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pleia2social media-ing the call for translators03:19
pleia2added the link from drc to the In the Press page03:23
pleia2since I've had a couple people ask leading up to release, I'll work to make time tomorrow to draft up the blog post about the flyers (we'll see how that goes)03:24
* pleia2 goes to dinner03:33
Unit193Eat well.03:35
backinthegame42Hello everybody. When I set a static IP for my wireless connection on xubuntu 14 it completely freezes the system requiring a hard reset. Any ideas?04:29
backinthegame42Via nm-applet04:30
backinthegame42Interfaces reconfigured doesn't seem to work. It increases boot time with a network configuration error.04:30
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knomewent ahead and registered some blueprints: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-x-xubuntu for the umbrella and links for more09:15
knomeall postponed items are added to the appropriate blueprints09:15
flocculantas you'll have seen - some were already done for other teams :p09:33
bluesabremorning all11:44
knomehello bluesabre 11:45
bluesabrehey knome11:46
flocculanthi bluesabre 11:53
bluesabrehey flocculant 12:19
flocculanthi bluesabre 12:24
Unit193Element ULINK in namespace '' encountered in para, but no template matches.12:25
flocculantseems we're still waiting for ghostscript to get out of proposed - image at 1.too much Gb still :)12:25
Unit193settings-preferences.xml:313: element para: validity error : Element ULINK is not declared in para list of possible children12:26
Unit193settings-preferences.xml:313: element ULINK: validity error : No declaration for element ULINK12:26
Unit193settings-preferences.xml:313: element ULINK: validity error : No declaration for attribute URL of element ULINK12:26
Unit193Document ru/index.xml does not validate12:26
flocculantnope - not in proposed - for some reason manifest shows the updated version - but image still has the older one12:58
flocculantwatch that tomorrow - not sure we're going to want b2 at 1.6Gb 12:58
knomelots of smiles13:02
knomeok, time to go13:04
bluesabreafternoon folks :D16:05
flocculanthey bluesabre 16:07
bluesabrewhats up flocculant 16:07
flocculantabsolutely nothing - having a lazy day :p16:08
bluesabrenm, trying to get a few things done today16:10
bluesabrepoking -release, and then micahg16:10
bluesabreflocculant: still around?16:30
bluesabreflocculant: found the plaintext vs octet-stream issue, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-utils/+bug/149717016:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497170 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "New file creation - not opening with file editor" [High,Confirmed]16:36
bluesabreknome, slickymaster: in case you want to -docs ack https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfpanel-switch/+bug/149775316:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497753 in xfpanel-switch (Ubuntu) "[FFe] xfpanel-switch 1.0.2" [Undecided,New]16:40
Unit193bluesabre: Yeah, saw you actually did end up filing a FFE.16:46
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, thought it'd be best16:47
bluesabreeven if it might take a while for somebody in -release to notice16:47
bluesabregotta run, bbabl16:59
Unit193Be Back Around Beta Launch?17:01
krytarikAfter. :D17:08
micahgghostprint just had it recommends updated and reverted for pulling in lots of things17:51
pleia2knome and anyone else who wants to preview/modify/comment upon the flyer draft post: http://xubuntu.org/?p=3477&preview=true (need to be a team member who can log into the site...)18:02
slickymasterdone bluesabre 18:02
pleia2sent questions off to another organization using xubuntu (I now have 2 sets of questions in flight, fingers crossed), will likely publish both these next cycle18:28
pleia2knome: I still have a static.xubuntu.org update to do w/ symlinks to add, I'm home for a couple weeks so grab me when you're ready to finish that up :)18:30
bluesabreslickymaster: thanks18:41
slickymastersure bluesabre 18:41
flocculantbluesabre: nice to see you found the issue :)18:58
bluesabreflocculant: now the question is how to proceed with that issue :)18:58
flocculantyea - but better than not knowing what the issue is :p18:59
flocculantother than it's not working dude 18:59
flocculantmicahg: yea - saw that sitting there - hopefully it'll be cooked by tomorrow19:02
ochosiknome: thanks for setting up the 16.04 bps in advance. that really does make a lot of sense and i guess we should've made it common practice a few cycles ago already20:40
Unit1931604bps?  Gosh that's slow.20:41
bluesabrehi ochosi 20:45
ochosievening bluesabre 20:46
bluesabrehow's it going?20:46
ochosiquite busy :)20:47
ochosibut ok20:47
ochosiworking a lot during the days, and during the evenings too20:47
bluesabrebusy busy20:47
ochosibut i guess things will slow down a bit when routine starts to kick in20:47
ochosistill many new things everywhere20:47
bluesabreat least you're managing to stay afloat20:49
ochosiand at least i manage to stop by here on a regular basis ;)20:49
ochosiso how're things on your endß20:49
bluesabrepretty good20:50
bluesabreanother release day over here20:51
bluesabrexfpanel-switch, catfish, menulibre20:51
bluesabreso far20:51
ochosibusy bee20:52
bluesabrewinding down now20:52
knomeochosi, np :)20:52
bluesabrehey knome20:52
knomehey bluesabre 20:52
ochosii'm sorry i didn't manage to remain entirely up-to-date, what did you update/fix?20:52
ochosialso, is the clutter bug tackled/acknowledged upstream yet?20:52
bluesabrehttps://launchpad.net/xfpanel-switch/1.0/1.0.2 - https://launchpad.net/catfish-search/1.3/1.3.2 - https://launchpad.net/menulibre/2.1/2.1.120:53
bluesabremostly just translations20:53
ochosiah ok20:53
bluesabrebut some bugs in there20:54
bluesabreclutter bug so far ignored20:54
ochosioh, nice bugfixes for xfpanel-switch though20:54
knomenice burndown ;)20:54
ochosithat too20:54
knomeochosi, have you enjoyed the new details page a lot?20:55
ochosii still am enjoying it20:55
ochosiwait, are you planning to take it away from me again..?20:55
bluesabreochosi: on debian side, xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin finally uploaded20:55
knomei'm actually very happy and a bit surprised how nice it turned out20:56
ochosibluesabre: yeah, saw that, very very cool20:56
knomeincluding the visual side20:56
ochosii hope i can spend some time on that again soon (or maybe andrzejr will ;))20:56
ochosiknome: indeed, very nice work on that20:56
knomehappy to be useful20:56
bluesabreif -release shows up today, we might get shimmer-themes and xfpanel-switch uploaded20:56
knomesunday isn't the fastest day for release20:57
ochosiknome: how hard will it be to set this up for 16.04? lots of manual copy-pasting-editing?20:57
ochosibluesabre: yeah, keeping my fingers crossed20:57
ochosialso, we should get in touch with the kubuntu devs20:57
ochosior simply drop orion from shimmer-themes20:57
knomeochosi, add one sql table row, make one column in that true and other in the wily column false20:57
knomeit's all built to be dynamic20:57
bluesabreochosi: yeah, that'd be the easiest way to get shimmer-themes back20:58
ochosiit's unmaintained, satya doesn't care about it anymore (and/or doesnt have time for it) and i have no time/interest in maintaining orion20:58
knomethe event dates is the only thing that is done manually in code atm20:58
ochosibluesabre: and getting shimmer-themes back has already taken far too long, so please let's just do that...20:58
bluesabreochosi: would you want to reach out to them as a shimmer rep so that we can make that happen? :)20:58
ochosii can try20:58
ochosibut my online-time is fairly limited20:59
ochosii'll be off in about 20-25mins20:59
knomebluesabre, them? == satya?20:59
bluesabreknome: them = kubuntu20:59
ochosii think he meant kubuntu20:59
ochosithen again, i consider that a royal waste of time21:00
ochosiorion simply isn't worth it21:00
ochosiheck, we don't even install that by default21:00
knomewe can drop orion21:00
ochosiif they want it, they can have it21:00
knomei can talk to kubuntu people21:00
knomeif it's needed21:00
knomeabout orion21:00
ochosiknome: i think not21:01
ochosithey'll notice21:01
ochosiand then they can decide what they wanna do21:01
knomewell it would be nice to notice them in advance21:01
ochosii'll keep the github repo alive21:01
bluesabreochosi: except, we can't remove it from the package21:01
bluesabrerequires upload rights :P21:01
* ochosi facepalms21:01
bluesabreI'll create a bug report for it21:01
knomebluesabre, point me to that then21:01
ochosiknome: k, then pls talk to them21:01
bluesabreknome: will do21:01
bluesabrejust a few minutes...21:02
knomejoined #kubuntu-devel and explained the situation21:06
knomenow waiting for a reply :)21:06
knomewhen i get the bug, i'll follow-up with it21:06
knomefeel free to join to talk about it if/when they reply21:07
knome(just as much feel free not to...)21:07
bluesabreknome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/breeze/+bug/149778421:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497784 in breeze (Ubuntu) "Drop recommends on deprecated orion-gtk-theme" [Undecided,New]21:08
bluesabresuppose I can grab a kubuntu iso and see if they are using breeze21:11
knomei guess they should know21:11
knomeright? :P21:11
bluesabreaww, they figured it out before the iso finished downloading21:17
ochosiwell good to finally see some movement on that side21:20
ochosithat was really bothering me for a while already21:20
knomefriendly communication can fix a load of things21:20
bluesabremicahg: is the packageset generation script in one of the ubuntu packages? most ubuntu things are python, so if it is I can take a look at it and provide a patch21:25
bluesabremicahg: just need to know where to look :)21:26
ochosinot that i want to discourage you from working, but really, i think *this* might not be worth it...21:27
bluesabreochosi: it could save us from future headaches21:27
ochosii'd rather see the keyboard-shortcut overlay implemented or something ;)21:27
ochosifuture headaches in the sense that other DEs might grab other themes?21:28
ochosii think in the future we'll just react more directly21:28
ochosisame as we did now, but 4months earlier21:29
ochosi*that* will certainly save us headaches!21:29
bluesabreor other packages21:29
ochosianyhoo, that was just my 2cents21:30
bluesabreif there is some flaw that causes any shared package to be yanked from xubuntu even if we maintain it, I'd like to fix that21:30
ochosigotta get some sleep now anyway21:30
bluesabrenight ochosi21:30
ochosii agree21:30
ochosior: invest some time to become MOTU ;)21:30
bluesabrethat's probably what I really need to do21:31
ochosianother way of saving us from headaches21:31
* ochosi is full of ideas tonight21:31
* bluesabre has so far avoided becoming a motu to keep up development time21:31
bluesabreand/or free time21:32
ochosiin that case, keep avoiding it );21:32
ochosiwe can always annoy others if this happens again21:32
ochosii think reacting fast is enough21:32
knomethat thoght includes the subthought that people who are actually active should look into things21:33
knomeinstead of assigning/delegating to people who might know more about the issue, but are not active or do not have the time21:34
knomeno hard feelings here or anything like that, but i thought this needed to be said out loud21:34
knomeand i will totally support and stand by both bluesabre and Unit193 if they decide to apply for MOTU21:40
ochosianyway, night all (for realz this time)21:41
knomenighty simon21:41
bluesabrenight ochosi 21:42
bluesabresuppose I'll start the app process now21:42
bluesabrewill be handy for x anyway21:42
knomei think it should be a relatively smooth operation for you21:50
knomebluesabre, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers21:52
knomebluesabre, search for "xubuntu" on that page21:53
knomeshouldn't we be listed on the previous list?21:53
knomewith ~xubuntu-uploaders21:53
bluesabreknome: yup, we should21:54
bluesabremaybe the wiki finally logged me in21:54
bluesabrenope, died21:55
bluesabretry again21:55
knomewell i think you should simply ask the dmb to change that21:55
knomepleia2, heeey, the planet css change has made it to production after months of waiting :>21:58
knomewb krytarik 22:37
krytarikknome: LOL22:46

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