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skippy_I have a question regarding kubuntu. I recently installed Ubuntu onto my main laptop and it runs fantastic. I plan on giving a small notebook I have (to be specific the acer aspire one D270-1824) to my sister, and would like to run a linux based OS on it, because windows 7 just doesn't run correctly on it and frankly it would be impossible to get windows 10 on it. Point is, is kubuntu a good OS to run on a 32 bit processor with onl03:18
svend-evGood morning05:37
ocnioswifi was working fine but now no networks are listed and when i click the networks icon i cant check the wireless box... help please!!06:20
ocniosi didn't change update/modify anything, rebooted and now no wifi!?!?06:21
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hateballocnios: what does "rfkill list" say? Do you see anything in "dmesg" ?06:50
hateballocnios: What wifi chipset are you using?06:50
ocniossoftand hard bloced yes06:50
ocniosi renamed wlan0 to skynet could that have broken things? i asked people before i did and they said it shouldn't cause issues.06:51
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ocniosnow i dont remeber cli syntax to revert it was 'kv or vk something?'06:51
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hateballocnios: I am guessing you edited /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules ?06:54
hateballit shouldnt be hard blocked for that tho, I dont think06:55
ocnioshateball: yes i did06:57
ocniosi tried to edit it again but it didn't let me change it back from skynet to wlan0 to see if it would fix it i can't remember sudo edit cli command for that file.....if that's the issue06:58
ocniosi changed it and it worked great for a week and now randomly i get nothing, rebooted 3x06:58
hateballocnios: sudo nano <file>06:59
hateballor kdesudo kate <file>06:59
ocnioshow do i save in nano hateball07:04
ocniosesc doesnt work to get to : and 'w'07:04
hateballocnios: ctrl+x07:05
hateballwell, it's quit. but it'll ask you to save modified07:06
ocnioshateball: http://hastebin.com/pafolodudi.pl07:15
hateballocnios: well hard block is usually due to physical switch, but can also be when missing firmware07:18
hateballocnios: so again, what chipset is it?07:18
hateballlspci or lsusb will tell you07:19
ocniosQualcomm Atheros AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)07:20
hateballocnios: what does "lspci -k|grep -A2 Network" say?07:24
hateballI am guessing it uses ath9k module?07:24
hateballyou should be able to see something with "dmesg" if it has trouble loading firmware07:25
hateballoh and also make sure the physical switch (if there is one) isnt actually blocking07:25
ocniosim a total idiot07:29
ocniosthere is no physical switch per se but i was switching virtual desktops and must have accidentally hit fn+ctrl3 which is the virtual wlan switch and disabled it thank you so much07:30
hateballocnios: at least it got solved :D07:32
ocniosI've had this ultrabook for 3 years and never once used that function/button. whew. was totally panicked for a moment on a metered connection with 200mb data until kill07:33
lordievaderGood morning.07:38
summentierGood morning! I was stumbling rummaging around the kubuntu IRC logs, but failed to get a definite answer:08:03
summentierSo I gather Plasma 5.4 is only coming to Kubuntu 15.10, right? There won't be any in the Kubuntu Backports? So, I'm so excited, does anybody have any experience with the 15.10 beta yet? Is it stable enough to use?08:04
lordievadersummentier: It is stable, but it is never recommended to run a development release on production.08:08
summentierlordievader: thanks! well, it's clear that by running a beta I am peeling off the warranty sticker. But I feel the same applies to kubuntu-backports in a way. So I just wanted to get a sense of stability for 15.04+backports vs. 15.10 beta ...08:14
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steve-_-the 15.10 update made havoc in the vmware machine I updated. modemManager had issues during install. now it won't even boot. not a big deal since this is just playing with linux. but if that were a real user installation I'd be rather unhappy I guess09:55
steve-_-known issue?09:55
lordievaderNot to me. Can you still get a shell?09:55
steve-_-status quo http://imgur.com/PrCYdht09:56
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lordievadersteve-_-: Can you send ctrl + alt + f2 to the vm?09:57
steve-_-shut down and restarted now logging back in.10:00
steve-_-ctrl + alt F2 sent me to a shell login10:02
steve-_-so that#s where I am now10:02
lordievadersteve-_-: Run: sudo apt-get install -f10:03
steve-_-0upgraded 0 newly installed  0 to remove 1 not upgraded10:05
lordievaderHmm, is the plasma-desktop package installed?10:11
steve-_-I do not know, not a real CLI hero here.10:11
lordievaderdpkg -l |grep plasma-dekstop10:11
steve-_-this is hard. it has the wrong keyboard language since nothing is right10:12
steve-_-I don't know where to find | in that other language keyboard10:13
steve-_-it'S not a problem. I can just wait for the final, setup a new VM and continue linux adventures there10:13
steve-_-just thought I'd let you know in case this is a common problem10:13
BluesKaj'Morning all11:32
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TJ-Where does Trusty/KDE store the Wallpaper image file-paths ?13:14
BluesKajfor desktop images I just use some pics from my own files13:16
TJ-I'm looking for where the file-paths are stored, grep has so far not found anything13:17
hateballTJ-: ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc13:23
hateballthat's on 14.0413:23
TJ-Something very strange going on; I'm not see those files (I recall there were 4 there a couple months ago)13:27
TJ-Arggggh!! what a *%&! fool I am!13:29
TJ-I switched out the original HDD for an SSD and installed 15.10. I've been mounting the HDD Trusty (LVM) install to /mnt/target/ via UUID entries in fstab. In the Trusty VG there are 2 /home/ LVs (Home and Home_recovered). They both have the same UUID. I'm sure you can guess the rest :)13:32
regeditTJ-: so i recently discovered the ultimate solution to my dual booting headaches13:45
regeditnot sure if i told you about my attempts to virtualbox my ubuntu installation within the windows installation...13:46
BluesKajusually the reverse is better13:46
regeditTJ-: alas, Unity3D has preview builds for Ubuntu! :D13:47
regedittherefore I have almost no reason to continue hanging on to windows13:47
regedithttp://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-on-linux-release-notes-and-known-issues.350256/#post-2298239 :D13:48
regeditjust wondering; is it possible / complicated to expand an ubuntu partition to the whole drive? Currently my first partition (half the drive) is for windows, and 2nd one is ubuntu swap, 3rd is ubuntu13:50
hateballregedit: use gparted-live and you can change pretty much anything13:51
regeditnice, so ubuntu doesnt have "unmovable" files and such?13:51
regeditcool cool13:52
hateballproblem is that you have swap in the middle13:52
TJ-This is why LVM is a must-have when installing13:52
hateballso you'd need to decrease ntfs partition size, then delete swap partition, and then reclaim unused space to the ext4 for ubuntu, then create new swap13:53
hateballbut the new swap will get a new uuid, so your /etc/fstab will be broken13:53
TJ-You can assign the same UUID if you want to13:53
hateballwell, yeah13:53
TJ-If swap is encrypted, fstab would be ok13:54
BluesKajregedit, depends which direction the partition is expanding, but i found that just deleting the windows partition and leaving it unallocated speeds the process a lot , delete your swap and add it afterwards. It will be fast due to the empty space if you use the end of the drive13:55
hateballwell if you fully delete the ntfs partition then I guess GRUB will be a bit sad13:57
* regedit takes notes13:57
TJ-hateball: why is that?13:57
BluesKajgrub is easily repaired, with boot repair or install grub in gparted13:58
hateballTJ-: well just for missing entries :)13:59
TJ-grub is in the ESP, and the /boot/ file-system. Deleting the Windows partition(s) won't upset things.13:59
BluesKajboot-repair is a handy cd to have around13:59
BluesKajor usb13:59
TJ-regedit: You'd need to remember to delete the Windows boot menu entry from UEFI, using Linux efibootmgr13:59
regeditTJ-: true dat14:00
BluesKajoh gawd forgot about that damn uefi again14:00
regeditTJ- remembers the intricacies of my system in his nightmares by now :D14:00
TJ-regedit: make the former NTFS partition an LVM PV, create (or add it to an existing) VG, and use the space!14:01
TJ-regedit: :D too true14:01
regeditTJ-: oh so i should make a separate partition out of it? not extend the ubuntu one?14:02
hateballif you're not already using LVM it is much simpler extending the current partition14:02
TJ-regedit: if the system isn't currently using LVM, you could clone it over into the new LVM config using the former Windows space, boot that, then make the now-former Ubuntu space another PV, add it to the live VG, and you have a fully LVMed system14:02
TJ-regedit: if the system isn't currently using LVM, you could clone it over into the new LVM config using the former Windows space, boot that, then make the now-former Ubuntu space another PV, add it to the live VG, and you have a fully LVMed system14:03
regeditwhoopsie what did i miss14:03
TJ-regedit: When there's existing partitions its much easier to reallocate them to LVM than to try shuffling existing partition data around14:03
regedithow can i check if it's currently lvm?14:03
TJ-regedit: "sudo vgdisplay"14:04
regeditcommand not found14:04
TJ-regedit: It's not LVM :p14:04
regeditk :)14:04
hateballIt's not exactly much work "shuffling" data when using gparted14:04
hateballyou rightclick the partition and tell it to grow to the unused space :p14:04
TJ-hateball: If the Windows NTFS partition is the first 1/2 of the disk and Ubuntu is at the end, the entire Ubuntu data would need relocating14:05
hateballTJ-: Yep14:05
hateballIt just takes a bit of time is all14:05
hateballDepending on the amount of data and such14:05
regeditit is an SSD, so there's that14:06
hateballThen it's not gonna take very much time at all14:06
hateballLVM is nicer tho, for flexibility.14:07
hateballIt can always be done later anyhow14:08
rejakhello, I just installed kubuntu and wanted to update my packages with muon. but according to the /var/log/apt/term.log file muon get's stucked at a luks password prompt14:22
rejakthe last line is: "Please enter passphrase for disk kubuntu--vg-swap_1 (cryptswap1) on none!". Is it save to kill the update process and restart it on a shell?14:23
rejakI've found out via ps -A that the terminal i/o lives at /dev/pts/2. so I executed echo "password" > /dev/pts/2, now the last line of /var/log/apt/term.log reads "Please enter passphrase for disk kubuntu--vg-swap_1 (cryptswap1) on none! password"14:34
rejakbut what now?14:34
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BluesKajOk on my phone16:01
BluesKajBit of a newb16:03
BluesKajok this auto complete  is a pita16:05
ranveeraggarwalHi all. I have been using kubuntu 15.04. Suddenly, today everything became read only and I'm unable to edit any file or mount an external drive. Any clue as to what can be done?18:33
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Is it mounted ro?18:48
ranveeraggarwallordievader: no idea. How do I mount it as rw if it's not?18:50
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Check 'mount' to see if it is mounted as ro.18:50
lordievaderDon't jump to solutions, investigate the problem first.18:51
ranveeraggarwalIt says rw18:51
ranveeraggarwal(rw, nosuid, nodev, uhelper=udisks2) is what I see18:52
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Ok, so what errors do you get when you try to create a file?18:52
ranveeraggarwalIt says it's read only. Cannot create file18:52
ranveeraggarwalSimilarly, I tried backing up my data, but it won't mount an external drive18:53
TJ-What is the it in "it says" and what is the it in "it's read only" ?18:54
ranveeraggarwalI try to create a directory using dolphin18:55
TJ-"nosuid nodev" is not the root file-system - possibly an ecryptfs or cgroup18:55
lordievaderSounds like it remouted due to errors.18:55
TJ-ranveeraggarwal: in a terminal, "pastebinit <( mount )" and give us the URL it reports18:56
sithlord48or missing permissions on the mount point.18:56
ranveeraggarwalAlso, when I boot it, it boots into emergency mode18:56
ranveeraggarwalThen, I press Ctrl+D where it boots into kubuntu and I can't do anything with it.18:57
sithlord48reading back yeah sounds like a drive issue...18:57
ranveeraggarwalHas my hard drive been corrupted somehow? Windows installation still works18:58
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Could you pastebin the output of 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda'?18:58
ranveeraggarwalSure, just a sec18:58
ranveeraggarwallordievader, sithlord48, TJ- thanks, I tried to fix the partition using a bootable drive and it worked :)19:00
sithlord48oh good :D19:01
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: I'd still like to see the smart output.19:01
ranveeraggarwalit's now back to rw, though still in emergency mode :/19:01
ranveeraggarwallordievader: damn! I can't sudo19:01
ranveeraggarwalsudo: unable to open /var/lib/sudo/ranveer/1: No such file or directory19:01
ranveeraggarwalOkay, so it's still not fixed :/19:01
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: You should be able to get a root shell through the emergency mode, right?19:03
ranveeraggarwallordievader: Yeah19:03
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Open a root shell through there and then run the smartctl command without sudo.19:04
ranveeraggarwallordievader: alright, just a sec19:05
ranveeraggarwallordievader: smartctl ain't installed :/19:06
lordievaderCould you install it?19:06
lordievaderapt-get install smartmontools19:07
ranveeraggarwallordievader: temporary failure in resolving 'urls'19:09
lordievaderHmm, I suppose you have no internet connection? Wired or wireless?19:10
ranveeraggarwalI do. Wireless. I'll try to connect it via a cable19:11
sithlord48networking may be off while in that mode..19:11
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lordievadersithlord48: But can likely be started.19:11
sithlord48lordievader:  of course19:11
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Setting up a wired connection is a lot easier, so please do connect it ;)19:13
ranveeraggarwalSure, on it19:13
ranveeraggarwallordievader: done. What next?19:14
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Run: ip l s <interface-name> up19:14
lordievaderAnd check if it gets an ip.19:14
ranveeraggarwalWhat would the interface name be? ifconfig shows only loopback19:16
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: What intefaces does 'ip l' show?19:17
ranveeraggarwalThere's an eth019:18
sithlord48that would be your wire19:18
ranveeraggarwalThe previous command returns empty19:18
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: ip l s eth0 up19:18
lordievader^ shouldn't return anything19:18
ranveeraggarwalYes, doesn't19:18
lordievaderDoes 'ip a s eth0' show an ip address?19:18
ranveeraggarwalNope, it doesn't19:19
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Ok, dhclient eth019:19
lordievaderThen run 'ip a s eth0' again, it should show an ip address this time.19:20
sithlord48what happens if you start networking?  /etc/init.d/networking start  . it should bring up that interface19:20
ranveeraggarwallordievader: Error getting authority19:20
lordievadersithlord48: That does pretty much the same as above.19:20
sithlord48lordievader: i know19:20
ranveeraggarwalIt fails19:21
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: That error I haven't seen before.19:21
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Do you know your network settings?19:22
ranveeraggarwallordievader: nope, not really19:22
ranveeraggarwalUnable to access them, my filesystem seems to be locked19:22
ranveeraggarwalI'm thinking of taking a backup via a bootable usb and going for a clean install19:23
sithlord48reboot hold shit to get the grub menu and try the option to fix broken packages. this will bring up networking and should mount discs in rw19:23
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Hold on.19:23
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: run 'mount -o remount,rw /' then run mount to confirm.19:24
sithlord48that is recovery mode . then the option to fix broken packages19:24
ranveeraggarwalOkay, I'll try this too19:24
ranveeraggarwallordievader: it now shows rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered19:28
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: That is good, does the dhclient command work now?19:28
ranveeraggarwallordievader: nope, same error19:29
lordievaderStill no ip, I guess?19:30
lordievaderThen go with sithlord48 suggestion.19:31
sithlord48ranveeraggarwal:  before you restart19:31
sithlord48ranveeraggarwal:  did it remount ur drive as ro?19:31
ranveeraggarwalNope, it didn't19:32
sithlord48ok thats a good sign19:32
ranveeraggarwalAlright, I'm in recovery mode19:33
sithlord48select the option to fix packages19:33
ranveeraggarwalThere's the recovery menu and it says that the filesystem state is read-only19:33
sithlord48that should mount your drive in RW and set your network connection (then try to fix them )19:33
sithlord48that is normal for recovery mode.19:33
ranveeraggarwalYay it's now read/write19:35
ranveeraggarwalWhat next?19:35
sithlord48you have the wire pluged in ?19:35
sithlord48try the option for networking if you back at the menu19:35
ranveeraggarwalOh damn, I just remembered. My internet requires a sign in through a browser19:36
sithlord48that might be a problem19:38
ranveeraggarwalI can try logging in through curl19:40
ranveeraggarwalJust a sec19:40
KSXwhats the diffrence between openbox and kde/openbox ?19:41
ranveeraggarwalNope, doesn't work19:41
sithlord48openbox you get just a wm .. openbox/kde you get kde using openbox for its wm (this is a guess)19:41
bpromptKSX:    I think it's openbox using widgets pretty much, I've run it, well, actually I do run it, since I run lxde and lxde wm uses openbox pretty much, but I've run the openbox/kde, couldn't tell much difference from kwin IIRC, then again, I didn't run it for long19:47
KSXi installed openbox on kubuntu and i can choose "plasma" and "openbox" in the login screen, but there is no "kde/openbox"19:47
KSXbprompt, ok19:48
ranveeraggarwalsithlord48: I had lynx. It worked19:48
sithlord48ksx. at the login screen that if for the session you want to start..19:49
KSXits not a big deal as i can use conky instead of widgets19:49
bpromptKSX:      use the openbox option :), it'd be like that, kde/openbox per se, bear in mind that kde is just a framework, you do not have to run "kwin", the kde windows manager, to use kde apps, I use lxde wm, but run many kde apps19:49
ranveeraggarwalsithlord48, lordievader: I now have systemctl installed. What next?19:49
sithlord48ranveeraggarwal: tell us what smartctl says about you drive.19:49
lordievaderWait, systemctl wasn't installed?19:49
lordievaderBut yeah, ^ that.19:50
ranveeraggarwalWhat do you want to know in that?19:50
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: We want everything ;)19:51
ranveeraggarwallordievader: how do I do so?19:51
ranveeraggarwalI can't open irc over there19:51
lordievaderpastebin, sneakernet, something else ;)19:51
ranveeraggarwallordievader, sithlord48: ^19:53
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: MAKE A BACKUP, NOW!19:54
lordievaderThat drive is failing.19:54
ranveeraggarwallordievader: so the hard drive is dead?19:54
lordievader16 pending sectors, quite a number of read errors.19:54
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: It ain't dead, but it is dying.19:54
sithlord48every thing smart flags is pre-fail or old_age .. yeah back that data up  now19:55
ranveeraggarwallordievader: so, hardware issue, eh?19:55
sithlord48drive has over 9000 hours powered on ..19:56
sithlord48well i gtg all later.19:57
BluesKajbigger drives have a shorter lifespan it seems , lost a 1Tb after 3 yrs19:58
ranveeraggarwalThank you all. Time to make a backup :D19:58
ranveeraggarwalAnd contact the vector vendor for a new hard drive20:00
ronnocwooo upgrading to Beta 2 \o/20:00
ronnocmarco-parillo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta2/Kubuntu20:06
marco-parilloI wrote that, because I never know what I will be doing during release week, but if you follow the link to get Kubuntu I think you will find Beta-2 is not there yet: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/wily/20:08
ronnocmarco-parillo: so will my do-release-upgrade currently transpiring on this machine go OK? lol20:09
marco-parilloIt did. I updated that also. You may find some of your icons on your favorites missing. Just remove them, and re-add them.20:10
ronnocok thanks. If I find any issues I'll let you know and we can go from there. Icons are no big deal.20:11
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keithzgUhhh . . . huh. A live disk session of 15.04 I left running now is displaying nothing on VT7 (just goes to no signal).20:44
keithzgI still get prompts on the non-LightDM VTs, though. So, err, what's the default user/pass combo?20:45
Unit193kubuntu kubuntu20:45
keithzgAhhh, thanks Unit19320:45
keithzgFrom my memory I was still thinking it was "ubuntu" and blank.20:46
* keithzg runs back over to the server room20:46
Unit193Oh hrm, yeah password is blank.20:46
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keithzgHeh yeah once kubuntu/kubuntu didn't work I tried that and got back in.20:51
regeditargh dual monitor touble21:46
regeditthis application spawned a sub-window which is decidedly out of view21:47
regeditoutside of the monitor areas completely21:47
regeditit doesnt even have its taskbar entry, so i cant even move it21:47
regedithow can i get a handle on such a window and place it somewhere sane (i.e. visible) ?21:47
Vitoalt + tab doesn't help?21:51
regeditVito: in the end i found alt + f3 helped22:03
Vitooh true, I missed alt + f322:06
Vitoyou're welcome22:06
frendahey there22:06
frendaHow can I open this dashboard: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/plasma-fullscreen-dashboard-750x468.jpg22:06
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pablomederosalguna idea de qué es linux?23:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:01
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rptswhy does apt-get tryes to install old kernel verison23:55
rptsi have 4.2 and is trying to isntall 3.1923:55

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