edistodoes ubuntu 15.10 beta use kernel 4.3?01:15
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snadgeis anyone else using fglrx drivers in wily at the moment?02:38
snadgei think it might be crashing for me due to gcc 5?02:38
edistoI am using the fglrx drivers but one of my monitors doesn't work so I'm waiting for kernel 4.302:49
krabadorsnadge, you can use amdgpu inside 4.202:52
edistowhat is with the Fury X support? I read it wasn't until 4.3. But then I read a contradiciting source saying it is in 4.2. But the last time I installed 4.2 latest version both my monitors didn't work03:00
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snadgekrabador, thats what im doing .. so the consensus is that fglrx is borked until we update to kernel 4.3 ?03:09
snadgeironically the latest fglrx does work fine if you backport it to vivid, using the exact same 4.2 kernel..03:10
snadgethats what lead me to believe its a gcc 5 issue03:10
snadgei had to manually patch it to build with 4.903:10
krabadorprobably won't fix until 4.3, inside wily03:10
snadgei can easily test this by forcing fglrx to build with gcc 4.9 in wily.. i'll do that this evening03:10
snadgewill 4.3 come before release?03:11
snadgenot having working catalyst drivers could be an issue for some people03:11
krabadora lot of ati cards haven't fglrx every ubuntu release03:17
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lordievaderGood morning.07:38
snadgeok so.. i force compiled fglrx on wily with gcc 4.9 .. it works now09:04
snadgei made a patch for it.. not sure if its worth filing a bug on, or just bringing to someones attention09:05
snadgegcc 5.2.1 causes it to segfault, and not work.. for me anyway09:05
snadgetheres already a patch to ignore the version of gcc the kernel was compiled with.. this takes it a step further i guess by forcing 4.909:06
lordievaderGpl errors by any chance?09:08
snadgei think it might have something to do with stack protection or some new feature in gcc 5.. not sure09:12
lordievaderI was referring to this bug, not sure if Ubuntu has it though: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54811809:14
ubottubugs.gentoo.org bug 548118 in Unspecified "x11-drivers/ati-drivers-15.1 fails to build with kernel 4.0.0 - kcl_str.o failed" [Normal,Confirmed]09:14
snadgesounds familiar09:26
lordievaderBecause, if you read on, you see that has to do with some gpl stuff which was changed in the 4.x kernels.09:28
BluesKaj'Morning all11:32
fhfg'day BluesKaj11:33
BluesKajhi fhf11:33
snadgehmm.. vpnc isn't setting the mtu to 1412.. but 1500.. despite 1412 being the default.. i think that's a bug14:08
snadgei can manually set the mtu from command line, but that's annoing14:08
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ZigguratCan i boot into recovery mode from a live usb ubuntu 15.10? I cant find the option in grub20:56

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