_3by8Hey, just wondering if you guys had any clue how difficult it is to actually download Ubuntu GNOME.02:02
darkxst_3by8, its easy http://ubuntugnome.org/download/02:05
_3by8Pretty sure I'm having doubts about reality and whether this is in fact it because I can't believe a normal person would say that finding a stupid ISO is "easy".02:07
darkxst_3by8 its clearly documented on our website, surely normal people read those!02:08
_3by8darkxst: you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.02:09
_3by8It takes you to at least 2 other pages before you can download it.02:09
_3by8darkxst: I've got a challenge for you: try to figure out how to download a different flavor of Ubuntu from the Ubuntu website.02:10
_3by8And why would you put the link to download it in plain text at the very bottom of the post? Put some effort into it.02:11
darkxstwhat are you talking about plain text links?02:12
darkxstif you see issues then you should raise them on the mailing list btw02:13
_3by8I'm telling you, the design "team" made some very poor choices and by "team" I mean that one contributor who does a little bit of everything. C++, Java...WORDPRESS.02:13
darkxstbtw I am not involved with the documentation team02:14
_3by8Who are you involved with?02:14
_3by8Dark figures.02:15
_3by8Don't even make me start some Onyx the Fortuitousesque rant.02:16
_3by8I don't know.02:16
_3by8Maybe you guys should just like... actually try sometimes... I don't know.02:16
_3by8So you develop software in your free time? Do you do it for a living also?02:17
darkxstall contributors to Ubuntu GNOME are volunteers, that do it in their free time02:18
darkxstand 'ranting' won't get you anywhere02:18
_3by8Boring and the website sucks.02:35
_3by8Fix it.02:35
Jamie_1hey i was trying to purge java from my computer since somehow the install didnt go right, so i followed what a friend said would work (big mistake) and now i cant get any of the jdk working at all... i have added manually, and from installer.. i have 6 all the way up to 9 and none of them are working, anyone know how i can fix this?04:32
Jamie_1most of my developer tools wont work without it04:32
salaydoes ubuntu gnome include the amazon lens software?05:34
salaythat's great news. thanks for the quick reply.05:46
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octoquadmorning all06:37
octoquaddarkxst, not sure if you missed it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/1497563/+attachment/4468673/+files/PlymouthDebug.txt06:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 927636 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1497563 plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in script_obj_deref_direct()" [High,Triaged]06:37
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darkxstoctoquad, was that with the graphical splash?07:02
darkxstguess it is07:04
darkxstas suspected the events keep firing after the animation is pull down (well it seems that way, some functions are missing ply_trace messages ;(07:09
darkxstoctoquad, can you attach that log to the main bug07:11
mgedminand this is what my wifi icon looks like this morning: http://i.imgur.com/SmP8lIS.png08:23
darkxstmgedmin, nothing should have changed overnight!09:59
mgedminI'm on vivid anyway; I think it's a long standing but infrequent buglet10:10
darkxstricotz, guess you saw my email? spidermonkey switched to ld.gold, and that is busted until gcc-5.3 lands most likely10:27
ricotzdarkxst, thanks, I am hoping doko wll upload a new snapshot soon then11:08
darkxstricotz, just force bfd in the mean time11:09
ricotzdarkxst, the problem doesnt hit critical things for me so far11:10
darkxstricotz, webkitgtk also11:11
ricotzmozjs38 is not needed by anything yet11:12
ricotzand webkitgtk needs cairo-gl for a ppa upload11:12
darkxstnope and I won't have gjs port done anytime soon by the looks of it11:13
flexiondotorgdarkxst, FYI I've noticed that the Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu GNOME iso images are all 400MB larger than compared to 15.10 Beta 1.13:28
flexiondotorgLatex and a heap of additional fonts is the common new packages.13:29
flexiondotorgI'm just investigating what the root cause is.13:29
darkxstflexiondotorg, fuck14:14
darkxstflexiondotorg, did you check the germinate outputs?14:16
flexiondotorgdarkxst, Yes14:17
flexiondotorgtexlive-base is being pulled in.14:17
darkxstno, look here http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu-gnome.wily/14:18
flexiondotorgdarkxst, Yes, I've look there :-)14:18
darkxstwhats pulling it in then?14:18
flexiondotorgghostscript was pulling in cjk stuff.14:19
lindolhi all :)14:19
flexiondotorgNew ghostscript fixes the issue.14:19
darkxstflexiondotorg, so its sorted then?14:20
flexiondotorgdarkxst, I've requested a rebuild to check.14:21
flexiondotorgWill report back later.14:21
darkxstflexiondotorg, ok, keep me posted, I am way overdue for sleep14:24
flexiondotorgWill do.14:28
darkxstflexiondotorg, looks like Canonical are sending me to the -desktop team  sprint btw ;)14:31
flexiondotorgdarkxst, :-D Excellent!14:31
darkxsthi Inoki14:31
flexiondotorgdarkxst, After an ISO respin Ubuntu MATE is the correct size again.15:03
InokiHi there darkxst15:17
InokiWas away, left the computer running15:18
InokiThis https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1443456 is a nasty one.15:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443456 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Vivid) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in fbBltOne()" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:34
InokiCompletely prevents me from using Vivid on my laptop.15:35
InokiHave a Q I hope someone can asnwer: I occasionally get disconnected from my Google account showing me a propmt to log in. The first attempt always fails, the second works. Could this be somehow connected to me uninstalling Empathy?15:40
arthur-dentWhat is the command to reset one's password?16:18
arthur-dentI think I have logged in now...16:27
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hans__i want to file a bug, what is the right place?21:29

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