51
Ben64find a log or something12:51
Ben64or talk to the developer12:51
gianmarcoHow can I create a log?12:52
gianmarcoHa! I already emailed them twice12:52
gianmarcoYou knwo what? The money I lsot will serve as a reminder. Screw steam and proprietary software.12:52
gianmarcoFuck their linux supported games.12:53
Foogledorkgasloop: line 270 "client error not authorized"12:54
gasloopfoogledork any idea how I fix the autorisation issue?12:55
Foogledorkgasloop: Stupid though, what groups does your user belong to? "groups" should show you12:56
gasloopmy user belongs to following groups adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare12:58
Austin___hi all, i'm struggling to get apt-get to complete any actions because of an issue with python. Is there a way to reinstall on 14.04? http://pastebin.com/1T3KYLHj13:00
skinuxOkay, Ubuntu is /dev/sda7, mounted to /home/<user>/drive, so how do I chroot to it?13:02
alecs___-how do I install unsigned packages?13:03
Austin___same error for install -f here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=zp6K1ktN13:03
skinuxWhat's up with the bind lines in this ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74365813:05
NokajiI'm looking for an FPS, not unlike doom, wolfenstein or quake but ore recent. I do'nt want to be bothered with also installing steam etc. It is for offline. I've tried assaultcube and other free stuff but I need doors that open, barrels that explode when shot etc. I'm prepared to part with real cash. Thanks13:06
Nokaji... when I say 'cash', I mean bargain second-hand prices - obviously.13:08
Nokaji... any nominations?13:09
ratraceNokaji: ask google13:09
Ben64or #ubuntu-offtopic13:09
Nokajiratrace: I tried, I got confused13:09
Nokajithis is offtopic?13:09
Ben64this channel is for technical support13:10
Nokajiokie, i'll ask next door then13:10
skinuxI couldn't get update-grub to work. Said something about couldn't find device and that '/' was in use13:17
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cayolblakeDoes dpkg have something like "install DB only" ?13:24
cayolblakeThis comes handy if I want to manually distribute the content of a package without installing from .deb file13:24
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l0okyHello, I've tried to `sudo apt-get install dokku` on my ubuntu server but I get `Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.` error https://gist.github.com/l0oky/963cc3852e6d6c6ba9c813:26
l0okyWhy does that happen?13:26
cinvokedoes anyone know how to install nvidia 349 or later driver on ubuntu 1504?13:26
parth_hey guys13:34
AnthaasHi guys, been given a laptop to use, but I cant get any browsers to load at home? I use it at Uni normally, and they have default network settings/proxies set.13:35
AnthaasWhat can I do to make things work? :/13:35
cfhowlettAnthaas, ONLY at home?  home is on campus??13:35
AnthaasIt only doesnt work at home, and home is not campus.13:36
cfhowlettAnthaas, sounds like your home ISP needs to configured13:36
AnthaasMy other devices work at home. I dont know if that should be mentioned?13:36
Anthaasi.e. I am talking to you off of a different laptop13:36
holmsguys how can I find a command/file in packages? i'm trying to locate 'less' tool, it's absent in docker ubuntu image13:38
cfhowlettholms, which less13:38
holmscfhowlett: i meanit's not even installed13:39
holmsi want to find a package which contains less13:39
cfhowlettholms, dude.  THAT is the comand.13:39
cinvokenvm i was using the wrong ppa. i switched to ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa13:39
holmsroot@8b340e73b35a:/var/www/zohoint# which less13:40
holmsare you happy?13:40
holmsit's not installed13:40
holmsi'm asking how to locate this file in apt-get tree packages13:40
AnthaasWow - is this how you normally talk to people you are trying to get help from?13:40
holmsAnthaas: he's been rude in the first place13:40
holmsnot competitive answer13:41
AnthaasHe is trying to help you - he is allowed to.13:41
deltis there a way to cancel a reboot, ie. if i accidentally type "reboot" in the wrong window or something?13:41
cfhowlettwell, I WAS trying to help ...13:41
holmsAnthaas: he allowed to be rude when helping :D? s'rsly?13:41
AnthaasSure, why not?13:41
holmsAnthaas: get some book about morals maybe i can recommend one13:42
AnthaasDoes anyone know what I can do to get my browser working? I am fairly certain it is because of my network settings.13:42
holmsin rhel it's: yum whatprovides '*bin/grep'13:42
skinuxI really don't know what to do about this. update-grub complained it couldn't find the device, even though it was mounted and chrooted13:42
holmsin debian it;s..?13:42
skinuxMaybe I did chroot wrong..13:42
skinuxI did 'sudo chroot drive'13:42
Anthaasholms: He could alternatively just not help you? Then you could get a book on finding less?13:42
holmstried plenty of "books" didn't find any13:42
holmsi'm asking quite basic thing13:43
holmsthe worst is to help when you don't know, or don't even know what you talking about13:43
holmswasting time of others..13:43
holmsgoing to #debian, there's more linux "users" in here, more devops13:43
Anthaaslol when he says he is using Ubuntu they will just send him back13:44
SCHAAP137hehe lolz13:44
cfhowlettAnthaas, have you had network access anywhere other than school?13:44
AnthaasNope :/13:45
AnthaasI have only tried here and Uni13:45
cfhowlettAnthaas, starbucks, wifi, somewhere.  I'd like to think that you aren't limited to the school network, but it IS a school computer so ....13:45
AnthaasOh no, it has been given so that I CAN use it everywhere.13:46
AnthaasI will be travelling internationally too - they know this.13:46
AnthaasI have an admin account etc.13:46
cfhowlettAnthaas, but you've not tested or verified this ... (appeal to the higher reasoning you have most assuredly been learning.  right?   RIGHT?)13:46
AnthaasHmm. I do have an admin/root account. I know this much. I am in visudo.13:48
AnthaasI can perform root commands.13:48
cfhowlettAnthaas, 1 more question.  can't get wifi and or cant' get a hardwire connection?13:48
Anthaaswifi, not tried wired.13:48
AnthaasThere is a network proxy set up.13:49
cfhowlettAnthaas, you know what?  might just be more sensible to take this up with your uni IT department.13:50
Austin___hi all, i'm struggling to get apt-get to complete any actions because of an issue with python. Is there a way to reinstall on 14.04? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=zp6K1ktN13:51
AnthaasThis laptop is mine btw, it was given to me. Not lent. haha. They just set it up for me so that I COULD use it on the Uni internal network. I am a post-grad.13:51
cfhowlettAnthaas, nice.  congrats.13:51
cfhowlettAustin___, y  sudo apt-get install --reinstall python13:52
Austin___i get lots of errors saying python dependency is broken etc13:57
Austin___ill try to get a pastebin13:57
cfhowlettAustin___, y  sudo apt-get install --reinstall python | nc termbin.com 999913:57
Austin___almost all calls to apt-get show the same type of error, saying that dependencies are broken for python13:58
cfhowlettAustin___, run the command I just sent and paste the url here13:58
cfhowlettAustin___, grrrrrrrr.  I'm in China.  I can't see pastebin.  I CAN see nc thus my very specific request request13:59
deltthere. mapped ctrl+alt+shift+delete to "sudo shutdown -c"14:00
deltthanks for the help guys!14:00
Austin___apologies, its an error saying "could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock14:00
skinuxCan I get someone to help me with fixing grub on a partition I can't currently boot?14:00
Austin___the link it provided had next to no output14:00
cfhowlett!apt-lock | Austin___,14:00
bazhangno dash there cfhowlett14:00
cfhowlettAustin___, apt-get install -f            = fix14:00
cfhowlett!aptlock | Austin___14:01
ubottuAustin___: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:01
cfhowlettthanks baz!14:01
BluesKajshould run dpkg --configure -a, first14:02
cfhowlettAustin___, this ^^^14:02
Austin___ubottu: i ran that command and i still get the lock error14:03
ubottuAustin___: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:03
Austin___haha, ty14:03
cfhowlettAustin___, run the aptlock fix14:03
auronandaceAustin___: make sure you don't have any package managers running when you do that14:04
BluesKajprobly has package manager open14:04
Austin___i'm on ubuntu server14:05
Anthaascfhowlett: Even with a wired connection I still can't connect to any websites etc14:05
cfhowlettAnthaas, that suggest to me that (1) you're not properly set up to access via proxy or (2) you are somehow locked down from accessing non-uni networks.  both are over my head to fix.14:06
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Austin___cfhowlett: using nc to termbin omits all the stderr output14:08
Austin___apt-lock is off now14:09
Austin___reinstall python gives lots of python dependency errors14:09
cfhowlettAustin___, reading14:09
AnthaasCould anyone help me with issues connecting to the internet?14:10
cfhowlettAustin___, couple of things: lsb_release -a | nc termbin.com 999914:10
cfhowlettAustin___, OK, well, not what I thought it might be.  sudo apt full-upgrade                  will upgrade all currently installed packages and perhaps fix this issue.  *perhaps*14:11
Austin___ty, i'll try it14:11
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48032
Austin___same error :[14:12
cfhowlettAustin___, sorry man.  Useless to state that "works for me" I suppose14:13
auronandaceAustin___: the python that is currentl installed on your system, where did you get it from? was it the python from the repos?14:13
Austin___cfhowlett: thanks for your help14:13
cfhowlettAustin___, sorry I couldn't do more.  auronandace asked a great question ^^^14:13
Austin___auronandace: If i'm honest, i can't remember14:14
hypermistis UCK The eaiest way to edit ubuntu for customization14:14
roryhypermist: It's one of many similar such tools that put a lot of settings in one graphical interface14:14
bazhang!find mkisofs14:14
ubottuFound: genisoimage14:14
AnthaasAnyone here that can help with internet problems?14:14
hypermisthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization is where i am at right now14:14
Austin___i'm not averse to completely wiping python and reinstalling, but i only know how to with apt-get14:15
bazhang!info genisoimage14:15
ubottugenisoimage (source: cdrkit): Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.11-3ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 316 kB, installed size 1524 kB14:15
auronandaceAustin___: if you installed it from outside the repos then that may be why you are experiencing problems14:15
roryhypermist: Do you know you want to customise a livecd? Or do you want to customise a system that's already installed?14:15
hypermistrory, live cd14:15
auronandaceAustin___: the only other thing that comes to mind is if you used any sort of python package management system (is it pip?)14:15
roryhypermist: ahh I haven't done that for a while. I vaguely remember a tool called ubuntu-builder but I don't know if it is up-to-date14:16
Austin___I think i have used pip, yes14:16
roryhypermist: Looks like Ubuntu Customisation Kit is the new hotness, and has replaced ubuntu-builder. That Wiki link you already posted will serve you well14:16
hypermistGood xD14:17
auronandaceAustin___: if pip is used to install python modules then you may be missing one that is required14:17
hypermistIf i could i'd make a vm of ubuntu to do it that way14:17
Austin___auronandace: have you seen the errors apt-get shows?14:17
auronandaceAustin___: from your previous pastebin yes, that is what made me think of pip14:18
AnthaasCan someone help me - I cant connect to the internet.14:18
Austin___auronandace: ah, thanks. Maybe just reinstalling python would solve this? I've got no attachment to any version of python14:19
auronandaceAustin___: purging python and reinstalling it sounds like e next best step14:19
Austin___just sudo apt-get purge python?14:19
Austin___auronandace: ^^14:20
AnthaasMy laptop is connected to my network, and my network is connected to the internet, but I cannot open any websites in a browser.14:20
cfhowlettAustin___, first: dpkg -l python         and show the version #14:21
auronandaceAustin___: that looks right to me, i've never needed to purge anything before, but that's likely because i never use software from outside the repos14:21
cfhowlettsame same14:21
fram_eI can't find the kernel-doc package in ubuntu. I saw a video where a RH user installed the kernel docs with the yum command: yum install kernel-doc14:22
auronandacefram_e: red hat is rpm based (hence they use yum), ubuntu is .deb based. different distros have different naming conventions for packages14:23
fram_eauronandace: yes I know. I used axi-cache search doc and it seems it's called linux-doc14:24
auronandacefram_e: glad you found it14:25
auronandaceAnthaas: are you on irc here now on the same laptop you are trying to use your browser with?14:27
AnthaasNo auronandace14:27
ph88my ubuntu-gnome became unresponsive (except mouse cursor) what can i do ?14:27
hypermistrory, question does UCK work without gui ?14:28
roryhypermist: No idea, never used it :)14:29
hypermistwell i better get my POOPIE laptop and livecd14:29
hypermistand have fun14:29
al-damiriHi #ubuntu14:30
stefanojjhow are you?14:30
al-damiriI have just installed Trusty and having issues. My Ctrl, Alt, and Super (Windows) key sticks and doesn't release.14:30
al-damiriLike I just tap the Super key once and it stays there and then displays the shortcuts window.14:31
stefanojjwhat platform14:31
al-damiristefanojj: I'm fine, how you doing?14:31
al-damiristefanojj: platform?14:31
stefanojjwindows or linux14:31
al-damiristefanojj: Linux, Ubuntu.14:32
al-damiriTrusty Tahr14:33
al-damiristefanojj: Yes. Dell Inspiron.14:34
stefanojjdid you try to hard reboot?14:34
al-damiriIt was running fine on Ubuntu 12.04 (precise.)14:34
al-damiristefanojj: I don't exactly remember. I think I haven't.14:34
Austin___oh wow, sudo apt-get purge python is not possible because it has unmet python dependencies... :S14:34
al-damiristefanojj: I'll do that thanks.14:35
cfhowlettAustin___, dpkg -r python might work.14:35
lightairhi! Does someone know how I can install iRedMail onto ubuntu so that all web-ui is installed not with subdomain address "mx.example.com", but under root domain - "example.com"?14:35
Austin___dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of python:14:35
cfhowlettAustin___, this is weird.  python comes with ubuntu by default so unless you installed from some off-brand repo or did some exotic type stuff, this should be 100% routine14:37
Austin___cfhowlett: my thoughts exactly. I've got no idea what could have happened14:37
cfhowlettAustin___, was this a fresh install?  did you upgrade from a previous version?  any other issues?14:38
Austin___when i installed it was a fresh install. this machine has been plugging away under my desk for about 2 years14:38
Austin___This was provoked by a sudo apt-get upgrade AFAIK14:39
iorialightair, http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-install-iredmail-mail-server-in-linux/14:39
cfhowlettAustin___, truly weird.  sorry but I don't have a fix suggestion.14:39
Austin___whats worse, is my mahine is in recovery mode, on an previous kernel, but i can't remove the new one and reinstall because of this python issue14:39
Austin___no problem14:39
cfhowlettAustin___, nuclear option: reinstall14:40
t3chguylightair: why not change it after installation14:40
Austin___it seemed like that was a bad decision at the start because it'll take so long to set up again14:41
Austin___but now...14:41
ioriaAustin___,  "You should never remove the builtin Python in your Ubuntu distribution. Bad things will happen if you do."   ominous ...14:41
al-damiriHi #ubuntu.14:42
al-damiristefanojj: I tried. Still same.14:42
stefanojjis the key actually stuck physically?14:43
cfhowlett!warez | dieghitto714:43
ubottudieghitto7: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o14:43
al-damiristefanojj: Not physically.14:43
stefanojjwhat version of ubuntu are you using?14:44
al-damiriI press Ctrl + Click (to open link in new tab in Firefox), then I use the touchpad to scroll and it zoom ins/out etc.14:44
al-damiristefanojj: Trusty Tahr, I think 14.0.414:44
stefanojj64 or 3214:44
al-damiriDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS"14:45
al-damiristefanojj: 64.14:45
Aqui1aHello! I've installed Dropbox on Ubuntu and it's working fine, except for one thing. It won't allow me to set the location of my Dropbox folder on a drive other than the one Ubuntu is installed to. Does anyone have any experience with such an issue?14:45
stefanojjas i know 64 has some bugs currently14:45
al-damiristefanojj: Yay!!!14:45
al-damiristefanojj: Is this one of them?14:45
stefanojji believe so14:45
al-damiristefanojj: What options do I have?14:45
stefanojjtry using 32 bits14:45
al-damiristefanojj: Will I be able to use more than 4GB memory in it?14:46
stefanojjon mine when i was on 64 my sdcard would not work14:46
stefanojjyes actually 32bits give you more memory room14:46
al-damiristefanojj: Really? I didn't know that. I thought any 32-bit OS would be limited to max 4GB memory.14:47
al-damiristefanojj: Okay great.14:48
stefanojjno problem14:48
al-damiristefanojj: I'll look more and then if I don't get it working will revert back to 32-bit.14:48
stefanojjno problem14:49
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lightairt3chguy: how do I change that after installation?14:50
t3chguyConfigure your Web server of choice14:50
lightairt3chguy: it is already configured, I think14:50
t3chguyConfigure it to change its domain.14:51
Aqui1aHello! I've installed Dropbox on Ubuntu and it's working fine, except for one thing. It won't allow me to set the location of my Dropbox folder on a drive other than the one Ubuntu is installed to. Does anyone have any experience with such an issue?14:53
* hypermist boots his ubuntu usb14:54
hypermistis going to get angry easily14:54
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest97078
Guest36674Hi there, I am trying to set up Google Drive syncronization, but the information I have found so far did not work for me. Did anyone manage to do this?14:58
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Aqui1aHello! I've installed Dropbox on Ubuntu and it's working fine, except for one thing. It won't allow me to set the location of my Dropbox folder on a drive other than the one Ubuntu is installed to. Does anyone have any experience with such an issue?15:07
AnthaasSo. now it seems I can access websites using chromium, but I want to, for example, install package control in sublime text, and I am getting a network issue again...15:07
AnthaasIts so temperamental!15:07
cfhowlettAnthaas, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?15:08
AnthaasI know...15:08
Anthaasso confused.15:08
Anthaasconnection timed out - I know the connection is available because I can access it on my other laptop...15:08
AnthaasAny ideas? :/15:10
cfhowlettAnthaas, sorry, amigo.  completely over my rating15:13
Anthaastempted to just lob the thing against the wall and have done with it...15:13
cfhowlettdon't do that ...15:13
* hypermist slowly installs ubuntu 15.0415:14
AnthaasHaha I wonder how it'd find its network connection then!15:14
cfhowlett!test | techhelper115:16
ubottutechhelper1: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )15:16
cfhowlettTechnobliterator, ^^^ this15:16
w30Aqui1a, I wonder if that is a security issue.15:17
AnthaasI can even ping out using terminal to, for example, google with an average of 15.7ms and 0% packet loss.15:19
AnthaasAhh I think it was - resolved.15:20
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lotuspsychjeameurux: welcome, what can we do for you?15:41
ameuruxhello, just wanna ask about MIR when it will be main server15:41
lotuspsychje!mir | ameurux15:42
ubottuameurux: Mir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir15:42
lotuspsychjeameurux: you can also join the #ubuntu-mir channel for more details15:44
hypermistRetrieving file 10 of 19, its been on 10 for about 30minutes15:44
lotuspsychjehypermist: what your doing exactly?15:45
hypermistlotuspsychje, installing ubuntu15:45
lotuspsychjehypermist: connections slow?15:45
hypermistcould be that, but everything else was fast15:46
lotuspsychjehypermist: your on wifi or cable?15:46
lotuspsychjehypermist: wich chipset?15:46
hypermistsome broadcom one15:46
lotuspsychjehypermist: might be needed the firmware for proper working15:46
hypermistwifi is working alright15:47
hypermistMaybe its just slow internet atm]15:47
lotuspsychjehypermist: check additional drivers section after your install mate15:47
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hypermistlotuspsychje, i shall15:47
=== Guest12607 is now known as bob876
bob876Hello. My screen randomly turns off and won't turn on until I go to sleep mode.15:47
Guest36674Any knowledge how to set up syncing with Google Drive?15:47
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hypermistanyway goodnight15:48
lotuspsychje!info grive | Guest36674 try this mate15:49
ubottuGuest36674 try this mate: grive (source: grive): Google Drive client for GNU/Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.0-1.1build2 (vivid), package size 158 kB, installed size 623 kB15:49
lotuspsychjebob876: ubuntu version, graphics card chipset?15:50
jak2000hi all15:50
lotuspsychjejak2000: welcome, what can we do for you?15:50
bob876I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 with Intel graphics15:51
jak2000how to add permanently a second ip to my ubuntu server? in /etc/network/interfaces ?15:51
lotuspsychjejak2000: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys know this?15:52
mustmodifyHow hard is it to set up two-factor authentication for SSH, but only when the request comes from a public-range IP, IE not 192.168.x.x15:52
jak2000sleep the channel :(15:52
mustmodifyOn a scale from easy to infeasible15:52
jak2000lotuspsychje wich is OpenStack?15:53
ioriaauto eth0:015:53
lotuspsychjebob876: did you try if you have same issue on 14.04?15:54
jak2000ioria copied all and changed auto eth0 by eth0:1  and changed the ips...15:54
jak2000restarting the server15:54
pesarimustmodify: you can probably do that easily with a Match section in sshd_config and set it to use PAM, then adjust your pam stack15:55
bob876Nope, I haven't installed 14.0415:55
lotuspsychjebob876: you can try investigate your syslog and dmesg on 15.04 for relevant errors, or try LTS install15:55
SmashcatHi, anyone know if there's a known issue with mdadm on 14.04 LTS? Seems broken when attempting to create a new RAID5 array. All disk devices are "Busy" even though I've only just added and formatted them. Tried rebooting, ensuring they're not mounted etc. Some process seems to be accessing them anyway15:56
mustmodifypesari: ok, so not impossible? :) Great thanks. I'll run that down. Just didn't want to spend an hour researching to find out I needed new hardware, a $400 / month contract, or whatever.15:56
Guest36674lotuspsychje: ubottu: I have tried grive but it did not seem to work. Does it work for you?15:57
bob876Yes. I do have dmesg logged but I can't figure out the cause. http://pastebin.com/urc9LBhL15:57
lotuspsychje!raid | Smashcat did you doublecheck this?15:57
ubottuSmashcat did you doublecheck this?: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:57
lotuspsychjeGuest36674: man grive for howto15:57
Smashcatlotuspsychje: That's for raid creating during installation I think. This is adding a raid to an existing install15:58
lotuspsychjebob876: this might be something: [ 2777.641687] i915 0000:00:02.0: BAR 6: [??? 0x00000000 flags 0x2] has bogus alignment16:00
jak2000ioria wich is wrong? http://pastie.org/1043387316:00
lotuspsychjebob876: re-ask your issue + paste to channel here once in a while mate16:01
lotuspsychjei have to go16:01
bob876Thanks lotus16:02
ioriajak2000, why auto eth0:1  ?  try   auto eth0:016:02
dabdabguys, i have ubuntu as host os and win7 as guest(virtualbox), i set the guest os to use nat network and already ipconfig on cmd and its ipaddress is there, however in my host ubuntu, i didnt see the nat network address.. is there something im missing here?16:02
ioriajak2000, sudo ifup eth0:016:03
=== anon is now known as Guest88222
ioriajak2000, and you need only  - address-    -netmask-16:04
toterHi... Is anyone here running 15.04 and made systemd-bootchart work?16:05
toterMy chart is displaying the first 22 seconds instead of displaying the total boot time...16:06
toterchart: http://imgh.us/bootchart-20150920-1259.svg16:06
ioriajak2000, and you put 'iface eth0 inet static' not iface eth0:0 inet static'16:09
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jak2000arghh ip route tell me: default via dev eth016:15
jak2000but i havent this ip adrees (is on my work)how to change default gw is via:   ?16:15
ioriajak2000, your gw is or what ? type route16:17
SmashcatAnyone know what processes in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS would be accessing new disks? I've added new disks, haven't set up any mount points on them, but ubuntu seems to be accessing them anyway.16:18
jak2000is the default route on my work16:19
jak2000how to change to  ?16:19
SmashcatI think the 172... network is used when the network cable is unplugged, isn't it?16:20
ioriajak2000, you cannot have this address: if your router is
Guest36674lotuspsychje: grive does not seem to be supported anymore16:21
jak2000ioria yes understand, how to chencge?16:22
ioriajak2000   you should enter your router16:23
jak2000ok thanks16:24
ioriajak2000   in browser type
jak2000not exist16:28
jak2000i understand16:28
jak2000how to change the default gw?16:28
ioriajak2000   what's the output of   route ?16:29
SmashcatDoh - Ubuntu decided to create a RAID1 array itself for some reason, even though I never requested it during install. Brilliant idea! (a) I don't want RAID1, and (b) it's only used 2 of the 3 RAID drives!16:29
root_____can anyone read this??16:31
root_____i'm new soo was looking to learn the basics16:32
root_____@Smashcat, can you help me??16:32
cfhowlett!manual | root_____,16:32
ubotturoot_____,: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:32
SmashcatProbably better to use online tutorials dude16:32
bazhang!rute | root_____16:32
ubotturoot_____: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com16:32
root_____i meant new to irc....16:33
bazhangwhat client root_____16:33
root_____i have been using linux for 3 years but just started using irc...16:33
SmashcatNot much to it really :)16:33
root_____irssi is what i'm using16:33
bazhang#irssi root_____16:33
root_____i've got the hang for connecting to a server and channel, but other stuff (if any) :)16:34
bazhangroot_____, we just gave you many many links, read them16:34
SmashcatThat's about all there is to it :) It's pretty primitive16:34
ioriajak2000  fallow this : https://www.garron.me/en/go2linux/add-second-ip-linux-ubuntu-etc-network-interfaces.html16:35
root_____umm will read them , thanks!!16:35
bazhangroot_____, and the channel for your client, join it16:35
bazhang /join #irssi root_____16:35
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smurfkeHello, how much ram does Ubuntu need. Only wanting to host a smallish mysql server on it.16:44
anonyI don't know how to translate it in English* so I wasn't able to duckduckgo it... - How can I enable the console-loading-booting sequence? So that I'm able to see the [OK] Checks?16:54
=== Chris230 is now known as Guest25103
Smashcatsmurfke: Probably well under a GB, as long as it has swap16:58
cfhowlettsmurfke, ask #ubuntu-server16:58
x2xx3xi think he will run that server on a desktop machine16:59
ApteryxHello! Is it possible to run Wayland on Ubuntu? With the Gnome desktop?16:59
Smashcatcfhowlett: D16:59
Smashcatcfhowlett: How do you know he's using server16:59
cfhowlettsmurfke> Hello, how much ram does Ubuntu need. Only wanting to host a smallish mysql server on it.17:00
SmashcatDoesn't mean he's running ubuntu-server17:00
=== Andrea is now known as Guest56318
SmashcatPeople also run mysql on desktop17:00
lars__I think chromium randomly crashes my ubuntu17:02
lars__Like, it freezes and I have to put down my laptop and go in the login screen and login again to make it work17:02
lars__I tried to start chromium with disable gpi17:02
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
lars__But its something to do with flash. It gave me this :17:03
lars__[WARNING:flash/platform/pepper/pep_module.cpp(63)] SANDBOXED17:03
lars__[27887:27927:0920/185234:ERROR:connection_factory_impl.cc(366)] Failed to connect to MCS endpoint with error -10617:03
lars__Pepper flash. Something. Appreciate the help.17:03
nda_Hello! Is there an equivalent to "hardware reserved memory" in Windows, in Ubuntu? Is there an easy way to check that?17:05
jmelloy_i'm building out an ubuntu server to do email, and haven't ever done it before17:13
aedendI've unistalled clementine and audacious but both are still showing up in the sound drop down menu on top panel. I would like to prevent a reboot if possible. How can I get them removed?17:13
jmelloy_is there a good calendaring solution? round mail looks decent for a web client.17:13
=== rafaelcenteio1 is now known as rafaelcenteio
smurfkeI just installed Ubuntu. Am I correct that the installation process didn't ask for a root password?17:16
mushuHi everybody!!!!17:16
tgm4883smurfke: that would be correct17:16
x2xx3xsmurfke: you should be asked for a userprofile.... the first user on that machine gets the root-rights17:18
smurfkeok thanks17:18
smurfkeit's different from debian17:18
aedendsmurfke, should have asked for a name for the user you created and a password for that account. If you setup encryption on your home folder it would have prompted for credentials there, as well17:19
smurfkeok thanks17:20
gambl0rehow can i check if java 7 is installed?17:21
aedendsmurfke, no problem. It is different than debian, a little more simplified than debian but the options are still there if you want to control more of the install process17:21
aedendgambl0re, java –version17:23
IanHulettI have another weechat process open, but no window has weechat. How do I close it?17:23
IanHulettI tried killall weechat17:23
IanHulettbut it didn't work.17:23
Cyb3rn3tHello, is it possible that Ubuntu is support the intel laptops more than the AMDs ?17:24
=== rafaelcenteio1 is now known as rafaelcenteio
aedendgambl0re, if you get 'The program 'java' can be found in the following packages:' after using 'java -version' its not installed17:25
gambl0rethats exactly what i get17:27
gambl0rewhat is the quickest, simplest way to install java7+?17:27
tgm4883gambl0re: for what purpose?17:28
gambl0rei want to use a gem and it requires java17:29
tgm4883gambl0re: does it require oracle java?17:29
gambl0rei guess so...this is what im trying to use https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/setup.html17:30
gambl0rewhich requires java17:30
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.17:31
AvatarAso why don't you install elasticsearch package?17:31
AvatarAit will automatically pull in the dependencies17:31
tgm4883gambl0re: I'd try the openjdk packages first17:31
tgm4883or do as AvatarA said17:31
aedendgambl0re, you can use 'sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre'  for the jre  if you need the jdk use 'sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk'17:33
gambl0reok thanks17:33
NGC3982How do i address a specific splitted pane in a tmux session with send-keys?17:34
jmelloy_I installed it last week, i'm not sure they had an apt package17:34
jmelloy_but all you should need to do is install java and maybe set JAVA_HOME17:34
aedendgambl0re, I used Oracle's JDK but it's not provided by default in Ubuntu. If you want to us it you will need to add a ppa17:34
gambl0reim a beginner with ubuntu, i just want the quickets solutin to install java17:35
hecataegambl0re,  jdk or jre?17:35
aedendgambl0re, then follow the repos and forget the ppa17:35
ActionParsnipgambl0re: webupd8 has a PPA to install oracle java easily17:36
gambl0reElasticsearch is built using Java, and requires at least Java 7 in order to run. Only Oracle’s Java and the OpenJDK are supported. The same JVM version should be used on all Elasticsearch nodes and clients.17:36
aedendgambl0re, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java  for the Oracle's JDK if you choose it17:36
gambl0reso i guess they're lookging for jdk17:37
gambl0reso this command should work sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk17:37
AvatarAgeeeeez... just sudo apt-get install elasticsearch17:38
AvatarAit will automatically install java17:38
aedendgambl0re, that command will work, but Oracle's JDK is the official JDK17:38
gambl0reoh really?17:39
gambl0rewhy didnt you just say so..17:39
ActionParsnipgambl0re: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer      use TAB and ENTER to accept the license17:39
aedendgambl0re, I did...17:39
ActionParsnipSuper easy17:39
gambl0reim running,sudo apt-get install elasticsearch17:39
AvatarArun it, you don't need any ppa for this package17:40
gambl0reas usual!!! E: Unable to locate package elasticsearch17:40
ActionParsnip!find elasticsearch17:40
ubottuFound: elasticsearch, php-horde-elasticsearch, python-elasticsearch, python-elasticsearch-doc, python3-elasticsearch, ruby-elasticsearch, ruby-elasticsearch-api, ruby-elasticsearch-transport, syslog-ng-mod-elasticsearch, W: (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=elasticsearch&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all17:40
gambl0rewhat a suprise17:40
aedendgambl0re, sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre / sudo apt-get install python-software-properties / sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java / sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer17:41
ActionParsnipgambl0re: depends how you want to use it17:41
ActionParsnipaedend: why openjdk if you are going to then install the Oracle solution?17:41
ioriagambl0re, are you trusty ?17:41
gambl0reim root user if thats what you mean17:42
ioriagambl0re, are you 10.04 ?17:42
ioriagambl0re, are you 14.04 ?17:42
ActionParsnipgambl0re: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue17:42
AvatarAI just assume everybody has access to the latest packages...17:42
ioria!info elasticsearch trusty17:42
ubottuPackage elasticsearch does not exist in trusty17:42
ioria!info elasticsearch17:42
ubottuelasticsearch (source: elasticsearch): Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3+dfsg-5+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 10250 kB, installed size 12015 kB17:42
gambl0reim using 14.0417:42
ActionParsnipAvatarA: in Ubuntu, it's rarely the case17:43
ioriagambl0re, no elasticserach :(17:43
aedendActionParsnip, openjdk-7-jre openjdk-7-jdk if you want both17:43
gambl0rewhat the fuck...i cant use elasticserach?17:43
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jmelloy_gambl0re: download it from their website and install it using dpkg, it's easy17:44
ActionParsnipaedend: yes but your command then installs Oracle Java, so why install OpenJDK? It's a waste of drive space17:44
ActionParsnip!find elasticsearch trusty17:44
ubottuFound: php-horde-elasticsearch17:44
aedendActionParsnip, I might have type slower than my brain was working... I was trying to explain the options available and the difference between what's in the repos and what's not17:45
gambl0reok so since im using ubuntu i download the tar file?17:45
ActionParsnipgambl0re: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/1.4/setup-repositories.html there is a PPA. Just follow the steps on that page17:45
DJJeffevery second my ubuntu machine is making a DNS lookup on its hostname17:46
DJJeffwhy is this17:46
ioriagambl0re, you can upgrade to vivid or you can http://www.unixmen.com/install-elasticsearch-ubuntu-14-04/17:46
DJJeffand how do I make it stop17:46
ActionParsnipgambl0re: first command adds the GPG key, then a line added to sources.list then installs the package.17:47
gambl0reok ill give it a shot17:47
ActionParsnipgambl0re: I hope you aren't logging in to the graphical environment as root17:47
gambl0relets see what happens. hopefully it doesnt break my machine17:47
gambl0reno im logged in as user17:47
DJJeffoh problem solved in my /etc/hosts it had the wrong hostname for
ActionParsnipgambl0re: good, then you are not root, you just have sudo access17:48
DJJeffso if you put the wrong name in /etc/hosts for it will do a DNS lookup for the correct hostname every second17:48
DJJeffwhat a stupid design17:48
gambl0reok i ran first two commands and i think everytrhing went well...17:48
gambl0reno errors atleast17:49
tgm4883DJJeff: was it doing a lookup on the wrong name, or by IP?17:49
gambl0rewhen i execute the sudo apt-get update command is it going to take a long time to update?17:49
gambl0recan i skip that?17:49
gambl0reis the update going to take long?17:50
ActionParsnipgambl0re: no, you need to reread the sources so that the packages on the new source are known17:50
gambl0reif it takes 1hr+ i'll have to do it later on17:50
ActionParsnipgambl0re: the update stage is pretty quick. The install will be longer17:50
ioriai hr ?17:50
ObrienDaveshould only take a couple of minutes17:50
ActionParsnipgambl0re: are you using a dialup connection?17:51
DJJeffit was asking my router for the correct IP of the hostname17:51
gambl0resudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install elasticsearch....running17:51
gambl0relets see what happens17:51
gambl0rei always get nervous when running any sudo apt-get commands17:51
ActionParsnipgambl0re: BTW, that link I gave...17:51
ActionParsnipgambl0re: all I did was search the Web. I hadn't even heard of elasticsearch til you mentioned it today17:52
gambl0rei did a google search also17:52
gambl0rebut like everything else theres like 100 different ways to do one thing and i just wanted the simplest, quickest solution17:53
Giraffe_hi, im using ubuntu w/ plasma 5 and unity on a 2014 mbp (ubuntu 15.04). for some reason, if my computer falls asleep/something (not too sure what causes it, because sometimes it doesnt happened if I turn my laptop back on fast enough) the wifi cuts out17:53
Giraffe_and I need to restart my laptop17:53
Giraffe_any ideas?17:53
gambl0rewith windows, you execute .exe file and run the installer. with ubuntu you have to do like 10 different steps to install something17:53
tgm4883gambl0re: I'm not even sure how to respond to that17:54
gambl0reok doesnt matter17:54
gambl0resudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install elasticsearch is finished17:54
ActionParsnipgambl0re: there is a deb, it would install in exactly the same way you install things in Windows17:54
protnyo people17:55
ActionParsnipgambl0re: you just added a source so that the application updates with normal updates17:55
gambl0reok i still dont have java...shit17:55
gambl0rei thought after installing elasticsearch it installs all its dependencies17:55
jimma12hi all - question for the room. i have a few php scripts that im running as a service. when certain actions occur they print/echo a message. is there a way with the console that i can 'watch' the service that is running so i can see its current state?17:55
ObrienDavegambl0re, if you use a package manager like synaptic, Software Center, etc... it's only one step ;P17:55
ActionParsnipgambl0re: imagine if all your games and CD burning software updated in one single place17:55
HackerIIplease refrain from cursing17:55
tgm4883gambl0re: it does17:55
ActionParsnipgambl0re: I already told you how to install java using the webupd8 PPA17:56
gambl0rei ran this command... sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install elasticsearch17:56
gambl0rethis installs elasticsearch, no? sudo apt-get install elasticsearch17:56
tgm4883gambl0re: yes it does17:56
protnmobile broadband switch does not work :)17:56
gambl0rewhich should have installed java, no?>17:56
ActionParsnipgambl0re: if the package from elasticsearch doesn't include Java then it won't install17:56
ActionParsnipgambl0re: use the webupd8 java PPA and you will get Java17:57
gambl0rei did everthing on the page like you said17:58
gambl0rewhat command do you want me to run now?17:58
tgm4883gambl0re: so elasticsearch is installed now17:59
ActionParsnipgambl0re: you need to install java17:59
tgm4883gambl0re: so if java isn't installed, then it doesn't need java17:59
gambl0rei dont know if elasticsearch is installed17:59
gambl0rei didnt get any errors so i assume isntallation went fine18:00
tgm4883gambl0re: what does "dpkg -l | grep elasticsearch" return18:00
gambl0reelasticsearch                                         1.4.5                                               all          Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine18:00
tgm4883gambl0re: that isn't the whole line18:01
gambl0rethats everything i get...18:02
gambl0rei dont know what to tell you18:02
ioriait doesn't know what java install.... so it 's not installing it  .... (maybe)18:02
tgm4883gambl0re: what's the output of "lsb_release -a"18:02
gambl0rewhy would i lie?18:02
tgm4883gambl0re: yes, you did18:03
tgm4883because that isn't what you posted18:03
tgm4883that "ii" on the front was missing in your first post18:03
gambl0reoh ok...18:03
ioriagambl0re, dpkg -l  elasticsearch18:03
gambl0rethats not a lie, thats a mistake18:03
Augustastrying to restore my backup in ubuntu, but i don't know why i get logout screen18:03
tgm4883gambl0re: you need to follow all the instructions18:03
tgm4883gambl0re: no, it was you not following simple instructions18:04
ActionParsnipgambl0re: looks like Java is just for the client18:04
tgm4883ioria: he just posted that18:04
tgm4883it's installed18:04
gambl0reseems like it18:04
ioriatgm4883, oh... i didn't see the output...18:05
Augustastrying restore backup, but while doing that, i get logout screen18:05
Augustaswhere to see output to solve this? This can be that i deleted some files why doing backup?18:05
ActionParsnipgambl0re: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/1.4/setup-service.html18:05
ActionParsnipgambl0re: what is the output of: /etc/init.d/elasticsearch status18:07
gambl0re* elasticsearch is not running18:08
ActionParsnipgambl0re: OK then change the word "status" for "start"18:08
ActionParsnipgambl0re: obviously this will be running with default settings.18:08
gambl0reits looking for java.18:09
gambl0reCould not find any executable java binary. Please install java in your PATH or set JAVA_HOME18:09
ActionParsnipgambl0re: OK then install Java as I told you earlier18:09
ActionParsnipgambl0re: once that's in, start the service18:09
gambl0reim going to follow the EXACT commands under Installing The Oracle JDK heading ok?18:10
Augustas@ActionParsnip i want to get help...18:10
gambl0reis that waht you want me to do?18:10
gambl0reon that page18:10
ActionParsnipgambl0re: exactly18:10
reisio"The usual recommendation is to run the Oracle JDK with elasticsearch."18:11
reisioI wonder how old that is18:11
reisioin addition to being unjustified18:11
ActionParsnipgambl0re: they are pretty much telling you everything on the page...  I'm surprised you even asked. The page is telling you everything....18:11
nda_How do I check the total amount of memory reserved by hardware?18:11
nda_and/or the total amount of usable memory?18:12
gambl0reits doing somehing...18:12
AugustasActionParsnip can you help me?18:12
gambl0rethere are like 5 different instructions..18:12
gambl0redo this command, run this command, update this first, update that.18:12
reisio1 instruction is way better18:12
ActionParsnipAugustas: did you chown the restored data to your user after restore?18:13
AugustasMaybe no, i dont know how to do that. That can couse auto login out?18:13
ActionParsnipgambl0re: you are away from the official repositories, so you are getting the support from the elasticsearch guys which is pretty decent18:13
Augustasbut a couple of files are restored success18:14
gambl0rejava is currently installing18:14
gambl0rehopefully this nightmare will be over soon18:14
ActionParsnipAugustas: yes, if you don't have access to certain files you will be logged out18:14
ActionParsnipgambl0re: it's hardly a nightmare. You just need to read websites more18:14
gambl0reactionparternship how much linux experience do you have18:14
Augustaswhat folders i have to do chown? because i know that bad to give 777 permissions18:14
Augustasor just maybe somehow run backup program as root?|18:15
ActionParsnipAugustas: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME18:15
ActionParsnipAugustas: this will make sure the user is the owner of its own data18:16
gambl0re* Starting Elasticsearch Server18:16
ActionParsnipgambl0re: and.....  *plays drumroll *18:16
gambl0rei think success ?18:16
ActionParsnipGambl0re: run the status command again.18:16
gambl0reits running18:17
ActionParsnipgambl0re: yes, easy peasy18:17
gambl0rethanks man...18:17
ActionParsnipgambl0re: also, when elasticsearch update their version you will automatically be updated.18:17
gambl0rethats awesome18:18
ActionParsnipgambl0re: indeed. It was all on that site dude, all you had to do was read18:18
llllllreading is fun18:18
Augustasyour nickname is fun :D18:19
llllllrunning linux in a VM, didnt put a lot of effort into the username during install.. :P18:19
gambl0rei didnt want to make any mistakes...18:19
gambl0rei scrweed up my linux machine once, i didnt want to do it again18:20
ActionParsnipgambl0re: well you got there,  2 PPAs and install 2 packages. Quick and easy18:20
bozsikarmandGood evening! Does any of you use plex media server on Ubuntu? I have NTFS drives with movies and series on them for personal use. Since these drives are not the part of the fstab I have to click on them after every boot to mount. The data on them can be read but when I want to tell Plex that "Hey! There are two folders (and a lot more) on the disk called New Volume. Please add them to the Movie library" it doesn't work :/ I can see in18:21
bozsikarmandthe library I made the following (as usual) "The library has no content yet. Click here to add content to the library." I click on it, go to the New Volume which I mounted, but I cant browse the files on it. Plex doesnt see anything...18:21
ActionParsnipbozsikarmand: why not add the NTFS partition to fstab if they are to be used?18:23
protnfolks for some reason ubuntu broadband connection greyed out18:23
protnI did enter pin and unlock device18:23
Augustasllllll why only on VM ?18:23
protnenable mobile broadband box greyed out18:23
llllllAugustas: im messing around with i3 at the moment and dont want to make any big changes just yet. i have ubuntu on my thinkpad though18:24
ActionParsnipprotn: what is the output of: lsb_release -a; lsusb18:24
bozsikarmandActionParsnip, I will but at first I would like to solve this problem if possible. :)18:24
bozsikarmandany ideas?18:24
ActionParsnipprotn: use a pastebin like  paste.ubuntu.com to host the output18:24
protn1  moment18:24
ActionParsnipbozsikarmand: I think if the file system is mounted at the same place then you will see the system is smoother18:25
protnActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12505251/18:25
protnmodem shows blue light which means connection is on18:26
ActionParsnipprotn: http://bytefish.de/blog/huawei_e352s5/    just needs 2 udev rules, you have usbmodeswitch by default18:27
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JamaxiboyHello folks18:28
=== roonie is now known as pellucid_banana
Aqui1aHello! I've installed Dropbox on Ubuntu and it's working fine, except for one thing. It won't allow me to set the location of my Dropbox folder on a drive other than the one Ubuntu is installed to. Does anyone have any experience with such an issue?18:29
protnhmm it works without it before18:29
daftykinsAqui1a: could just symlink the path instead, is this dropbox-nautilus?18:29
daftykinsnautilus-dropbox even18:30
Aqui1adaftykins: I don't know. I downloaded it from the website.18:31
daftykinsAqui1a: oh, well that's not the way i've used it before.18:31
daftykinsso yeah, symlink away18:31
Aqui1adaftykins: Thanks, I'll look that up18:31
ActionParsnipSymlink will indeed do it18:31
Aqui1aThat's a very good idea18:33
protnadded rules18:33
protnreloaded, same stuff18:34
protnI think its network manager bug18:34
Aqui1abut I'll ask this first... I've just noticed on USC that Dropbox isn't marked as installed. Would it be better if I installed the one listed there?18:34
daftykinsAqui1a: are you using ubuntu with unity?18:35
Aqui1adaftykins: I'm using Ubuntu Mate18:35
daftykinsah, does that use nautilus as the file manager?18:35
daftykinsit's up to you but nautilus-dropbox seems to do the basic job for a xubuntu install i have somewhere18:35
Aqui1aI don't think so :D18:36
daftykinsit's a bit daft as nautilus isn't the default there, so if i want to share a link to someone i have to manually run nautilus to do it ;)18:36
Aqui1awtf lol18:36
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hypernovadoes anyone know of some good hardcore mmo rpgs that run on ubuntu18:46
hypernovaand just good games in general18:47
AvatarAI would search on steam and filter by linux platform18:47
quants_does anybody know about VPN networks?18:47
AvatarAand also search in wine appdb18:48
bekksquants_: A lot of people do - but whats your specific question?18:48
reisiohypernova: could try planeshift18:48
quants_bekks, sorry, i want to hide my location and ip address, can this be done without external software?18:49
bekksquants_: Hiding from what?18:51
daftykinsif you want to hide online, it's already too late :)18:52
quants_bekks, sorry im a noob i mean i want to improve security by changing the ip address etc..18:53
bekksquants_: Maybe you'll hold on for a few and rephrase your actual issue, First, you said you want to know about VPn, then about hiding your IP, now you are asking for improving security. What do you want to do, actually?18:54
Aqui1adaftykins: I resolved my issue. Even though I couldn't select the drive in the small pane on the left, I just pasted its location into the space at the bottom... and it worked. :$18:55
daftykinsthat's the spirit18:56
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AvatarAyes hiding from what is THA question18:56
AvatarAif you want to hide from your ISP you have some ways, if you want to hide from a server you're connecting to, there are some ways, if you want to hide from the government you have to disconnect18:57
quants_ok bekks, start from the beggining, i want improve my general security and ive been advised that having a VPN will help, i understand the concept of the VPN but i cant afford to pay for a service at the moment18:58
bekksquants_: A VPN will help improving security only for a few use cases.18:58
bekksquants_: Who told you that?18:58
quants_Bekks, a friend of mine, thats why i came to you guys , you all know what your talking about19:00
sanitypassinghi, is there a relatively easy way to bind a non-root application to port 443 without causing issues with my SSL certificate?19:01
popeysanitypassing: there's an excellent write up of that on stackexchange.. http://superuser.com/questions/710253/allow-non-root-process-to-bind-to-port-80-and-44319:04
jerry-6hi. Does anyone knows how to recover the login password? I havent been use my laptop for a while and I forget the password19:04
Bashing-omjerry-6: Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword .19:06
dirgeable_hi! i am thinking of switching to ubuntu. is it safe to move 4tb drives of important files over from NTFS to ext(3? or 4?)? afterwards could i verify that this was correct somehow without worrying about read errors?19:06
bekksdirgeable_: You cannot "move them", you have to backup all files, then reformat your filessystem with ext4, and restore your backup.19:07
bekksdirgeable_: And since you are talking about important files, you already have one valid backup.19:07
AvatarAbtw use ext419:09
dirgeable_bekks, i have backup drives already so i would be formatting one, copying files over, formatting origional, and copying them back19:09
dirgeable_AvatarA, thanks19:10
AvatarAreading from ntfs and writing to ext4 should normally give you no problems19:11
dirgeable_so is reading from ext4 safe/accurate and how do i verify19:11
AvatarAyou could create SHA256 sums or something19:12
AvatarAfirst on the source drive, then on the destination drive after you copy everything19:12
AvatarAand then compare the sums19:12
dirgeable_AvatarA, thanks :) sha256sum /mount/mountpoint or w/e i think then?19:14
AvatarAsha sums for every file19:14
AvatarAnot the entire data19:14
reisiodirgeable_: rsync'ing twice is enough19:14
dirgeable_reisio, ahh excellent, ill use rsync then :)19:15
quants_can anybody tell me how to get TOR browser through the terminal19:15
reisiorsync'ing once is enough, really, but twice is nice for peace of mind19:15
reisioquants_: apt-cache search tor19:15
dirgeable_quants_, you could configure any terminal browser to use the socks5 port19:15
reisioapt-get install foo19:15
dirgeable_quants_, usuaally 905019:16
reisiosha isn't really meant for integrity checking alone, btw19:16
reisioit's meant for security, which makes it a waste of time for other things19:16
quants_slow down guys im a noob19:16
reisiobut yeah, rsync19:16
dirgeable_quants_, why the terminal anyhow if noob?19:17
dirgeable_i guess learning rocks :)19:17
bekksquants_: Maybe you shouldnt listen to your friend who obviously throws random things at you. Maybe just start using Ubuntu and get familiar with it, first.19:17
quants_dirgeable, i find it faster if i know the code. im odd like that19:18
quants_thanks bekks19:18
bekksquants_: *shouldnt listen19:18
quants_dirgeable_ socks5 port ???19:19
Zer000so I have sound in mplayer (using pulse audio) but not chrome or firefox (with youtube html5 player). what can be up with them?19:20
bekksquants_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOCKS19:20
tachibanayour screen graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly19:21
tachibanai made sure to update/upgrade after installing xdfe  from the software manager, then i try apt-get installing it just incase the software amanager install didnt work.. maybe the double xdfe install borqed itself? because it looked like it installed a bunch of stuff in the commandline too afterwards?19:21
tachibanai dont how i installed gnome a million times but installing xdfce4 once, is a  major problem?19:22
quants_thanks bekks, is that easy to change?19:23
bekksquants_: Is what easy to change?19:23
quants_to set my computer so it uses socks19:23
bekksquants_: Why would you want that if you dont even know what SOCKS is for?19:24
ioriaquants_, about:preferences#advanced    and click 'settings'  ...  in firefox i mean19:24
quants_im just looking to improve security19:24
bekksquants_: Then forget about everything your friend tells you, and start using Ubuntu. Dont try to get things done you dont even know why.19:25
RevertToType.join #ubuntu-server19:25
quantsWill do bekks, thanks for being patient with me19:25
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NGC3982Is there any way to send data to a tmux session with send-keys?19:28
stonerlcan anybody tell me how i can download a folder with the 'ftp' commandline tool19:31
lycantrophoalguien habla en español?19:31
daftykins!es | lycantropho19:31
ubottulycantropho: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:31
ioriaNGC3982, try this http://superuser.com/questions/492266/run-or-send-a-command-to-a-tmux-pane-in-a-running-tmux-session19:33
bekksstonerl: http://www.cs.colostate.edu/helpdocs/ftp.html19:33
FjorgynnHey I get problems with se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid/InRelease some index files didn work19:33
Fjorgynnor something19:34
daftykinsFjorgynn: delete them then re-run 'sudo apt-get update' perhaps19:34
daftykinsah no you mean they're just erroring19:34
wileeeFjorgynn, run it in a terminal and pastebin the error19:34
alejandrohola lycantropho19:34
Fjorgynnwileee: I did run it in a terminal19:34
wileeeFjorgynn, not the question if you did, show us the error.19:35
stonerlbekks: my problem is that I hav many subfolder in thes very folder so I want to 'mget <folder>' but since the folders doen't exist local nothing get transferred. So is it posible that ftp craetes this folders?19:35
bekksstonerl: Your problem is that the FTP protocal doesnt support what you want. You have to do it manually.19:36
bekksstonerl: You need to manually create the local folders and then get the files.19:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:36
Flannelalejandro: yes?19:37
wileeeFjorgynn, The update suggested is a good one, if you need help on a pastebin site let us know, we just look at data to help generally.19:37
alejandroflannel estoy tratando de aprender19:37
alejandroquerias aber que s op19:37
Flannel!es | alejandro19:38
ubottualejandro: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:38
stonerlbekks: thx19:41
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plattaAfter installing a package I'm unable to ssh to my Ubuntu box anymore. netstat shows it's listening and tcpdump shows it's receiving packets from the client, but the client just times out. Can anyone point me in the right direction for what to look at next?19:55
llllllport forwarding issue?19:57
plattaI filtered tcpdump specifically for port 22, though, and I do see packets come in. Could that still be the case?19:58
llllllif there's one thing i've learnt about linux and networking, it's what it's always worth double checking :)19:59
llllllsorry i can't be of more help to you, i'm sure someone knowledable will appear soon19:59
AvatarAwell the come in but do they go out?20:00
plattallllll: No worries, I appreciate your help!20:00
plattaAvatarA: I hadn't thought to check that. Let me take a look.20:00
OerHeksplatta, so what package did you install that caused this?20:01
AvatarAif you receive packets and the client sits, waits and times out, it looks like it's waiting to get something back and doesn't receive it20:01
plattaOerHeks: I installed Docker using their installation instructions. Basically you run this: curl -sSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh20:02
PsynoKhi0hi, are there known causes to high I/O wait values - other that a failing disk - when running e.g. tar, apt-get, or freshclam?20:02
daftykinsPsynoKhi0: version? kernel?20:03
AvatarAbtw just a curiosity of mine now, if anyone knows; does tcpdump show packets that are dropped by the firewall?20:03
PsynoKhi0daftykins, ah sorry, ubuntu 14.04, kernel 3.13 (PAE)20:04
daftykinsPsynoKhi0: so how did you rule out disk issues already?20:04
PsynoKhi0daftykins, S.M.A.R.T pass, fsck pass, the 64bit distro I dual on same drive shows no similar load20:05
PsynoKhi0dual boot*20:05
daftykinsPsynoKhi0: wouldn't hurt to show us a smartctl -a /dev/sdX pastebin20:06
PsynoKhi0daftykins, on it. Oh and dmesg doen't complain about the drive either20:07
daftykinsmmm it wouldn't know if the issues were at disk firmware perhaps20:07
jakesyloin #debian20:09
PsynoKhi0daftykins, the drive has 10k hours life time, never touched the f/w, the 32 bit ubuntu installation has been humming along since the release20:09
daftykinsPsynoKhi0: well just pastebin the smartctl output ;)20:10
PsynoKhi0daftykins, ask and you shall receive :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/12507194/20:11
skinuxI need some help getting GRUB installed. I installed Ubuntu a few days ago, but there is no GRUB, system boots right into Windows.20:12
plattaAvatarA: No outgoing packets. Could it be a firewall thing? I checked "sudo ufw status" and it claims to be inactive.20:12
daftykinsPsynoKhi0: good stuff, yeah that definitely looks clean. Not sure then!20:13
OerHeksplatta, start that docker, and try to ssh into your machine, if that works, docker takes over somehowe20:14
PsynoKhi0daftykins, ever heard of PAE kernels needing specific attention when upgrading RAM? I went from 8GB to 24GB and that's when it starting acting up20:14
daftykins24GB RAM and you said you're using 32-bit?20:15
skinuxI was told there should be an easy way to fix it using Live boot. Anyone know what it is?20:15
OerHeksPsynoKhi0, oh, now you come with important info ..20:15
daftykinsPAE isn't enough to save you there :) i'd reinstall with 64-bit20:15
PsynoKhi0daftykins, I triple-boot 1 ubuntu 32 bit and 2 64bit distros20:15
OerHeksskinux, is this an UEFI machine?20:16
PsynoKhi0and AFAIK PAE handles up to 64GB... guess no one actually gathered empirical data on that though heh20:16
PsynoKhi0OerHeks, did the amount of memory raise red flags?20:18
daftykinsi think it's fair to say peeps would sooner install a 64-bit host OS than run the gamble20:18
PsynoKhi0daftykins, yeah I guess20:19
AvatarAplatta, if ufw is inactive it doesn't mean much20:20
AvatarAthere's still netfilter20:20
bekksAvatarA: ufw is a frontend for iptables, which netfilter is a plugin for. So if you disable ufw, you clean all iptables rules, which inheritly disables netfilter.20:22
AvatarAwhat about manually added iptable rules?20:25
plattaAvatarA: Just finished checking that (not very experienced with linux, but my Google Fu is strong). Looks like the install creates some rules, but removing them doesn't fix the issue.20:26
plattaAvatarA: Now I'm looking into the fact that it creates a virtual ethernet interface.20:26
bekksAvatarA: Manually added iptable rules arent covered by ufw.20:26
AvatarAplatta, did you restart iptables?20:27
plattaAvatarA: I just did iptables --flush20:27
AvatarA(I just probably said some non-sense with that restart iptables)20:28
daftykinsiptables -F; iptables -X :)20:29
dimitry7Hey guys! If I leave a virtual Interface configured like this: https://paste.debian.net/312649/ (no auto or allow-hotplug options)20:32
AvatarAcan you reach your client from that server?20:32
dimitry7will be brought up at boot time?20:32
PsynoKhi0daftykins, OerHeks thanks for the hints!20:32
plattaAvatarA: No luck with iptables, but I was able to get it to work again by disabling the virtual interface that Docker created.20:32
AvatarAso it was a routing problem20:33
plattaOh man, that's way beyond what I know about networking.20:35
ZigguratAny news on supporting Baytrail processors with 32bit UEFI?20:35
ZigguratAnd do cherry trail processors have 32 or 64bit UEFI? I cant find the info googling.20:36
plattaAvatarA:  Further testing your other suggestion, I can ping the client from the server but when I re-enable the virtual interface I can't ping it. Looks like I'm gonna learn me some routing :)20:36
plattaAvatarA: Got it - my server is on and my client is on The virtual interface Docker creates uses, so it's devouring all that outgoing traffic when it's active20:41
plattaAvatarA, OerHeks, daftykins, bekks thank you all for your help!20:42
AvatarAwell short story is, if you want to send something to the system has to know where it should send that20:52
AvatarAand the routing table helps do that20:53
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tachibanayour screen graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly21:02
=== bray90820 is now known as Bray90820
tachibanai am getting this error on reboot after trying to instal XFCE?21:03
wileeetachibana, have you run updates/upgrades? What was there before the xfce and how was it installed?21:04
tachibanai had unity installed prior21:04
tachibanaand i am pretty sure i purged it away, also updated/upgraded21:05
wileeetachibana, purging it was a mistake is all, can be removed but a waste of time is all.21:05
tachibanai did install xfce twice, once from software manager, and then again from command line apt-get, so maybe im getting an arror from a double install?21:05
tachibanamakes sense21:07
wileeetachibana, unity is a plugin in compiz on top of gnome 3, I'm not sure what xfce and gnome 3 are sharing, which may have been removed with the purge is all.21:07
wileeeno double install21:08
tachibanaall i can think of is try installing LFCE from command line?21:08
wileeesame source, different managers is all21:08
tachibanai really want an xfce machine running though :[21:10
AvatarAtachibana, did you install proprietary drivers at some point?21:11
Mufasilany one there to help me?21:13
tachibanaAvatarA, yes i followed some guide that said to reinstall some nvidia drivers so I did that but it was for a similar but different problem21:13
Mufasilanyone there?21:14
AvatarAyou seem to be missing a xorg.conf21:15
AvatarAproprietary drivers usually need that, open source usually don't21:15
MufasilI have already have driver issue on ubuntu 14.0421:15
AvatarAfind a guide for your drivers, reinstall, and re-generate that xorg.conf21:15
MufasilI am using NVIDIA Quadro FX 180021:16
adrianochy all, i need help to configure module userdir in my apache 2.4 ... i'm using ubuntu 14.0421:16
adrianocmodule is work's fine ... but rewrite module don't ok.21:16
MufasilI have successfully install the driver but it fails to give perfect resolution21:16
adrianoci have this error ...21:17
adrianoc [core:info] [pid 1176] [client] AH00128: File does not exist: /var/www/html/home/adrianoc/public_html/cake/webroot/index.php, referer: http://localhost/~adrianoc/21:17
tachibanai already had a nvidia driver problem before this shit sucks21:17
tachibanahow do i edit the .config file21:18
adrianoclook "/var/www/html", this is wrong.21:18
AvatarAnano /etc/X11/xorg.conf but you have to see what your specific hardware requires21:18
AvatarAdon't know about nvidia21:18
AvatarAati had a tool called aticonfig for example and you typed aticonfig --initial or something like that and it generated the .conf21:19
adrianocbut i can't set the correct configuration.21:19
AvatarAdid you install that driver from ubuntu repositories or from manfuacturer's site? tachibana21:19
* Mufasil slaps adrianoc around a bit with a large fishbot21:20
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tachibanaAvatarA, i installed the driver from sudo apt-get21:21
tachibanasudo apt-get nvidia something21:21
AvatarAmaybe purge that nvidia something and then install again21:23
AvatarAdon't know, depends how that package is built, the idea is to regenerate the .conf file anyway you find easier for yourself21:23
AvatarAmaybe this will help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia21:25
tachibanai installed the nvidia after installing xfce and getting this error, you realize that right?21:27
tachibanaare you saying updating the nvidia driver ruins my ability to successfully install XFCE even though xfce was clearly already giving me an error and not booting to the login screen?21:28
tachibanadoesn't make sense?21:28
daftykinsit does if the hardware doesn't work with the open driver.21:29
daftykinstachibana: dpkg -l | grep nvidia21:29
daftykinsstate which it is :)21:29
tachibanawhen I installed ubuntu I check marked yes install 3rd party drivers because i tried berry linux earlier and the wifi card wasnt working21:32
OerHekstachibana, what card exactly?21:32
OerHeksall i read is what is not working, no details to get a clue21:32
tachibanai am seriously going to just reinstall ubnuntu and spend half a day to download 200 MB of updates agaiN! >: [21:33
OerHeksnow it is a nick, first you mention the nvidia one..21:33
tachibanaare you on drugs sir?21:34
OerHekstachibana, no, are you ?21:34
jak2000tachibana are you women right?21:35
rookshow to list all symlinks in subdirectory /a/subdir1 and its subdirectories that point outside of subdir1 ?21:35
skinuxHow come boot repair says UEFI is turned off when it is turned on??21:37
skinuxIt's freaking annoying. I installed Ubuntu, but it didn't put a boot option anywhere.21:38
tachibanaid help you guys and make your lifes easier but these jokers wont even help me21:38
tachibanaI remember when free software meant something21:38
daftykinsskinux: i suspect you messed up your install again :)21:39
wileeetachibana, your destails are bad and spread out no real context.21:39
skinuxdaftykins: No. The installation seemed to have gone fine except that there was no boot menu option.21:39
daftykinsright but the installation includes GRUB placement steps21:40
skinuxI tried to add one to Windows using EasyBCD but it just says Windows failed to load when I use it.21:40
daftykinsan entry to boot Windows? wat21:40
wileeetachibana, being abusive gets a free ignore here.21:40
skinuxNo, an entry in Windows boot menu to put Ubuntu21:40
skinuxto boot Ubuntu*21:41
storriIs there a way to check open bugs on an application? I am trying to use "Simple Scan" and it cannot see the USB scanner. I can see the scanner using lsusb.21:41
daftykinsi feel like people refer to that as not being an option21:41
daftykinsskinux: well once again you come to us with problems but no logs, output - or anything whatsoever to go on :)21:41
skinuxWell, I also tried official instructions for installing GRUB and it didn't work either.21:41
skinuxWell, it appeared to work, but I didn't get any GRUB instead it went straight to Windows21:42
daftykinsif Windows and Ubuntu both are truly installed as EFI, then you will need to be sure Windows Boot Manager isn't the entry listed for boot inside your BIOS21:43
skinuxUEFI doesn't have any option for Ubuntu21:43
daftykinsno you typically pick the hard disk device over WBM21:44
daftykinsso go off and get us some output please instead of expecting us to do all the work and/or guess.21:44
skinuxBoot from hard disk instead of choosing Windows?21:44
skinuxI can give that a shot.21:44
daftykinsjust watch... this one idea will be tried, no output will be brought back - just a "it dun work"21:45
storriI am trying to get Simple Scan to work. I cannot get it to see the scanner. I can see the scanner with lsusb.21:45
storriThere is also an issue with terminating the program. It locks up I am forced to quit it. If I start in a terminal it locks up the terminal21:46
=== SyndicateDon__ is now known as SyndicateDon
storriAm I asking my question in the right IRC channel?21:47
tachibanawhats an easy way to set up a restore point in ubuntu so i dont gotta spend 1 week reinstalling after every trial/error21:48
tachibanagood god I wouldn't wish this torture on anybody ='[21:48
storriIf you are testing stuff I would run Ubuntu in KVM/VirtualBox/VMWare. That way if something goes wrong you have not lost anything.21:49
storriMost VM software has a way to take snapshots21:50
=== Tuck is now known as Tuck110
daftykinsstorri: correct channel yes, just sunday and nobodys able to reply ;)21:55
skinuxOkay, I tried booting from disk. GRUB is there, but I only get a GRUB console instead of a boot menu.21:55
storridaftykins: Well I am switching from Linux Mint to Ubuntu to match what I use at work. Devices were easy to install in LInux Mint. In Ubuntu they are taking time to figure out.21:56
daftykinsskinux: progress at least, ok so it's misconfigured now.21:56
skinuxYeah...but I have no idea how to repair21:56
daftykinsstorri: i greatly doubt that, i bet it's down to mismatched versions21:57
storridaftykins: The problem most likely exists between the keyboard and the chair. What do you mean about mismatched versions?21:57
daftykinsthe Mint and Ubuntu versions you refer to could be different releases with different kernels21:58
=== camilla is now known as spr-k3737
daftykinsstorri: also when you say devices, what other than the scanner do you mean?21:59
storridaftykins: I am speaking of my usb scanner. That is the current device I am trying to get Simple Scan to see.22:00
storridaftykins: Sorry for the confusion.22:00
daftykinsright, but you made it sound like more devices were the issue22:00
daftykinsyou made it sound like Mint is this magical distro that makes everything work ;)22:00
storriIt was the printer but I got that sorted out the Printer configuration. I had to install the drivers from Brother. After which the Printer program was able to configure the printer.22:01
jlimwhy does the software center charge us for software when i can the same software for ubuntu for free else where?22:01
spr-k3737Hi there! Installed xubuntu just recently, on a UEFI machine. Followed default settings, did some partitioning that I wouldn't expect to affect Windows, and now I can't boot into windows? UEFI lists a windows boot entry, but even when that is given priority, xubuntu boots.22:01
daftykinsjlim: maybe it's someone who packaged it up for you, who knows22:01
jlimhappened twice today22:01
EriC^^spr-k3737: did you use boot-repair?22:02
EriC^^it might have switched the efi files22:02
wileeespr-k3737, 'some partitioning' needs to be explained22:02
OerHeksjlim, what software package?22:02
spr-k3737@wileee, deleted linux, linux swap, and linux22:02
skinuxAre there a few commands I can give to GRUB console to fix this?22:02
cyberalex4lifedon't know about you guys, but I like temperate geekier systems (like with unity and gnome-shell), I really hate to do configurations in gui mode22:02
storridaftykins: Any experience with getting usb scanners sorted out?22:02
jlimi went to the developers website and downloaded for free. but i cost $$$ in the software center22:02
daftykinsstorri: nah, else i'd have replied from the beginning :)22:03
spr-k3737@EriC^^ no, I have not! Will do.22:03
OerHeksjlim, what software package exactly?22:03
EriC^^spr-k3737: no, don't22:03
jlimone was filebot22:03
wileeespr-k3737, no moving windows, or removing the uefi boot?22:03
storridaftykins: no worries. Just funny how running scanimage freezes the terminal. I don't know why that is happening.22:03
jlimother numix circle icon theme22:03
spr-k3737@wileee, correct, only touched two ext4 partitions labelled for the OSes that were in them, and the swap partition one of them made.22:03
jlimboth available free for ubuntu\22:04
jlimnot in software center22:04
jlimcost money in software center22:04
wileeespr-k3737, cool, you have better help than me interested, not my best area.22:04
jlimi don't mind paying. but don't make me pay for something that is available for free22:05
jlimthat is messed up22:06
spr-k3737fdisk -l output: http://paste.roguecoders.com/p/c5d48c066697689c48f772a6a80ff07e.txt22:06
OerHeksjlim, good find, sure that numix theme should not be sold.22:06
OerHeksjlim, about that filebot, do you have an Url ?22:06
EriC^^spr-k3737: type sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999922:07
OerHeksjlim, about that numix theme, see https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/numix-icon-theme-circle/ in the header, add their ppa for free ppa:numix/ppa22:08
spr-k3737efibootmgr not found22:08
EriC^^spr-k3737: type ls -l /sys/firmware/efi22:08
spr-k3737EriC^^, acpi and memmap are only dirs in /sys/firmware22:09
EriC^^spr-k3737: ok, i think you've installed in legacy mode22:10
spr-k3737Oh, is that default?22:10
spr-k3737s a fresh install so I'm happy to reinstall to not use legacy mode if I don't have to.22:10
EriC^^spr-k3737: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999922:10
OerHeksjlim,  according to this post, the filebot money goes to the developer , but you can still use it for free http://www.webupd8.org/2014/04/organize-your-tv-shows-and-movies-with.html22:11
spr-k3737Eric^^: http://termbin.com/11t6 That is the coolest thing ever22:11
EriC^^spr-k3737: ok, enable uefi in the bios ( or disable csm legacy ) and boot the live usb22:11
jlimi have installed it. I just find it alarming that the softwareware center is charging. I would donate on my own because i love the work those guys do. but i am finding this more and more with the software center lately22:11
jlimwhat is going with the software center lately?22:11
EriC^^spr-k3737: once booted try ls -l /sys/firmware/efi to see if you're booted in uefi22:12
spr-k3737In the liveusb?22:12
spr-k3737LiveUSB has xchat, so I'22:12
spr-k3737ll report in!22:12
EriC^^spr-k3737: yeah, in try ubuntu, also nuke the disk and make it gpt22:12
spr-k3737Eric^^ I can't nuke windows22:13
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OerHeksjlim, i don't know about numix, but the filebot maintainer placed it himself on softwarecenter.22:13
jlimit seems that the persin maintaining it doesn't know what he/she is doing22:13
dr_sweetsis there an ubuntu wiz around ?? :)22:14
jlimi tried to install skype but it was removed. had to download from skype website22:14
jlimsame thinf with google earth22:14
OerHeksjlim, skype is in the partner 3th party repo, enable it in softwarecenter > sources.22:15
jlimi thought i had that enabled. let me check22:15
OerHeksgoogle earth is not in our repos22:15
jlimOerHeks: yup thirdparty sources are enabled22:17
skinuxHere is my GRUB installation error: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bfd9c02b9828b355305d22:17
skinuxI just got this error using LIVE USB22:18
spr-k3737EriC^^, I'm on the live usb, and there is no /sys/firmware/efi22:18
spr-k3737I didn't see anything in BIOS about Legacy Mode :s22:18
daftykinsit's sometimes called CSM22:18
EriC^^spr-k3737: ok, type dmidecode | grep UEFI22:19
EriC^^sudo dmidecode..22:19
EriC^^spr-k3737: ok, did windows used to boot?22:20
EriC^^i think it's in legacy mode22:21
spr-k3737And that should be a switch in BIOS?22:21
spr-k3737Cause I looked pretty thoroughly :I22:21
EriC^^you can't switch it, you have to reinstall windows to make it work with uefi or convert somehow22:22
spr-k3737Oh, Windows is in Legacy mode?22:22
EriC^^yeah i think so22:22
EriC^^type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt22:22
EriC^^then ls -lR /mnt | nc termbin.com 999922:23
spr-k3737It's empty22:23
spr-k3737fdisk -l: http://termbin.com/ys2t22:24
EriC^^type df /mnt22:25
spr-k3737/dev/sda5         297820     4    297816   1% /mnt22:25
EriC^^ok i guess you can install ubuntu in legacy mode22:25
EriC^^and dual boot or fresh install windows for uefi22:26
EriC^^or maybe convert windows22:27
EriC^^which windows is it anyways?22:29
dr_sweetshow would I reinstall my UBUNTU or roll back the system after screwing it up :P ??22:30
EriC^^spr-k3737: seems pretty easy to convert windows to use uefi22:30
daftykinsdr_sweets: what did you do?22:31
dr_sweetsdeleted something I wasnt'supposed to :)22:31
EriC^^such as?22:31
dr_sweetscan figure out what22:31
spr-k3737EriC^^: Oh, you're right, there are pretty straightforward instructions. THanks for all the help!22:31
dr_sweetscan not22:31
EriC^^spr-k3737: no problem22:31
dr_sweetsI was trying to rinse it up so I could reinstall my BNC and eggie, it all fell apart22:32
EriC^^dr_sweets: aha22:33
dr_sweetswell, lets see , I might have stumbled upon something :)22:34
dr_sweetsnope, didn't take22:38
llllllfinally learnt how to mount an smb share on boot so i can use cmus to listen to music from my network machine22:48
llllllSO HAPPY22:48
dr_sweetswell, I am still stumped, is there any command in the command line that I could use to reupgrade ??22:50
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eliteHi guys22:59
=== ilbelkyr is now known as bcode
eliteKind of new at this but I'm hoping to get some help with my issue.23:00
huttanelite: ask your question, don23:02
huttanelite: ask your question, dont ask to ask :)23:02
elitehehehe sorry mate.23:02
eliteI remember configuring ubuntu to open my usb stick when I insert it.23:02
eliteNow I want to configure only to mount it but not to open it when it is inserted but I can't figure it out23:03
huttanelite: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB23:03
riotingpacifisttrying to run kubuntu on a macbook pro retina, using dkms to get wireless worknig but modprobing wl just hangs, notthing in dmesg23:03
elitethanks huttan I'll have a look but the problem is not the mounting. That works fine.23:04
wileeeelite, How about it is there not mounted, just a click from it?23:05
milahola soy nueva23:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:05
wileeeelite, You can in settings-details stop some things, have more control anyway.23:06
Bashing-omdr_sweets: A system status: what results ' sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get -f install ' ?23:06
eliteI will have another look there right away23:06
elitethank you wileee23:06
wileeenp, it's a gui, has limtations23:07
milahablo español23:09
wileeemila, english here23:09
milano no hablo ingles23:10
wileee!es | mila,23:10
ubottumila,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:10
rayneayamihi yall, im having an issue with qemu-kvm's apparmor23:18
rayneayamiinternal error: cannot load AppArmor profile 'libvirt-64f8f795-aea1-4538-86b9-34ac393c24f6' this is the error i keep getting23:19
Blue1I am having a problem with an hp laserjet pro m127fw (all in one) scanner.  Printer part works fine, but when I try to use xsacne to scan it gets:  failed to start scanner:  invalid argument  scanimage -L shows the scanner:  device `hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_Pro_MFP_M127fw?serial=CNB8H769R4' is a Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_Pro_MFP_M127fw all-in-one23:20
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ilkBlue1: I have had so much trouble lately with HP scanners and printers, they used to just work out of the box...idk man....idk23:30
ilkdid you use HPLIP?23:30
fosterthewebanywhere I can see snappy package management in action? demo video or something23:41
EriC^^fostertheweb: download ubuntu core23:42
ubottuUbuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/23:43
fosterthewebEriC^^: yeah i suppose i could just dive in, ty23:43
EriC^^it's very small and you can load it in a sec with kvm23:44
EriC^^fostertheweb: http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-local23:45
Blue1I have a problem with an hp laserjet pro m127fw printer.  The printer works fine, but if I try xsane it says:  failed to start scanner:  invalid argument -- scanimage -L shows:  device `hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_Pro_MFP_M127fw?serial=CNB8H769R4' is a Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_Pro_MFP_M127fw all-in-one23:46
fosterthewebEriC^^: thank you! :)23:47
punkgeekwhen im running make -j for compile new kernlen i got this error, what should i do?23:47
EriC^^fostertheweb: no problem23:50
punkgeeknobody help me?23:50
bazhang!compile | have a read punkgeek23:52
ubottuhave a read punkgeek: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall23:52
sanitypassinguh, hi, I had run setcap earlier to try to redirect a port, and now it's causing issues on port 443 and I'm not sure how to undo it. Can anyone help me figure out how?23:56
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