bkerensa@wxl any plans for a release party?18:03
meetingologybkerensa: Error: "wxl" is not a valid command.18:03
wxlnot yet, bkerensa. been slammed. are you offering the mozilla offices?18:04
bkerensawxl: depends when18:04
wxlbkerensa: what works?18:04
bkerensawell I have to find someone who can host us in the office18:05
bkerensaso if there is a date or two or three18:05
bkerensaI could run it by the entire office18:05
bkerensaand see who volunteers18:05
bkerensaplus I have to check the office calendar18:05
wxlwell oct 22 is release18:05
wxli really can't do it on the 19th or 26th18:06
wxlor the 3rd. especially not the 3rd18:06
bkerensawxl: want to do one that day?18:06
bkerensaif so I can pitch it18:06
wxloh wait18:07
wxllooking at the wrong month :/18:07
wxlcould probably work out something with the 24th, 25th18:07
wxlweekends before or after are fine with me too18:07
bkerensalet me know which one or two you can for certain propose18:07
bkerensaand ill send them to the office mailman list18:07
bkerensaand if we can set something up ill promote locally18:09
bkerensaget some of the old Ubuntu Oregon folks out of the wood works18:09
wxlgotta talk to "the boss"18:09
bkerensalike nathwill18:09
bkerensaand co18:09
bkerensaand PLUG folks18:09
* bkero is now known as TheBoss.18:09
bkerensaalso FreeGeek is always an option18:09
bkerensaof and ofc bkero if he not backpacking mongolia18:09
bkeroI'm in Portland18:10
bkeroAlthough don't work for moz anymore18:10
bkerensabkero: redhat :P18:11
bkerensayou use Fedora too now?18:11
bkeroRedhat PDX office is my living room.18:11
bkerensai didnt know Redhat had a PDX office18:11
bkerensabkero: are you going to All thing open in NC?18:12
bkeroI hope I'm not going back to NC anytime soon.18:12
bkerensaI got invited by some folks at redhat but unfortunately have a wedding the same wek18:12
wxlnice vikingredwolf18:23
sgclarkhey all18:23
wxloops wrong channel :/18:24
wxlhai sgclark18:24
wxlbkerensa: why'd ya give up on mozilla?18:24
sgclarkbehind on email, did we decide on a global jam date? or any other function?18:25
wxli've been behind on everything, so i think no.18:25
sgclarkok, not just me then :)18:25
bkerensawxl: I did not give up I am working on new projects18:54
bkerensawxl: :P also if someone wants to grab these banners and table clothes sometime18:55
bkerensawould be awesome18:55
bkerensaI am getting rid of my swag cabinet in the office that it is current in18:55
wxlbkerensa: yeah well maybe you should take me up on my previous offer of just having them shipped18:55
bkerensawxl:  We could do that18:56
bkerensaor sgclark could take them18:56
bkerensawhichever works18:56
wxlwell i don't think sgclark gets down here too much18:56
bkerensabut they might be needed more in Portland18:56
bkerensamost of the loco members are here18:56
bkerensaI think there are only four of you down there18:57
bkerensaalso it is possible to have two sets18:57
bkerensaCalifornia has two or three18:57
bkerensaone for Northern Cali and one or two for Southern18:57
wxltrue true18:58
wxlsgclark: wanna take them the swag from bkerensa ?18:58
bkerensaI have actually been thinking about kicking off some events here again soon18:58
bkerensafor Ubuntu Oregon18:58
wxlthat'd be great18:58
bkerensapeople been missing it up here18:58
bkerensaneed to find some time though ;)18:58
bkerensarunning my own open source project has been draining18:58
wxli'm kind of feeling like i should groom someone else to take over and someone from portaldn to boot18:58
bkerensa:P sgclark18:59
wxli just don't have the time and freedom to go up and down to portland whenever i want18:59
wxlwhat';s your own project bkerensa ?18:59
bkerensaTL;DR Open Source Diabetes Management and Research Apps19:00
wxlvery cool!!!!19:00
wxli have a friend that could use this19:00
bkerensaAndroid releases in a couple weeks.... iOS is underway.... web app is on burner but still planned and will in turn be ported to work for Ubuntu Phone and Firefox OS19:00
bkerensaAnd we have a huge team too19:00
bkerensaIn just two months I have been able to bring on 50+ contributors19:01
wxlvery cool19:01
bkerensathat includes the core team ofc19:01
bkerensawhen we launch we will also have the app translated to every major language19:01
wxlthat's incredible19:01
bkerensaand many minor ones like swahili19:01
wxlcongrats bkerensa19:01
bkerensaanyways we will see how it goes19:01
bkerensamaybe in six months form a 501(c)319:02
bkerensado some kickstarter and seek some grants19:02
bkerensahopefully someday have some desktop apps too19:02
bkerensamost important though is the research api for universities19:03
bkerensawe hope this will accelerate diabetes research19:03
wxlthat's really remarkable19:03
sgclarkvery nice19:03
sgclarktime is an issue with me as well haha19:04
sgclarkthough I am done with my Euro trips for the moment. we'll see if I can muster up time to work on Portland loco stuffs19:05
wxlsgclark: at least you're in portland19:06
sgclarkwell Hillsboro19:06
wxlmy concern is that because i'm not close, i won't be able to do the necessary things to really make things happen where most of the people are19:06
wxlyeah well it's not eugene :)19:06
sgclarklol true19:06
sgclarkno one person can do that. will take a group effort19:07
wxlyes that's true19:07
sgclarkwe all got busy, it happens. we just do stuff when we can is all.19:07
wxli just don't want to let anyone down, either19:08
sgclarkfolks will understand.19:09
wxlok thanks for the reassurance sgclark :)19:09
wxli should send an email19:09
sgclarkI am done with major travel so I can help more for the moment. Should probably start with the global jam or release party?19:09
wxli think a release party would be great19:10
wxla global jam too but that will take more coordinating methinks19:10
sgclarkprobably right.19:10
wxlmaybe we should do an irc global jam19:11
sgclarkmaybe global jam can possibly be tied in with LTS release as that will give us lots of time to plan19:11
wxlTHAT is a great idea19:11
sgclarkor work with Salem crew to do a get together, that seems central to us all19:11
wxlmaybe going forward aiming for a global jam every LTS would be good19:11
bkerensadoes lp support git yet?19:12
sgclarkpretty sure I read that it does now19:12
bkerensalike can I use git on any repo and totally ignore bzr?19:12
wxlmmmmm i'm not sure about that19:12
wxli haven't actually explored the git integration too much19:13
sgclarkno clue how it works though.19:13
sgclarkme either19:13
wxlalright well i think i'm going to do lunch19:13
bkerensaoh it is that time19:13
wxlgood chatting with you guys and here's to getting together sometime soon!!!!19:13
sgclarkok. have a good day.19:13
sgclarkyes we will sort out something :)19:13
bkerensasgclark: portland is not too far away19:14
sgclarkwell not for us in the area lol, but it is a trek for some19:14
bkerensawe need bullet train to Eugene and Salem19:14
tiwakewont help me at all20:18
tiwakea portal gun would be more useful XD20:19

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