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lordievaderGood morning.07:38
Riddellknome: what's up with orion theme?09:00
knomeRiddell, did you read the backlog or should i recap for you?09:00
Riddellknome: is causes us have shimmer-themes in our packageset so you dont have it?09:00
knomebut we don't care about the orion theme, so if you want to use it, one option is simply to strip it from the shimmer-themes package and you get to keep orion :)09:01
knomebut it's unmaintained too, so it might not be what you ultimately want09:01
Riddellknome: this seems like a workaround for a problem which shouldn't exist?09:01
knomewe'll likely drop orion from the shimmer-themes package anyway09:01
Riddellwhat we ultimately want is a KDE Breeze theme for GTK 309:01
knomebecause as i said, it's not maintained09:02
Riddellhmm, that would allow us to work round the problem but then KDE is using and recommending an unmaintained theme09:02
knomeyou are already doing that :)09:02
Riddellnaughty us09:02
knomethe fact that it is recommended in shimmer-themes doesn't really mean it's maintained anyway09:02
knomeit's just... been left there; gtk3 moves really fast09:03
knomeso i guess it also wouldn't make sense for you to create a new kde breeze gtk3 theme right now, because it would likely get broken soon09:04
knomeso using orion for now isn't probably the worst option, especially if you want something that matches the breeze theme09:05
knomewith all that said, we're also ok if some packageset wizard fixes the error and lets us have shimmer-themes even if you use orion from it09:06
knomebut we acknowledge it might be much more work09:06
sneleRiddell: official breeze gtk2&gtk3 theme works well https://github.com/dirruk1/gnome-breeze09:22
snelei am using it for months without problems09:23
d_edsnele: aye, we're merging that for 5.509:36
Riddellsnele: excellent :)10:12
clivejoyofel sitter Riddell: anyone about?11:04
clivejohi Jonathan11:04
clivejocan you explain or point me in the direction explaining how the CI works?11:05
clivejowhat is kubuntu_stable, kubuntu_unstable11:05
clivejoIve broke http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/gpgmepp.git/11:08
clivejoand dont understand what I did to break it11:08
Riddellthis nifty setup is CI http://kci.pangea.pub/11:10
Riddellwe do packaging in kubuntu_wily_archive11:11
Riddelland that jenkins will notice commits and automatically merge them into kubuntu_stable and kubuntu_unstable11:11
Riddellthen build packages from KDE git in launchpad 11:11
Riddellwhere kubuntu_stable is the stable branches e.g. plasma/5.4 branch and kubuntu_unstable is master (so new features)11:11
Riddelland in theory we should make sure the kubuntu_stable and kubuntu_unstable branches all compile all the time11:12
Riddellthen when a new release comes we can just merge in kubuntu_stable or _unstable as appropriate and voila no more work cos it's already compiling11:12
clivejoIn this case, I made the changelog mistake, but sitter had commited a patch in the meantime for symbols11:16
clivejoI then made the changelog fix with a NOCI commit message11:17
clivejofound it wasnt bulding due to symbol issues, so tried to fix the symbols file.  Then got a you have broken it from kubuntu-ci bot11:18
Riddellit just says there's a merge ailure11:19
Riddellso you need to manually do that11:19
clivejoso looked at git and seen that sitter had applied a patch for symbols, so I reverted my changes11:19
clivejoit came back saying it was fixed11:19
clivejoso I uploaded that version (with sitters patch) to launchpad11:20
Riddellstill needs merge in the git packaging11:20
clivejobut it failed to build on LP again due to symbols11:20
Riddelldo you have git packaging?11:20
clivejoas in git-buildpackage-ppa?11:21
Riddellno just the git repository11:23
clivejowhich one?11:23
clivejobut Ive broken it11:24
Riddellclivejo:then git reset --hard 11:25
Riddellgit checkout kubuntu_stable11:25
Riddellgit merge kubuntu_wily_archive11:25
clivejocan you explain what Ive done wrong11:26
Riddellclivejo: I don't think you did anything wrong, it's just that the symbols were already updated in kubuntu_unstable so now they conflict when they get merged11:28
Riddellthat's fine, just fix it manually11:28
clivejodo I revert my symbols udate?11:29
Riddellyou merge it11:29
Riddellclivejo: so doing that?11:31
Riddellnow git checkout kubuntu_unstable11:31
Riddellgit merge kubuntu_stable11:31
Riddelloh no!11:32
Riddellso edit debian/libkf5gpgmepp-pthread5.symbols11:32
clivejowith the two symbols files11:32
BluesKaj'Morning all11:32
Riddellclivejo: and you can see the symbols are all the same it's just the symbolshelper-confirmed line that conflicts because it was confirmed twice11:33
Riddellso pick whichever one is neater, should probably say  # SymbolsHelper-Confirmed: 15.08.1 amd64 i38611:33
Riddellon both .symbols files11:33
Riddelland git add the .symbols files; git commit; git push11:33
Riddelland life is good11:33
clivejoso repackage and upload to LP?11:36
Riddellclivejo: ah now I see the second problem11:38
Riddellsome symbols have an epoch which isn't needed11:38
clivejohow did they get an epoch?11:39
Riddellclivejo: so fix that in kubuntu_wily_archive branch11:39
Riddellclivejo: because when I first packaged these I put an epoch on everything but then other convinced me to remove it when it wasn't needed11:39
clivejook, Im gonna grab lunch, but Ill be back11:39
knomed_ed, when's 5.5? :)11:42
Riddellknome: december11:46
Riddellso not wily11:46
knomebluesabre, ^11:48
Riddellclivejo: that's the build failing so I guess remove the epoch from the symbols and hopefully that'll succeed ↑12:05
clivejoI cant find any epochs12:08
clivejobut there are - 15.08.1+git20150917.1103+15.1012:08
clivejoshould it have the +git20150917.1103+15.10 appended to it?12:09
clivejoor do you mean the 4:15.07.90 ?12:15
Riddellclivejo: yep12:15
Riddellremove the 4:12:15
Riddellsed should do it12:15
clivejodo I change it to 15.08.01?12:15
clivejoI should change to the wily_archive for this?12:17
Riddellclivejo: yep12:23
clivejoRiddell: ok, upload this to LP?12:25
Riddellclivejo: yep12:25
clivejoRiddell: done :)12:26
Riddell!testers | frameworks 5.1412:32
ubottuframeworks 5.14: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information12:32
Riddelltesters: frameworks 5.14 now has kservice 5.14.3 with the fix in it so needs testing again http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.14.0_wily.html12:32
soeeare there any changes since last tests ?12:45
soeeah i see ... 12:45
clivejoyippppeee gpgmepp is green12:47
* Riddell gives clivejo his kubuntu ninja green belt12:53
Riddellsnele: yeah kservice12:54
Riddellsoee rather ↑12:54
clivejoRiddell: thanks!13:01
Riddellsitter: about? how can I change the build-deps of networkmanager-qt so it'll build on vivid in mobile ci? http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/job/vivid_unstable_networkmanager-qt_src/9/console13:03
BluesKajok 155 upgrades with the staging frameworks ppa ...here goes --.>13:04
BluesKajom Wily13:05
* clivejo wishes BluesKaj good luck and bon voyage13:06
BluesKajheh, clivejo, well I'll report back 13:07
BluesKajwhat can we expect ?13:08
soeeBluesKaj: i'v added staging paa to update this single package (kservice) and it is upgraded but i had kdeini5 crash and restart13:08
soeeRiddell: ^13:08
BluesKajsingle package? then why do I have 155 to upgrade?13:09
soeeBluesKaj: i used this ppa last week to upgrade networks, now i had only this package to update13:10
soee*frameworks ..13:10
BluesKajjust had kdeinit5 crash notification13:11
soeeyup, last time there was also krunner crash13:11
BluesKajyup ,just had that too13:11
sgclarkme three13:12
clivejoI feel left out!13:12
soeesgclark: wins13:12
BluesKajtime for some breakfast while this list of apps upgrades13:15
BluesKajwell ,just lost my desktop..rebooting13:25
flexiondotorgRiddell, FYI I've noticed that the Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu GNOME iso images are all 400MB larger than compared to 15.10 Beta 1.13:26
flexiondotorgLatex and a heap of additional fonts is the common new packages.13:26
flexiondotorgI'm just investigating what the root cause is.13:26
Riddellflexiondotorg: yeah sitter was saying, and stuff like aptdaemon has now been dragged on13:26
flexiondotorgRiddell, I ship aptdaemon anyway.13:27
flexiondotorgDiff all the manifest. Latex is b-i-g.13:27
flexiondotorg*I diffed13:27
Riddellhmm, aptdaemon is a nasty ubuntu fork, stops us getting newer packagekit :(13:27
flexiondotorgRiddell, I don't do packagekit in Ubuntu MATE. But, I see why that would mess up Kubuntu.13:28
BluesKajok rebooted, desktop seems ok, no crashes yet , browser loads, dolphin loads, muon loads, eveb sys settings seems stable13:35
Riddelloh for goodness sakes, ecm failed on powerpc only https://launchpadlibrarian.net/218469434/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-powerpc.extra-cmake-modules_5.14.0-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz13:38
Riddellgreat thanks for testing BluesKaj13:38
BluesKajRiddell, you're welcome, I'm curious to see what changes, if any 13:43
RiddellBluesKaj: it's just libraries so in theory nothing13:43
clivejoRiddell: do you have any idea what is wrong with kdepim - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/218361264/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.kdepim_4%3A15.08.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa2_BUILDING.txt.gz13:43
yofelah, symbols13:45
BluesKajok thanks, Riddell13:45
Riddellclivejo: goodness knows, just download the amd64 and i386 logs and run batchpatch on them13:49
clivejoI thought I did that already :/13:49
Riddellclivejo: probably you only did it for 1 architecture rather than both together13:49
clivejonope, did it for both13:50
clivejooh wait, version!13:50
yofelthe version is correct13:51
yofellooks like some arch-mismatch to me13:51
yofelbut I'm not sure why they changed again either13:52
yofelclivejo: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kdepim.git/diff/debian/libkdepim5.symbols?h=kubuntu_wily_archive13:53
yofelplease don't commit #MISSING lines13:53
clivejoit wasnt a private function so I didnt want to delete it13:54
clivejois it safe to remove?13:55
yofelwell, the # turns it into a comment, so for all practical puposes you already removed it13:55
yofelyou need to do the removal investigation before commiting13:55
clivejoI need to learn how to do that13:56
yofelwell, in this case, it doesn't look like we actually ship any API for those libs anymore (kdepim-dev), so anything is fine really13:57
clivejobut how do you determine that?13:57
yofelthe symbols correspond to functions in the C++ files (c++filt can translate that). To be able to use that, you would need to ship the header file for the API in a package (libfoo-dev) which we don't13:58
yofelso as nobody can actually use it, nobody will care if stuff is removed13:59
clivejoyofel: can #MISSING: 4:15.08.1# kleo_chiasmus_config_entries@Base 4:15.08.0 be removed then?14:03
yofelI would say yes14:03
clivejoRE: gwenview, it cant find  kf5kipi-config.cmake and kf5kdcraw-config.cmake14:11
clivejoanyone know if they are available and where?14:11
clivejolooking at other distros the package should be something like libkf5kipi-dev14:13
clivejois it libkipi-dev?14:15
clivejoand libkdcraw-dev ?14:16
flexiondotorgRiddell, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghostscript/9.16~dfsg~0-0ubuntu314:17
flexiondotorgShould be sorted on next spin.14:18
Riddellclivejo: they don't exist14:18
Riddellflexiondotorg: oh nice thanks14:18
clivejothey do in the staging PPA14:18
clivejoshould I add them as build deps?14:19
flexiondotorgRiddell, I'm doing a test respin now.14:20
flexiondotorgI'm a bit puzzled because Ubuntu MATE has no-follow-recommends enabled in the seeds.14:20
flexiondotorgSo, I should never have encountered this issue.14:21
flexiondotorgRiddell, After an ISO respin Ubuntu MATE is the correct size again.15:03
clivejohow have I broke it this time!!15:05
BluesKajhmm, konversation just disconnected for no reason15:09
Sho_have faith15:10
Sho_maybe you just don't know the reason~15:10
BluesKajnothing shows in either log /var/log or freenode15:10
clivejoRiddell: ping15:22
Riddellhi clivejo15:23
clivejoregarding marble15:23
clivejoMaxy has made a lot of changes15:23
clivejois there a way of applying them to the wily_archive branch?15:24
Riddellclivejo: well you can merge in the debian branch but is there something you want?15:37
Riddellclivejo: we'd normally merge in the debian stuff at the start of a release cycle, not a month from the end of one15:38
clivejohe seems to have fixed the issues15:38
yofelyeah, but point is: did he add anything that could cause problems? (during update, dependency wise, etc.)15:43
clivejojust curious15:44
clivejodo I copy over the ones I think will fix ours?15:44
yofelyou can cherry-pick stuff, sure15:45
Riddellclivejo: what problems has he fixed?15:48
clivejoclivejo: I dont know exactly, but looking at his work I can see where the problem is15:49
clivejoyofel taught me that!15:49
Riddellclivejo: the only problem I can see is it doesn't find the libquazip library but I don't think that's used in debian either15:49
clivejoI hate symbols15:57
Riddellyeah they're a pain16:05
Riddellbut not as much of a pain as tests16:05
clivejoRiddell: can I take a diff file and apply it to kubuntu_wily_archive?16:06
clivejoRiddell: this one ^16:06
clivejoor it best to make the changes manually myself?16:07
Riddellclivejo: yeah you can cherry-pick that16:09
Riddellgit cherry-pick 1bd8c03c80b2996215e0f193eef8b8e08af0959016:10
clivejowhat about the changelog entry?16:10
Riddelladd that yourself16:10
clivejobut part of his commit was to modify the changelog16:11
clivejoso there will be a conflict?16:11
mustafamHi, anybody using Plasma on wayland?16:28
mustafamI am using startplasmacompositor16:28
mustafamand it crashes when I do DISPLAY=:0 kate16:29
mustafamNow I am running this session on wayland16:29
mustafambut using "kwin_wayland --xserver konsole kate konversation" :)16:30
mustafamusing startplasmacompositor I only see the splash screen, when running an app from another tty I get a crash and  "org.kde.kwindowsystem: Could not find any platform plugin"16:32
mustafamDo you know what plugin does this mean? Package?16:32
Riddellclivejo: so edit it :)16:34
Riddellmustafam: not me, maybe try #plasma16:34
clivejoRiddell: are you working on networkmanager?16:35
Riddellclivejo: no, although I made a change to networkmanager-qt unstable for mobile kci16:36
mustafamRiddell: Thank you, good idea.16:36
clivejoRiddell: see kservice, it has a source code update.  how do you trigger a rebuild on KCI?16:43
Riddellclivejo: I think it checks for upstream changes periodically and builds those, and gets builds triggered on packaging changes16:45
Riddellyou can also log in and click the play button if you have privilages, I forget who has privilages now16:46
cortexA9hello all16:51
Riddellhi cortexA9!16:51
cortexA9hi Riddell 16:51
cortexA9i tried today the daily16:52
cortexA9awesome work16:52
cortexA9but i have a problem16:52
cortexA9it doesnt boot correctly on my asus notebook16:53
cortexA9only works on hp16:53
cortexA9it freeze i think16:54
cortexA9Riddell: can i do something?16:56
RiddellcortexA9: hm, hard to say, hold down shift when booting may let you get to grub which might let you remove silent from boot line or stop plymouth showing17:01
clivejoI have to boot with nomodeset on machines with nvidia GPU17:04
cortexA9Riddell: it works17:13
cortexA9with shift17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-54-gefcec90 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml (3 files)17:13
pursuivantDon't show the upgrade button on upgradeable applications in lists17:13
pursuivantFollowing VDG mockups17:13
cortexA9i am into the system17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-55-g882f2fe * Aleix Pol: discover/qml (2 files)17:13
pursuivantRemove the toolbar that exposes the current page settings17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-56-gcaa3c95 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/UpdateModel (4 files)17:13
pursuivantMake it possible to figure out the total updates and the ones that have been checked17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-57-g7e4aaa6 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/resources/ResourcesUpdatesModel.h17:13
pursuivantunify private slots17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-58-g1a788c3 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/resources/StandardBackendUpdater.cpp17:13
pursuivantInitialize attribute17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-59-gc2112bd * Aleix Pol: discover (4 files in 2 dirs)17:13
pursuivantAdopt vdg's progress update approach17:13
pursuivantInstead of a separate page, include it in the present upgrades page together17:13
pursuivantwith a fancy component at the top to control the view.17:13
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.0-60-g9bacab1 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml/SourcesPage.qml17:13
pursuivantAdopt the header on the sources page, from the updates17:13
pursuivantLet's see if we can reuse it further...17:14
soeehere @ home on my laptop also plasma crashed when upgrading kservice18:02
clivejohow is kdepim still failing!!18:10
clivejoyofel Riddell :  whats up with these symbols?18:13
Riddellclivejo: the build on http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.08.1_wily.html looks good18:20
Riddellclivejo: the "symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol" error is just talking about the plugin files but we don't care about their symbols18:20
Riddelldebian/rules can be changed to exclude those files but that's also faff18:20
Riddellclivejo: so aye I think kdepim is all good now18:21
clivejoIve run those new buildlogs into symbol helper and its not doing anything18:22
clivejoI dunno whats up with kig18:23
clivejoRiddell: can you look over apps 15.08.1?19:04
clivejoRiddell: could you delete kmailtransport - 4:15.07.90-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1  and 5 out of the staging PPA?19:36
clivejothey have the 4: epoch and overriding the instalation of the correct package19:37
Riddellclivejo: looks like you got kmailtransport - 15.08.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa2  in ok20:49
clivejoRiddell: yeah20:50
clivejobut cant figure out kig20:50
Riddellclivejo: it says can't install dependencies, so probably worth a retry incase something fixed itself, else you'll need to make an i386 chroot and try and install the stuff and see what breaks21:03
mparilloframeworks 5.14 is available through http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks/ubuntu right?21:37
Riddellmparillo: yes21:39
mparilloUpdated frameworks 5.14 is available through http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks/ubuntu Rebooted cleanly. Wireless, Rekonq, Kate, Konversation and Dolphin.all came up without issue.21:51
Riddelllovely thanks mamarley22:06
Riddelloh sorry mamarley, mparillo left22:07
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