pieter2627morning all06:44
inetprogood mornings07:22
barrydkMornings everyone and we don't talk rugby07:34
pieter2627barrydk: what happened with the rugby :P08:01
barrydkpieter2627:  ek het gese ons praat nie daaroor nie08:14
mazalHehehe http://www.wired.com/2015/09/microsoft-using-linux-run-cloud/11:26
Kilosoh my15:39
Kilosmeeting tonight15:39
inetprogood evening18:31
Kiloshi inetpro 18:39
inetproehlo Kilos18:39
inetprohow did the sfd go?18:39
Kilosno meeting tonight?18:39
inetprowhat meeting?18:39
inetproit's monday sir18:39
inetprowhat does the topic say?18:39
Kilosdunno i slept and did a bit ao outside work18:40
Kilosoh so tomorrow18:40
Kilosoh my18:40
Kilosplease accept my apologies, i will most likely been in kalafongs clutches18:41
Kilosgoing there at 6am tomorrow18:41
Kilosohi superfly and others18:43
Kilosand working on a lappy when on your back is hard work18:44
inetprooh my18:46
inetproKilos: hopefully all goes well tomorrow18:47
inetproand we will see you back here in full force soon18:47
Kilosi think it will ty, but they dont ruxh no maybe a day or 2 before they cut even18:48
inetprothis place is dead here without you18:48
Kilosi noticed18:48
Kilosonly part and joins18:48
inetprodeegee: wb18:48
Kilosinternet been bad looks like18:49
Kilosoh my18:50
Kilosdrussell davey fix your connection18:52
Kilosor keep saying hi and bi18:52
Kilosnight all.sleep tight18:55
Kiloshave a good rest inetpro  and be good18:55
inetprogood luck oom and good night18:56
inetprokulelu88: wb20:22
inetprohow was SFD?20:23
kulelu88I don't know :D20:23
inetproyou didn't go?20:24
inetprohello gremble20:27
inetprogremble: how was SFD?20:27
grembleHey inetpro. It was pretty good20:27
grembleAbout to sit down and write an article about it20:27
grembleDo you know if anyone would want it? :P20:28
grembleDo we have a place to post it?20:28
gremble(I'm writing it for Perdeby, but I don't think they'll publish it)20:28
inetproheh, I will read it20:30
inetproand I'm sure others will as well20:30
grembleI mean to put it up for reading. I'll talk to Karl, perhaps he has somewhere to post it.20:31
inetprowould make sense to put it at http://www.sfd.org.za/20:34
grembleHow was your weekend inetpro 20:38
inetprobeen on the road most of the time, but was all good thanks20:38
kulelu88gremble: post on your website man. you don't need an official channel to post to20:39
grembleHey kulelu88 20:39
grembleNot even I read my website. There is no point putting it there :P20:39
kulelu88I read your website (IIRC)20:40
grembleDid you end up not coming to SFD kulelu88, or did I miss you?20:41
grembleI met theblazehen, so it was cool to put a face to the handle.20:41
inetprogremble: and pieter2627?20:42
kulelu88I didn't come. I was working on something till very late20:42
kulelu88Or was it a movie :?20:42
inetprowb nuvolari20:42
grembleI don't recall meeting anyone else specifically. I met Charl that ran the key signing and a Mr Sam.20:44
kulelu88am I hidden? 20:47
grembleYou mean your cloak?20:47
superflykulelu88: yes, you're cloaked20:53
kulelu88Do any of you guys know how compression technology works?21:05
grembleA little. Much less than what you would be able to read with a quick search21:06
grembleI could probably help you more with the statistics used21:06
kulelu88I recently compressed a file from 150MB to 8MB and found it fascinating how it was done21:08
grembleIt is a pretty interesting field21:09
grembleOne of my friends is doing his masters in statistics and his thesis is on data compression21:10
kulelu88mathematical statistics I am guessing?21:10
kulelu88Also, what is interesting is provable builds21:10
grembleOnce you get to your masters, all statistics is mathematical statistics :P21:11
grembleThe distinction is only at an undergraduate level because of the fact that in the one you do calculus and in the other you do monkey-puzzles21:11
kulelu88heh, I take offence21:13
grembleIt's okay. I don't mind :P21:14
kulelu88I'll insult your Bokke as revenge! Naruto Japan !!!21:15
grembleDammit! Right in my weak-spot. How did you know I was a soccer fan?!21:16
kulelu88only on the internet do I meet folks who dislike sport :D21:19
grembleOh, it is not that I dislike it. I just have no particular interest. Just like I don't know who is currently ranking first in the world curling standings, I am not particularly bothered by which team is currently winning the rugby world cup21:20
kulelu88well it isn't the springboks :D21:28
grembleThey should try curling21:28
kulelu88or bowls, considering how old they all are21:29
grembleI switched from i3 to openbox, now I have no idea how to switch between windows21:32
kulelu88alt + tab ?21:35
grembleOh. yes21:35
grembleThanks :P21:35
grembleBash has really bad looking syntax >.>21:36
kulelu88time to visit hacker news for your new fonts21:39
grembleHmm. I have decided that I dislike openbox21:42
grembleI am going to go back to i3. I just need to do some configuration management21:42
kulelu88xfce for the win21:43
inetprogood night 21:45
gremblenight inetpro 21:45
gremblekulelu88: openbox runs with most of xfce's bits, except the window manager. Some of it is nice. But I don't like the windowing anymore21:45
kulelu88heh, if its not xfce on install, its something else B-)21:49
grembleHaha well, yes, its openbox :p using the xfce environment21:50
grembleOh, it is not xfce. It is lxde 21:53
kulelu88oh myyy. that is an internet fail of epic proportions!!!21:55

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