jck77Hello everyone from Davie FL18:38
mhall119hi jck77 18:39
* mhall119 googles Davie18:39
mhall119ah, down south18:40
mhall119ahoneybun_ and KeithIMyers are near-ish there18:40
jck77hello mhall119 18:41
mhall119I'm up near Tampa myself18:41
jck77well not south like kendall or homestead hehe18:41
mhall119south of me :)18:41
mhall119jck77: FYI, there's a release party near you next month: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/3199-ubuntu-1510-release-party/18:42
jck77I used to enter here like a year ago but not that often... since I got the email for "release party" close from home I was like hell yeah finally 18:42
jck77yes yes18:42
mhall119and they did an Ubuntu Hour last weekend18:43
jck77I lost interest before because all the meetings were in Melbourne 18:43
jck77cool, missed that one18:43
mhall119also, we're going to have an UbuCon in Orlando this November as part of FOSSETCON (I'm writing up the announcement for that as we speak, actually)18:45
jck77is anyone here a Linux certified?18:45
mhall119not me18:46
mhall119Bryanstein: ping, is FOSSETCON CFP closed? If so, can you send me any declined talks that might be Ubuntu related?18:46
ahoneybunhey jck7719:47
ahoneybunthanks mhall11919:47
* ahoneybun pokes balloons19:49
ahoneybunI might not be flashing a N10 for the party XD19:49
ahoneybunsince I told the owner it wipes the tablet19:49
mhall119ahoneybun_: do you need a device?19:51
jck77hey ahoneybun 19:51
ahoneybunwell I have my N4 still and I'm sure balloons would send my his awesome N7 np20:09
ahoneybunjck77: where in davie are you near?20:10
GarheadeAnyone tried using ubuntu on the N5? Even more important, are there any plans to bring it to the N5 or 6 'officially'?20:13
mhall119Garheade: there's a community port for the N5 that's pretty good from what I hear20:33
mhall119no plans for Canonical to support the N620:33
* ahoneybun was about to say that20:33
GarheadeSo the natural next question is, where can I get my hands on one that has it preinstalled?20:34
mhall119Garheade: Europe :)20:34
mhall119or India20:34
mhall119China soon20:34
mhall119sadly none of the current ones are available in the USA20:34
GarheadeThats just silly... and annoying.20:34
mhall119Garheade: well it's not intentional, it's just that the first two OEMs to deliver phones, don't do business over here yet20:35
mhall119Canonical is still working with US-capable OEMs to get a device shipped here20:36
GarheadeIt's a shame really. I was waiting for an Ubuntu phone in the US but had to fallback to the N6 because it wasn't out yet... I know it can't really be helped but gosh darn it, it's frustraing.20:40
mhall119Garheade: you can run it on the Nexus 4, that's officially supported20:40
mhall119and if you can get an MX4 Ubuntu Edition, that I've heard works over here too (3G might be flaky, but 4G should work)20:41
GarheadeMy N4 has an amazingly flaky battery so that wouldn't really work for regular use.20:45
mhall119mine is starting to decline too :(20:46
* ahoneybun has his replaced about 1 month or so back20:47
ahoneybunI killed it XD20:47
ahoneybunmhall119: get on hangouts more!20:47
* ahoneybun is out20:47
jck77ahoneybun: im like 3 miles from Costco  21:56
ahoneybunjck77: which costco ?23:00
ahoneybuntheres a few23:00
ahoneybunby the tower?23:01
jck77yes tower shops 23:31
jck77I live on state road 84 23:31
jck77This is Davie but close to Plantation23:33

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