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ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:31
k1l[tiutemz] (~tiutemz@ tiutemz     anyone got pms form that one?17:01
bazhangI get about 6 others!17:03
bazhangdo I get a participation medal?17:03
geniiPici: What was with tiutemz?19:22
Picigenii: he suggested I remove a dead animal from my rear, then threatened that he would remove my ears with considerable force19:24
Piciin much more depraved language19:24
geniiAh, OK. Probably same guy as last couple weeks19:24
tonyyarussoProfanity-laced tirades translated into polite language are rather entertaining.19:49
geniiSeems like the same idiot might be the one trolling #freenode right now23:13
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daftykinsguest3904 = bot perhaps?23:46

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