CooloutACholstein: i saw that thread,  none of those options work for me00:33
CooloutACi have no whoopsie in /etc/default,   and apt-get purge or remove wants to remove lubuntu00:33
CooloutACi also don't see a system settings,privac, diagnostics option in lxde00:34
ianorlynCooloutAC: you are on 15.04 at least right00:54
CooloutACianorlyn: ya00:54
ianorlynthink documentation might not have been updated for systemd yet00:54
ianorlynmaybe try sudo systemctl disable whoopsie.service00:54
CooloutACya tried it00:55
ianorlyndid not work?00:56
CooloutACno,  well I didn't put .service not sure that would matter00:56
CooloutACi did do sudo stop whoopsie which went through00:56
CooloutACbut it was still running when i did service --status-all00:56
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randomuser_Just wondering if anyone can help me. Installed Lubuntu 14.04.3 and everything is fine except that I can't connect to a PPTP VPN server. I can do it with my Windows box. Here's my var/log/syslog: http://pastebin.com/Ns6dxkKa12:09
phillwtsimonq2: you rang?12:19
tsimonq2randomuser_: You would probably get better help over at #ubuntu12:19
tsimonq2randomuser_: On this specific subject12:19
randomuser_tsimonq2: thanks for responding. I did that, didn't get any reply, or at least not yet. I may need to ask this in reddit.12:24
phillwrandomuser_: please repeat the question, tsimonq2 called me in to see if i could be of assistance.12:27
randomuser_phillw: wow thanks! I Installed Lubuntu 14.04.3 64-bit and everything is fine except that I can't connect to a PPTP VPN server. I can do it with my Windows box http://pastebin.com/Ns6dxkKa12:29
randomuser_the pastebin is my /var/log/syslog12:29
phillwrandomuser_: this is pretty recent post, and certainly worth a read and possible try.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/642456/cant-connect-to-pptp-vpn-server12:31
randomuser_phillw: i actually did that and still got the same problem12:32
phillwrandomuser_: then have a read of http://blog.geeky.name/post/2011/03/17/PPTP%3A-Ubuntu-Client-connect-to-Windows-VPN-Server12:33
randomuser_also did that :(12:34
Kamilionrandomuser_: the error message is pretty clear12:34
randomuser_i also made sure there's no whitespace int he gatewat address section as there seems to be a bug with whitespaces12:34
Kamilion"invalid gateway 'gateway'"12:34
randomuser_just this morning i actually tried the 32-bit version inside vmware workstation (from a different place, tho) and it worked without problem12:35
randomuser_i may need to try 32-bit on this machine to make sure this only happens to 64-bit version...12:36
KamilionPPTP is quite finicky12:37
Kamilionrandomuser_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/620748/pptp-vpn-not-working-on-ubuntu-15-04-but-works-on-ubuntu-14-04-1012:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1452941 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "PPTP VPN fails to connect in 15.04, but works in 14.04/14.10" [High,Confirmed]12:39
ubottuGnome bug 733296 in VPN: PPTP "networkmanager-pptp add route fails" [Normal,New]12:39
randomuser_are they the same bug? seems like it shows up with different error msg12:41
randomuser_k i'll whip up both 32-bot and 64-bit in vm and see if i encounter same prob\12:43
Kamilionnot the same bug, but the gnome bug was linked in the comments of the launchpad bug12:52
randomuser_hmmm interesting14:00
randomuser_both 32-bit and 64-bit have the same problem14:01
randomuser_i'm starting to suspect i broke something when i uninstall a lot of apps after fresh install14:01
Kamilionrandomuser_: possible.14:54
KamilionI do the same thing.14:54
Kamilionkill off abiword and gnumeric14:54
Kamilionas well as a bunch of media libraries I don't need on a server14:54
randomuser_ok i tried them again n double checked. Fresh i386 would connect, amd64 wouldn't15:08
Kamilionas I said, PPTP is quite finicky :/15:10
Kamilionhttps://github.com/pritunl paired with some modifications to the https://github.com/proxysh clients would probably work out better.15:12
Kamilionor, well, just use putty/kitty and SSH forwarding from windows, and SSH VPN from other *nixs15:12
Kamilionhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VPN_over_SSH   <--- one of the better guides15:13
tewardKamilion: 15.04 PPTP not working or something?15:15
* teward pulls up his 15.04 env15:15
Kamilionrandomuser_'s experience seems to indicate so15:15
randomuser_i'm using 14.04.315:15
tewardrandomuser_: and you experience the issue there?15:16
randomuser_yes. but it only applies to the 64-bit version15:16
tewardthankfully i have a 14.04 VM I can test on15:17
tewardAND a known-to-work PPTP VPN server :P15:17
randomuser_haven't used irc for a while now. modern emoji for irc would be nice15:18
randomuser_cant do a thumbs up15:19
tewardrandomuser_: give me a minute to update the VM, been a while since it's been running (so I'm pulling in all the updates).  It's a 14.04.2 system but once upgrades to packages are done it should match, i think15:20
* teward is also downloading a .3 ISO now15:20
randomuser_ok. Thanks for your trouble!15:20
tewardno trouble at all15:20
tewardi'm also testing my RPi with the same setup, HOPEFULLY it works :P15:20
teward(because 15.04, although not Lubuntu :/)15:20
teward(network manager is still network manager xD015:21
tewardrandomuser_: i don't have all the scrollback, what do you see when you try to VPN?15:21
tewardinstalling VPn plugins now lol15:26
tewardthen a VM restart for the kernel :)15:26
tewardrandomuser_: i can't replicate from here... :/15:34
randomuser_which packages did you install to enable your pptp connection?15:35
tewardnetwork-manager-pptp and dependencies.  I can't establish PPTP connection at all though... give me a second15:38
tewardtail your entire syslog though15:39
tewardbecause pptp and pppd give data15:39
tewardlooks like even good pptp connections aren't working in Lubuntu 14.04.215:45
tewardlet me test my main Ubuntu15:46
tewardrandomuser_: i hate to ask, but why pptp?16:01
randomuser_yeah, i figured the question will pop out. Unfortunately the vpn server is out side my control16:02
tewardallow me to point out the idiocy of PPTP since MSCHAP and other encrypted auth methods, (others are plaintext on PPTP) are cracked16:03
tewardrandomuser_: well, even with a valid server, I can't get PPTP to connect.  TBH I like OpenVPN better :P16:04
randomuser_i guess this has to wait until at least next year to resolve16:06
randomuser_the vpn server is a friend's router. i believe it won't run openvpn. Gotta wait until i fly there and either mod the router or replace it.16:09
tewardrandomuser_: so, just using it to proxy?16:10
tewardor to get into their net lol16:10
randomuser_yeah, mostly to buy games16:11
randomuser_internet infrastructure there is really slow anyway.16:12
randomuser_going to sleep now. Thanks guys for the inputs!16:37
Freddie_MercurySo I installed the Typhoon weather widget on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS; however, whener I run it, it takes up a space in the task bar as if it were a full program and not just a widget confined to the desktop.16:52
Freddie_MercuryHow do I fix that?16:52
Freddie_Mercuryhttp://www.noobslab.com/2014/05/typhoon-conky-alternative-widget.html <<< This is what I got.16:52
wxlafaik, that's a problem with the widget, Freddie_Mercury16:52
Freddie_MercuryI see, wxl.16:53
Freddie_MercuryThing is, I watched people on YouTube giving instructions on how to download it, and their widget seems to behave like a widget should. o.016:53
Freddie_MercuryIt's what confuses me.16:53
wxlon lubuntu?16:54
wxland/or on a system with lxde?16:54
Freddie_MercuryNo, iirc this was vanilla Ubuntu with GNOME and Unity.16:55
Freddie_MercuryIs that important?16:55
wxlabsolutely essential.16:55
Freddie_MercuryI see.16:55
wxlif you get ubuntu it will work fine XD16:55
Freddie_Mercury...there's an issue with that; I kind of want to avoid Unity.16:56
Freddie_MercuryMaybe I'll try on Xubuntu, I dunno.16:56
wxli doubt it will be much better16:56
wxlit's probably made for gnome16:56
wxlmost are, in general16:56
Freddie_MercuryIs this why when I tried Conky it was buggy as hell?16:57
Freddie_MercuryAnyway, I'm checking out another weather widget: http://www.noobslab.com/2015/04/gis-weather-widget-updated-and-now.html17:05
Freddie_MercuryThis one seems to work better.17:05
wxlFreddie_Mercury: yay! yeah. that's kind of the problem with the different desktop environments. they don't share the same pieces and those that do don't necessarily work the same way.17:06
wxlFreddie_Mercury: a good widget developer thinks about all of them, but that's sometimes asking too much XD17:06
Freddie_Mercurywtf? Now this widget disappears when I iconify all windows. :|17:06
Freddie_MercuryWhy does the *widget* disappear?17:06
wxlthat's utterly bizarre17:07
wxlagain a widget problem :(17:07
phillwFreddie_Mercury: use the weather applet that comes with lubuntu :)17:13
Freddie_MercuryWhere is that.17:14
phillwFreddie_Mercury: right click on the task bar, Add / Remove Panel Items, Panel Applets, Add .... select weather applet and configure, click 'add' then use the up / Down to position it where you want it17:15
phillwYou'll find lots of little applets that you can add without having to try adding other stuff on top of the system :)17:16
Freddie_Mercuryphillw: Wow. O.O17:24
Freddie_MercuryThis is all new to me.17:24
Freddie_Mercuryphillw, there's a small issue; apparently, there's no 'weather applet' option when I press "Add"...17:27
Freddie_Mercuryphillw: This is what I see. http://i.imgur.com/Qo3L9lN.png17:27
phillwAhh, must not be in your version :(17:30
Freddie_MercuryI use Lubuntu 14.04 LTS.17:30
phillwI'm on a newer version17:32
phillw15.10 ... I'm a tester, not sure when weather applet was added though.17:32
Freddie_MercuryI don't understand; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/917360 << This is a bug from a Lubuntu version from a while ago.17:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 917360 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "weather applet doesn't show temperature Lubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:32
Freddie_MercuryUbuntu 12.10 is what one of the persons there reports.17:33
Freddie_MercurySo, what, they removed it, and put it back...?17:33
phillwor it got fixed and re-added.17:33
Freddie_MercuryMaybe that bug made them remove it.17:34
Freddie_MercuryAnd now it's fixed and back in your version.17:34
phillwif it is working in 15.10 it will be included in 16.04 LTS which you will be able to upgrade to when it comes out.17:34
Freddie_Mercury"When it comes out".17:34
Freddie_MercuryThat will ... take a bit. :P17:34
phillwno clean way to go from 14.04 to 15.10 ... Sorry.17:34
Freddie_MercuryI know. ._.17:35
Freddie_MercuryBut, it's OK. This is a production/service laptop, not a testing machine.17:35
Freddie_MercuryI needed a stable version.17:35
ibouvousaime_how can I disable the alt+click and drag shortcut to move windows ?18:11
suncokrethello... when i change and rewrite some shortcut in "/usr/share/applications", how can i refresh shortcuts menu?20:58
noahmg123I am having trouble pairing my Bluetooth headset. I can connect to the headset service but no sound outputs to the headset21:36
ianorlynsuncokret: I know a  reboot or logging back out and logging back in will probably work but not sure what exactly you need to restart21:37
wxli know there are different profiles for bluetooth21:38
wxlthe headset needs to have the right profile in order for it to work as intended21:38
wxlperhaps it doesn't see what it expects?21:39
wxlnoahmg123: ↑21:39
wxli actually have a bluetooth speaker that doesn't work with my laptop for that reason21:39
suncokretso i need to log out?21:39
wxlmy phones see it fine21:39
suncokreti can't refresh it without log out?21:39
noahmg123wxl: I am not sure what you mean. What should I do?21:39
wxlnoahmg123: what i'm saying is i'm not sure you'll be able to do anything. however, the issue is not necessarly lubuntu-specific. you may want to check with the folks at #ubuntu and see if they can provide any help.21:40
noahmg123wxl: ok. Also, I have the issue now that youtube videos (or any other web players) will not play at all. they display, but do not go forward. This happened on my laptop whenever I run jack but jack is not running on this computer. What should I do?21:42
noahmg123A restart normally fixes it but I do not want to do that.21:42
wxlnoahmg123: well, alsamixer21:42
noahmg123wxl: what about it? Run the command?21:43
wxlnoahmg123: that's your sound server, so yep.21:43
noahmg123ok wait a minute. I may just have to restart chrome. I'll try that soon.21:44
suncokrethow can i set working directory for some program in shorcut in /usr/share/applications? some programs which are not installed work fine with app shortcut, and some have errors to find files which are in directory where are program21:49

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