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blrcjwatson: are you about?21:30
cjwatsonlittle bit, what's up?21:30
blrcjwatson: interested in how you're testing snap builds locally21:31
cjwatsonblr: running with http://paste.ubuntu.com/12517426/ (probably not all strictly necessary, but last bit definitely is)21:32
cjwatsonand with the snap.allow_new feature flag set21:32
cjwatsonthat should be about all you need21:32
blris the gpghandler related?21:32
cjwatsonassuming you have an otherwise functional builder21:32
cjwatsonI think that was a temporary hack for some other reason, ignore it21:33
cjwatsonand default_batch_size was just to make it easier to see what was going on in some bits of UI21:33
cjwatsonso basically, you just want21:34
cjwatsontools_source: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/snappy-dev/snapcraft-daily/ubuntu %(series)s main21:34
blrthank you :)21:34
cjwatsonblr: I also reasonably routinely just run launchpad-buildd slavebin scripts by hand rather than bothering to go through an LP master, if I'm just trying to work on buildd itself21:37
cjwatsonblr: you can look for the RUN: lines in an existing build log and copy and paste them, just changing the build ID; you need to 'mkdir build-$YOUR_CHOSEN_BUILD_ID' (I usually just set the ID to 1 for less typing) in ~buildd first21:38
cjwatsonand make sure to do the umount-chroot / remove-build steps at the end even if it fails, or you'll get confused21:39
blrcjwatson: what's the path to the slavebin scripts?21:39
cjwatsonsee e.g. https://launchpadlibrarian.net/218457654/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_vivid_ppc64el_wget_BUILDING.txt.gz21:39
cjwatsonyou have to decode the debug output, so:21:40
cjwatsonRUN: /usr/share/launchpad-buildd/slavebin/unpack-chroot ['unpack-chroot', 'SNAPBUILD-9', '/home/buildd/filecache-default/a33a4a88601a2e76ec85f8a99d2254dbf2d0d1ac']21:40
cjwatson/usr/share/launchpad-buildd/slavebin/unpack-chroot SNAPBUILD-9 /home/buildd/filecache-default/a33a4a88601a2e76ec85f8a99d2254dbf2d0d1ac21:40
blrexcellent, thanks21:40
cjwatsonfile names in the filecache are sha-1s of the content21:40
cjwatsonand you'll want to have an appropriate chroot downloaded with manage-chroot and prepopulated in the filecache21:41
cjwatsona reason to do this for snaps is that it saves you from also having to have an appropriate local codehosting/git setup that the builder can talk to - that might be easy or it might not :)21:42
cjwatsonsometimes it's easier not to have N different environments all running and working at once just to test one thing :)21:42
blrcjwatson: it certainly feels like quite a few balls to juggle at times :)21:43
cjwatsonright, so I always prefer to figure out how to run stuff in isolation if I can21:43
cjwatsonyou can also start up the buildd and send xmlrpc requests to it by hand21:44
cjwatsonshould be something like proxy.build('1', 'snap', 'sha-1 of chroot', {}, {"name": "blah", "arch_tag": "amd64", "archives": [list of sources.list lines including the snapcraft-daily PPA], "archive_private": False, "git_repository": "git repo URL", "git_path": "master"})21:47
blrright... and the build proxy endpoint21:48
cjwatsonyeah, as in HowToRunSoyuzLocally21:48
blrI'm passing that through _extraBuildArgs in snapbuildhaviour which afaict is correct.21:49
blrthanks colin, will have more questions at the end of the day no doubt.21:50
cjwatsonblr: all the primary web UI for snap building is in place now, so if you want to create a test build for yourself to dig sample information out of then you can start from Branch:+index or GitRef:+index21:50
cjwatsonshould be obvious from there21:50
blrmorning wgrant21:56

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