pittiGood morning04:57
didrocksgood morning05:30
pittibonjour didrocks ! as-tu eu un bon week-end?05:35
didrockspitti: très bon week-end, "week-end du patrimoine", donc pas mal de visistes05:40
didrockset toi ?05:40
didrocksbonjour larsu !05:40
didrockstoujours content de ton appartement ?05:40
larsudidrocks: bien sûr!05:45
larsuhow are you? Did you ave a nice weekend?05:45
pittididrocks: nous sommes allè à Dresden, pour le 60eme anniversaire de père d'Annett05:46
larsuguten morgen pitti!05:46
pittididrocks: "allé"05:47
didrockssuper ! :)05:48
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seb128good morning desktopers06:44
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pittibonjour seb128 !07:22
seb128pitti, salut, comment ça va ?07:22
pittiseb128: ça va bien, et toi ? on est allè à Dresden le week-end pour le 60eme anniversaire de père d'Annett07:22
seb128pitti, super, vous avez passé un bon w.e ?07:23
pittiseb128: oui -- beaucoup de voyage bien sûr, mais recontrer la famille est toujours bien07:23
seb128c'est long le trajet d'Augsburg à Dresden ?07:24
pittiseb128: presque 7 heures07:24
pittiseb128: vendredi je peux travailler dans le train -- mon "bureau rollant" :)07:25
seb128c'est vrai que ça fait long, c'est bien que tu puisses travailler en route07:26
willcookeGood day citizens07:55
larsumorning willcooke. Had a nice weekend?07:55
seb128hey willcooke07:57
willcookelarsu, good thanks, did gardening.  Today I feel like I've been run over08:01
willcookelarsu, how about you?08:01
Laneyhey hey HEY08:03
larsuwillcooke: uh oh, get better! I had a relaxing weekend well. Mostly unpacked boxes and rearranged stuff in the appartment :)08:03
larsuLaney: hey! sup?08:03
didrockshey willcooke, larsu08:04
didrocksstill rehey larsu ;)08:04
* larsu reheys didrocks 08:04
pittihey Laney08:06
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:06
LaneyHEY larsu & didrocks & pitti & seb12808:07
* Laney is doing good08:08
Laneywent on a foraging course at the weekend08:08
LaneyI remember one thing from it, which is that you can eat fuschia berries08:08
davmor2Laney: yeah just not the red one, fuschia fine :)08:09
* larsu has no indicator-power08:09
seb128Laney, "foraging"?08:10
seb128is that hunting? ;-)08:10
seb128larsu, is the service active? anything in the logs?08:11
larsuseb128: restarting helped - nothing in the logs :/08:12
larsuwhy is this stuff not in the journal yet?08:12
Laneythis is weird08:12
Laneycan't find the translation08:13
larsuseb128: logs from indicators08:13
Laneybut it is hunting for plants...08:13
didrockslarsu: started by the session?08:13
larsudidrocks: I have lots of session things in the journal08:13
seb128larsu, they are upstart session jobs, log should be in .cache/upstart08:13
didrockslarsu: the dbus-activated ones, yeah, but not the ones started by upstart08:13
larsuwe should redirect that08:13
Laneygo teach upstart about the journal08:13
Laneythat'll be a cool patch08:14
seb128Laney, k, google results were not very descriptive so I was unsure ;-)08:14
larsucan't we make it syslog?08:14
LaneyI was looking in dictionaries08:14
Laneyit's weird08:14
larsuhaving logs all over the place will make it harder for people to find problems08:14
Laneybut yeah looking for what you can find to eat growing out and about08:14
seb128be careful with mushrooms!08:14
Laneythe guy seemed to have made wine out of almost everything he showed us08:15
Laneywas funny08:15
seb128larsu, I personally like the .cache/upstart/*.log better still, journalctl is a bit of a mess and it requires sudo08:15
Laneynettle wine anyone?08:16
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larsuseb128: no it doesn't08:16
Laneyhey hikiko08:16
larsuand it's much faster08:16
Laneyhow's it going?08:16
larsuand has cmdline completion08:16
larsumorning hikiko :)08:17
seb128larsu, and it's a mess where you can't find anything because everything is mixed08:17
davmor2Laney: nettle tea is quite nice but a little bitter so I could see wine being a nice way to sweeten it08:17
hikikohello larsu Laney and everyone08:17
larsuseb128: you can filter it :)08:18
Laneydavmor2: you try it and let us know how it is :P08:18
seb128larsu, yeah, grep and sed are my friends ;-)08:18
davmor2Laney: for the tea then normally add peppermint to take out the bitter edge and that is yummy08:19
seb128$ journalctl --unit=nautilus08:19
seb128-- No entries --08:19
seb128thanks journalctl, that's useful :p08:19
seb128I guess because nautilus is not an unit08:19
seb128but I don't see a more appropriate option in -h to filter out nautilus logs08:20
seb128-t does the same08:20
larsuseb128: right, we don't have units for session things yet. journalctrl _COMM=nautilus08:22
larsuit even completes "_COMM" and "nautilus" if you have log entries with that08:22
larsuthat's the executable name08:23
larsulike /proc/self/comm08:23
larsu_CMDLINE works as well08:23
larsuman systemd.journal-fields08:23
seb128that's not documented in "journalctl -h"08:23
larsuthe one I mentioned above is linked08:23
seb128also doesn't work08:24
seb128also doesn't work08:24
seb128$ journalctl _COMM=nautilus08:24
seb128-- Logs begin at lun. 2015-03-02 16:17:32 CET, end at lun. 2015-09-21 10:24:02 C08:24
seb128avril 30 09:52:05 seb-e6410 audit[15063]: <audit-1400> apparmor="DENIED" operati08:24
larsudidrocks: is that still not fixe? ^08:24
seb128"journalctl | grep nautilus" gives lines08:24
didrockslarsu: it's fixed, not sure why seb128 doesn't have access08:25
larsuright, probably from gnome-session08:25
larsudidrocks: yeah it works for me too (I just thought maybe I added myself to the group manually)08:25
didrocksbut sems that it's some other issues he's having08:25
didrocksas "journalctl | grep nautilus" works for him without sudo08:25
larsuseb128: nautilus logs in gnome-session for me08:26
didrockslarsu: but yeah, of course, _COMM=nautilus won't work, as they all come from gnome-session for now08:26
seb128larsu, anyway, not wanting to start a debate. journalctl is power and fine if you are an elite user, standalone logs were easier for normal users :-/08:26
larsuseb128: "normal" users don't exist08:26
seb128if you prefer :p08:27
larsupeople who want logs without knowing tools should use gnome-logs08:27
larsuseb128: you know sed, grep, etc08:27
seb128like I would never have guessed that _COMM=08:27
larsuthis is the command line, it needs learning08:27
seb128that's not even documented in -h08:27
larsuyes, it is08:27
seb128not here08:27
seb128$ journalctl -h | grep COM08:27
larsuthe manual clearly states that you can match on fields, and fields are described in systemd.journal-fields08:28
larsujournalctl itself only has a few switches for often-used matching08:28
larsubut is mainly a viewer tool08:28
seb128filtering one app isn't "often-used"?08:28
larsugrep doesn't tell you how to grep for logs in .cache/upstart either08:28
larsuseb128: no08:28
larsufiltering by unit, yes08:29
seb128yeah, with standalone logs you could just browse the dir in nautilus and double click on a log and get gedit to read it08:29
larsuwhich we will have if we get it into the session08:29
larsuseb128: I need to know the dir, though08:29
larsuand it's all over the place!08:29
larsu/var/log/messages for system things08:29
larsuand *some* session things08:29
larsu~/.cache/upstart/* for other session things08:30
larsuit's just that we're used to that08:30
seb128at one point we had pretty much everything from the session in there08:30
larsu"pretty much"08:30
seb128well, I would say everything08:30
seb128but maybe there is one thing I don't know about which was missing :p08:30
seb128the reverse is true today08:31
larsulet's make upstart log to syslog (or the journal directly) and we have everything in one place08:31
seb128indicator logs are not in the journal08:31
willcookehikiko, meeting time08:31
willcookeseb128, do you want in?  No obligation08:31
didrockswell, we still had some "weird" things, like some info being in gnome-session logs and other directly in its own file08:31
larsuseb128: because they're upstart jobs08:31
didrocks(and that's as long as gnome-session will spawn some parts of the desktop…)08:31
seb128willcooke, I might just listen in and maybe do a comment or two08:31
willcookeseb128, cool08:31
seb128larsu, anyway, sorry I didn't want to enter in an argument, journalctl is probably the way to go, it's just that today using it is mostly frustration08:32
seb128if we want to resolve that we have some work to do08:32
hikikowillcooke, which channel?08:32
seb128like we should maybe install gnome-logs08:33
seb128and work on making things all use it08:33
seb128atm we have no graphical tool preinstalled08:33
larsuI know08:34
seb128and logs are not all in it08:34
larsuI suggested that some time ago already08:34
seb128so from an user perspective it's really suboptimal08:34
seb128which is all I was saying08:34
larsuseb128: and you were totally right of course :)08:34
larsusorry, didn't want to start a big debate either08:34
seb128previous cycle you said to wait a bit for gnome-logs I think?08:34
seb128we should maybe switch gnome-system-log for gnome-logs08:34
larsuI agree08:35
seb128unsure if we should do a ffe or wait next cycle?08:35
Laney(not quite)08:35
Laney(but close enough)08:35
Laneyeog's fullscreen is bad08:36
Laneyat least some of that is our fault08:36
larsuhm? I thought I fixed that with the latest theme changes08:36
* larsu wonders if they landed08:36
seb128did we land the theming fixes for the previous/next buttons?08:36
Laneyyou didn't fix the headerbar not hiding08:36
seb128they are still not looking right here08:37
Laneyand there is a weird transparent toolbar which appears on mouse activity08:37
Laneyand has huge buttons on hidpi :(08:37
* larsu has another look08:37
seb128needs to land08:37
larsuI hate that I have to keep track of landing08:38
larsuI think I've mentioned this before... :)08:38
seb128well you don't really, not more than before08:38
seb128we always had somebody who needed to make a landing in the distro08:38
seb128even when fixes were autocommited to the vcs08:38
Laneydidn't daily landing upload automatically?08:40
Laneylarsu: http://people.canonical.com/~laney/weird-things/eog.png for reference08:40
Laneyignore the image inside eog ;-)08:40
seb128I don't remember now, but I like better having the maintainer saying "now is a good time for landing"08:41
seb128it's just annoying that this is just not a click away08:41
didrocksdaily landing were uploading automatically, if the packages had enough tests and its tests was passing (and the stacks he was depending on still had their tests passing)08:41
Laneyit has good features08:41
LaneyI probably miss an overview and an easy way to make an upload with all approved things08:42
Laneybeing pinged with "erm, that approved branch has been there for a week, did you miss it?" would be nice08:42
Laneybut would be nice is not the same as doing the work08:42
Laneyso /me shuts up08:42
larsuyes all the indicators landed automatically08:42
larsuI kind of see seb128's point, though08:43
didrockslarsu: TBH, I was still looking daily at the status, when things got blocked and so on08:43
larsubut where upstream==downstream this was a harder disitnction08:43
didrockslarsu: so it was automatic to you, I was still looking after :p08:43
seb128at the end of the day you need a maintainer/somebody looking at logs, migrations, bugs, etc08:43
Laneywhat you're saying is that you want to start looking at all outstanding MPs?08:43
larsufair enough08:43
Laneypick this work up again08:43
seb128the issue atm with ubuntu-themes is that nobody maintains it08:43
Laneythanks didrocks!08:43
didrocksLaney: I meant, that's what I did in a large enough feature set to me :p08:44
larsuseb128: Trevinho touched it last!08:44
didrocksLaney: and no, no more! :)08:44
larsuLaney: wow, that is ugly08:46
larsuand my branch doesn't fix it08:46
larsuI think this is not only theming :/08:46
larsualso need to hide the headerbar in full screen08:46
LaneyI can look at that part08:46
Laneyif you have ideas about that toolbar08:47
larsuis that upstream?08:48
larsuthat weird toolbar08:49
Laneyyeah we only have patches for titlebars and stuff08:49
larsuweird, it's really not very gnome3y08:52
larsuah, changed slightly in 3.18 (symbolic icons now)08:53
hikikowillcooke, I think that for compiz we can automatically close the bugs that are for "mate" "gnome" "kde" "metacity"08:58
willcookehikiko, I wonder if we could reassign them to the general project08:59
hikikoif they have these keywords on title, description, tags and not the word "unity"08:59
hikikowillcooke, maybe we should use this list:08:59
didrocksI don't think it will be nice to close mate bugs, but rather involve the mate community to triage those?08:59
hikikocompiz ubuntu09:00
hikikoand remove the bugs from here09:00
hikikowhile we leave them in the Compiz project09:00
willcookeah, right09:00
Trevinhowillcooke: looking at http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/qapkgstatus/unity it only shows stats for a month or so, so if we want longer infos we should download from time to time the source XML.... However unfortunately the link is dead09:00
hikikoso the mate etc communities can still fix them09:01
didrockshikiko: people will still reopen bugs against the compiz (ubuntu) project. If you only want one list, you should either tear down the upstream project, either use something like unify to keep the status in sync09:01
willcookehey jibel, can you advise us?  This page: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/qapkgstatus/unity has a link to download an XML file:   http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/pkg-stats/unity.xml09:02
willcookejibel, but that xml file link redirects here:  http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/quality/09:02
hikikodidrocks, what is unify? you are right09:09
didrockshikiko: some script that generates reports and sync upstream/downstream bug status (that was written for unity & associated components)09:10
didrockshikiko: it's not a straight up sync as there is a difference if you "fix released" upstream and not downstream09:10
didrocks(as the package isn't uploaded yet)09:10
didrockshikiko: this is the link I gave to willcooke: https://launchpad.net/unify09:11
hikikooh that script :)09:11
didrockswell, there are 2 scripts: one giving some webpages for the design team in particular09:12
hikikothe only problem is that I don't know python :)09:12
didrocksand the rest being the "sync bugs"09:12
didrockswell, I offered many times to willcooke to help here :p09:12
didrocksseems like there is no interest so…09:12
hikikoso how it works? I modify the compiz ubuntu  bug list let's say manually at first09:13
hikikobecause I mark a bug that no longer affects ubuntu09:13
didrockshikiko: it's taking the "most advanced" status09:13
hikikoand then?09:13
didrocksand then, ensuring that the compiz ubuntu/compiz upstream reflects the same status09:13
didrockssome difference is that "fix released" upstream would be translated to "fix committed" in the ubuntu stack09:14
didrocks(as we don't know if the fix hit the distro yet)09:14
didrocksthere is some mode to force the real sync09:14
didrocksand also, you can add a third project "distro priority" to track a priority list09:14
didrocksthat then is reflected to a (minimal) website09:15
didrockscomponent per component09:15
didrocks(but we can remove that part if that's of no interest for your case)09:15
hikikodidrocks, that's very good but I don't know if it would help me to reduce the number of bugs, ideally, I'd like to have a list of bugs that concern us (unity desktop related) and leave the mate, gnome etc bugs in the compiz list09:17
hikikowillcooke, suggested I write a wiki post09:18
hikikoand explain which type of bugs we ll support09:18
didrocksthe only thing is that doing that manually is going to be long though09:18
hikikowell, willcooke will use his script09:19
hikikoI'll just make a 2nd pass09:19
didrocksas lon as you don't close the mate bugs (I don't think gnome ever cared about compiz), I think think we'll be fine09:19
hikikoyou mean don't close them even in compiz(ubuntu)? or don't close them in Compiz09:19
didrocksdon't close them even in compiz(ubuntu)09:20
hikikook! I won't :)09:21
didrocksbecause they are valid, they are bugs for mate in ubuntu in compiz09:21
didrocks(and they will reopen more)09:21
hikikoI see09:21
hikikoyep, mate uses the C++ compiz and I think that mate bugs are easier because they are "surely compiz" bugs :) (sometime people report bugs in compiz but the problem is on unity, at least with mate we know for sure that the bug is in compiz :p)09:23
hikikoI just thought that compiz (ubuntu) was for the default ubuntu desktop (unity)09:24
didrocksno, it's the compiz package in ubuntu09:24
didrocksbut yeah, you should have also a lot of even non compiz/unity bugs reflected there, I remember when everyone was blaming unity for whatsoever :)09:25
didrockslike "nautilus don't have new panes dialog -> unity" :p09:25
hikikoyep hahaha09:25
hikikomy favorite bug was one for vlc that couldn't run fullscreen on unity desktop because the panel was always seen on top09:26
hikikothe person who reported it had maximized the vlc (didn't run it fullscreen)09:26
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darkxsthey desktopers10:22
didrockshey darkxst, how are things?10:26
darkxstdidrocks, good, spent the weekend down in melbourne, house warming party and mountain biking :)10:27
didrocksnice! :)10:27
darkxstwarming up as well, nice spring weather10:29
seb128hey darkxst10:30
darkxsthey seb12810:30
darkxstI fixed (reverted schemas on ppa) the gedit crash last week, just forgot to update bug status10:32
larsuLaney: I'll look into the eog thing after lunch. Do you want to do the toolbar thing?10:43
LaneyI'll just push it to bzr & wait for your stuff before uploading10:43
larsuok cool10:43
larsuI don't think it will be much10:44
larsuprobably just set the bg10:44
Laneywhat about the big icons on hidpi?10:45
larsuright :/10:45
Laneyicon theme?10:46
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Laneyxnox: want to check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers/+bug/1497177?12:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1497177 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "15.10 default desktop wallpaper" [Undecided,New]12:23
Laneywillcooke: did you ask for the user interface freeze exception?12:23
willcookeLaney, ah, yes. I asked on IRC but got no response and gunnar hasn't been around to ask directly.12:25
willcookeAny suggestions?12:25
xnoxLaney: willcooke: i'm gonna send a ruler and origami to Blue fin.12:26
willcookexnox, I know!  I spoke to them about it and they said...12:26
Laneyhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc <- that list12:26
willcookeoh, it's in an email somewhere, but basically it couldn't be fixed12:26
xnoxwillcooke: "...do you like me? do you think I'm pretty?" OhAh I think I found a cheerleader.12:27
willcookemaybe digitalalex can try again. I will keep an eye out12:27
xnoxwillcooke: they fixed it last time, as all of these blends are calculated, and they can simply move the viewport.12:27
xnoxmpt: it would seem to me, that origami centre fold, is not in the centre again =(12:27
xnoxwillcooke: it's better than before, only a few pixels, rather than tens of pixels like last time around.12:28
willcookexnox, yeah, but still jarring12:28
willcookebah, no johnlea either12:29
willcookehey digitalalex12:32
willcookedigitalalex, regarding the alignment of the wallpaper and the "dots".  Last time you were able to adjust the image view port so that the folds etc were lined up just right.  Can you try that same process again with the new 15.10 wallpaper?12:33
digitalalexI have already12:34
digitalalexthe files I have sent do match the view point12:34
digitalalexI will double check just in case12:34
willcookedigitalalex, thanks.  I don't know if that photo I sent you is clear enough, but it looks like we're off by a few pixels12:35
digitalalexok no problem will look into in12:35
willcookedigitalalex, thanks.  I am in the process of filing a UI freeze exception.  So I will hold on that until you've had a chance to check.  But I want to get the OK to upload asap, so please let me  know your findings as soon as you can12:36
xnoxdigitalalex: there could be a lightdm regression, where the dots themself are not centred property. I will double check everything on wily, once i'm back at wily machine in the evening.12:40
xnoxwas testing on vivid at the moment.12:40
willcookexnox, I have tested on W.  I'll try and get a better picture...12:41
xnoxwillcooke: dual screen lightdm, with no focus on the other screen?12:42
xnoxwillcooke: there will be ubuntu circle of friends in the centre / not in the centre of the background.12:42
willcookexnox, this is just a single screen12:44
xnoxhm, i should ask rick to buy you and/or designers a dual screen setup.12:46
digitalalexthis was my email to willcooke in regards to the dots No sure if is even possible to line up the dots with the lines. Since screens have different dimensions and resolutions.12:48
digitalalexThe background is independent from the dots. Also they will go out of any alignment depending on what system settings you have i.e. fill, zoom, center, scale, etc.12:48
digitalalexI have checked and the viewpoint alignment is correct12:49
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seb128Laney, that eog/menu issue, the user seems to have a point. there should be an appmenu, atm there is no way to open e.g the preferences13:23
seb128disable-appmenu-when-not-needed.patch seems like it shouldn' tbe there if we don't have a menubar anymore13:23
seb128"Description: Disables the application menu on platforms that show an app menu13:23
seb128  and a menubar (such as unity). The menubar already contains all the actions of13:23
seb128  the appmenu. Having both is redundant."13:23
Laneyhe came back with a different point13:24
Laneyfeel free to drop it13:24
Laneythen we get a weird double thing but better than nothing13:24
seb128double thing?13:24
LaneyImage Viewer Image Viewer13:25
seb128what are the other options?13:25
Laneybring back a menu bar13:25
Laneyput the missing options in the app menu13:25
Laneyburger menu13:25
Laneywhatever that thing is called13:25
seb128if it was just a matter of deciding I would say the menubar is best13:26
seb128unsure how much work that is though13:26
seb128larsu, ^ do you know?13:26
seb128we have a few things doing the "Title Title"13:28
seb128e.g gnome-disks d-feet baobab dconf-editor13:29
LaneyI wonder if Unity could handle the appmenu13:29
seb128the gnome games13:29
seb128handle it how?13:29
Laneyjust show one name13:30
Laneywith a triangle if there's a menu13:30
Laneyor something13:30
seb128willcooke, Trevinho, ^ do you think that's something we should look at for the LTS?13:30
LaneyI suppose we still prefer to have real menus13:31
Laneybut in the absence of this13:31
Laneybe good to look better if possible13:31
TrevinhoMh could be...13:31
seb128right, but as I said, we already have a stack of apps doing that13:31
* willcooke reads13:31
TrevinhoBut triangle where?13:31
seb128willcooke, the gnome apps which have an appmenu only lead to unity panel showing "Title Title" where the first one is the app name and the second the menu13:32
seb128willcooke, try "disks" as an example13:32
seb128willcooke, that looks a bit lame13:32
TrevinhoAh.... I see13:33
TrevinhoSo... Mh, well decorations are pretty editable nowadays so I guess we can do that13:33
willcookeI see what Laney means with the Triangle now13:33
Laneyit's weird though13:34
Laneywhen maximised the title moves when you put your mouse up there13:34
Laneyand when not then it changes font weight13:35
seb128yeah, I think we discussed that in the past and we didn't really an elegant solution13:35
Laney(with LIM)13:35
Laneyso I don't know how to design it properly in short13:35
willcookeseb128, can you add the topic to: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-1604-planning-sprint13:36
LaneyMaybe for eog we can add the menubar back13:36
Laneyit seems to have GActions for stuff in the code13:36
Laneylarsu has done similar before13:36
seb128willcooke, done13:37
seb128Laney, that would be good13:37
seb128also we need to resolve the issue that the popdown menus are not pushed to the hud13:37
seb128well, for the LTS we should fix that13:37
mhall119willcooke: ping13:38
seb128willcooke, give him a contentless ping warning!13:38
willcookemhall119, otp13:38
mhall119if I gave context to my pings, nobody would ever reply13:38
willcookemhall119, can type, but expect delays13:39
willcookeseb128, re: blueprint - thanls13:40
mhall119willcooke: if you can jump into #ubuntu-app-devel when you can, it seems the ubuntu-ui-toolkit is broken on wily due to the gcc upgrade, and bzoltan's team needs help figuring out how to fix it13:40
LaneyThis seems inefficient (going via the manager), you probably want to just ask one of us first13:44
willcookewhat laney said13:44
seb128especially that several of us are on this channel13:47
seb128mhall119, installing "ubuntu-sdk" works fine on my wily system13:48
Trevinhowow I didn't think that flying direct from florence to london was soo expensive (i generally use ryanair, but that's not in my city, I've to go to Pisa... And there's 1hr bus) :o14:03
seb128Trevinho, how much is it?14:03
Trevinhowell, on those days it reaches 400€14:04
Trevinho393 to LCY (that would be actually very convinient)... or 400 with vueling14:05
Trevinhothat's not how it generally is, but those days seems to be very expensive14:05
Trevinhoflying in weekdays it would be 200€ less...14:06
Trevinhowith one connection it would be 300€, but > 4hrs14:07
seb128is gvfs spamming syslog for others as well on wily?14:09
seb128Laney, what if you plug a phone to your computer?14:11
seb128Sep 21 10:39:02 localhost org.gtk.vfs.Daemon[1817]: dc05: Association Type UINT16 data type ANY 16BIT VALUE form READ ONLY14:11
seb128Sep 21 10:39:02 localhost org.gtk.vfs.Daemon[1817]: dc06: Association Desc UINT32 data type ANY 32BIT VALUE form READ ONLY14:11
seb128Sep 21 10:39:02 localhost org.gtk.vfs.Daemon[1817]: dc03: Protection Status UINT16 data type ANY 16BIT VALUE form READ ONLY14:11
seb128Sep 21 10:39:02 localhost org.gtk.vfs.Daemon[1817]: Storage Devices:14:11
seb128Sep 21 10:39:02 localhost org.gtk.vfs.Daemon[1817]: StorageID: 0x0000000314:11
larsuLaney, seb128: sorry, lunch was longer than expected. Can you summarize? (seems like a lot of discussion was going on...)14:11
seb128larsu, currently on wily there is no way to access the eog appmenu, so no way to open preferences and toggle some of the options14:12
seb128larsu, we were discussing how to fix that, one way is to add a menubar back14:12
seb128not sure how much work that would be though14:12
larsuseb128: oh indeed14:12
larsuseb128: not a lot if it already uses GAction14:12
larsujust drop in another .xml file14:13
seb128larsu, is that something you can look at?14:13
Laneythe best kind of day14:13
larsuLaney: :)14:13
seb128so I wonder why gvfs is only spammy for me14:13
seb128Laney, can you try to connect a phone or camera and see if that makes any difference?14:15
Laneyok, need to charge it though14:16
Laneymy normal phone has a partially broken usb port14:16
Laneyso it connects/disconnects constnatly14:16
seb128that should be enough to see if syslog get noise when the system first see the phone14:17
Laneynothing like that14:18
seb128k, thanks, I'm going to investigate more then14:18
larsuTrevinho: did anything change in unity-panel-service recently? It shows smaller fonts than the rest of the desktop for me as of a week ago or so14:32
Trevinholarsu: no14:32
* larsu wonders what's going on14:32
Trevinholarsu: nothing in the past weeks I think14:32
larsudesrt: got some time to have a look at the geonames stuff?14:33
larsudesrt: cool. An api review is what I care about most right now: https://git.launchpad.net/geonames14:34
larsuno index yet (it's fast enough - let's see how it handles on a phone)14:34
desrtcute flags field14:35
desrtwhat do you have in mind?14:35
desrtreturn the pointer from _finish14:36
desrtmake it gint, and -1 terminate it14:36
desrtie: always non-NULL14:36
larsuI was actually thinking of returning the objects directly14:36
larsuI forgot why you suggested the index-thing in the first place...14:36
desrtbecause of the whole nasty "free the array of objects" thing14:37
desrtalso because of how easy it would be to use the index to build a model14:37
larsuyeah, true14:37
larsu-1 terminating it is a good idea, thanks14:37
larsubut keep the *length, no?14:37
desrtyes.  of course.14:37
desrtare the results guaranteed to be sorted?14:38
desrt(read: "i don't see any docs")14:38
larsuI sort them by quality of match and population of the city right now14:38
larsudocs are of course coming as well14:38
desrtthat's fair14:38
larsuthere's lots of San Franciscos, for example14:39
desrti'd call the function _async and/or add a _sync variant14:39
larsumost with <10k people14:39
desrtis population in the DB?14:39
desrt_sync could be useful for tools14:39
desrtor for people who have their own worker threads14:39
larsufair enough14:39
desrtand it looks like you basically have the sync version inside anyway14:39
larsuI do14:39
larsuand I could then also use the lib directly from tests14:40
desrtensure_geonames_data () <- bad C9914:40
larsuhm? you mean (void)?14:40
desrtyes.  of course.14:40
desrtif you're going to allow a call to geonames_get_city() without first calling query() then you should also have a getter for the number of cities14:41
desrtor you should allow _get_cities() to return NULL if index > N14:41
desrti base this on the ensure() call at the top of _get_cities() causing me to think that you expect this to happen without a call to query() first14:42
larsuI don't, really14:42
larsubut why not14:42
czajkowskiif you're filing a bug against trusty - date/time drop down, what's the application I should chose ?14:42
desrt  g_variant_get_child (city, 1, "&s", &state); <- this is technically evil14:42
larsuI know that I have a ref to the surrounding variant...14:42
desrti'm surprised it doesn't complain at you about this, in fact14:42
seb128czajkowski, which one? installer? unity settings?14:43
czajkowskiseb128: on the desktop so unity.14:43
desrtlarsu: you also need to know that it's serialised14:43
czajkowskicannot change my time and I'm -8 hrs from my local setting so it's confusing ,me :)14:43
seb128czajkowski, unity -control-center likely14:43
czajkowskiseb128: thanks14:43
seb128czajkowski, what happens when you try to change it?14:43
larsudesrt: it is when I load it from data, no?14:43
larsuor shall I make sure? (can I even?)14:44
czajkowskiseb128: nothing I click on the date/time and it doesn't pop out like it should to change14:44
desrtthere is a bug in g_variant_get_child()14:44
seb128czajkowski, can you click on the map?14:44
desrti should fix that14:44
seb128czajkowski, now I'm confused, are you speaking about the settings app? you can't open the panel?14:45
czajkowskiseb128: the map doesnt even pop out. I click on the word date/time from the drop down and nothing happens.14:45
seb128czajkowski, what dropdown?14:45
seb128czajkowski, can you make a screenshot?14:45
larsudesrt: hm, there's no way to know from the outside if a gvariant is serializeD?14:46
czajkowskiseb128: if you click on the time /date  up on the right of my screen where all the settings are, not sure it has a special name then click on the date/time words it used to pop out the big map to change14:46
desrtlarsu: i don't think so14:46
seb128czajkowski, are you speaking about the indicator?14:46
seb128czajkowski, that never has a map, the map was in old gnome2/gnome-panel time14:47
desrtlarsu: the correct fix is in gvariant.  we do the same thing for other getters14:47
larsudesrt: so I technically have to make a copy even though I'm sure I can get a pointer to a const gchar * ?14:47
desrti just missed get_child() its eems14:47
seb128czajkowski, you mean http://i.stack.imgur.com/mswzC.png14:47
czajkowskiseb128: yes14:47
czajkowskisorry forthe confusion :(14:47
desrtlarsu: the trouble is if you have a tree-form gvariant (ssss) and get a pointer to one of the strings, and then later call something on the tuple that causes it to be serialised, the string will be freed14:47
seb128czajkowski, that would be indicator-datetime then, can you pasebin ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-datetime.log ?14:48
desrtwhereas the normal rule with the gvariant API is that internal pointers remain valid as long as the instance that you used to fetch them from still exists14:48
seb128czajkowski, is "indicator-datetime-service" running?14:48
larsudesrt: why would this variant ever be in tree form?14:48
czajkowskiseb128: I'll check and come back tanks14:48
czajkowskistand up and running to meeting14:48
desrtlarsu: in your case, it would never be14:48
seb128czajkowski, k14:48
czajkowskiappreciate the help14:48
larsudesrt: if I make copies, I might as well make the whole GeonamesCity thing a proper gobject14:48
desrtlarsu: i'm not telling you to make copies14:49
desrti'm just saying that there is a theoretical problem here that doesn't impact your usecase and i'm the one that needs to make a change to gvariant14:49
desrtie: if i find a '&' in the format string i need to force-flatten the variant before proceeding14:49
desrtit's funny because this will already happen in any case, but it will happen to the child, which is useless14:50
desrtit needs to happen to the parent14:50
larsuoh, interesting14:50
seb128those of you on hidpi screen, is your appearance panel having its previews too small like on https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213196769/ChangeDesktopBackgroundHiDPI.png ?14:51
larsuseb128: correct for me when running with GDK_SCALE=214:52
seb128larsu, yeah, I tried that way as well, see my comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/148012814:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1480128 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "The thumbnails of background images doesn't support HiDPI display." [Low,Confirmed]14:52
seb128sorry didn't give the bug number before14:53
larsuah ok14:53
seb128unsure what is different in his case14:53
larsudesrt: btw, geonames has alternate names with language info ... thinking about generating .po files from that...14:53
seb128larsu, thanks for testing14:53
larsuseb128: weird. let me try with setting the unity scale factor as well14:54
seb128larsu, he's on 14.04 so maybe it's fixed since, I asked on the bug14:54
larsuseb128: ya, works as well. probably has been fixed14:55
seb128larsu, danke14:55
larsuman, we need to make our theme draw everything manually instead of using .pngs14:55
desrtlarsu: interesting idea14:55
larsuit's a bit blurry on hidpi14:55
desrtlarsu: i guess the .po files will not be compressed, though14:55
desrtalso, even if they were, the act of splitting them out would be very bad from the redundancy standpoint14:56
desrtsince the source language string would appear over and over and over again14:56
larsubut you'd only install the languages you're interested in...14:56
desrtsure... if you langpack it, that might be interesting14:57
larsuhow else?14:57
desrti dunno.  i thought you'd just install all the .po files :)14:57
larsuI don't know how all of this machinery is working, but this is a good excuse to find out14:57
larsuand seb128 will be able to type "Londres"14:57
desrtyou could also skip gettext and use a homebrew14:57
larsubut then I'd always install all the languages, no?14:57
desrtnot necessarily.  nothing stops you from langpacking your homebrew14:58
desrtthe trouble with gettext is that you're going to need to find some weird way to do context14:58
desrtand it's more or less going to come down to encoding the index in the gettext string14:58
desrtie: to deal with the 100 "San Francisco"s14:58
desrtmaybe this city name is not always translated in the same way14:58
desrtdepending on which one...14:58
larsuah, just put the country into the comment14:59
desrtthe context, you mean14:59
desrtbut why bother when you could just store the langpack file as a separate GVariant14:59
desrtan array, using exactly the same index numbers as the original14:59
larsuhm, indeed15:00
desrtthis is more efficient, less redundant, and avoids the context/ambiguity issue15:00
larsuif I can install langpacks that are not gettext just as easily, why not15:00
larsuwhere is this stuff documented?15:01
desrtno idea15:01
larsuLaney or seb128 probably know15:01
desrtbut one nice hack: use the empty string for "same as C"15:01
desrtthis will save you a _lot_ of space15:01
larsuit's compressed anyway ;)15:01
larsu(but yeah, even in memory)15:01
desrtwell, even with compression15:02
larsuI assume most cities will have the same name15:02
desrtbetter to reduce the amount of data to compress15:02
seb128larsu, langpacks do po and help atm, but you can add depends on other binaries like we do for dictionnaries and such15:02
desrtthe cool thing about the language splitout is that you can now do locale-specific transliterations for the search tokens15:02
larsuseb128: interesting. Can you point me to some docs on how I add this to my package?15:02
larsudesrt: turkish!15:03
desrtfucking turkish15:03
desrtİ hate ıt so much15:03
seb128larsu, "this"? what are you trying to split?15:03
larsudesrt: you meant >:İ, right?15:03
larsuseb128: just langpacks in general15:04
larsuseb128: never did anything in that area15:04
desrtseb128: he wants to produce a series of binary files with names like /usr/share/geonames/locale/{fr,de,zh_CN,...} and have those put in langpacks, accordingly15:04
seb128larsu, I'm not sure to understand the question15:04
seb128desrt, oh, ok15:04
desrtseb128: so what does he have to do to get the langpack packages to pick that up from his package?15:04
seb128larsu, desrt, I don't think there is an automatic way15:04
larsuseb128: is it a lot of extra work?15:05
seb128you basically need to build <yourpackage>-<locale> binaries by listing every binary in debian/control and having corresponding .install15:05
seb128and then you need to patch langpacks to add the depends15:05
desrta one-file package?15:05
seb128like make -fr recommends yourlib-tz-fr15:05
desrttimes 100+?15:05
larsuuh oh15:06
seb128or talk to pitti about adding support to langpack-o-matic for a new format15:06
desrtthis can't be that hard....15:06
desrtlarsu: btw.. if you're gonna go down this path, you're gonna love g_get_language_names() :)15:06
larsudesrt: oh neat!15:08
seb128how bigs are those files?15:08
larsudesrt: in any case, thanks for the review!15:08
seb128why not using gettext/normal po/mo?15:08
larsuthis was my first idea15:08
desrtseb128: gettext will be inefficient and problematic here15:08
larsubut generating them manually is a bit weird15:08
desrtsince there are many cities around the world with the same names15:08
desrtand they might not get translated the same way15:08
larsuwell, we could use context for that15:09
desrtso you end up having to stick context on everything15:09
desrtand the most obvious thing to use is the index in the DB as the context15:09
desrtand then since you have a unique ID then you may as well just use the index as the source string rather than as the context15:09
desrtbut now you're using the hash of a stringified-int to do a lookup in something that could just as well be an array15:10
desrt...and compressed15:10
desrtalso: once the tokenised search terms are added to the DB, it will get even more awkward to have it in gettext15:10
desrtand all those hash lookups are going to get expensive during searches15:10
larsuthe other option is to always install all languages15:11
desrt(since you will have to do _all_ of them, _every_ time since you cannot possibly know what the string is until you fetch it)15:11
desrtyes.  and put them in the same big file.15:11
desrtwhich will help compression due to similarities between the languages15:11
desrtand will generally simplify things15:11
desrtbut it's probably a lot of data....15:11
desrti think you need to get numbers, basically15:11
desrtbut imho gettext is kinda unviable15:12
larsuuh oh, alternateNames.zip is 104mb15:12
desrtso there's your numbers :)15:13
larsulet's see - I think there might be too much stuff inthere15:13
* larsu remembers not to open a 400mb text file with gedit15:13
* desrt is going to eat soylent for lunch15:14
larsuhow is that?15:15
desrtmay god have mercy on my soul15:15
desrti have no idea.  someone gave me a pack, semi-randomly15:15
desrtthat wasn't good, but it also wasn't bad15:30
desrti think i'm gonna mix in a bit of cinnamon next time :)15:34
desrtoh.  great.15:36
desrtWARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.15:36
Laneylarsu: I bet you can have some dh_something put these into the langpacks15:38
Laneythat would be a pitti topic15:39
larsudesrt: wow...15:39
larsuLaney: ah thanks. I think he's gone for the day, will pester him tomorrow15:40
larsuthat would clearly be the best solution15:40
Laneystill laughing at #hameron15:50
Laneyoops wrong channel15:50
larsunow I want to know!15:50
larsuis this some british thing?15:51
Laneysomeone published a "revenge" biography of David Cameron15:51
Laneyit contains a story about a pig...15:51
larsuTELL IT!15:53
ogra_larsu, you dont want to hear it16:19
LaneyI gave him a link in private16:19
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ogra_hahaha, right16:20
davmor2Laney: the diyers are going to hater you that is just too close to #hammeron16:26
czajkowskiseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12515250/16:35
seb128czajkowski, dpkg -l | grep indicator-datetime16:36
czajkowskiseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12515275/16:38
seb128czajkowski, ps aux | grep indicator-datetime?16:39
czajkowskiseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12515283/16:40
seb128czajkowski, and when you click on the indicator you don't get the menu with the calendar?16:40
czajkowskiseb128: no it's really weird16:41
czajkowskilet me sscreen and show you16:41
czajkowskiseb128: https://goo.gl/photos/45Ls1sYj9nzcZ6KL816:43
seb128czajkowski, oh, but the menu is displayed16:43
seb128you have the indicator, calendar, tzs etc16:43
seb128so what's the issue?16:43
seb128oh, is that if you select the item at the bottom that it doesn't open settings?16:44
czajkowskiseb128: exactly16:44
czajkowskiclicking on date/time doesnt bring up any dialoge16:44
seb128czajkowski, dpkg -l | grep control-center16:44
=== pstolowski is now known as pstolowski|eod
seb128your indicator log indicates it tries to open gnome-control-center but that's missing16:45
seb128which suggests you don't have settings installed for some reason16:45
czajkowskiseb128: well they were installed up to the lastest updates last week16:45
czajkowskiwith the amount of travelling I do it's the first thing I change when I arrive16:46
czajkowskiit's not a bigg and I do appreciate the help16:46
czajkowskiit's just baffling16:46
seb128czajkowski, rc  unity-control-center                                 15.04.0+15.04.20150410-0ubuntu1            amd64        utilities to configure the GNOME desktop16:47
seb128that's your issue16:47
seb128sudo apt-get install unity-control-center16:47
seb128czajkowski, then you can grep control-center /var/log/dpkg.log to see when they got removed and what else was uninstalled16:47
seb128Trevinho, open https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libunity/+bug/1498089 for you, I think it's a side effect of you wily build fix (though I'm unsure what's wrong)16:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1498089 in libunity (Ubuntu) "g_settings_get_value: assertion 'G_IS_SETTINGS (settings)' failed" [Undecided,New]16:48
czajkowskiseb128: awww you rock16:48
czajkowskithank you16:48
seb128czajkowski, yw!16:48
TrevinhoLaney, seb128: do you know why compiz ddebs for vivid are missing (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1470097 )16:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1470097 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity does not support cpus without sse4" [High,Incomplete]16:56
seb128Trevinho, no, likely because the ddeb infrastructure is not robust and they didn't get imported for some reason and they get cleaned from the buildds since16:57
seb128we need a no change rebuild SRU to fix that :-/16:58
seb128there are plans to get ddebs in launchpad, in fact it's mostly done I think, unsure what's missing16:58
LaneyI think it's more robust now16:58
Laneybut maybe that was after vivid16:58
Trevinhoouch, annoying...16:58
seb128weird that nobody noticed until now16:58
seb128retraces and e.u.c are probably not very useful due to that16:58
Laneybdmurray used to do uploads to get them back16:58
Laneydon't know how he found missing ones16:59
seb128through investigating e.u.c failed retraces I think16:59
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sethjso, did the bug scrubbing pick up while I was busy over the weekend?17:06
TrevinhoLaney: do you have a bug for that unity branch?17:12
LaneyTrevinho: I looked for one but didn't find18:35
Laneydoesn't mean there isn't18:35
TrevinhoLaney: no worries I opened one21:36
sethjandyrock, were you able to reproduce this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1286910 I see you marked it has confirmed. I cannot reproduce it on Wily and was going to mark it invalid but then I saw you touched it recently.21:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1286910 in unity (Ubuntu) "Lock screen uses last active window's language instead of default keyboard language" [Medium,Confirmed]21:56

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