marcushi all. I am trying to preseed an edubuntu installation and added 'tasksel tasksel/first multiselect edubuntu-desktop' to the preseed file but edubuntu does not get installed08:28
marcusor is there no task available called edubuntu-desktop?08:32
cryingfreemanHi! I have a number of old thin client computers (HP t5000) that does not have PAE .. Can I somehow boot them in edubuntu 14.04?17:17
cryingfreeman"This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: \n pae \n Unable to boot, please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU"17:19
cryingfreemanI've tried adding "forcepae -- forcepae" to the boot options, to no avail17:22
highvoltagemarcus: there is such a task in ubuntu, not sure if it's called edubuntu-desktop though but you can install the edubuntu-desktop metapackage and that should do the treick17:24
highvoltagecryingfreeman: there's not a PAE kernel in Ubuntu 14.04 anymore... but I heared of people who used a kernel from debian squeeze on 14.04 for old machines17:25
highvoltageshazzr: https://www.debian-administration.org/article/648/Offline_Package_Management_for_APT might be of help17:25
cryingfreemanhighvoltage: sounds like a really smooth solution.. ;) Thanks a lot canonical :P17:26
cryingfreemanhighvoltage: thanks a lot for the help though :)17:28
highvoltagecryingfreeman: well, in their defense on this one... none-pae CPUs are at the edge and there are very few machines out there that don't support it20:01
highvoltagecryingfreeman: unfortunately... most of those machines are thin clients, not so nice for anyone who supports LTSP20:01

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