MooDoomorning all06:58
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davmor2Morning all08:31
MooDoomorning davmor208:31
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:39
davmor2MooDoo: I'm thinking I must be after watch hudson hawk now I got swinging on a star stuck in my head08:41
Myrttiooh, it's an OpenSourcerer08:44
selinuxiumHi all  o/08:46
TheOpenSourcererNeeded to jump on #reprapro to ask a question ;-)08:47
selinuxium'lo TheOpenSourcerer.08:47
TheOpenSourcererMorning all.08:47
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: good morning08:48
TheOpenSourcererI spent most of yesterday helping my son to build this: https://reprappro.com/documentation/fisher-beta/08:48
MooDoodavmor2: great film08:49
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: oh, it arrived?09:06
popeyI thought you'd ordered it, didn't realise you got it already09:06
TheOpenSourcererNah - Grandad bought it for him :-)09:06
popeyooh, it's a delta printer!09:06
TheOpenSourcererI was very impressed with the build09:07
TheOpenSourcererso far.09:07
popeyhow far did you get?09:07
TheOpenSourcererInstructions were great, all the bits were nicely finished.09:07
TheOpenSourcererWe got to this stage: https://reprappro.com/documentation/fisher-beta/connecting-rods/09:07
zmoylan-pithat's a really elegant looking 3d printeer...09:07
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Miniature Golf Day! 😃09:08
TheOpenSourcererWe filmed the assembly using a frameapp so we have a 3minute video of about 5 hours assembly :-) James will be putting this on his blog shortly I think :-)09:08
popeyi notice there's some missing photos on the wiki, might be useful to upload yours if they're good09:09
popeygreat way to contribute back before he's even finished his build09:09
TheOpenSourcererI really enjoyed the build process. It's a very clever design and well thought out.09:13
Myrttiwe should be getting a 3D printer soonish too. I've no idea what kind09:22
MyrttiI know we're going to have a PeachyPrinter too but this one that's supposedly (not really) been shipped is a normal filament kind. That's all I know09:22
zmoylan-pias a d&d gamer we could use one to make a fair few models or critturs for our table top maps  generic ones to reduce the amount of monsters carried09:24
Myrttihttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/m3d/the-micro-the-first-truly-consumer-3d-printer/description apparently09:25
popeythat is cute looking09:26
Myrttilooking at it now, I'm starting to wonder if it will be able to print me a new case for my knitting machine that would accommodate the Arduino09:26
zmoylan-piwouldn't the plastic be too soft?09:26
Myrttioh it's not for storing the knitting machine09:27
zmoylan-piah, my bad09:27
Myrttiit's to replace an ABS cover that I've had to take off to take the old controls off and to connect the Arduino instead09:27
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zmoylan-piright, coffee and biccie...10:13
NET||abusehow do i see what commands a  launcher icon is using?10:28
NET||abusethere's no easy way to inspect the "shortcut" of a launcher10:28
foobarryhave you seen this vid about the clock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEmSwJTqpgY&app=desktop10:28
foobarry"if you think this is an invention , you've been fooled"10:28
NET||abuseeg.. i just upped from 14.10 to 15.04 yesterday on this laptop, and now spotify isn't launching, i get no error when i click on the icon, but to figure out what command it's running it's non-obvious how to debug the issue,10:28
MooDoooh i read about that this morning...sigh10:28
foobarry"the clock is a commercial clock removed from its casing"10:28
zmoylan-pio/ my first gizmos were broken things that i remounted on lego chassis to make operational again10:30
shaunoseen a few of those vids now.  always priceless seeing the look of achievement on a grown adult's face when he manages to one-up a 14yo nerd.10:34
popeyNET||abuse: look in /usr/share/applications for the spotify desktop file10:36
NET||abuseah yeh, i know where the apps are as someone who's experienced with ubuntu, but i was just wondering was it the only way,10:39
NET||abuseit's not a very accessible interface is unity.10:39
NET||abuseeven if it's neatly tucked away somewhere to not overload the user interface, there still should be a route to seeing what's behind a launcher icon. right click->properties type of thing, show me what command it's running, or let me modify the command it's running, or add a show in folder option, some way to show what's behind that icon.10:41
NET||abuseotherwise you just have to read up on the "conventions of unity" which if my programming days tought me anything, convention over configuration isn't always best10:41
NET||abuseanyway, just ranting10:42
popeyit was one of the first bugs I filed on unity10:42
NET||abusei've just switched back from arch/gnome to ubuntu after 3 months, and gotta say, there's alot to like on the gnome side10:43
NET||abusebut in'm only 24 hours into it.. give it 2 weeks and i'll see how i feel.10:43
MyrttiNET||abuse: usually it's a foobar.desktop file10:46
Myrttiin /usr/share/applications/10:46
Myrttioh, too late10:46
Myrttipopey was hiding behind quits and joins10:46
NET||abuseMyrtti: oh i know where they are, /usr/share/applications;/$HOME/.local/application10:46
MyrttiI blame my lack of new glasses10:47
NET||abuseI was really just raising frustration with the opaqueness unity implements10:47
NET||abuseand that's what grinds my gears..10:48
NET||abuseback to you Tom!10:48
popeyNET||abuse: bug 70500711:18
lubotu3bug 705007 in unity-launcher-editor "Unity has no method to maintain properties of launchers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70500711:18
NET||abuseahh, cheers popey11:44
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ujjainI moved in the UK. I sent my new address to the electoral roll. Do I still have to inform both councils of an address chagne?15:58
leecowdrey_no - just the new council16:00
leecowdrey_they should use official form which updates the electoral roll16:00
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davmor2diddledan: you can't blag me there are eyes in that moo17:43
diddledan_davmor2: the eyes have it18:35
* diddledan_ got coffee \o/18:36
davmor2diddledan_: just showing off now aren't you ;)18:41
diddledan_has anyone watched the fairly recent series 12 monkeys?19:23
diddledan_I've just started it - intriguing19:23
diddledan_I saw the film years ago and have forgotten pretty much everything about it19:24
diddledanXack, just spotted your /msg (it was hidden where I wasn't looking) not sure how long ago you sent it, but just wanted to let you know it wasn't ignored, just missed.20:43
Xackdiddledan: alright :)20:44
popey .3820:59
czajkowskipopey: ello21:40
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)21:51
diddledanpopey: .38 gun calibre?22:11
leecowdrey_moles need .4422:14
daftykinsah a clients secretary's husband was telling me a great story of when Guernsey didn't have BBC2 or colour broadcasts yet, back in the 70s22:17
daftykinshe said his brother, who was quite the electronics whizz, used to climb out on their roof to adjust a custom rigged antenna to let them watch films on BBC2 XD22:18
zmoylan-pijust how dangerous is a cornered mole??22:24
zmoylan-pido you need to nuke from orbit to be sure? :-)22:30
* zmoylan-pi thanks the gods that moles drown in ireland...22:32
daftykinsout of interest can you folks visit http://www.tigerdirect.com/ ? it's been totally blocked for months from Guernsey IPs22:48
diddledandaftykins, works here23:05
daftykinsweird, i wonder why we're blocked23:05
shaunoworks here23:12
shauno(</aol>, but I am in a different country)23:13
daftykinsoh i should try my VPN23:19
daftykinswow - https://www.dropbox.com/s/dq6jmjlcgwt7xhy/Screenshot_2015-09-22-00-20-57.png?dl=023:25
daftykinscan't even stop this from coming up after a browser cache clear23:25
zmoylan-pitigerdirect works here in ireland on vodafone isp23:27
daftykinsty sir, i've email'd and asked what they have against rockdwellers :)23:28
zmoylan-pimaybe they sell clock parts... :-P23:29
* zmoylan-pi gives daftykins https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casio_F-91W#Claimed_use_in_terrorism as a condolence... :-P23:31
daftykinszmoylan-pi: i best show it to my teacher right away!23:31
zmoylan-piif you ping it what comes back?23:34
daftykinsthe TD domain?23:34
daftykinswell it's gotta be chatting to give me the web server error + the above23:34
zmoylan-pi64 bytes from a23-200-102-69.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=59 time=19.4 ms23:34
zmoylan-pior is it been intercepted by isp...23:35
daftykinsooh i don't get an akamai CDN at all no23:35
daftykins195.26.90.35 replies23:35
zmoylan-pitry using different dns?23:35
daftykinsthat should've been true of the phone test23:36
daftykinsoh my laptop is back on my ISP DNS, hrmmz23:37
diddledanzmoylan-pi, that's crazay23:37
zmoylan-pibad laptop ::smacks with rolled up newspaper:: bad!23:37
diddledanI used to own one of those watches23:37
zmoylan-pisecurity theatre...23:37
diddledanI guess I'm a bad actor23:38
zmoylan-pimy last casio watch had a game23:38
daftykinsah no the above IP was .co.uk23:38
daftykins78.152.57.137 i get for .com23:38
zmoylan-pi.co.uk gets 64 bytes from webfwd.daily.co.uk ( icmp_seq=7 ttl=51 time=37.3 ms23:39
diddledanI really like the "insane" girl in 12 monkeys23:40
diddledanshe's fun23:40
daftykinsnow i get for .com23:41
shaunocurious; that invalid request page.  is the email us link there, theirs?23:43
daftykinssiteissues@help.tigerdirect.com it was23:43

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