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wulfgarprowhy do i get permission denied when i've updated my ssh pub key?07:01
wulfgarproim running bzr branch ubuntu:xscreensaver07:01
wulfgarproand i get: Permission denied (publickey).07:02
wulfgarproi've verified my public key and it's fine07:02
wgrantwulfgarpro: What's your Launchpad username?07:02
wgrantAh, your key is corrupt.07:02
wgrantIt's full of spaces.07:02
wgrantThose shouldn't be there.07:02
wulfgarproah shit07:03
wgrantThe only spaces should be after "ssh-rsa" and before "james@wulfgar-lt"07:03
wgrantAs it is now, everything from "8cF9" is considered to be part of the key description.07:03
wulfgarproclip to the rescue07:03
wulfgarprothanks wgrant07:04
quazimodois it just me or is it nearly impossible to undrestand how to quickly go from making .deb's to making ppa 'things' that i cat apt-get install09:57
cjwatsonMaking debs involves making a source package.  If you can do that then sticking it in a PPA is a matter of https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading10:06
cjwatson(If you're not making debs by way of a source package, you're doing it wrong!)10:06
rbasak"https://code.launchpad.net/~OWNER/DISTRIBUTION/+source/SOURCE/+git/REPOSITORY This identifies a repository for a source package in a distribution.11:31
rbasakCan I use this today for packaging work?11:31
rbasakI understand I'll need to upload normally, but I'd like somewhere to put some shared docker.io packaging work that I'm handling in git.11:31
rbasakThe root commit is imported from the archive manually (so doesn't represent true history)11:32
rbasakSo lp:~ubuntu-server/ubuntu/+source/docker.io/+git/packaging perhaps?11:34
cjwatsonYes, you can use it today11:34
rbasakSounds good, thanks.11:35
cjwatsonThe main piece of package repositories that doesn't work yet is that there's no way to designate a default repository (i.e. lp:ubuntu/+source/SOURCE)11:35
cjwatsonWe're holding off on that until we have something that can reasonably work for all packages, which will probably be dgit ior similar11:35
cjwatson*or similar11:36
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wulfgarproim new to lp, how do bugs get "closed"23:07
wgrantwulfgarpro: Usually by setting the status to "Fix Released", "Invalid" or "Won't Fix"23:10
wulfgarproim new to lp, how do bugs get "closed"23:49
wgrantwulfgarpro: Usually by setting the status to "Fix Released", "Invalid" or "Won't Fix"23:52

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