Bashing-omOur brain bucket is getting smaller .00:55
daftykinstoo many souls lost01:43
Bashing-omBut we rest assured that they ^^ will be resurrected .01:45
daftykinsalrighty i think that's me for today, time to clock out02:31
daftykinshave a good week all :)02:31
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:41
Bashing-omshift change .. comming up :)03:42
lotuspsychjehi Bashing-om :p03:44
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: o/ . It;s been fun . Hang loose .03:48
lotuspsychjegreat 2 hear03:48
Bashing-omHorizantal time out , See yall on the flip side .04:26
lotuspsychjemorning OerHeks05:35
OerHekshi :-)05:35
OerHekshi lotus05:35
lotuspsychjealot of linux gaming news lately05:39
OerHeksbleh, i dislike those guys who need to play windows shit in linux .. why do you use linux for that?05:40
lotuspsychjewell i understand if you buy a linux box, and cant game on it you feel bit corrupted05:42
lotuspsychjeits the same money that buys a windows pc05:42
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: maybe you mean one should only play linux games on a linux box?05:42
OerHeksYes, or use steam, only 4% is linux users by the way05:44
lotuspsychjethose big titles doesnt run properly anyway on linux05:45
lotuspsychjei hope that will change one day :p05:46
lotuspsychjenoob morning lol06:18
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OerHeksOoooh-brienDave :-D07:35
ObrienDavehow goes the battle, people?07:38
lordievaderGood morning.07:38
barnesgood morning07:39
OerHeksawesome, happy monday07:41
ObrienDavemonday, grrrrrrr ;P07:41
barnesI have a question on the use of mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt in sources.list why is it not more dynamic to not include mirrors that are not up2date?07:42
barneslooking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors there is a lott of mirrors running 0ne or more days behind07:42
lotuspsychjebarnes: ask that in #ubuntu please08:28
lotuspsychjeand good morning lordievader :p08:28
* lotuspsychje slides a monday coffee to ObrienDave 08:32
lotuspsychjemaybe he prefers beer :p08:37
barneslotuspsychje: ok08:38
OerHeksObrienDave & beer  .. that is like a witch & pancakes09:20
lotuspsychje_ill have the pancakes!09:24
OerHeksI'd like one of these http://theawesomer.com/photos/2014/02/keyboard_waffle_iron_1.jpg09:32
lotuspsychje_or a slice of twitter cake : https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/43/35/2d/43352df96acb12e5c3482eb3beb1735e.jpg09:35
lotuspsychje_geek desserts09:36
OerHeks"free keyboard with any pc"09:37
BluesKaj'Morning all11:32
OerHekshi BluesKaj11:33
BluesKajhey OerHeks11:33
lotuspsychjeTJ-: afternoon mate12:46
TJ-A soggy one, too. Trying to persuade the Huskies to go for a run but they tell me its too wet :)12:48
lotuspsychjei had a user asking about system restore from grub, and told him to wait for you, not sure he still on :p12:48
lordievaderOeehh, you have huskies?12:48
lordievaderCan I have a picture? :D12:48
lotuspsychjehuskies are so nice12:49
lordievader^ that ;)12:50
TJ-We have 2, Silver and Pepper, both blue-eyed, both around 3-4 years old12:50
lordievaderNot Salt & Pepper :P12:51
TJ-Silver was adopted first; Pepper arrived 5 months later. Both from a rescue center12:53
lordievaderDogs are lovely.12:54
lotuspsychjehi MonkeyDust and BluesKaj14:04
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje14:04
Bashing-omo/ Back in the saddle again; See where the ride takes us .19:58
OerHekssometimes ..21:07
Bashing-omUh Huh, there are the times we get taken for a ride .21:10
daftykins^relevant :)21:48
Bashing-om^ which way did he go, George .21:52

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