DonkeyHoteimeeting in 105 minutes00:15
nhainesI am back and did not die in the woods.01:01
pleia2woo not dead01:03
nhainesThe 9yo I was taking care of, at lunch today in Ramona as we were eating back in town: "Why don't you ever collect your resources in Clash of Clans?"01:05
nhainesMe: "Because I was in the forest for 3 days without Internet.  Remember?  You were there."01:06
ianorlynargh may ahve to do something for my dad but nhaines you can lead it right01:42
DonkeyHoteicome back soon01:43
nhainesianorlyn: I'm still not unpacked and was about to eat, but yeah, I'll make sure it happens.01:43
DonkeyHoteiis there an agenda this time?01:44
nhainesDoesn't seem so.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15September2001:45
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15September20 - Ubuntu Wiki]01:45
nhainesBut perhaps there's progress on the release party that can be shared for the record.  :)01:45
pleia2I'll update the meetings page & header (still says july)01:46
pleia2er, meetings page says sept 6th01:46
pleia2header says july01:46
pleia2woo, my browser no longer autocompletes on doing these01:52
nhandlerpleia2: Probably my fault. I had updated it for sept 6, but didn't notice the header01:53
pleia2tbh I still used the MeetingChecklist page pretty much every time01:53
pleia2always would forget something otherwise01:53
pleia2like the topic01:53
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pleia2speaking of which :D01:54
* nhandler didn't know about that page :)01:54
pleia2it's linked on /Meetings because I always forgot the url01:54
nhainesnhandler: thanks for doing the updates, btw!  Every little bit helps. :)01:56
DonkeyHoteihandled by handler01:56
Nairwolfhi everyone01:58
pleia2oof, there's a 15September6 and 15September0601:58
pleia2the 6 is empty, so I'll delete it01:58
pleia2or redirect actually01:59
nhainesCanonically, should be no leading zeros.  Which is why redirects are perfect!02:00
pleia2we've historically mostly used 0s02:00
pleia2so, fun02:00
nhainesIt does make me happier.  Maybe I'll switch.02:01
nhandlerMeeting time02:01
nhainesYup, meeting time!02:02
darthrobot`Meeting started Mon Sep 21 02:02:09 2015 UTC.  The chair is nhaines. Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.02:02
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nhainesWelcome to tonight's Ubuntu California meeting!02:02
nhainesToday's agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15September2002:02
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15September20 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:02
nhainesWho's around for the meeting?  :)02:02
nhainesThanks for being here!02:03
nhaines#topic Upcoming events02:04
nhainesFirst up, any new information about upcoming events?02:04
nhandlerI have some about the release party02:04
DonkeyHotei#chair ianorlyn02:04
nhainesnhandler: how's that coming along?02:04
nhandlerGot the ok to hold it at Yelp (140 New Montgomery) on the 22nd02:05
nhandlerI posted a link to a google doc earlier with the information I need to provide02:05
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu Wily Release Party - Google Docs]02:05
nhandlerI've never been to an Ubuntu CA release party, so any help answering some of those questions would be appreciated02:05
ianorlynnhandler: did you update the date as it would be bad for people to want to go and still think it is on the 23rd02:06
nhandlerianorlyn: Update the date where? http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3203-san-francisco-wily-release-party/ is updated02:06
darthrobot`Title: [San Francisco Wily Release Party | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:06
nhainesLooks good.  Is there anything you need help with?02:07
nhandlernhaines: Really just getting a feel for what normally happens at CA release parties / how many people typically attend (so I can answer the questions). I can guess from old blog posts, but you all probably know best02:08
pleia2we had really poor attendance at the one we tried to hold at mozilla last fall, I was traveling again for that one02:09
pleia2had the speaker cancel at last minute and things just didn't come together for whatever reason02:09
DonkeyHoteiwhich was the one we had at adroll?02:09
pleia2jyo can talk more about that one, we had some really well attended ones at Thirsty Bear, but that's when we had Jono promote them02:10
pleia2I think AdRoll was the LTS one02:10
pleia2Jono helped us promote that one too, and attended02:10
pleia2yeah, AdRoll was for 14.0402:10
pleia2that was a great release party02:10
darthrobot`Title: [San Francisco Ubuntu 14.04 Release Party – pleia2's blog]02:10
DonkeyHoteiyes and nhaines attended it via irc02:10
pleia2(I blog because memory of a goldfish)02:10
nhandlerAlso, I filled out the form to see about getting any goodies to give away, but still haven't heard back from Canonical02:11
* pleia2 nods02:12
nhainespleia2: can you follow up on that or would you like me to?02:12
pleia2nhaines: go for it, my plate overflows02:12
nhainesHa, well, I know what that's like.  But this next week should be a little easier.02:12
nhandlerThanks a lot02:12
nhainesnhandler: did you email them at all?  If so, forward that to me.  If it was form only, let me know the approximate date, and I'll email Michelle at Canonical.02:13
nhandlernhaines: Just the form on September 10 (so not /that/ long ago)02:14
nhainesOkay, that's 6 business days.  I'll just send a polite ping.02:15
pleia2yeah, release parties come up quick02:15
DonkeyHoteievery 6 mo02:15
nhainesLet us know on the mailing list if you need any other advice.  :)02:15
nhainesAny other upcoming events?02:15
nhandlerWill do02:15
pleia2yeah, and feel free to reach out to me for specific questions, happy to do lunch :)02:15
pleia2especially since it's like 1000 degrees outside, need to get out of my condo!02:16
DonkeyHoteinot yet upcoming, but in jan: scale02:16
pleia2(I'm on the roof deck)02:16
pleia2I submitted a talk to scale proper, but even if it's not accepted I'll find a way down to scale02:17
nhainesIt's really going to be worth it this year!  Maybe you already know why!  We can probably say why in another couple of weeks.  :)02:17
nhainesUbucon plans are underway, and while we're still in talks about the details, it might be a two-day event.  Regardless, it's going to be bigger.02:18
DonkeyHoteii don't know pasadena well in the least02:18
nhainesDonkeyHotei: the activities page will try to round that out a bit.02:19
nhainesWe'll also need booth volunteers, and SCALE has officially invited Ubuntu back again, so I'll be sending an email announcement out about that this week.02:20
nhainesBecause Richard and I are working together on Ubucon, we're going to try to see what we can do about making the booth reflect the Ubucon experience as well.02:21
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nhainesWe'll try to have some of the Ubucon speakers at the booth to answer questions at scheduled times, and there's some other stuff I'm planning that I need to finalize first.02:22
pleia2that sounds great02:22
nhandlerI'm hoping to make it down, and if I do, I'm totally up for volunteering in whatever capacity is needed02:23
nhainesOh, and just for the record--SCALE is at the end of January this year because of the new venue.  Back to February in 2017.  :)02:23
* pleia2 nods02:24
nhainesSounds exciting so far.  :)02:24
pleia2nhandler: have you been to one before?02:24
nhaines#topic Announcements02:24
pleia2it's one of my favorites conference-wise :)02:24
nhainesnhandler: you'll love it, because it's the best of a trade show with the energy of an enthusiast convention.02:24
nhandlerNope, never been to SCALE before02:25
ianorlynyeah it is awesome02:25
nhandlerCan't wait :)02:25
pleia2I'll be out of town again for the 2nd Wednesday in October and November when we usually do Ubuntu Hours in SF, I'll email the usual suspects to see if someone else wants to host02:25
DonkeyHoteii'm not sure i even have the patience for trade shows anymore. the last scale wore me out pretty badly02:26
pleia2DonkeyHotei: I've had to cut back on what I do, I was up to something like 3 talks and booth duty at my last scale and my grandmother had just died x_x02:26
nhainesIt can be a lot of work.  In that case, it's best to only volunteer for one day.  Ubuntu will be there all four days so there are plenty of chances. You can do one day, every other day, whatever works!02:27
pleia2nhaines: ++02:27
ianorlynhmm booth is a bit too busy for me a lot of the time02:27
pleia2I tend to booth for my employer these days though02:27
DonkeyHoteiif i go again i may very well not even attend all 4 days02:27
pleia2DonkeyHotei: good plan02:28
pleia2I don't have any other announcementy things02:28
nhainesOkay, hoepfully someone steps up--I know the Ubuntu Hour is really great.  :)02:29
nhaines#topic Agenda items02:29
nhainesThere are no items on the agenda for this meeting.02:29
nhaines#topic Other business02:29
nhainesSo, there's a bit brewing for October and January.  Is there anything else before we wrap this meeting up?02:30
nhandlerNothing from me02:30
pleia2I'm all set, thanks nhaines02:30
* ianorlyn has nothing more02:30
nhainesOkay, thanks once again for nhandler and pleia2 for helping out with the wiki this last week.  It's through stepping up and doing things that need done that Ubuntu and Free Software in general gets better.  :)02:31
nhainesThe next meeting is scheduled for October 4th.  Same bat time, same bat channel.02:32
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Sep 21 02:32:05 2015 UTC.02:32
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2015/ubuntu-us-ca.2015-09-21-02.02.moin.txt02:32
nhandlerThanks for chairing, nhaines02:32
pleia2nhandler: yelp at night! https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/21397311720/in/dateposted-public/02:38
darthrobot`Title: [So nice to see this beautiful building occupied, having dinner downstairs in a bit | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]02:38
pleia2(we have dinner reservations at Mourad tonight)02:39
nhainesnhandler: yw  :)02:39
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