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xubuntu43wI have a compaq presario cn6220 that is running xubuntu 14.04.  It will not load wifi.01:56
holsteinxubuntu43w: wont "load" wifi? you mean, you cant connect to wifi?02:41
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:41
holstein^ thats where i start.. i want to learn, the chipset, and see if i need to tweak something in the bios, etc..02:42
holsteincould be, a function key that turns it on.. could be, the hardware isnt functioning..02:42
xubuntu43wI even changed the wifi02:43
holsteinyou mean, you changed wifi adapters? or, wifi hotspots? by moving locations? or, you changed wifi access points by changing your router? or, changed your router settings?02:43
xubuntu43wwifi light comes on, "sudo lshw" shows wifi02:44
xubuntu43wyes, the adapter02:44
holsteinwell, its the chipset that is the issue.. also, whatever you are plugging the adapters into..02:44
holsteini would look at the chipset that i have, and search if i need a module for it to support the linux kernel in ubuntu02:45
xubuntu43wbut the wifi works when I boot windows 7 using wintousb02:45
holsteinsure.. but, you were promised windows support for that hardware, so, that only tells you the hardware is functional..02:46
xubuntu43wI see02:46
holsteinlinux isnt preventing that hardware from working.. but, as you know from using windows, you may need to add a driver.. a module, for the device to support that operating system02:46
holsteini would simply follow the wifi guide, and see what chipset i have..02:47
xubuntu43wexactly, but I can't find one02:47
holsteinxubuntu43w: you cant find one what? chipset?02:47
xubuntu43wne, driver02:47
holsteinwhen i open a terminal, and run "lspci", i get the chipset info. i then, can ask for help, here, or #ubuntu, or search for a module02:48
xubuntu43wgood advice02:48
holsteinxubuntu43w: why not open a terminal, and run "lspci" and share info about your chipset?02:48
xubuntu43wyep, worth a try02:50
holsteinsounds like, you've got 2 to try and make support linux..02:50
backinthegame42hello everybody04:32
backinthegame42When I set a static ip via the nm-applet for my wireless connection it freezes my system requiring a hard reset. Any ideas?04:33
TronaldDumphi everybody04:45
xubuntu96ihi all05:33
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killcropsHola alguien con habla hispana?07:54
xubuntu26ii am trying to install xubu from a live usb but its giving an error08:19
xubuntu26iapt configuration problem08:19
xubuntu26idisk check -- OK08:19
* xubuntu26i slaps dmzda around a bit with a large fishbot08:20
thomaHi. Anyone is struggling with this qt tray icons problem: https://imgur.com/a/6yTC309:25
thomathis is spideroak's tray icon, which client is using qt409:26
thomasometimes it's ok like on first screenshoot, but most of time it's broken like it can be seen on second one09:27
thoma(xubuntu 15.04)09:27
xubuntu41wIs this bug fixed or will it be fixed in the next version ?   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/131918709:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1319187 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Display settings window appears when adjusting screen brightness (fglrx driver)" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:48
knomexubuntu41w, the bug is only confirmed, so not fixed09:59
xubuntu41wIt shud be fixed, i am tired of waiting. I using another linux bacuas of this bug.09:59
knomexubuntu41w, just remember everybody working on xubuntu is a volunteer10:00
knomexubuntu41w, if a bug bothers you very much, you are free to take action yourself as well and fix it10:01
xubuntu41wI understand.10:01
knomexubuntu41w, i've commented on the bug right now, pointing to a possible workaround found in the duplicate bug10:02
gianmarcoHow can I run tropico5 as root? I tried sudo and then the command to start the game but it says "Cannot run as root user"12:36
knomegianmarco, the game just told you you can't, why should you?12:40
gianmarcoBecause it's a known issue with linux, tropico5 has permission issues and must start as root12:43
gianmarcootherwise it won't work12:43
gianmarcoI know it sucks because they sold it as linux compatible12:43
knomeif it's a known issue, then i'm sure there are guides on how to make it executable by root12:43
gianmarcoNo, that is not explained12:44
knomeby other players.12:44
gianmarcoI tried sudo steam steam://rungameid/24562012:44
gianmarcobut I got an error: "Cannot run as root user"12:44
gianmarcoAnd I'm the only user using this pc12:45
gianmarcoSo I should be admin too12:45
knomeyou should likely ask steam support, or sth12:45
knomeadmin != root12:45
gianmarcoI already contacted the software house who produced the game but they are not answeringt12:45
gianmarcoand I asked 3 days ago12:45
gianmarcoI guess the lesson is screw videogames, steam and proprietary software.12:46
gianmarcoToo bad I already spent my money.12:46
cfhowlettgianmarco, poor support from them - but they and/or steam are the best source for fixing it.12:46
knomei don't think many people can answer your question here either, unless they've played the game12:46
gianmarcobut don't you know why I get the error ""Cannot run as root user"" ? Isn't that related to my system?12:47
knomeno, it's definitely related to either steam or the game12:47
gianmarcoAllright, I'll keep poking them then.12:47
gianmarcoThanks anyway12:47
melodiehas someone noticed a bug related to xfconf, preventing icons on the desktop to stay at the same place where they have been moved to ? when you restart the session for example?13:39
flocculantbug 133549213:41
ubottubug 1335492 in xfdesktop "[4.11.8] Desktop icons rearrange on each login" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133549213:41
melodieflocculant thanks13:42
melodieflocculant I'll add a testimonial13:43
thomaHi. Anyone is struggling with this qt tray icons problem: https://imgur.com/a/6yTC313:49
melodieI don't13:51
melodie(I don't use xubuntu, I just install it for a few people )13:51
thomasigh. who cares.13:52
xubuntu19whello; upgrade got rudely interrupted, now my machine goes into the weeds, anybody here can help?14:47
xubuntu19wI can boot up to looks like grub, asks me to pick a version, I get the xession login window on an otherwise black background (supposed to be blue with rodent?) and after log in there's only black, with the mouse pointer14:50
cfhowlettxubuntu19w, upgrade as in 14.04 >> 14.04.1   or 12.04 >> 14.04  ??14:50
xubuntu19w12.04 to 14.0414:50
cfhowlettxubuntu19w, interrupted distro upgrade = unstable, unreliable system.  download the .iso, make a USB, clean install14:51
xubuntu19wthat will kill all my files etc?14:52
cfhowlett??? you mean your saved data?  in your /home?14:53
xubuntu19wyes /home and also tons of installations in /opt and /usr/*14:57
cfhowlett!home | xubuntu19w15:07
ubottuxubuntu19w: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving15:07
xubuntu19wmy head hurts, but thanks, I'll give it a stab...15:14
sergio-br2ochosi, I'm merging that PR15:35
sergio-br2looks good15:35
sergio-br2btw, I'll try to help a little more in the project :p15:39
xubuntu31wHow can i install the NTP support to make the clock syncronized with internet ? When i say yest to install the NTP it will not let install.19:15
bekksxubuntu31w: So which command do you use to "say yes to install"?19:20
xubuntu31wI goto settings time and date settings. In configuration i set it to sync with internet.19:21
krytarikxubuntu31w: LP bug 1270090 - and there you go: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html19:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1270090 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "time-admin can not install ntp" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127009019:22
xubuntu31wI guess it is fixed after 14.04.19:24
xubuntu31wI amusing 14.04.319:24
krytarikxubuntu31w: Yes - 15.04 more specifically.19:24
xubuntu31wIs it works if i do it in terminal ?19:26
krytarikShould, yes.19:26
xubuntu31wI think it works now.19:29
xubuntu1folks how does one determine their cpu 32/64-bit ness?20:07
xubuntu1cat /proc/cpuinfo shows "32 bits physical, 48 bits virtual"20:08
holsteinxubuntu1: i usually just load the live 64bit iso, and if it works, i install.. since, thats what i prefer. but,  http://askubuntu.com/questions/37159/is-my-processor-64-or-32-bit20:09
holsteinideally, from windows, you can look.. otherwise, since you need to load a live iso to see if the CPU is either, just loading a 64bit iso will give you the info you need..20:09
xubuntu1holstein: thanks. this is an old netbook, so I assume probably 32-bit. running xubuntu 13 atm.20:09
xubuntu1I'll use the link you posted.20:10
holsteinbasically, TLDR, is run "lscpu"20:10
holsteinfor me, the amount or ram can dictate.. and, on an older machine, it wont matter, at all.. anyways20:11
xubuntu1floating point exception. cored dumpted, lol20:11
holsteinits not like, you are going to be doing any compiling that you will benefit from 64bit.. using multiple cores.. or, using over 4 GB's of ram.. etc20:11
xubuntu1it's a netbook. it will barely run firefox.20:12
xubuntu1and if firefox keeps "improving", it won't even run tht.20:12
holsteinsure.. but, 64bit vs 32bit.. its not going to address that20:12
holsteinand, thats likely more related to flash, or the web content..20:12
xubuntu1well, I was just agreeing that it's not going to be doing a lot of work anyway, so it's not like more ram or more cores are needed.20:13
holsteinwhat would i do? simply load the live 3bit iso, and dont rely on web sources for the testing of compatibility.. see that audio works, and NIC.. etc20:13
xubuntu1xubuntu 13 works just fine. I just wanted to redo the system clean.20:13
xubuntu1so I know drivers will be all good.20:13
holsteinwell, you actually dont know that, til you load the newer kernel..20:14
xubuntu1well, that's true. I have had issues just updatin the kernel before.20:14
holstein13.04 and 13.10 are EOL, though.. so, i would move on to 14.04, or 15.04..20:14
xubuntu1yeah, all debian based distro becoming "obsolete" after 1yr is becoming a big chore.20:14
holstein14.04 xubuntu is supported for 3 years.. and the main ubuntu repos for 520:15
xubuntu1you have to keep re-installing your OS. even tho they say, "you can upgrade!!", but all documentation says, "upgrade isn't relaiable. re-install"20:15
xubuntu1yeah, the LTS ones are a nice break.20:15
holsteinso, the 14.04 repos will not be "obsolete" til 2019..20:15
xubuntu1I don't think non-canonical distro have started doing that much20:15
Unit193xubuntu1: I upgrade, been doing so for a little.20:15
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:15
holsteinyou can, if you are running 13.10, just upgrade to 14.04..20:16
xubuntu1Unit193: I did a few times it just broke a few things. and then people say oh re-install.20:16
sergio-br2what's the default size of the top panel?20:16
holsteinyou can *always* reinstall...20:16
xubuntu1upgrades always leave something b0rked.20:16
sergio-br2the battery icon is strange for a while20:16
xubuntu1as soon as my torrent is done, I'll do the 15.20:16
Unit193xubuntu1: They're better than they used to be, that's for sure.  But Sigma's been going fine since 11.04.20:16
holsteinxubuntu1: not *always*.. though, you can prefer and do a fresh install.. i prefer it as well20:16
xubuntu1holstein: like 8.1 to win10 auto upgrade... eh, I want a clean system.20:17
holsteinxubuntu1: this is xubuntu.. EOL 13.10, potentially, if thats what you are running, to 14.04.. which, is a well tested path20:17
xubuntu1now, I"m assuming I don't have to burn the iso to a usb. I can just mount and run the install?20:17
xubuntu1or no, I'd still have to make a bootable usb stick?20:17
holsteinxubuntu1: all im saying is, you can fresh install *anytime*.. after trying the upgrade, or not.. but, dont assume its going to break..20:17
holsteini personally like to load the iso for the version im installing.. especially on older hardware.. to get an idea of what i will need to do to help the hardware support linux20:18
xubuntu1holstein: understood. this system had a bunch of crap installed for different toolchains that I ws building. Now, I'm re-installing to have a minimal env setup.20:18
holsteinsure.. go for it20:19
xubuntu1so can I just mount the iso and run the installer?20:19
holsteinto reinstall.. you'll do *exactly* what it is for a normal installation20:19
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate20:19
holsteinwhat do i do? download the latest iso for the version i prefer, and make either a USB stick, or DVD.. depending on what the hardware boots..20:19
xubuntu1ok, let me quickly go read the link. brb.20:19
xubuntu1ah, I do a usb stick but lately all the sticks I've been using have been crapping out. just need to buy a few ore.20:20
xubuntu1alright rebooting to install. thanks for the help guys...20:27
ochosisergio-br2: ty and wb20:39
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