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mikenWhere is the "juju environment key" created? I'm trying to help someone who can't 'juju ssh' into any units (Permission denied (public key)), and it turns out they don't have a juju environment key either locally in their ~/.ssh or listed in the units authorized_keys?11:46
mikenAh - it uses your existing key (just reading https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started - been a while since I've setup a new dev machine)11:48
josemarcoceppi: ping12:34
jamespagemarcoceppi, hey - can we add vivid and wily series to the charms distro? I'd like to publish some charms under non-trusty namespaces for some bundles we're putting together for lxd12:48
rick_h_jamespage: urulama can look if you need that in the store ^12:51
jamespagerick_h_, ta12:51
jamespagerick_h_, specifically wily and vivid :-)12:51
urulamajamespage: vivid is ok, we'll need to update CS for wily12:54
pittiI ran "juju destroy-service debci-web-swift", but it stays around as "life: dying", so that I can't re-deploy it12:58
pitti(juju 1.22.6 on trusty)12:59
pittiwhat can I do to really kill this service?12:59
pitti(the underlying machine is already gone)13:01
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lazypowerpitti, is there a relationship trapped in error on a remote unit?13:02
lazypowerthat would cause the principal service to remain in the topology as life:dying13:02
pitti    relations:13:02
pitti      juju-info:13:02
pitti      - ksplice13:02
pitti      - landscape-client13:02
pittilazypower: I tried to "remove-relation" both after destroy-service, but that didn't help13:02
pittii. e. "juju remove-relation debci-web-swift landscape-client" (and same for ksplice)13:02
lazypowerhmm. I've run into some edge cases where that happens when i destroy the machine out from under the service, and relations were still present13:03
lazypowerbut that was on 1.22.x i haven't seen that behavior in 1.24+13:03
pittihttp://askubuntu.com/questions/365724/juju-remove-units-stuck-in-dying-state-so-i-can-start-over  has no answer13:03
pittilazypower: I am on 1.2213:03
lazypowerThe only way i was able to reconcile was by tearing the env down and standing it back up :|13:03
pittioh! https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/charms-destroy#state-of-13:04
pittilazypower: yeah, I don't really want to do that if I can avoid it13:04
lazypoweryeah, i hope that works13:04
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lazypoweryou'll need to resolve every unit it was related to to make sure you grab the hook in error13:04
pitti$ juju resolved debci-web-swift/013:04
pittiERROR unit "debci-web-swift/0" not found13:04
pittihm, that doesn't work13:04
pitti(nor without /0)13:05
lazypowertry ksplice and landscape-client13:05
pitti$ juju resolved ksplice13:05
pittierror: invalid unit name "ksplice"13:05
pitti$ juju resolved ksplice/013:05
pittiERROR unit "ksplice/0" is not in an error state13:05
pittihm, so why does it already remove the machine and unit when it complains afterwards that it still haves relations?13:07
pitti"has" (urgh)13:07
lazypowerwhen you pass a --force, its going to assume you know what you're doing and force it.13:07
lazypowerthere's an inconsistency in the env now w/ those relations and no machine/service under it, and i believe this is due to some oddity of how it was done. I in 1.24+ this has been resolved13:08
pitti(I didn't pass --force)13:08
pittilazypower: ah, good to know it's resolved in later versions13:08
pittiI "resolved" every other instance of ksplice and landscape-client now, and yay, it's gone13:09
lazypowerthats good news :)13:09
lazypowerone of those relations were in error state, keeping the service definition around in the environment13:09
pittilazypower: indeed the ksplice subordinate on a completely different unit was in "agent-state-info: 'hook failed: "config-changed"'13:10
pittilazypower: thank you!13:11
lazypowerany time :)13:12
marcoceppijamespage: ack, will updat shortly13:17
jamespagemarcoceppi, ta13:17
marcoceppijamespage: vivid and wily added13:19
jamespagemarcoceppi, awesome-o!13:19
jamespageurulama, how long with the charm-store bits take for wily?13:20
jamespageurulama, (no sudden rush but would like to get something up this week)13:20
urulamajamespage: we're in the middle of deployment of all jujucharms.com services ... but that update should be small enough. i'll try to squeeze it in this week13:24
jamespageurulama, ta13:24
urulamajamespage: but before that, you're free to use vivid charms13:24
jamespageurulama, ack - thanks13:24
urulamajamespage: fyi, the output of new bundle deployment (openstack-base) with bundles supported in core: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12513350/13:30
jamespageurulama, all good then?13:31
urulamajamespage: yes, just showing how new juju deploy "bundle" will look like13:32
marcoceppiurulama: that output looks SO AMAZING13:34
marcoceppiany idea when that will be available?13:35
urulamamarcoceppi: ^13:35
lazypowerwhoa, that *does* look nice13:35
urulamafrankban: ^13:35
lazypowerurulama, looking at this, its also idempotent? so i can deploy 2 bundles with the same service, and it just reconciles between whats deployed + whats declared?13:36
urulamalazypower: yes13:36
lazypowerhot diggity dog thats awesome13:36
frankbanlazypower: it does its best13:36
urulamalazypower: look at the second call ... "reusing ..."13:36
urulamalazypower: from line 13213:36
* lazypower dances a happy dance13:36
lazypoweri see it13:36
ddellavthats very very nice. I can't wait to use that13:37
=== lazypower changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://juju.ubuntu.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP
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mbruzekcory_fu: If I wanted to build an interface for the reactive framework, where would I start?17:49
cory_fumbruzek: The docs (http://pythonhosted.org/charms.reactive/#relation-stubs) are pretty complete, but you likely want to start from one of the examples on http://interfaces.juju.solutions/17:52
cory_fumbruzek: The pgsql is the most complete example, I think17:53
cory_fumbruzek: Though the provides.py in mysql might be slightly easier to follow17:54
mbruzekcory_fu: These are all new to me and hard to follow, @not_unless ?17:56
cory_fuFrom the docs: "Assert that the decorated function can only be called if the desired_states are active."17:56
cory_fuThat one is actually entirely optional and is more intended to make the code easier to read and inspect.17:57
cory_fumbruzek: http://pythonhosted.org/charms.reactive/charms.reactive.decorators.html will of course be very helpful17:57
mbruzekhow is not_unless different than when?17:58
cory_fuAnd then the other docs page you'll care about for creating a relation stub is http://pythonhosted.org/charms.reactive/charms.reactive.relations.html17:58
cory_fumbruzek: not_unless does not trigger the handler.  It is nothing more than an assertion17:59
cory_fuAgain, for getting started, you can probably just ignore not_unless17:59
cory_fumbruzek: I'm happy to answer questions and help you get started, but I am still sick and sort-of swapping today, so I might be a bit slow at times to reply18:01
mbruzekcory_fu: I didn't know you were out today, I saw you responding in other channels so I figured you were working18:02
cory_fuBut feel free to ping me if you have questions18:02
mbruzekLet me RTFM and get back with questions18:02
cory_fuYeah, like I said, "sort-of swapping."  :p18:02
lazypowercory_fu, looks like it got the majority of us18:05
lazypoweryeah, half of eco is down with this gnarly bug18:07
lazypower*over half18:07
Slugs_i was logged into a juju machine runnning one of the ceph services and it issued the shutdown command22:01
Slugs_is there a way to start it back up?22:01
marcoceppiSlugs_: shutdown on the machinme?23:31
apuimedolazypower: how was the Charm summit?23:32
Slugs_marcoceppi: yes23:34
marcoceppiSlugs_: is it a cloud instance?23:34
Slugs_openstack private cloud single install23:34
Slugs_sorry for the lack of informaiion23:35
marcoceppiSlugs_: I don't understand, so what was the machine? A KVM? An openstack instance? a machine in MAAS?23:35
marcoceppiSlugs_: basically, you just need to "power" that machine back on23:35
marcoceppiSlugs_: juju should resume from there23:35
Slugs_ah ok, so juju has no control to power it on23:36
Slugs_i need to do that from somewhere else23:36
marcoceppiSlugs_: yes, juju is just a series of agents running in a machine, it does things like starting and stopping instances but only as a part of asking the substrate (aws, openstack, maas, etc) for a machine and stopping machines as a part of removing it23:37
marcoceppiSlugs_: having a juju machine on/off command isn't a terrible idea, we've just not had anyone ask for it yet ;)23:38
Slugs_i see to ask out of the box questions, however this is from lack of knowledge23:38
marcoceppiSlugs_: yeah, so juju talks to providers (aws, maas, etc) to get machines, then it does everything it needs to on top of them but doesn't really interact with the providers much out side of "gimme machine" and "get rid of machine"23:41
Slugs_yes this makes sense23:41

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