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fgimenezgood morning07:03
davidcalleMorning o/07:14
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Miniature Golf Day! 😃09:09
* ogra_ puts09:16
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sergiusensChipaca, around for a review?10:12
biezpalHello all. We've updated our Snappy Ubuntu to the latest stable and now our package version after installation is some random string (like IBQKIEHAHMYG) instead of 0.0.1 for example. Is it a new feature or bug? Where we can read about it?10:17
sergiusensbiezpal, it is a feature; for sideloaded apps; in order to have an upgrade path when iterating during development10:18
biezpalsergiusens, how can we access data at this location without specifying version?10:21
sergiusensbiezpal, using SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH and other env vars10:22
sergiusensbiezpal, if you are not familiar with the env vars, maybe install hello-world and run hello-world.env10:23
biezpalsergiusens, and what if we have build-in paths in executables?10:24
biezpalsome external soft which we cannot rewrite10:24
biezpallxc for example10:24
asacbiezpal: do you build lxc on your own? Otherwise I cannot see how it could work with anyway.10:34
biezpalasac, yes, we are rebuilding lxc10:35
biezpalwe are using lxc as a virtualization provider in our own project10:38
ogra_mvo, sergiusens, any idea how we can tackle bug 1497582 ? looks tricky given dget is involved10:40
ubottubug 1497582 in Snapcraft "pulling ubuntu packages fails when dependencies on virtual packages exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149758210:40
ogra_(kind of blocked me to pacckage up my IMAP server snap on the weekend10:41
sergiusensogra_, oh, I need to massage an MP form mvo10:41
sergiusensogra_, and we aren't using dget anymore10:41
ogra_ah, we have a fix ?10:41
ogra_neato :)10:41
sergiusensogra_, we are using python3-apt10:41
ogra_cool, yeah, that should resolve the dep10:42
sergiusensogra_, yeah, I need to tinker it a bit since it has been targetting one of tedg's internal branches10:42
sergiusensogra_, I'll wait for tedg to see if he started or not to work on this; if not I'll get to it :-)10:42
ogra_yeah, if sometihing is in the pipe i'm happy10:43
ogra_after doing the irceproxy yesterday and ll the wrangling with the config stuff i guess the mailserver will rather be a multi day effort anyway10:43
biezpalasac, https://github.com/lxc/lxd-pkg-ubuntu/blob/snappy/build10:44
biezpalwe are using versioning in the similar way as in the lxd, but now it's impossible10:44
ogra_longsleep, congrats to the release !10:46
asacstgraber: heya see biezpal challenge above with lxc/lxd and requiring known, fixed path during package-as-snap time... anyway to make this relocatable?10:51
mvosergiusens: I thought this was part of ted MP? I can create a fresh MP and fix the outstanding issues, sorry, was not aware that the ball was in my court :)10:56
sergiusensmvo, it is, but I want to streamline it into trunk directly as that MP might take a bit :-)10:56
asacbiezpal: so the problem really is that we plan to not enforce that you put a unique version into the version: field... but we will rather assign versions during upload. this means we will somehow also allow that two snaps with same version can be installed on same disk, which makes it impossible to use that version10:56
ogra_i was surprised to see the virtual dep ... i thought the debian policy forbids such deps10:56
ogra_but looking deeper it seems it is wildely used in perl packages10:57
sergiusensogra_, might be a dep for something that was removed from the archive?10:57
sergiusensah, perl; always doing dirty things ;-)10:57
ogra_no, perl-base provides the virtual api package dep10:57
ogra_and packages using perl base seem to all depend on it10:58
biezpalasac, why don't you create "current" link as in the /apps directory?10:58
ogra_how would that help with non-modifyable paths ?10:59
ogra_(upstream paths i mean)10:59
asacbiezpal: we currently dont create current link for the sideloaded app?10:59
ogra_asac, we dont create it for any *_DATA_* dirs10:59
ogra_only for the package dir itself10:59
asacogra_: why is that?10:59
ogra_no idea :)11:00
asacfeels like a bug to me11:00
ogra_i know we used to have that link in the beginning11:00
biezpalogra_, if there will be "current" link we'd use it to access data11:00
ogra_and for some reason it was decided to not have it anymore11:00
asaci could see that apps shouldnt accidentially write in the wrong data dir, but confinement would protect us from that risk, no?11:00
ogra_biezpal, well, use the env vars for that11:00
sergiusensasac, ogra_ current link for data breaks security11:00
mvosergiusens: makes sense, I will get to it after lunch11:01
ogra_ah, that was it11:01
asacogra_: well, lots of software has build time arguments like https://github.com/lxc/lxd-pkg-ubuntu/blob/snappy/build11:01
asacthink the less we ask folks to patch code the better :)11:01
asacmvo: thoughts on current link for data?11:01
ogra_asac, right, so we need to find a fix for that ... but seems "current" isnt the right solution11:01
asacogra_: why?11:01
ogra_see what sergiusens said11:01
asacsergiusens: that feels odd11:02
asacjdstrand: tyhicks: how does current link for data break security? doesnt apparmor look at realpath to enforce confinement?11:02
asacsergiusens: are you sure? when did we talk about this?11:03
sergiusensmvo, maybe review my code instead and I can rebase ;-)11:03
ogra_asac, it was removed after IOM iirc11:03
mvosergiusens: already done11:03
sergiusensmvo, oh goodie, thanks11:03
asacmvo: do you remember the current link discussion for data?11:04
* sergiusens gets started with breakfast11:05
ogra_oh, thats a good idea11:05
sergiusensasac, I am not sure; but we also wanted all symlinks killed11:05
asaci really dont buy this... if a link allows to fake a path within a subtree, then folks can create links in their data directory to whatever place they want to hack on11:05
asacunless we dont allow creation of symlinks at all ... which would surely be a big problem :)11:06
asacguess lets wait for security friends to wake up11:07
mvoasac: not much of it unfortunately, I will read backlog after lunch.11:08
biezpalthanks for response, waiting for security friends :)11:08
soffoklbtw, apparmor confined path like "/var/lib/apps/foo/*/run/state r," anyway11:10
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longsleepogra_: thanks ! Now that i have a release with firmware, i encountered several wifi related systemd services failing. I was planning to add a bug for each of them - do you think that makes sense?11:39
longsleepi think wifi was not much tested with snappy yet. It works fine though, just scary error messages on boot.11:40
ogra_yeah, we need to fix that11:46
jdstrandasac: apparmor will resolve symlinks so /var/lib/apps/foo/current -> /var/lib/apps/foo/1.0, an app using current would evaluate to /var/lib/apps/foo/1.0 when rules are applied12:09
jdstrandwe use current for install directory, we should be able to use it for data dir12:10
ogra_jdstrand, why did we remove it then ?12:10
jdstrandI have no idea. I have always wondered why it wasn't there12:10
ogra_well, all i remember is that it was removed after some discussion at the IOM sprint12:11
ogra_we used to have it in the beginning12:11
jdstrandI think it should be carefully tested, because the data dir has a bind mount for /tmp, but otoh I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work12:12
ogra_probably due to overlayfs plans ?12:12
jdstrandistr (vaguely) it having to do with rollbacks12:12
jdstrandlike, something about it being confusing12:13
jdstrandany decisions for current and security based on overlayfs would have been premature12:13
jdstrandsince overlayfs isn't ready to be used in this context12:14
asacjdstrand: how is progress on that?12:14
jdstrand(doesn't play well with LSMs in general)12:14
asacthats really the golden bullet for everything12:14
jdstrandasac: it is deprioritized12:14
asacby whom?12:14
jdstrandit is our of our control12:14
asaccan we take control through investment?12:14
ogra_by kernel versions :)12:14
jdstrandwe'd need a kernel developer to engage with them on the problems they have with LSMs12:15
jdstrandwe looked at it quite a bit, and we can pick it up again, but not while we have to focus on stacked namespacing (lxd)12:16
jdstrand(which is why it is deprioritized on our board)12:16
jdstrandto be clear, we plan to pick it up again, but not particularly soon12:17
jdstrandI don't think investment is an option now that I think about it12:17
ogra_well and if we hard-depend on it it will massively reduce the ability to use BSP kernels12:17
jdstrandthe principle author is a redhat employee and in tight control12:17
jdstrandperhaps tyhicks has more background information12:18
dholbachmvo, can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/snapcraft/1497582/+merge/271801?12:20
jdstrandasac: reading our trello card, it is high priority but below namespace stacking. however, tyhicks said he might be able to reengage with upstream this month (september). based on sprint timing and identity (which is taking longer than expected), this is more likely next month12:21
jdstrandasac: so, I slightly misremembered (sorry). it is deprioritized for one engineer, reassigned to another where it is only slightly deprioritized12:21
jdstrandbut, we still don't have control of upstream-- we'll be interacting with them and talking about what apparmor needs12:22
jdstrandI don't know how overlayfs solves 'current' though12:23
asacjdstrand: i thought there is no problem with current12:23
asacor is there?12:23
jdstrandI don't think there is. I'm just wondering how we got to overlayfs (golden bullet comment) after talking about current12:24
ogra_well, it would be good to do some forensics why current was removed in the first place12:25
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jdstrandunrelated question-- are we copying the data dir for apps on app upgrades or do apps have to do it themselves?12:25
ogra_i thinkwe do12:25
ogra_at least it happens for me12:26
ogra_(i.e. configs under /var/lib/apps move forward)12:26
sergiusensmvo, I grabbed the work for apt and fixing, we indeed need manifest.txt in there or the downloaded package list is a bit to long12:29
mvosergiusens: oh, ok. I had hoped that we can get away with the priority12:39
mvosergiusens: if we need it, just revet the change that removes it12:39
mvosergiusens: or let me fix it, as you want12:39
sergiusensmvo, I'll push a branch to ~snappy-dev if I can't around it12:40
sergiusensmvo, building the examples is getting tricky with this pacakge set brought in12:41
mvosergiusens: push it now, I will pick it up12:41
* Chipaca waves hello from a train12:43
sergiusensmvo, lp:~snappy-dev/snapcraft/more-apt12:48
mvosergiusens: ta12:48
mvosergiusens: how nice do you want this to be? we could (trivially) use geoip to select the country mirror for example12:49
mvosergiusens: looks very nice otherwise12:50
sergiusensmvo, if it is not too much work, would be good :-) but then again, I'm not sure how to solve a broken archive issue, so maybe more into the future?12:51
ogra_just enfoce usage of a stable archive ;)12:51
ogra_LTS only or some such12:51
sergiusensmvo, if only that branch worked, the examples (webcam-webdm) fails terribly; python3 goes on a CPU roll doing 'writing dependency_links to config.egg-info/dependency_links.txt'12:51
mvosergiusens: oh? give me a minute to check. releated to the python-apt changes you think?12:52
sergiusensmvo, yeah, I can roll back to triple check12:53
sergiusensbut I'm pretty sure I built all the examples before this change12:53
mvosergiusens: at what point does it explode for you? I am just running it now and its downloading stuff12:54
sergiusensmvo, on python3 setup.py install for the config part12:55
mvosergiusens: not sure whats going on, but webcam-webui_1_amd64_.snap was created succesfully for me12:57
sergiusensmvo, oh, heh; I just cleaned up the python build stuff and trying again (remove 'build', 'dist' and egg stuff)12:58
ogra_mvo, hmm, we didnt have dailies since friday on 15.04 edge12:58
sergiusensmvo, if it works I'll propose the MP; and I was thinking of using trusy instead of vivid but not sure that would break anything, in any case, starting 16.04 we should stick to that12:59
ogra_mvo, oh, i guess we trashed cdimage, seems one of us didnt put the proper linking in place when renaming the dirs13:01
sergiusensmvo, it gets stuck on writing manifest file 'config.egg-info/SOURCES.txt', very cpu intensive13:09
mvosergiusens: if you don't mind I will commit geoip support13:10
mvoogra_: meh, that was probably me, sorry for that. are you fixing it or shall I do that?13:11
ogra_well, still trying to find out why i only got one single failure mail13:11
ogra_it should still have attempted a build every day since friday, but it didnt13:11
mvoogra_: ok, just let me know when I shall look at anything (don't want to duplicate effort)13:12
mvosergiusens: commited as r187, just uncommit if you think its not a good fit13:12
sergiusensmvo, no worries; I'm still battling with this python issue13:13
tedgCould we just check if the base system has a mirror set?13:28
tedggrep /etc/apt/sources.list13:29
ogra_is snapcraft shell supposed to work ?13:29
ogra_(and if so, how ? since the staging area doesnt actually have a full chroot)13:30
ogra_seems it installed a lot of crap into my host when i ran apt-get install under it13:30
ogra_not really what i would expect when reading the help13:33
tedgI'd guess it just sets up the env and cwd13:34
ogra_well, it doesnt really "enter" the env though13:34
ogra_apt-get install foobar after snapcraft shell will just happily install foobar on your host13:35
tedgHmm, yeah. I don't think we'll ever change that.13:35
ogra_running snapcraft shell changes my prompt to green, thats the only difference i see :)13:36
tedgWe'd have to set up a lot more complex setup to get that to work.13:36
ogra_well, then we should hit that in the help or some such13:36
tedgWe're running apt in custom setup, not changing the environment.13:36
ogra_i can imagine a lot of people trashing their host with that13:36
ogra_help cureently says: "shell               enter staging environment"13:37
ogra_which makews me think of a protected chroot or container or some such13:37
sergiusensogra_, we can do like we do on the device ;-)13:39
sergiusensmvo, btw, I reverted all changes, to trunk and it works fine now13:39
ogra_"like we do on the device" ?13:39
sergiusensmvo, I'm going mad as the package list is the same :-P13:39
mvosergiusens: hmmm13:40
dholbachasac, I was wondering if we should set up milestones in LP for snapcraft and start targeting bugs, so it'll be easier to figure out what's planned next...13:48
sergiusensdholbach, replicate trello then?13:51
dholbachsergiusens, are the most important snapcraft bugs in trello?13:52
sergiusensdholbach, yes13:52
ogra_there are no bugs in snapcraft, just hidden features :)13:52
sergiusensdholbach, I don't mind using lp, but it would be a pain to track in two locations13:52
sergiusensogra_, it is still unreleased ;-)13:53
dholbachwe are already tracking things in two locations13:53
ogra_sergiusens, details :P13:53
dholbachbut sure, I'm happy to use whatever is more convenient13:53
tedgsergiusens: Are you pulling the sources list specifying stuff into your branch? I had splitting that out on my todo.13:53
sergiusensdholbach, I'll bring it up during standup13:53
sergiusenstedg, yes, here lp:~snappy-dev/snapcraft/more-apt13:54
sergiusenstedg, team effort now ;-)13:54
tedgsergiusens: Heh, okay, I'll base off that branch.13:54
dholbachsergiusens, so you'd recommend to just look at the "Development Experience" list in Trello to see what's planned in the next days/weeks?13:55
sergiusenstedg, and mvo added geoip; I still have issues here with the branch building the examples though13:55
sergiusensdholbach, yeah13:55
tedgsergiusens: I tried to throw a snapcraft at maas and it needs that branch.13:55
sergiusensdholbach, if someone can, I'd integrate bug linking in trello somehow and moving columns change the status in lp ;-)13:55
tyhicksjdstrand, asac: I have no new information regarding better LSM support in overlayfs14:00
tyhicksjdstrand, asac: I haven't had a chance to keep up with the linux-security-module mailing list over the last few weeks so I'll skim it some time this week to see if there is anything new there14:01
tedgsergiusens: Why not have default sources be the one on the system?14:05
tedgsergiusens: It seems like that'd match what people are used to the best.14:06
sergiusenstedg, consistent base for the snap14:06
tedgsergiusens: Like if you're confused on a dep you'd do "apt-cache depends foo" to figure it out.14:06
tedgsergiusens: I think that we should allow people to set that, but we shouldn't choose it.14:07
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sergiusenstedg, not even depending on the target snappy release?14:07
tedgsergiusens: No, I think that local machine makes sense. It's "my dev machine" — otherwise we're starting to do magic.14:07
sergiusenstedg, we already are ;-)14:08
sergiusenstedg, and then how do we solve jdstrand's bug in an easy transparent way?14:08
tedgI mean, I understand from the reproducable build perspective. But I think that it seperates the developer from what she is building.14:08
ogra_what i as developer want is to maintain my snapcraft dir in a branch and if the distro releases a security update to the package i user i just want to go into the branch and caall snapcraft again to get the update binary14:09
tedgsergiusens: I think that it's pretty unlikely that people will have a deb installed on their system that they can't get...14:10
ogra_thats my main purpose for using debs actually ... someone else does the maintenance of the binary for me14:10
tedgogra_: Sure, the question is whether we choose one release for everyone to be based on.14:11
ogra_i would say LTS by default with the ability to override14:11
tedgogra_: And sergiusens says 15.04 because that is the snappy we're releasing right now.14:12
ogra_if i'm after the stability and foreign maintenance above then non LTS doesnt make much sense for me14:13
sergiusenstedg, but you missed the part of my comment that once 16.04 is released; that should be the base14:13
ogra_if i'm after the latest and greatest it would be nice to have a --devel-distro switch14:13
sergiusensogra_, tedg snapcraft.yaml is supposed to have a target field which says which release to build for14:14
ogra_buit effectively ... if you are after latest and greatest you should probably compile upstreams trunk14:14
tedgI think that we should be able to switch, but the default should be your current system.14:14
tedgIt makes it easier to debug build failures.14:14
sergiusensmvo, so so, it works now; I wiped the branch and started from a clean checkout (maybe __pycache__ was going nuts)14:15
ogra_tedg, so i get 12.04 packages in a precise system ?14:15
mvosergiusens: ok, cool. anything  else I can help with with that branch?14:15
sergiusensmvo, review, and maybe fight or side with tedg :-P14:15
* ogra_ proposes a round of bullshit bingo during standup, who wins decides ...14:17
sergiusensmvo, tedg ogra_ MP is here fwiw https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snapcraft/more-apt/+merge/27181714:17
sergiusenstedg, using local sources also may provide unsharable builds as it might depend on the ppa set you have14:18
ogra_well, you got vivid hardcoded there or do i read the code wrong ?14:19
sergiusensogra_, yes; that will change once target lands in snapcraft.yaml14:19
tedgsergiusens: Sure, but I think what we want first is to make it easy to use, not universally correct.14:20
sergiusensogra_, targetting the right target14:20
* ogra_ thinks thats fine for a start 14:20
ogra_tedg, you mean like we did with all the rest of snappy that we are redesigning over and over now ?14:20
ogra_i think doing it correct from the start is the better approach :)14:21
tedgogra_: I believe the modern, hip word is "pivoting"14:21
ogra_even if that means it isnt complete14:21
tedgI disagree that it is correct.14:22
tedgI think it's forcing someone to starting building a system that is correct from the start, it's okay if they don't make it perfect from the start.14:22
ogra_i only disagree that we should use vivid as default14:22
tedgWe need it to be easier to play with from the start.14:22
sergiusenstedg, why is it hard to play with this way?14:23
tedgsergiusens: Because when it breaks you can't easily figure out why.14:24
sergiusensI really want to avoid the 'works for me' converstions14:24
sergiusenstedg, ah, but when it breaks and we get a bug report we can14:24
tedgsergiusens: No, it'll be "eh, doesn't work, I'll use Docker" ;-)14:24
tedgThere'll be no bug report14:24
sergiusenstedg, in any case we can add a cli switch to use the local cache14:24
sergiusenstedg, well, we have 2 already14:26
tedgHmm, I think I broke it.14:30
tedgSeems None is different than not a value.14:30
asactyhicks: thx!14:31
tedgsergiusens: The exception test is failing, I'm not sure why.14:46
sergiusenstedg, oh, because I didn't run the tests :-/ The mp spiraled out of control and ended up in an mp to see the diff14:47
sergiusenslet me fix those tests14:47
stgraberasac: not really. We hardcode those paths for security reasons as some of the LXC binaries are setuid and so using relative paths would allow for a user to root escalation14:52
dholbachfgimenez, good catch in your build-examples-test branch!14:54
dholbachfgimenez, do you know if we are planning to hook up the dep8 tests with tarmac somehow?14:54
fgimenezdholbach, thx :) no idea about the integration with tarmac, maybe elopio can help with that14:56
dholbachI think it'd be fantastic if we could run exercise the snapcraft test machinery whenever we want to land stuff - not sure though how much work that would be or if it's planned14:57
ogra_dholbach, isnt that the outstanding CI integration thing ?14:57
dholbachogra_, I don't know :)14:57
Chipacasergiusens: where does the yaml requirement come from? i don't see it in config itself15:11
elopiodholbach: tarmac is running ./runtests, which executes the integration tests.15:11
Chipacasergiusens: coreconfig, yes, because it yaml decodes it into a struct, but generic config just passes a string?15:11
jdstrandtyhicks: re no new info> right that is fine and inline with our card priorities over the last few weeks. thanks! :)15:13
sergiusensChipaca, right15:13
sergiusensChipaca, you are right; I'm just talking spec wise15:13
sergiusensChipaca, code wise we are a bit more broken :-)15:13
Chipacaah, ok15:14
jdstrandogra_: re snapcraft and security updates-- yes, that sounds nice15:16
jdstrandand yes, choosing the LTS as the default sounds sane to me, with some way to choose another release15:17
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dholbachelopio, cool.... with the examples-test landing soon, can we add that too? :)15:24
dholbachright now the py2- and py3- examples are broken15:24
dholbachqml almost fixed15:24
elopiodholbach: we can. What we can't yet is to run the tests in qemu.15:38
elopiowe need a bare metal machine for that.15:38
dholbachok, I see15:41
dholbachthanks elopio15:41
sergiusensmvo, so mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snapcraft/more-apt/+merge/271817 ?15:48
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sergiusensChipaca, in between RESTs ;-)15:59
Chipacasergiusens: clearly15:59
sergiusensChipaca, so never as you are always RESTing now ;-)15:59
asacbiezpal: hey, can you file a bug please and give it to me?16:13
elopioev: can I deploy this is jenkins in a local lxc? That would make the requests to RT easier.16:25
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:27
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tedgsergiusens: So we may need a way to filter out packages... the ros stuff is pulling in the whole kitchen sink17:25
tedgsergiusens: Not sure if we should provide a way to basically say we already have some installed or provided17:26
sergiusenstedg, as in, extend the manifest.txt thing?17:26
tedgsergiusens: Or just provide a generic filter17:26
sergiusenstedg, is this using the ros debs you created?17:26
tedgsergiusens: Hmm, I guess I'm set for trusty, so that may be the problem.17:26
tedgsergiusens: No, ROS debs from their official archive17:27
sergiusenstedg, do most of these ros things need to be stage-packages contrary to build-packages?17:42
* sergiusens is catching up with ros17:42
tedgsergiusens: Yeah, basically you're installing the RPC mechanism.17:46
tedgWell, really it's an RPC broker17:46
jdstrandzyga (though this may be a question for sergiusens/tedg): I tried to 'snapcraft' with this: https://git.launchpad.net/~zyga/+git/snap-example-hostapd/tree/snapcraft.yaml, and have:17:50
jdstrandNamespace(cmd='snap', force=False, func=<function assemble at 0x7f1af125e510>)17:50
jdstrandUnknown plugin: x-custom17:50
jdstrandCould not load part x-custom17:50
jdstrandI have the snapcraft from the tools-proposed ppa17:50
jdstrandwhere does one get that plugin?17:51
tedgjdstrand: There is an MR, but I doubt it'll be adopted.17:51
tedgjdstrand: It runs scripts, which we were trying to avoid.17:51
ogra_jdstrand, alsso the snapcraft.yaml format changed17:52
sergiusensjdstrand, did you delete the 'parts' dir in there? that's where local plugins live17:52
jdstrandI didn't do anything17:52
jdstrandzygo gave me this url at the beginning of last week17:52
sergiusensogra_, he already has that ;-)17:52
jdstrandso I just tried to use it. I guess it needs work17:53
sergiusensjdstrand, but yeah, that example won't work with trunk anymore17:53
jdstrandzyga: do you have an updated snapcraft.yaml for the new tools?17:53
jdstrandwell, I don't really need it17:53
jdstrandI tested my network-admin cap in other ways and will just add more rules as needed17:53
* zyga looks17:53
sergiusensjdstrand, this MP is pretty straight forward in explaining why https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snapcraft/mapnames/+merge/27179917:54
zygajdstrand: no, that format works with trunk (it's already using the new format)17:54
zygajdstrand: the issue of running scripts from snapcraft.yaml vs from makefile that that snapcraft.yaml points at is not a priority for me now, I'm working on a commercial project now and I won't have time to look at this for a while17:55
zygajdstrand: it probably doesn't work with the version in the ppa but it does work with trunk17:55
jdstrandok, that's fine17:55
jdstrandlike I said, I tested what I'm doing in other ways17:56
zygajdstrand: if you branch lp:snapcraft and build it it should be fine17:56
jdstrandzyga: thanks17:56
zygajdstrand: ok, sorry this is not more friendly :/17:56
jdstrandzyga: ok, I was just going by what others said-- I have the branch from friday running here17:56
* jdstrand tries to build a java one now17:57
* tedg sends flowers to jdstrand's CPU17:58
jdstrandwell, really, I have a jar file17:58
jdstrandI just need to snag openjdk and then I can script the rest17:58
jdstrandis there some easy way to say "give me these 5 debs and I'll provide 'services/binaries' that use them"?18:01
zygajdstrand: you can use the stage-debs key AFAIR18:02
* zyga looks18:02
zyga        stage-packages:18:02
zygajdstrand: ^^18:02
jdstrandsergiusens mentioned something about that on friday (ie, grab ufw from the archive and use parts for it), but this is different. I want openjdk. I'll just show a jar in the snap and script the rest18:02
ogra_jdstrand, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/+junk/ircproxy/view/head:/snapcraft.yaml18:03
jdstrandok, thanks18:03
ogra_(with dash in front)18:03
zygais there a manual page for snapcraft.yaml?18:03
jdstrands/show a/shove a/18:03
zygaplainbox has close to two dozen manual pages now and it's a lot easier for developers to use it now18:03
ogra_jdstrand, you want the copy plugin then18:03
zygamaybe I should write some for snapcraft18:03
jdstrandplease note, I am a total newbie18:04
ogra_jdstrand, look at my snapcraft.yaml above ... you should be able to mostly copy it and change the values18:04
zygajdstrand: that's why manual pages are great!18:04
sergiusensjdstrand, you can use the jdk plugin as well18:04
jdstrandI read the docs/* and a couple examples18:04
* jdstrand <3s manpages18:04
ogra_sergiusens, will that copy a local jar in place ?18:04
sergiusensogra_, no; I thought he said he wanted a jdk environment :-)18:05
sergiusensand grab a random jar18:05
ogra_he has a jar and wants the env around it18:05
jdstrandyes, what ogra_ said18:05
sergiusensjdstrand, maybe the easiest path is ogra's18:06
sergiusensjdstrand, the canonical example from sources is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snapcraft/core/files/head:/examples/java-hello-world/18:07
jdstrandsergiusens: yeah, I saw that. I just have a jar, so18:09
ogra_so put it next to your snapcraft.yaml and use the copy plugin like in mine ...18:10
ogra_for stage-packages you add your jdk then18:10
ogra_http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/+junk/ircproxy/files for reference18:10
jdstrandyeah, I have openjdk-7-jre-headless18:11
sergiusenszyga, is this fixed btw https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1484596 ?18:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484596 in PlainBox (Toolkit) "tests print a lot of warnings when they leave files on the working directory" [Undecided,Triaged]18:11
zygasergiusens: nope, not yet, though I did have a look at how to fix it and I think I can patch it in snapcraft directly without involving the more correct fix18:11
* zyga looks18:11
zygaone logging call to silence18:12
zygasergiusens: I have a fix, testing now18:23
sergiusensack, ty18:23
sergiusensjdstrand, right, no need to add the jdk if not building18:24
sergiusensogra_, btw, I just recalled; sources.list for armhf will be different (ports...)18:24
ogra_and an /ubuntu-ports suffix18:25
sergiusensogra_, and no geoip I guess18:25
ogra_no mirrors18:26
* zyga adds some improvements for plainbox that snapcraft can use18:30
zygasergiusens: can I assume you run unit tests with the daily development snapshots of plainbox?18:31
jdstrandok, that seems to have worked, nice18:33
jdstrandogra_: thanks!18:33
sergiusenszyga, whatever is in our readme18:33
sergiusenszyga, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hardware-certification/public18:34
zygasergiusens: excellent18:40
sergiusenselopio or Chipaca mind walking down the pipe for https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snapcraft/1498140/+merge/271860 ?19:22
* guest42315 snappy <319:27
zygasergiusens: testing now, I'll sent the MR in a sec19:30
zygasergiusens: wow, seing people crete new plainbox jobs is amazing19:30
zygasergiusens: FYI: ttps://code.launchpad.net/~zyga/snapcraft/fix-1484596/+merge/27186319:33
zyga(still testing, give me one sec)19:34
sergiusenszyga, that's empty ;-)19:35
zygaohh, sorry19:35
zygasergiusens: fixed, I'll pastebin the way it runs for me now19:41
zyga(now with fixed merge conflict and typos)19:42
zygasnapcraft/normal/assemble-meta fails for me (new laptop, perhaps some deps missing)19:43
sergiusenszyga, strange19:43
zygasergiusens: I'll pastebin in a sec19:44
zygasergiusens: do I need snappy from the ppa or is wily fresh enough?19:46
sergiusenszyga, ah, the ppa isn't fresh enough19:48
zygasergiusens: yes, but it won't prevent it from working19:48
zygasergiusens: I'll merge the fix to the ppa in a sec19:48
zygasergiusens: and fast-path to stable19:48
zygasergiusens: (though tomorrow, I need to ack this with spineau)19:48
sergiusenszyga, tomorrow is fine19:51
* zyga still runs tests for the pastebin19:52
zygasergiusens: ^^ I think you can merge this, those are just flags19:56
zygasergiusens: I'll write an article on the new feature and merge this into plainbox19:57
zygasergiusens: afk for a sec19:57
* zyga tests suspend19:57
zygasergiusens: add those flags to new jobs that are coming in19:57
sergiusensogra_, does this look ok to you?  https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snapcraft/1498157/+merge/27187220:46
sergiusenselopio, finish up the reviews! :-)21:18
sergiusenstedg, elopio https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snapcraft/1498212/+merge/27188122:24
* sergiusens will be back later tonight22:25
sergiusensthat fixes the broken setup.py's22:25

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