greg-ghigh of 102 in Petaluma today, so we went to the beach (Bodega Bay), just got home, 'twas good03:14
rick_h_water makes hot weather suck less for sure03:29
greg-gand the constant breeze03:31
jrwrengood morning13:00
cmaloneyGood morning and all that13:03
* DrDaemonEye mumbles something about morning13:09
mrgoodcatgood morning13:13
mrgoodcatnot for vw though13:13
mrgoodcat20% stock drop over the weekend13:13
mrgoodcathope nobody here was strongly invested in them13:13
rick_h_other than buying one of the effected tdi vehicles?13:15
mrgoodcatyou might actually get a check in the mail13:15
cmaloneyI'd love to know who thought that was a good idea at VW13:15
mrgoodcatif you own one13:15
aleph_onewelp, this is either a great or a terrible time to buy a VW13:45
aleph_onedepending on how their prices adapt13:45
rick_h_well does this mean I have to check my smugness levels about my tdi?13:47
jrwrenrick_h_: nah, just tel us you are sorry for poluting the air more than the US standard and we will forgive you :)13:52
rick_h_jrwren: bah!13:53
jrwrenrick_h_: you don't even have to be that sorry. you were lied to by VW about it.13:53
rick_h_jrwren: yea, it's supposed to balance out my truck13:53
rick_h_but maybe they're closer to equal :P13:53
jrwrenrick_h_: don't let any EU folks give you grief about it. US diesel standards are a bit more strict than everyone else. you don't even have to apologize to them :)13:56
rick_h_jrwren: :)13:57
mrgoodcatbesides, it's still probably a lot better on fuel economy. so you can be smug about that if you want13:58
jrwrennot prius level smug13:59
mrgoodcatbut possibly ford fiesta smugness13:59
cmaloneynobody but nobody was ever smug in a fiesta14:00
mrgoodcat36mpg in a fiesta14:00
mrgoodcatthats pretty good14:00
cmaloneyIt's a fiesta14:01
mrgoodcatin the best configuration of the fiesta that is14:01
cmaloneyIt's a fiesta14:01
mrgoodcatthe fiesta st is pretty fun14:01
cmaloneyIt's a fiesta14:01
mrgoodcati don't care14:01
mrgoodcatsmall cars can be fun too14:01
mrgoodcatother than size and a laugable name, what's wrong with a fiesta?14:01
cmaloneyIt's a fiesta14:02
jrwreni think mrgoodcat is thinking of modern fiesta. I'm thinking of 80s fiesta.14:02
mrgoodcatnow you're just being intentionally unhelpful :/14:02
mrgoodcatlol i don't know anything about the 80's fiesta, but the new one was super fun to drive on the track at waterford last week14:03
mrgoodcati'm really excited for the focus rs though. it's not as great on fuel economy but 315hp awd focus hell yes14:04
cmaloneymrgoodcat: That's cool14:04
mrgoodcatwant one so bad14:04
mrgoodcatgotta wait for a year or two though for the used ones to be on the market14:04
mrgoodcatmight find a used 135i to tide me over until it comes out14:05
cmaloneyJust wait for the first recalls  to settle in14:05
cmaloneyShould be a few months14:05
jrwrencmaloney: lol14:06
* cmaloney has a somewhat dim view of the auto industry writ large14:06
mrgoodcatyea i think you're probably right in general, but this is supposed to be marketed to enthusiasts14:07
mrgoodcatso they're probably not going to cut corners for the sake of affordability and such14:07
mrgoodcatit's gonna be a $35k+ focus14:07
jrwrenI do like ford's perf stuff. Taurus SHO is a beast.14:08
jrwrenbut in general: meh. I'm not a gear head.14:08
cmaloneyI like cars that are efficient and don't fall apart when you look at them funny.14:09
mrgoodcati dont think this one will fall apart when you look at it funny, but it probably won't be efficient in the sense you're thinking of. it will probably be very efficient at turning gas into power, but probably not very efficient at turning gas into distance14:10
aleph_onedoes anyone here use a YubiKey Neo to hold a GPG key for signing?18:29
aleph_onealso, pardon me if I'm breaking any channel rules, but I don't think I am18:29
cmaloneyaleph_one: hello18:30
cmaloneyhttps://jclement.ca/articles/2015/gpg-smartcard/ ?18:31
aleph_onegreg-g: my kinda place then ;)18:34
aleph_onecmaloney: yeah, basically that setup. I'm mostly curious if anyone using it has found it worth the trouble18:35
cmaloneyaleph_one: I don't have a yubikey so I haven't tried it18:35
aleph_onein my case, I created a 4096-bit key on my desktop, meaning I need to make subkeys for the YubiKey18:35
aleph_onewell, I'll report back!18:35
cmaloneyYeah, it appears the Yubikey only handles 204818:36
SneakyPh1lhas anyone here ever used pdsh?18:39
SneakyPh1lif so, have you ever run a local script remotely using it?18:40

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