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OS_ConnoisseurI have a hard disk image that I dd'ed from my old Windows 95 computer. I want to mount it in Ubuntu to access the files, so I do 'sudo mount -t vfat -o loop harddisk.img /mnt/loop' but it gives me an error.00:04
OS_Connoisseurmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,00:04
OS_Connoisseur       missing codepage or helper program, or other error00:04
OS_Connoisseur       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try00:04
OS_Connoisseur       dmesg | tail  or so00:04
EriC^^OS_Connoisseur: hard disk or partition image?00:06
rsmith_does Ubuntu 14.04 on use systemd?  I'm not trolling, just a normally Debian user running Ubuntu on Digital Ocean00:06
OS_ConnoisseurEntire hard disk image.00:06
EriC^^OS_Connoisseur: use sudo losetup /path/to/image00:06
Fleetrsmith_: no, 15.04 was the first version to do so00:06
EriC^^then lsblk to see the name and then mount it00:07
rsmith_Fleet: Thanks!00:07
OS_Connoisseurrsmith_: 14.04 uses Upstart.00:07
OS_ConnoisseurEriC^^, that doesn't work. loop: can't get info on device harddisk.img: Inappropriate ioctl for device00:08
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EriC^^OS_Connoisseur: try sudo losetup /dev/loop0 /path/to/img00:12
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OS_ConnoisseurEriC^^: That didn't give an error, but get the same error as before when trying to mount /dev/loop000:17
EriC^^type lsblk00:19
EriC^^it should list the partitions of the hdd under /dev/loop000:19
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OS_ConnoisseurThey don't make this easy, do they. I guess I have to manually examine the disk image with parted and find the filesystem offset.00:28
EriC^^OS_Connoisseur: you can always load it under virtualbox and copy the files to your host os00:31
OS_ConnoisseurI don't use VirtualBox, but yeah, I suppose I could do that.00:32
OS_ConnoisseurIs there a way to mount and make the mounted directory readable by all users? I hate having to type sudo for everything I do.00:33
phunyguyOS_Connoisseur: sudo -i00:35
phunyguyjust type that command to get a root prompt00:35
Guest44424is there a general program out there that log's arbitrary events rsyslog doesn't seem to do enough application log files00:37
Guest44424to log what i want00:37
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wraithdFirst time on a raspberrypi, installed ubuntu on it; doesnt appear that I have access to the whole sd card00:45
wraithdhow does one expand the partition to include the rest of the space on the card?00:45
wraithdit's an 8G card but it looks like I only have access to 1.25 of it00:46
Decoy_PlatypusDo we have any Network Manager gurus here? I need help setting up a bridge interface.00:47
Guest44424ya something likr inotify_add_watch(fd, "/tmp" , IN_CREATE | IN_DELETE ) ; would work if i wanted to cookup a program or just use existing c program but i am also wondering if there is away to log arbitrary events like any process event , user event, ...etc inotify seems to only log the file system events?00:48
Guest44424and rsyslog is not specific enough00:49
juanezhey guys... trying to dist-upgrade from saucy(13.10) to trusty(14.04) but having troubles. seems as if the repo's in sources.list for saucy are all invalid! any pointers?00:52
asklepianso, is there no documentation for installing ubuntu on a MBP 11,3 ?00:52
Bashing-om!EOL | juanez The path as 14.10 is End_Of_Life ;00:54
ubottujuanez The path as 14.10 is End_Of_Life ;: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:54
asklepianso, is there no documentation for installing ubuntu on a MBP 11,3 ?00:55
Giraffe_ hi, im using ubuntu w/ plasma 5 and unity on a 2014 mbp (ubuntu 15.04). for some reason, if my computer falls asleep/something (not too sure what causes it, because sometimes it doesnt happened if I turn my laptop back on fast enough) the wifi cuts out00:58
Giraffe_any ideas?00:58
juanezthx Bashing-om00:59
Bashing-omjuanez: NP. good luck.01:03
Decoy_PlatypusI'm using 15.04. When I use nmcli to add a new bridge-slave interface nmcli shows the new connection, but it is not tied to any device.01:07
Decoy_PlatypusAny ideas?01:07
edistodoes ubuntu 15.10 beta have latest 4.3 kernel?01:08
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that edisto01:09
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:11
bazhangGiraffe_, ^01:12
Giraffe_Ive checked it out bazhang01:12
Giraffe_I've also tried setting a script up to restart network manager in sleep.d but it doesnt fix the issue01:12
bazhangthats odd01:13
bazhangfile a bug for that yet?01:13
Giraffe_nah was wondering if someone here knew01:15
Giraffe_and im trying to find out the cause for it01:15
Giraffe_if I turn the computer back on as soon as its gone to sleep its fine01:15
jeffrey_fGiraffe_: Just joined, repeat the question01:15
Giraffe_jeffrey_f: basically mbp wifi doesnt work after laptop sleeps01:15
Giraffe_restarting network manager doesnt work01:15
Giraffe_it doesnt see any networks01:15
jeffrey_fGiraffe_: Reboot and all is fine again?01:16
Giraffe_ive tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/52167601:17
jeffrey_fGiraffe_: looking.  Had a similar problem with bluetooth.  There was a script to restart it on wakeup01:20
jeffrey_fGiraffe_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362933/network-disabled-on-some-wake-ups-on-saucy-laptop01:21
Giraffe_Tried one similar to it jeffrey_f but I'll check it out01:22
jeffrey_fGiraffe_: can't hurt.  maybe a slight variation on the workaround can get it going01:23
blobbagusSomeone help me scrub my hdd? I have a ton of partitions from dual-boot distros, but I'm using virtualbox now. How can I safely nuke all but the Ubuntu Gnome partition?01:23
Bashing-om!gparted | blobbagus01:24
ubottublobbagus: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:24
blobbagusNice... I have GP Live - use it to make bootables all the time. It nukes parts too?!?01:25
jeffrey_fblobbagus: MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP EVERYTHING.  One wrong move and.........01:25
bcxIn initramfs, cryptsetup execution seems to fail (lvm is not available) an irfs says "Waiting for encrypted source device...", how can I get the arguments used by cryptsetup ? of course if break=premount, I can manually luksOpen & boot ...01:26
blobbagusI considered moving my keepers to the external hdd i have and nuking the whole thing (it still has trash parts from the win8 that came with it)... I think that'll be a reboot nightmare though with all my dev tools :(01:27
jeffrey_fblobbagus: That would be my suggestion, quicker and safer01:27
blobbagusThank you, sir! :)01:28
blobbagusI'll have a go at it. Wish me luck? (I'm bakking the keepers - just the apache hosts will be a job in itself)01:28
Bashing-omblobbagus: Just be carefull, The un-do can be very painful .01:32
blobbagusIs it safe to kill the 'unknown' partitions that were on the hdd when i kicked windows off? (it came with win8 efi_01:36
AvatarAon one of them you probably have the restore partition01:38
goddardanyone know of a USB 3 dock that supports high resolutions01:38
bazhangtry ##hardware goddard01:39
charlesathomecomblobbagus: Yes as long as it is not the uefi boot partition and you are using secure boot.01:40
daftykinsgoddard: USB? resolutions? wat01:42
charlesathomecomblobbagus: If you are using legacy boot then you can safely delete the partition and reformat it to use01:42
Bashing-omblobbagus: Well, ya want to keep the /efi partition as that contains the boot code to boot operating system(s). Though it can be re-created will be a real pain to go through , 'efibootmgr ' to clean up the old boot files .01:43
aarobcIs here any possible way to get hibernate working?01:48
daftykinswith what01:48
aarobcI would (almost) kill for reliable hibernate.01:48
aarobcdaftykins: laptop. I have a galago ultrapro, but their support says that ubuntu itself doesn't support hibernate.01:49
daftykinswow and they sell the thing01:49
daftykinssurely if it were plausible, they'd have made it so01:50
aarobcand that kills me because every day at work I have to set up my development environment again. I like to do everything locally because it's much faster, but my workaround is just using tmux on a server.01:50
aarobcdaftykins: but ubuntu itself doesn't support it.01:50
aarobcand that kills me01:51
aarobcI don't want to deal with a mac, but that might be my only option01:51
daftykinswell, what's wrong with sleep?01:51
daftykinsassuming you're taking the machine from A to B on battery01:51
aarobcdaftykins: because it drains battery, leaving the lappy in the bag overnight and it's freaking hot the next day01:51
aarobcand battery is almost dead01:52
rsmith_aarobc: Debian + Thinkpad = hibernate works01:52
daftykinsoh right you mean the whole overnight thing01:52
daftykinsyeah i would not sleep a laptop in a bag01:52
rsmith_aarobs: So Ubuntu probably hibernates well on Thinkpad01:52
jeffrey_frsmith_: I have a thinkpad and it works quite well01:52
blobbagusThanks, charles!01:52
aarobcrsmith_: ubuntu doesn't even have the hibernate option thoough01:53
aarobcI tried messing with my swap file to make sure it's big enough, but every time I try to resume, it just gives me a black screen01:53
aarobcmakes me mad, because you'd think that system 76 would have great linux support considering that's their thing.01:54
daftykinsaarobc: what graphics on that thing?01:54
charlesathomecomaarobc: why do you want to hibrinate , to make it  start faster?01:54
daftykinscharlesathomecom: read up and you'll see the exact reason01:54
daftykinsaarobc: so? graphics hardware?01:55
charlesathomecomaarobc: you should not need to hibernate if it is to start faster. Mine starts in 11 seconds.01:56
daftykinsalso have you tried toggling between TTY1 and back to X on resume?01:56
aarobcdaftykins: iris pro 5200 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YmgLfwXsy8UJ:https://system76.com/laptops/galago+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us01:56
daftykinscharlesathomecom: you're totally wrong.01:56
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daftykinsaarobc: no other chips then, it's solely the intel?01:56
charlesathomecomHow am I wrong?01:56
daftykinsshow an "lspci" on http://paste.ubuntu.com01:56
aarobccharlesathomecom: resuming faster is not the issue. it's resuming work without opening all the apps and terminals again.01:56
daftykinscharlesathomecom: because it's nothing to do with boot speed :)01:57
aarobcdaftykins: yeah01:57
aarobcdaftykins: kk, one sec01:57
daftykinsthat's a long sec :(02:01
aarobcdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12511553/02:03
aarobcstupid flatmate required help moving a couch02:03
daftykinsalright so ty the toggling TTYs as i mentioned02:04
aarobcWhen I try to resume from hibernate, ctrl+alt+F2 does nothing02:05
aarobcdoes not bring up tty02:05
daftykinshmm, do you get any signs of life from the machine?02:06
daftykinsi take it your swap is > RAM size?02:06
aarobcdaftykins: fan noise, and sometimes single white cursor that is unresponsive to any input.02:07
OS_ConnoisseurHas anyone tried compiling and using the KQEMU kernel module under recent Ubuntu versions?02:07
aarobcswap is 8.3 GB, this machine has 8 gigs of ram02:07
daftykinshmm that's a bit tight size wise02:07
aarobcdaftykins: you think extending it might help? by how much?02:08
OS_ConnoisseurI want to run Qemu with decent speed, but I can't use kvm because my hardware doesn't support VT-X.02:08
aarobcI tried even making sure the swap was cleared, then did `pm-hibernate` and still had the problem02:08
daftykinsaarobc: i'd try booting with nomodeset and see if it goes down and up without the intel driver, or perhaps with lightdm stopped02:08
daftykinsthat'd rule out the graphics portion02:09
somsipaarobc: 2xRAM is the recommendation I usually see for hibernation. Never used it myself though02:09
daftykinsthat's way too much02:10
aarobcthat's a lot of swap02:10
somsipHappy to defer, but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq02:10
daftykinsyou'd have to have some seriously leaky program going into RAM by 8GB to need that :)02:10
aarobcespecially with a 256 ssd02:10
daftykinsanyway try my suggestions, they'll take like 30 seconds to test.02:11
aarobcdaftykins: yeah, was looking up how to do the nomodeset thing. trying it now02:11
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Mirodroidhow the heck do i install twin in ubuntu 14.04 LTS02:18
Mirodroidthe only thing in the repos are some silly libs that arnt libs02:18
punkgeeki have problem when compile driver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12511667/  what shoud i do?02:18
Mirodroidand have no instructions on how to bloody use them02:18
daftykinsMirodroid: well coming here with that attitude and language is not a healthy one for finding an answer02:19
daftykinslikely you need to find a PPA if you can't find what you're looking for built in :)02:19
Mirodroiddaftykins, sadly i cant find it in any ppa :<02:19
aarobcdaftykins: OH MY GOD IT WORKED02:19
aarobcdaftykins: I owe you a beer or something02:19
Mirodroidalso what language?  i havent sworn02:19
daftykinsaarobc: what, nomodeset did?02:20
jak2000i start glassfish: sudo /opt/glassfish4/bin/asadmin start-domain swManzana   but how to start it automatically when server start?02:20
daftykinsaarobc: ah, only issue with that is if you do get a desktop it won't be accelerated02:20
daftykinsso you know the issue is with the intel driver now02:20
daftykinsaarobc: which ubuntu is this?02:20
aarobcdaftykins: sadface02:20
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aarobc15.04. I like to live on the edge02:21
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daftykinsthat's not the edge, 15.10 is ;)02:21
punkgeeknobody help me?02:21
aarobcwell, not in an arch sort of way, but yeah02:21
aarobcwairt really02:22
daftykinsaarobc: so one idea would be to try a newer mainline kernel, see if that has a working intel driver02:22
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds02:22
daftykinspunkgeek: looks like you're playing with 4.2.x so 15.10 - which means you're in the wrong channel02:22
punkgeekso i should change my kernel?02:23
Mirodroidagian just checked and the software is not in any ppa02:23
daftykinspunkgeek: no i'm saying you're using 15.10 which isn't out yet.02:23
Mirodroidi keep being linked libtwin0 and libtwin-dev02:23
daftykinsso the channel for help there is #ubuntu+1 :)02:23
punkgeekim using 14.0402:23
daftykinsMirodroid: when you check for PPAs, what are you doing exactly?02:23
Mirodroiddoing a seard02:24
daftykinspunkgeek: then you shouldn't be using a newer kernel unless you really need to be.02:24
punkgeekwhat stable kernel good for me?02:24
daftykinspunkgeek: explain why you installed 4.2 to start with02:24
punkgeeki dont know :D02:25
punkgeekin kernel.org write last stable kernel is 4.2 and i installed it02:25
daftykinsthat's a really silly action02:26
daftykinsyou don't just chase version numbers with a Linux system02:26
daftykinsaarobc: do you follow the kernel suggestion?02:26
daftykinsaarobc: in fact which are you on right now, 'uname -r'02:26
punkgeekso what work is good for now?02:26
aarobcdaftykins: still looking into it.02:27
daftykinsyou should either be on 3.13.x or 3.19.x02:27
punkgeekall of them is stable?02:27
daftykinsthe ones you're supposed to be on are stable yes :P02:27
daftykins!info linux-generic trusty02:28
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB02:28
punkgeekthank you :X02:29
aarobcdaftykins: 3.19.0-20-generic02:29
daftykinshmm ok i think that's out of date02:29
daftykins!info linux-generic vivid02:29
punkgeekand if i change my kernel, my driver problem solvd?02:29
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB02:29
daftykinspunkgeek: not necessarily, but right now what you're using isn't Ubuntu - because you've put some other kernel on it. so step #1 is returning it to being the distro it's supposed to be :D02:30
punkgeekok :(02:30
billybigriggerhey all, i just finished trying to setup clamav/amavis/spamassasin on 14.04 LTS and now all incoming emails have ***UNCHECKED*** in the subject...02:31
billybigriggermy logs looks fine, no errors, i just don't know how to get them to be checked?02:31
billybigriggerfreshclam.log says it updated the latest db definitions, and all is good......02:32
billybigriggerany suggestions?02:32
billybigriggerif i look at the mail headers i can see X-Virus-Scanned: Debian amavisd-new at xxxxxxxxx.com02:33
billybigriggerX-Spam-Flag: NO02:34
billybigriggerX-Spam-Status: No, score=1.274 tagged_above=-999 required=602:34
billybigriggerso what is adding the ***UNCHECKED*** to the subject?02:34
Pinkamena_Dsomething is bound to port 1935 and I don't know what it is. # fuser -k 1935/tcp hangs forever. How to find it and kill it?02:36
aarobcwell it still doesn't like the systemd hibernate `systemctl hibernate`02:36
aarobcbut pm-hibernate seems to work02:37
Pinkamena_Dalso lsof hangs too if I try to list processes on that port02:37
PazoozaIs there a way to cut from a host system and paste into a VM?02:39
daftykinswith which VM tech?02:39
liquidmetalAnyone here famliiar with tcp wrapper?02:41
jrmiahanyone here have any luck disabling lightdm and getting a login console going? (what are the design decisions here with ubuntu btw... )02:43
Bashing-omjrmiah: What release ?02:44
jrmiahLooked stackoverflow and was surprised at how convoluted it sounds02:44
jrmiahThought maybe someone here had a better distilled answer heh02:44
Bashing-omjrmiah: K; and do you want to boot to terminal as a permanent arrangement ?02:44
daftykinssuper convoluted, you boot with 'text' ¬_¬02:45
jrmiahdaftykins: used the be the default in almost every linux distro unless you specified GDM et al which was an option ..02:45
jrmiaheg, running TTYs by default is what.. a memory hawg? :)02:45
Bashing-omdaftykins: I my recent testing, 'text' no longer worked . purple screened on my system .02:46
jrmiahBashing-om: any ideas?02:46
jrmiahor did you get it working?02:46
Pinkamena_DI have traced the freeze of these programs to reading from /proc/3974/fd . Does anyone know what this device is?02:46
jrmiahPinkamena_D: looks like floppy from the 'fd'02:46
Pinkamena_DWell this server has no floppy, can I destroy it?02:47
jrmiahPinkamena_D: might want to look at /proc/ioports and interrupts and cross verify that02:47
Bashing-omjrmiah: Yeah; try terminal commands ' sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force ; sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target ' and to start the GUI ' sudo systemctl start graphical.target ' .02:48
jrmiahPinkamena_D: actually to be honest I havent been an admin since long before they started populating /proc with pids - since thats under a pid directory its probably not a floppy ahha02:48
Pinkamena_Dyeah ioports says : 3000-3fff : PCI Bus 0000:0c02:48
Pinkamena_Dbut idk, ls freezes, it is killing everything02:49
jrmiahPinkamena_D: its actually a file descriptor, my bad02:49
daftykinsBashing-om: oh wow, ok - hrmm02:49
jrmiahPinkamena_D: you have a bad drive02:49
Pinkamena_DI thought those were at /dev ?02:49
jrmiahwhat does dmesg say02:50
jrmiahany IO errors?02:50
jrmiahPinkamena_D: those devices are at /dev but file descriptors created by a process are under /proc/<pid/fd .. apparently02:50
jrmiahPinkamena_D: look for 'fd' http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/proc.5.html02:50
Bashing-omdaftykins: When I dids 1st start with 15.04 'text' did work, but no networking was enabled . I guess in the newer kernels several things are changed ?02:50
Pinkamena_Dthere is a stack trace there02:51
Pinkamena_Dfor the fuser process02:51
jrmiahPinkamena_D: do this - # ls -al /proc/3974/fd02:51
Pinkamena_Dyeah it just hangs02:51
Pinkamena_Dthe start of the trace seems to be : general protection fault: 0000 [#2] SMP02:52
Pinkamena_Dsounds like some uhh...not too good things. =S02:52
jrmiahPinkamena_D: ehhhhh bad CPU then heh02:52
jrmiahI guess02:53
jrmiahwhere are you at with this? reboot yet?02:53
jrmiahit could be something as easy as a fan02:53
Pinkamena_Djust sshing in02:53
jrmiahor it could be a nuked piece of hardware02:53
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Pinkamena_Dbad cpu heh, that is a new one for me.02:53
jrmiahcpu, memory .. but yeah that trace sounds more ominous02:53
jrmiahPinkamena_D: back in the old days happened a lot.. a lot less so these days with modern temp sensors02:54
jrmiahPinkamena_D: if your using my advice its about admin level from circa 2002 hah02:54
jrmiahPinkamena_D: more devops now. Hardware is a commidity and work for like .. a virtualization vendor ;)02:54
Pinkamena_Dyeah I am just messing with my own hardware, so no big deal.02:54
jrmiahso we are alerted that hardware goes bad, moved a VM to another server long before it ever gets to an OS02:54
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jrmiahPinkamena_D: well is it Xeon class?02:55
jrmiahdual proc or more? or just a single proc multi core? is it a server or a desktop?02:55
Pinkamena_Dits like a quad physical cpu rackmount with 2 cores per chip02:56
Pinkamena_Dbut its old like 2008 or something02:56
jrmiahyeah .. bad cpu02:56
jrmiahis likely enough02:56
jrmiahyou should be able to boot with just 102:57
jrmiahif its a dell or compaq they have diagnostics images you can boot into and it will check it for you too02:57
Pinkamena_Dit says that "#2" is the bad one, but I don't know which order they are.02:57
Pinkamena_Dor if it is zero indexed02:57
Pinkamena_Dok I will check around for the diagnostics02:58
jrmiahyour going to want some definitive answers for that situation though I agree... good luck02:58
jrmiahif you were at work you would have a spare proc to try real quick. in the situation where you dont and at home... might take forever02:59
Bashing-omjrmiah: You catch my xx:48 entry ?03:08
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Guest72431hello guys i'm new to linux i want to get the hell out of microsoft03:14
Guest72431i have some questions please03:14
bazhang!manual | Guest72431 have a read03:14
ubottuGuest72431 have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:14
rxrxrxtEverybody does.03:14
Bashing-omGuest72431: ask .03:15
Guest724311st which is the best one to use lubuntu or xubuntu ,the look and feel ?03:15
Guest72431can i use Kwin with both of them ?03:15
bazhangGuest72431, there is not a best03:15
bazhangGuest72431, kwin is for kde03:15
Bashing-omGuest72431: Yhere will be no comment on a personal preference, hardware permitting .03:16
bazhang!rute | Guest72431 and this03:16
ubottuGuest72431 and this: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com03:16
rxrxrxtGuest72431: ubuntu is more developed to give less trouble. It's not the most mature user interface though.03:16
bazhangread some of those links Guest7243103:16
Guest72431what do you mean Kde ? any linux name that has this kde please ?03:17
Tripagood evening03:17
Tripamay I ask something here?03:17
bazhangkde like xfce or lxde Guest7243103:17
Bashing-omGuest72431: KDE is (K)ubuntu Desktop Environment .03:17
bazhangGuest72431, please have a read of the many many links give first03:18
rxrxrxtGuest72431: kde is okay. Xfce is like windows03:18
Bashing-omTripa: Ubuntu relatd, then yes .03:18
Guest72431ok bazhang so Kubuntu uses kde right ?03:18
jack_is it common for ubuntu mate to have a slow connection?03:19
Tripadoes anyone know the command to convert videos on ffmpeg?03:19
bazhangGuest72431, as was said just a moment ago yes03:19
bazhangTripa, try ##ffmpeg03:19
Guest72431ok thanks brother03:19
bazhangTripa, their website has examples as well03:20
rxrxrxtGuest72431: ubuntu is best for beginners. It's unity shell is developed to work best.03:20
bluebaronI know this is vague and probably hard to answer, but where would one get started learning how to fix your system when it screws up03:21
Tripaok, it's kind of complicated through the website, but I'll try03:21
rxrxrxtTripa: simple but don't know off hand03:21
bluebaronI've tried several distros of ubuntu over the years and I always encounter odd problems that I have no idea how to debug03:21
rxrxrxtTripa: it's usually file location followed by output type.03:22
bazhangbluebaron, bugs list/mailing list/ askubuntu03:22
bazhang!lists | bluebaron03:22
ubottubluebaron: Mail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com03:22
Bashing-ombluebaron: One way. hang out here a couple few hours a day, and help when you can . be amazed what you will learn .03:23
Guest72431thank you guys for your help, i will download lubuntu,xubuntu,and ubuntu and see which one works best for me ...i can't tell or ask till i try each one and feel the look and changes ...etc03:23
=== Ranieri_ is now known as MrsMan
Guest72431thank you guys again so much . keep up the good work03:23
=== MrsMan is now known as Ranieri_
bluebaronThanks for the mailing lists bazhang03:23
rxrxrxtGuest72431: just buzz. Sometimes booting is a pain to.03:23
bluebaronBashing-om: Also a good recommendation, thanks03:23
Guest72431rxrxrxt brother do you mean booting from live cd ? or after i install it ?03:24
rxrxrxtGuest72431: both sometimes. Depends on system and the effort you put in03:25
SubCoollooking for a lil help. Last time i did this, it was as simple as doing it. SO- My New laptop came with a slow hdd, with win10. I put in a SSD, and looking to copy the drive over. anything special i should consider? Im using linux to do it- but usually it just copies. im mising something.03:25
Bashing-ombluebaron: Seriously though, It is rare to have an isolated problem. Most problem's solutions are found with a good search engine .03:26
Guest72431ok i got you rxrxrxt .i'll give them try and see what will happen . thanks again i really appreciate your help03:26
rxrxrxtSubCool: look for cloning os. It needs cloning.03:27
hypermistwell ubuntu install failed03:28
bluebaronBashing-om: Well for ages I couldn't even install xubuntu on my asus-k55n because of the weird UEFI stuff. I had no idea where to even begin learning the stuff required to understand an incomplete answer given on a single forum post03:28
hypermistNever got pas 10 of 19...03:28
rxrxrxtSubCool: clone the drive is the easiest way.03:28
SubCoolrxrxrxt, i am- i dd'd it. but im missing something03:29
rxrxrxtSubCool: probably grub needs to run or uefi needs to know location of OS on new drive03:30
Bashing-ombluebaron: I do understand. I came to 'buntu from a different platform. Took a bit to learn the basics of this OS . Time effort and study -> break it and fix it was what I did .03:32
bluebaronBashing-om: I see03:33
Bashing-ombluebaron: UEFI is still a relatively new implemetation. We all have some to learn here .03:34
SubCoolrxrxrxt, how do i tell uefi about the new os?03:37
rxrxrxtSubCool: is your system booting UEFI03:38
rxrxrxtSubCool: I think u have to return grub2 setup03:39
Guest44424I can make keyloggers or mouse loggers that log keys and mouse coordinates but what i am not sure of is how can you log the application of name of what the mouse is over or clicks on... all i can do is get mouse clicked at X,Y coordinates but not the next level of name of component/program clicked on if Applicable03:39
rxrxrxtSubCool: I think u have to RERUN grub2 setup03:39
Guest44424Is there some way of doing that?03:40
SubCoolrxrxrxt, for a windows install?03:40
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:41
zacwallson 14.04 when executing the command sudo do-release-upgrade I get no new release found.03:43
zacwallshow can I upgrade?03:43
lotuspsychjezacwalls: 16.04 isnt out yet, you can upgrade yet03:44
zacwallslotuspsychje, what about 15.0403:45
lotuspsychjezacwalls: 15.04 is a non-lts release03:45
zacwallslotuspsychje, what?03:45
lotuspsychjezacwalls: if you want to test, you need a clean reinstall03:45
lotuspsychje!lts | zacwalls03:45
ubottuzacwalls: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:45
zacwallsoh i thought you typed its03:46
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest47826
lotuspsychjezacwalls: i reccomend staying on 14.04 as its nice and stable03:46
zacwallsgood idea03:47
AvatarAyep, like lotuspsychje said03:47
lotuspsychjeGuest47826: can we help you?03:47
AvatarAjust check the changelogs and if you don't REALLY need anything from there, no reason to expose yourself to unknown/unresolved bugs03:48
fnkfdhow do i setup a system restore that can be accessed from the grub menu??03:48
lotuspsychjefnkfd: idle here until TJ- joins he knows about that03:49
lotuspsychjefnkfd: is this for several workstations or single pc?03:50
fnkfdsingle pc03:50
fnkfdi should back up as a .iso like everybody else03:51
fnkfdbut a grub  menu thing is just easy]03:51
lotuspsychjefnkfd: for inside restoring you can use aptoncd to backup your fav packages03:53
lotuspsychje!info aptoncd | fnkfd03:53
ubottufnkfd: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98+bzr117-1.4 (vivid), package size 213 kB, installed size 1561 kB03:53
lotuspsychjefnkfd: and im a big fan of backup personal data on external hd03:53
fnkfdthats what i should do03:53
fnkfdhopefully i can repartition the already allocated space on my wd03:54
fnkfdto make it bootable03:54
=== jasoniumh_ is now known as jasoniumh
bijan_Hi. Can I apt-get remove sendmail when I have postfix installed?04:00
bijan_I did that but the sendmail service was still running after apt-get remove sendmail. Is sendmail needed by system or is postfix a dropin replacement?04:01
lotuspsychjebijan_: maybe the #postfix channel might know?04:08
bijan_lotuspsychje: thx will check that out04:09
fnkfdwell un backing up my system as a .iso04:11
fnkfdis there any easy partition managers that will create a bootable chunk out of my portable hard disk and leave the rest for storage?04:12
lotuspsychjefnkfd: i dont think that works this way04:13
fnkfdlike i noticed ubtuntu when you install it can steal some of window's disk space?04:13
lotuspsychjefnkfd: besides, with the fast changing updates daily, your system would be outdated pretty soon right04:14
Ben64you can't really back your system up as an iso04:14
fnkfdtheres gotta be a way to do that to a hard disk04:14
lotuspsychjefnkfd: the clean install way + backups external are best to go04:14
lotuspsychjefnkfd: and updates asap04:14
fnkfdso snapshots?04:15
Bashing-om fnkfd Consider; Linux has been around a long while, if there were a better way than this way, then this way would not be advised. huh ?04:16
fnkfdi hate having to sudo apt-get upgrade it takes half a day to download everything04:16
lotuspsychjefnkfd: even if you backup your favorite packages with aptoncd, they also need to be updated04:16
fnkfdomg im about to code my own distribution here04:17
fnkfdill market it to ppl who are poor04:18
lotuspsychjefnkfd: feel free to use remastersys to build own iso04:18
lotuspsychje!yay | bijan_04:19
ubottubijan_: Glad you made it! :-)04:19
fnkfddoes that method sue up more space so it's not recommended?04:19
lotuspsychjefnkfd: and again, if you make you own distro, it also would need online updating after the install04:19
fnkfdthats  a cyb username04:21
Jamie_1hey i was trying to purge java from my computer since somehow the install didnt go right, so i followed what a friend said would work (big mistake) and now i cant get any of the jdk working at all... i have added manually, and from installer.. i have 6 all the way up to 9 and none of them are working, anyone know how i can fix this?04:30
Jamie_1i cant get any of my developer tools to work without it....04:30
poutineJamie_1, isn't it all keyed off of what you can set as the JAVA_HOME environmental variable?04:34
Jamie_1im not sure... i usually have the installer do it for me... but one time the installer failed somehow and I dont have a clue how to fix it... im a js and html5 developer04:35
Jamie_1i dont mess with java unless you count running my ide and some other things04:35
poutinewhat does java -version output?04:36
poutinefirst line04:36
Jamie_1java version "1.7.0_80"04:37
poutinewhat's the error your developer tools are giving?04:37
Jamie_1one sec let me get it04:37
Jamie_1Cannot find java. Please use the --jdkhome switch04:38
poutineJamie_1, what does which java ouput04:39
asdasdIm giving away a computer to a linux newbie, its a pentium 4 with 512mb of ram. Dont plan on upgrading.... Which distro would be best? Xubuntu or mint Xfce? Thanks04:39
Jamie_1poutine: what do you mean?04:39
poutineJamie_1, type: which java04:39
Jamie_1 /usr/bin/java04:40
Jamie_1which is not where my java is i think...04:40
asdasdAnyone tried comparing those two distros?04:40
Jamie_1asdasd: with that small amount of hardware strength i would say either xubuntu or lubuntu04:41
jak2000better place for start a program when server start: /etc/init  or /etc/init.d/rc.local ?04:41
wileeenot here asdasd04:41
poutineJamie_1, Which directories do you have in /usr/lib/jvm04:41
asdasdJamie_1: Great. Why not mint? Is it more resource hungry?04:42
poutineThis should be the last question04:42
Jamie_1its more rendering and requires more to run, lubuntu and xubuntu are very light weight04:42
poutineJamie_1 ?04:44
Jamie_1poutine: im putiting ls of it in a paste bin04:44
Jamie_1poutine: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884697504:44
poutineexport JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd6404:45
poutineshould work04:45
poutineyou can also use --jdkhome=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd6404:45
poutine(I also assume you're trying to use 1.7.0)04:45
Jamie_1i would prefer 804:45
poutinereplacae java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd64 with oracle_jdk804:46
poutinein my above statements04:46
jak2000Jamie_1 what do you try to do?04:47
Jamie_1poutine: do i need to reboot or logout for it to take effect?04:47
poutineno, in fact it will only be valid for whatever terminal you're in at the time04:47
poutineyou can put it in your .bashrc/.zshrc/whatever to make it always present04:47
Jamie_1i need it system wide04:47
jak2000Jamie_1 explain me please04:48
poutineif you put it in your rc file, it will be system wide for that user04:48
asdasdJamie_1: Have you  compared or saw a comparisson?04:48
poutinethere's a system wide rc file if you need it for every user04:48
Jamie_1okay people... i dont know crap about java other than it runs my ide... i dont know the best of ubuntu architecture... i am a mobile QA and dev....04:49
Jamie_1i just know that its not working with running my ide at all... my ide wont launch and when i run the .bin from terminal its says it cant fine java....04:50
jak2000i am a developer if tell me i can try help04:52
Jamie_1jak2000: i dont have a clue... all i know is that my jdk is not working so my ide will not work... i went to install jdk 8 and it went wrong somewhere... so i then used the other installer for 7... wont work either... i even tried 9 and that didnt work either... i have openjdk also that wont work04:53
jak2000you need only reconfigure04:54
Jamie_1how do i do that?04:55
jak2000give me the output of: java -version04:55
* Jamie_1 is an idiot so kind needs steps... 04:55
Jamie_1java version "1.7.0_80"04:55
jak2000and you installed version 8 right?04:55
Guest51163I have to say you can get alot of information on alot of application stuff thru dbus and one can set monitors on events04:55
jak2000read: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Web_Platform/5/html/Installation_Guide/sect-use_alternatives_to_set_default_JDK.html04:56
Jamie_1some how my jre is working but the jdk is not04:56
sindrakehello how is everyone doing tonight04:56
jak2000the command is: /usr/sbin/alternatives --config java04:56
jak2000and you choose your jdk version 804:56
Jamie_1jak2000: ash: /usr/sbin/alternatives: No such file or directory04:57
jak2000ok wait04:57
Jamie_1i will do whatever it takes... i really need my netbeans working04:58
sindrakeAnyone know anything about making minecraft.jar executable, please msg me04:58
jak2000update-alternatives --config java04:58
jak2000Jamie_1: update-alternatives --config java04:58
jak2000Jamie_1 wait not desesperate04:59
Jamie_1jak2000: even know there is oracle8 listed in my jvm folder its not listed on the list....04:59
jak2000then you need05:00
jak2000remove all java and reinstall05:00
Jamie_1I dont know how to do that05:00
jak20001) try: apt-get remove java*05:01
jak2000and follow: http://askubuntu.com/questions/464755/how-to-install-openjdk-8-on-14-04-lts05:02
Jamie_1jak2000: unable to locate packace java05:02
jak2000ok follow the link05:02
Jamie_1jak2000: its saying its already installed05:03
sindraketrying to uninstall reinstall java without synaptics eh?05:04
sindrakei remember the first time i was there05:04
Jamie_1actually i might be able to do it with synaptic itself05:04
jak2000give me access05:05
jak2000and try ...05:05
Jamie_1jak2000: do you think a synaptic complete reinstall of java will work?05:09
sindrakeI have installed Minecraft, upon which i have rightclicked and made the permissions executable, upon opening it opens the file manager to ask me to extract the files, so i did a #sudo chmod +x minecraft.jar; still not executable; next i launched from terminal, worked perfectly,. then I tried making the file read and write, and when i tried to open with.. specific command line,. there was no add command line in the list of softwar05:11
sindrakee to open the jar file05:11
Jamie_1sindrake: random question, has anyone made a alt minecraft that runs in browser yet?05:12
sindrakeyeah im stuck too,. newest ubuntu seems to not allow the doubleclick execution but will allow the terminal im at a loss here,. my kid can only doubleclick at this point and he isn't advanced anough to know how to launch let alone open the terminal05:15
=== M_A_Y_A_T is now known as m_A_y_A_t
jak2000sindrake have you a tutorial? about minecraft on a broswer?05:16
Jamie_1jak2000: i was asking due to im thinking of making one05:17
sindrakeFrom my perspective minecraft cannot be played on a browser, when the game was sold to higher powers the higher powers removed the online game from being played freely on webpages05:17
Jamie_1it would be made from scratch though05:17
sindrakeThis is why the new minecraft download page no longer has the "Play Online" button anymore05:17
Jamie_1welcome to proprietary microsoft05:18
jak2000Jamie_1 remove with synaptics and follow the link05:18
sindrakethey only offer the download button so they can rake in the money it takes to activate it05:18
jak2000sindrake give me the steps05:19
sindrakei have always been able to make every file on every form of linux executable,. but for some reason this particular version does not allow this particular task to be for minecraft.jar05:19
sindrakethe tutorial for playing on a webpage, or the tutorial for making the file executable?05:20
sindrakeHow to make minecraft executable,. Install OpenJDK05:22
sindrakeinstall minecraft launcher05:22
sindrakeDespite the text on the webpage stating that the jar should be executable I can confirm that it isn't.05:22
sindrakeTo make it executable with Ubuntu right click on the Minecraft.jar file and choose properties05:22
sindrakeClick on the "Permissions" tab and make sure the "Allow executing file as program" checkbox is checked.05:23
sindrakeIf you are using the command line then run the command:05:23
sindrakechmod +x Minecraft.jar05:23
sindrakeRun the launcher05:23
sindrakeYou can now run the Minecraft.jar launcher in Ubuntu by double clicking on the file. (Double clicking will work for a large number of distributions).05:23
sindrakeIf you want to run Minecraft from the command line navigate to the folder where Minecraft resides and then type:05:23
sindrakejava -jar Minecraft.jar05:23
sindrakeAfter a few seconds the launcher will load.05:23
sindrakeoops doesn't work?05:24
sindrakesudo chmod +x filename05:24
sindrakeat this point it did work from terminal but not from doubleclicking05:25
sindrakehowever, there was this.... sudo chown tlauli /media/Data/Download/Minecraft/minecraft.jar05:25
sindrakesudo chmod +x /media/Data/Download/Minecraft/minecraft.jar05:25
jak2000and how to run from browser?05:25
sindrakeok lets have a look05:25
sindrakemost of these are not updated, and only are tutorials for when minecraft was owned by the original designers, and hence has no way of being played from a webpage since the game went download only05:27
* Jamie_1 unless someone makes a in browser clone05:28
sindrakenever thought of that, of course any and all games have been cracked, and played across many platforms,.05:28
Jamie_1i just want to make one that runs on js05:29
Jamie_1well js and html505:29
sindrakethey do have java versions of software games,. and software versions of java games,.05:29
sindrakebut that would entail knowing and programming the entire game from the ground up to make the game crossplatform05:29
Jamie_1you just use babylonjs and open gl05:29
sindrakebut the programming of minecraft is stored within it's servers,05:30
Jamie_1so you make all the objects in blender and then pull them into the game via a json file pull and then place them, and implement a physics engine and collision engine and then all that is left is making the tools interactions05:31
somsipsindrake: too much information. Waht is wrong with java -jar minecraft.jar ?05:31
sindrakesomsip, minecraft works perfectly, but all routes to launch it fail and can only be launched via terminal05:32
sindrakemy five yo needs a clickable executable file05:32
somsipsindrake: 'all routes' means what?05:32
sindrakeand everything ive tried it will not execute via doubleclick05:32
sindrakeroute 1, open properties and click make executable in permissions tab05:33
sindrakeroute 2 sudo chmod +x minecraft.jar05:33
somsipsindrake: like I said, java -jar minecraft.jar is the shortcut. It's not executable05:34
sindrakeroute 3, add executable terminal icon opening via terminal through shortcut05:34
somsipsindrake: stop for the love of god05:34
sindrakethats where i hit my wall05:34
somsipsindrake: do you want a shortcut in unity?05:34
sindrakeno just on my ubuntu desktop05:35
sindrakeever since i updated linux on this comp it will play but execute05:35
somsipsindrake: this, http://www.lynda.com/articles/running-minecraft-ubuntu-linux05:35
somsipsindrake: go to "Creating a shortcut icon to launch Minecraft"05:36
sindrakeomg brb05:36
sindrakeand ty05:36
somsipsindrake: just be clear *and concise* and help is often easily given05:36
sindrakehit a hurdle05:46
=== Guest50512 is now known as shroud
sindrakegedit does not have a edit option in the menubar05:47
OerHekssindrake, yes it does, on the top panel05:48
ainzooalgownI preferred nano.05:48
sindrakeall i see is, new file, open, save, print, cut, copy, paste, search for text, search and replace text05:49
OerHekssindrake, top panel is not the top panel in the gedit window, but desktop top-panel05:50
OerHeksset focus on gedit and move your mouse to the top of your window05:51
sindrake*facepalm.. sorry05:51
OerHeksthis is called global menu, to save space05:51
=== Sabotend_ is now known as Sabotender
OerHeksI think unity-tweak can undo this feature05:52
=== arleslie is now known as arleslie[a]
SubCoollooking for a lil help. Last time i did this, it was as simple as doing it. SO- My New laptop came with a slow hdd, with win10. I put in a SSD, and looking to copy the drive over. anything special i should consider? Im using linux to do it- but usually it just copies. im mising something.05:52
OerHeksSubCool, ask in ##windows, not really an ubuntu issue05:53
sindrakewell now05:55
lotuspsychjeSubCool: make your life easy and install ubuntu single on your ssd and loose win once and for good :p05:56
sindrakethat worked like a charm05:56
sindrakei should have familiarized myself with the new ubuntu before coming here sorry05:56
sindrakebut then again thanks for making my file execute!!05:56
somsipsindrake: np05:57
sindrakewell im going to get off of here and show my son how he can load his game all by himself bye for now guys05:57
SubCoollotuspsychje, im with u, but i need windows working05:58
lotuspsychjeSubCool: install w10 virtualbox on ubuntu05:59
lotuspsychje!info virtualbox | SubCool06:00
ubottuSubCool: virtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.3.26-dfsg-2ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 15697 kB, installed size 60053 kB06:00
munchymaheshhi all06:03
lotuspsychjemunchymahesh: welcome, what can we do for you?06:03
munchymaheshi need some help abt deepin OS UI06:07
munchymaheshhelp me out06:07
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, not supported here.  deepin has it's own channel.06:07
=== royalaxeVFY is now known as royalaxe
munchymaheshi want to make the Ubuntu desktop to look like Deepin OS 2014.3 desktop06:07
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: good morning :p06:07
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, yowza^2!!06:08
lotuspsychjemunchymahesh: then install ubuntu, and make it look like it06:08
* cfhowlett hasn't been cursed out or insulted on irc all day!06:08
munchymaheshi hav already installed Ubuntu06:08
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: :p:p06:08
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, you SAID you had deepin?06:08
munchymaheshbt need to make it like Deepin Desktop06:08
munchymaheshya i had deepin bt its not installing06:09
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, ask deepin how to make some OTHER os look like THEIR os.06:09
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, why?06:09
lotuspsychje!info docky | munchymahesh maybe this can help06:09
ubottumunchymahesh maybe this can help: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-2 (vivid), package size 591 kB, installed size 3594 kB06:09
munchymahesh#deepin isnot responding06:09
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, not an ubuntu issue.06:10
munchymaheshi want to use deepin Desktop in ubuntu06:10
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, not advised.  not supported.06:11
OerHeksmunchymahesh, so, find deepin os theme and install it?06:11
lotuspsychjemunchymahesh: install docky, try the faenza icon pack, change wallpaper, done!06:11
OerHeksbut bing says there is no such theme, sorry06:12
cfhowlettyeah, you'd have to go into the .iso files and extract them I think.  but I think lotuspsychje gave the best suggestion06:13
munchymaheshok i gonna try it06:13
cfhowlett!kylin | munchymahesh06:13
ubottumunchymahesh: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin06:13
IvoIs there any web service to display if a given path/to/exe belongs to an Ubuntu package?06:13
lotuspsychjeIvo: tell us what you search mate06:14
SubCoollotuspsychje, you were helping werent u?06:14
cfhowlettSubCool, no profanity here.06:14
SubCool ops06:14
Ivolotuspsychje: /usr/bin/multiarch-platform , but I'm wanting to find it was present on any ubuntu version06:14
munchymaheshhow to extract the Deepin Desktop from Deepin OS iso file06:14
OerHeksIvo, no ubuntu package contains an EXE, it is windows stuff06:14
SubCoolHAHAHAAHAH -06:14
SubCoollotuspsychje, help me please.06:14
IvoderFlo: s/exe/executable =_=06:15
lotuspsychjeSubCool: youl have to ask a question first06:15
SubCoolum, i was working with someone, and he left. u said something, but- not what would help.06:15
cfhowlettmunchymahesh, that is NOT what you should do.06:15
SubCoolu saw it before06:15
SubCoollooking for a lil help. Last time i did this, it was as simple as doing it. SO- My New laptop came with a slow hdd, with win10. I put in a SSD, and looking to copy the drive over. anything special i should consider? Im using linux to do it- but usually it just copies. im mising something.06:15
IvoOerHeks: s/exe/executable06:15
cfhowlettlotuspsychje> munchymahesh: install docky, try the faenza icon pack, change wallpaper, done!06:15
Guest51163is there away to start the X server on a different ctrl+alt+fn display completely06:15
lotuspsychjeSubCool: oerheks already told you what to do, dodnt you read?06:15
OerHeksSubCool, again: ask in ##windows, not really an ubuntu issue06:15
SubCoolugh.. uya..06:16
SubCoolim already there06:16
OerHekswe don't know what to copy, and take no responsibility06:16
SubCoolok. ill goto offtopic- ok?06:16
Guest51163what i mean is i don't want to 0,1,2...etc displays i want to set the server on another computer and have the client on a different computer06:16
lotuspsychjeGuest51163: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys can assist you mate?06:17
penosi want to run window in linux06:18
penostmax window 906:18
cfhowlettpenos, virtualbox + windows06:18
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:19
penosubuntu is awesome!06:19
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers06:20
cfhowlettpenos, to avoid flooding the channel, do this:   /msg ubottu !factoid06:21
SubCoolhaha- only person talking on offtopic told me to come here06:22
SubCooljust help out.06:22
SubCoolthing chaged, and i dont have the time to figure it all outbefore i get this working.06:22
SubCoolusually a simple dd fo the main partition and a functioning mbr would make this work., but its not.06:23
SubCoollooking for a lil help. Last time i did this, it was as simple as doing it. SO- My New laptop came with a slow hdd, with win10. I put in a SSD, and looking to copy the drive over. anything special i should consider? Im using linux to do it- but usually it just copies. im mising something.06:23
SubCoolit mentions something about gtp when i working setting up 8.1 because i hate 10. so its working on the new file ssytem, but im not entirely familiar with it yet.06:23
lotuspsychjeSubCool: stop asking windows support here, you already have been pointed to the ##windows channel06:23
OerHeksSubCool, -offtopic says the same, nice try, goodbye06:25
SubCoolthey said to come here or windows06:25
SubCooli already asked in windows,06:25
SubCoolsomeone was ehlping me here, but- then... while i was loading into os, he left.06:25
SubCoolOerHeks, why so high and mighty- it isnt that crazy of an issue. IM not flooding an overly busy channel.06:26
lotuspsychjeSubCool: unless you have ubuntu, or install ubuntu this is not the right channel06:26
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents06:26
SubCoolim using ubuntu to do the work,06:26
cfhowlett!guidelines | SubCool,06:27
ubottuSubCool,: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:27
OerHekswe don't know what to copy, and take no responsibility, even when you use ubuntu.06:27
SubCoolyou dont have to.06:27
SubCoolok. bye06:27
SubCoolsee yall later06:28
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stoneddoes a live cd ubuntu 15 not have sshd enabled by defualt06:35
stonedI booted live usb on my laptop and now I want to ssh into it from desktop but it says connection refused06:35
penosstoned u need port farwarding on ur modem06:36
auronandacestoned: you can install the openssh-server package while you are running the live session06:37
auronandacepenos: you only need port forwarding if you are trying to connect from outside that lan06:38
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stonedyeah I figured it out06:45
stonedsshd was not enabled by default on a live cd06:46
stonedhttp://i.imgur.com/YlSy8Hz.png so check this out06:46
stonedI'm on a toshiba sattelite laptop and I'm trying to get my webcam to work in live cd so I can take a few pics of my paintings06:46
stonedthat I just paitned06:46
stonedI can't seem to find the webcam listed in lspci or lsusb06:46
stonedtoshiba satellite l875-s7110 laptop model06:47
Guest51163humm maybe because the server client model of x11 one can obtain when a mouse is clicked at a coordinate the actual GUI client program that was at that coordinate as well as other clicked on components06:49
stoneddetailed specs06:50
stonedlet's ee if we can find the chipet06:50
luch0zalguien habla español06:50
luch0z ?=06:50
somsip!es | luch0z06:51
ubottuluch0z: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:51
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JustMozzygood morning everyone. how are you guys doing? is there a good reason why dnsmasq is preinstalled with ubuntu 14.04?06:51
SubCoolya tell me to goto windows, but they r windows peeps. they only know windows ways..06:51
SubCoolyall r just being mean.06:51
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JustMozzywho's being mean to SubCool?06:54
SubCooleveryone ;(06:54
cfhowlettJustMozzy, ask your ubuntu support question06:55
JustMozzycfhowlett: I did06:55
JustMozzy"is there a good reason why dnsmasq is preinstalled with ubuntu 14.04?"06:55
teiionhi, anyone have idea what ssh/key-related daemons are started in a Unity session? key-based/passwordless ssh login works only in Unity, but not under Fluxbox06:56
JustMozzyI read something about it being hardcoded in the network manager. but can I safely remove it? I kinda want the port 53 be freed06:56
JustMozzyteiion: sshd?06:57
OerHeksJustMozzy, DNSmasq provides two services, DNS & DHCP (including features relating to network boot)06:57
JustMozzyOerHeks: ah... do better not to remove it06:58
OerHeksso if you manage those 2 yourself, you can delete..06:58
JustMozzyOerHeks: hmm... probably gotta go a different way. hello docker :D06:58
OerHeksteiion, passwordless ssh is just a config change.06:59
xokвсем привет07:01
cfhowlett!ru | xok07:02
ubottuxok: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:02
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teiionOerHeks: apparently it isn't. Unity is starting something or setting some var - that's missing when runing fluxbox so I can't login passwordless. It's ridiculous! I will go look at ssh -vvv under unity07:02
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OerHeksteiion, I have no idea why and/or if passwordless auth is missing in /etc/ssh/sshd_config for fluxbox, never used that DE07:06
Fod_Morning guys. whats the best FTP software out there?07:08
Fod_I've got a ubuntu server with ssh. just looking at a ftp programme for it now07:08
cfhowlettFod_, no such thing as "best" ...07:08
cfhowlettuse the one you prefer/understand07:09
OerHeksFod_, vsftpd is populair, but like cfhowlett says: there is no single best.07:09
Fod_okay thank you07:13
Fod_i've just been setting up vsftpd07:13
Fod_Humm, i just get a timeout, do you think the firewall could be stopping it?07:14
Fod_actually, got it :) needed port 22 and my key07:16
OerHeks2 tutorials, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/vsftpd && https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-vsftpd-on-ubuntu-12-0407:17
Fod_thank you guys07:18
OerHeksFod_, have fun :-)07:18
Fod_downloading my site now :)07:19
edimaxHi, I'm trying to install opencl. My AMD device is a Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series [1002:6760] . AMD's provided opencl driver comes with the caveat that "The AMD OpenCL 2.0 driver is compatible with AMD graphics products based on GCN first generation products or higher." I've tried to check if my GPU is or isn't GCN capable, but have been unable to find out. In the meantime, installation has failed. Any suggestions? Details at http://pa07:19
edimax<edimax> stebin.com/J4fqdAeY07:19
lilmoeany idea whats the best program to download for rooting android?07:22
lilmoeon ubuntu please07:22
cfhowlettlilmoe, ask #android for recommendations07:24
ObrienDave(probably not spelled correctly)07:25
lotuspsychje!info heimdal07:25
ubottuPackage heimdal does not exist in vivid07:25
lotuspsychje!info heimdall07:25
ubottuPackage heimdall does not exist in vivid07:25
lotuspsychje!find heimdall07:26
ubottuFound: heimdall-flash, heimdall-flash-frontend07:26
ObrienDaveiirc you can also do it through ADB07:26
lotuspsychjethats the one07:26
Mathisenhow is ubuntu on phones ? i been using cyagenmod, is samsung s4 suported ?07:29
cfhowlett!touch | Mathisen07:29
ubottuMathisen: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch07:29
Goldldshmidschmi.   %   i   P   p   @   '   J    ~   >   e   F   !   P   &   )    /   1   }   M   [   ,   s   A    G   P   ]   [   '   o   <   /    #   E   i   8   F   #   '   v    4   @   D   f07:30
GoldldshmidschmiM   e   X       _   <   f         f   l   b07:30
Goldldshmidschmi1   z   =   b   B   ~   u   %    M   K   ;   ~   a   X   w   s    i   r   O   }   ]      ,   a    Y   M      #   =       {   u    O   =   q   /   s   +   }   *    @      c   !   p   P07:30
Goldldshmidschmi\   i    .   U   v   +   n   m   ^   [07:30
GoldldshmidschmiD   9   6   P   [   G      p    J   z   r   |   V   '   _   (    (   O   B   V   !   b   }   [    j   o   Y   I   F   K   5   %    .      z   g   A   j   .   V       l   A   Q07:30
GoldldshmidschmiL   5   S   ?    i   "   X   #   m   5   M   $07:30
Goldldshmidschmiz   c   h   }   !   F   =   Z    .      U   @   (   W   Y   %    L   7   w   %      @      n    l   +   W   '   ~   "   7   X    l   [   E   M   "   H   /   1    E   }   j   @07:31
GoldldshmidschmiS   b   r    "   1   W   V   ?   c   I   q07:31
GoldldshmidschmiW   j   B   x   N   j   ?   I       g   D   ,   S       N   P    i   >   1   6   J   b      4    `   z   Q   Q   ]   T   i   /    !      ,   $   U   $   a   j    -      F   n   z07:31
Goldldshmidschmi{   N   S       F   A   K   T      -   '07:31
cfhowlettGoldldshmidschmi, channel spammers get added to my /ignore.  fix yourself07:31
Goldldshmidschmi)   <   _   }   I   z   o   +    ?   +   >   !   ]   [   "   }    m   x      >   \   }   =   u    "   H   n   )   r   .   R   M    h   ^   `   '   u   {   o   z    f   N   >   ~   M07:31
Goldldshmidschmi5      Y    <   G   e   d   q   9   [   _07:31
Goldldshmidschmi:   e   "   #      .   L   p    v   e      m   m   m   &       ^   O   F   )      G   ~   ^    a   s   R   "   E   N   e   -    ,   F   l   X   y   i   V   %    j   u   "   H   207:31
Goldldshmidschmi|   |   >   I   y   I   F   {    o   c   h   /   N   e   c       F   P   o   (   !   %   %   &    @   n   d   T   }   @   f   *    J   "   :   )   |      s   e    J   m   {   E   !07:31
Goldldshmidschmik   e   O    k   +   8   y   7   U   X   H07:31
Goldldshmidschmi*   $       ,   n      $   |   B   .   %07:31
Goldldshmidschmiz   $   e   Y   E   i   Q   H    X   "   =   \   /   >   9   >    -   Q   I   x   '   &   (   u    h   ^   X   t   f   *   u   '    ^   A   e      U      c   T    d   R   Y   '07:31
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:31
Goldldshmidschmi;   W   9    m   `   g   +   i   _   r   ,07:31
Goldldshmidschmiy   e   F   /   :   !   r   &    ]   =   :   f   U   `   w       2   Y   ,   T      Z   )   I    /      ;          !   ,   I    ^   4      z   H   L   ,   '    T   o   \   L07:31
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ObrienDavedang, and i missed it ;P07:37
stonedthomas, what are you doing here?07:40
stonedI didn't know you used an ubuntu07:40
thomasjust spying on you, obviously07:40
thomasi do useubuntu!07:40
thomasinsert space07:40
stonedlookit what I had to go through after 5 years of not using linux07:40
stonedto find out how to make my webcam work07:40
stonedFinally found it, it works automatically07:40
stonedlot has changed in 5 years07:40
stonedI feel ... old.07:41
stonedhttp://i.imgur.com/OLvgGgV.png had to find device upper/lower and delve into sysfs and look at the char and find the device driver07:41
stonedI thought I would have to get a driver for my webcam but it works automatically07:41
stonedthat's nice.07:41
stonedAnd ubuntu live cd doesn't even have sshd installed, you have to do it manually07:42
stonedthen you have to su to root and setup a password for the ubuntu user so you can even login07:42
stonedstill ubuntu could use work07:42
stonedI can't believe no one in the ENTIRE ubuntu community thought, hey, maybe someone is on a headless server for a live cd, let's enable sshd by default on live cd07:43
stonedIt's no one thought of that. At all. Boggles my mind. Millions of people, and nobody thought that.07:43
stonedSure you'd like use the sever version, but if i want to use the desktop iso and ssh in, I gotta go through all this.07:43
OerHeksstoned, Yes, ubuntu live iso could include all 301.453 programs and services .. then it would be an Blue Ray :-D07:43
stonedExtra work which can be avoided if you include sshd07:43
stonedsshd is vital man.07:43
stonedIt's not like every other needless service.07:44
OerHeksNo it is not.07:44
stonedI think it is.07:44
cfhowlettstoned, less rant in this channel please.  take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:44
Flannelstoned: The easier way to install on a headless server is the mini CD, it used to be the alternate CD, but they got rid of that.07:44
stonedFlannel, well, I needed to get my laptop to work. The hdd got bad and it had windows, and I had to use usb live to get ubuntu on it so I could use the webcam to take picture of the painting I just made07:44
stonedso I had a ubuntu 15 desktop iso already07:45
stonedSo I 've not used linux in over 5 years so I dunno what's happening in the ways of things.07:46
stonedFlannel, it wasn't a headless server but I think enabling live cd to have sshd isn't a bad idea. You just pop usb/dvd in there, and can connect to that m achien over ssh from any other. Some uses cases. It's just easier if one doesen't have to go through the steps of installing it. Also b/c a lot of times you may have lcoal networking but not internet, so getting packages is a hassle07:47
stonedIt's a valid opinion, not rant.07:47
Flannelstoned: There's technical issues with that and the way the desktop CD is assembled and installed.  But yes, it would have some use-cases.07:48
stonedI understnad that. And thank you for acknowledging that too.07:48
stonedthomas, quit spying on me! hehe. Goodnight.07:51
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Fudgehi having trouble with an infrared receiver, its just called pc remote but when I bought it calimed to be r-pi compatible. I have it on a trusty machine through an external drive bay with usb hnothing other than the root hub comes up in lsusb and dmesg shows [usb 1-3: new high-speed USB device number 18 using ehci-pci | [usb 1-3: New USB device found, idVendor=05e3, idProduct=060808:15
Fudge[usb 1-3: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=1, SerialNumber=008:15
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barnesI have a question on the use of mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt in sources.list why is it not more dynamic to not include mirrors that are not up2date?08:39
barneslooking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors there is a lott of mirrors running 0ne or more days behind08:39
lotuspsychjebarnes: there was issues with .au mirrors, several users came to report08:41
lotuspsychjebarnes: maybe the #ubuntu-mirrors know more of it?08:42
barnesi would like to have some dynamic way of removing mirrors not up 3 date08:43
barnesi use apt-cacher-ng on a proxy but since the servers are located in malta it get's mirrors in Italy that offcource are not up2date08:44
barnesand when i patch the system i would like to know that only mirrors that are up2date are used08:45
barnesi guess i can write a script for it to change the source for proxy servers mirrors but it would be good if there were a better way of doing it08:46
Fudgeor you could wait for the bug to be resolved and not worry08:51
hypermistso UCK is now stuck on Starting Console Application08:53
hypermistfor like hours08:53
barnesFudge: which  bug is that?08:54
lotuspsychje!uck | hypermist08:54
ubottuhypermist: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/08:54
hypermisti have it installed lotuspsychje08:55
hypermisthypermist, its just stuck on Console Application.08:55
hypermistDoing nothing08:55
hypermistApart from saying that08:55
hypermistfor atleast 2hrs or more08:55
Fudgebarnes:  lotuspsychje  said several users have reported, search launchypad for a recent bug mate08:56
BlitzHereOk, guys, need a quick bit of advice. A friend of mine is interested in using Ubuntu TOUCH on a lightweight thin ultrabook. She's used Ubuntu and likes it more than Windows - to the point that she'll ditch windows...but she likes the form factor of the Surface Pro 308:58
BlitzHereIs there any other lightweight ultrabook with a touchscreen. Detachable keyboards, and 180 rotation is a nice plus but not necessary08:59
BlitzHerewhich, of course, is known to work with Ubuntu09:00
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: i would not advise surface pro's with ubuntu, alot of manual fixxing on them09:03
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: i would go for regular laptop + ubuntu or nexus7 + ubuntu touch09:03
BlitzHereShe's already got a Nexus 909:04
BlitzHere...can you put Ubuntu touch on a Nexus 9?09:04
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: not yet mate, check devices at #ubuntu-touch09:05
BlitzHere<lotuspsychje_> ok, I'll head over there. Didn't realize there was a dedicated channel for that. Thaks!09:05
BlitzHerejoin #ubuntu-touch09:05
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: you can also buy a touch laptop and install the regular ubuntu desktop, also works09:06
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: i would never buy touch based laptop, but thats only my opinion09:06
BlitzHere<lotuspsychje_> That's exactly what I want to know. What touch laptops (specifically lightweight ultrabooks) are there that are fuly compatible with Ubuntu09:08
BlitzHereI'm not a big fan of touch either09:08
BlitzHerebut tthat's what's ased for09:09
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hypermistSO UCK from the ubuntu software centre. doesnt work i guess09:10
nieseHi, if I would like to add "/opt/local/include", "/opt/local/bin" and "/opt/local/lib" as default search location for headers and libs (e.g. cmake, gcc, qtcreator), where do I need to add them. Adding it to "$PATH" in ".profile"  does not seems to work for me.09:11
=== michael__ is now known as Guest52106
khildinniese, did you try this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9151491/extending-default-lib-search-path-in-ubuntu09:13
khildincreate (as root) a new file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ containing, the new path.09:14
khildinFor example:09:14
khildin    # echo "/path-to-your-libs/" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/your.conf09:14
khildinafter that run09:14
khildin    sudo ldconfig09:14
khildinNo need to change libc.conf.09:14
lotuspsychje_BlitzHere: normally 14.04 works pretty well with touc based laptops, maybe lookup your brand name before buying for known bugs09:15
niesekhildin: I seems to work. thx.09:16
lotuspsychje_pmax: ask your question please09:42
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pmaxsory just testing...09:42
lotuspsychje_T3DDY: yes?09:42
T3DDYDoes anyone here have an Ubuntu server?09:43
lotuspsychje_T3DDY: ask your real question or join #ubuntu-server09:43
T3DDYNo one?09:43
OerHeksThe guys in #ubuntu-server most likely09:43
T3DDYSo everyone here has Ubuntu desktop?09:43
xeronjoin #php09:43
hypermistso is their no thing called Package manager for UCK anymore ?09:44
OerHeksT3DDY, why don't you ask your real question, this is not a polling channel09:44
hypermistand only Console Appilcation09:44
T3DDYI was going to ask if Ubuntu desktop was better than Windows?09:44
hypermistthat doesnt even work anyway09:44
hateball!best | T3DDY09:44
Osooloanyone there09:44
lotuspsychje_Osoolo: 1800 users are09:45
hateballubottu: I am sorry you have been stripped of so many useful factoids09:45
ubottuhateball: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:45
T3DDYIs Ubuntu desktop better than Windows 10 in gaming??09:45
Osooloi have problem installing fedora 22 where should i get help with it ?09:45
lotuspsychje_hateball: alot of cool new ones have added also :p09:46
=== e is now known as Guest23444
lotuspsychje_Osoolo: to the fedora channel09:46
Osooloi dont know how to use IRC sorry09:46
lotuspsychje_Osoolo: type /join #fedora and register09:47
T3DDYIs Ubuntu desktop better than Windows 10 in gaming since games are more supported in windows??09:47
hateballT3DDY: It is very game dependent, as well on your hardware (use nvidia or cry), but generally Windows is still "better" for gaming. That said, there are enough games to keep you occupied on Linux09:47
OerHeksT3DDY, yes, ubuntu is superior.09:47
Osoolothank you09:47
Osoolosoo much09:47
T3DDYThanks hateball09:48
T3DDYThanks OerHeks09:48
lotuspsychje_T3DDY: steam, playonlinux and wine can also help you09:48
hateballT3DDY: if you mostly play using steam, #steamlug is a good place to get answers09:48
hypermistso what do i do about UCK Not working at all09:49
hypermistBy working at all.09:49
hypermistI mean Starting Console Application sits there for hours...09:49
hypermistDOing 100% nothing09:49
lotuspsychje_hypermist: what are you trying to do in the first place mate?09:49
hypermistlotuspsychje_, use UCK to modify linux...09:49
hypermistwell ubuntu09:49
hypermistI can't even select package manager only Console appilcation.09:50
lotuspsychje_hypermist: modify what exactly09:50
hypermistBut what'd you know it doesnt work09:50
hypermistlotuspsychje_, the packages to make a custom LIVECD09:50
lotuspsychje_hypermist: remastersys or lookup unattended ubuntu ways09:50
lotuspsychje_hypermist: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization09:52
hypermistwell the UCK method doesnt work so thats poop09:53
hypermistbut i can follow the other method09:53
T3DDYCan Ubuntu be installed on Mac?09:55
lotuspsychje_!mac | T3DDY09:55
ubottuT3DDY: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:55
T3DDYOn a Mac.09:55
OerHeksT3DDY, sure09:55
lotuspsychje_hypermist: wich ubuntu version your trying uck on?09:56
hypermistlotuspsychje_, 15.0409:56
lotuspsychje_hypermist: try 14.04 for a more stable experience09:56
hypermistGAH that'll be like another 1hr download :(09:56
T3DDYYou guys are so much better than Google!09:56
lotuspsychje_hypermist: did you launch uck from terminal to see errors?09:56
hypermistlotuspsychje_, i ran the program which opens aterminal09:57
hypermistNo errors09:57
hypermistJust Says Starting Console Application.... and it sat there for liek 3hrs09:57
lotuspsychje_T3DDY: of course, this is an opensource community, welcome to ubuntu!09:57
lotuspsychje_hypermist: try launching uck from terminal from start09:57
hypermisthow can i do that lotuspsychje_ ?09:58
lotuspsychje_hypermist: type uck in a terminal09:58
hypermistsays uck not found as a command09:59
T3DDYCan Mac dual boot mac osx and Ubuntu?09:59
lotuspsychje_hypermist: try uck-gui09:59
lotuspsychje_!dualboot | T3DDY yes10:00
ubottuT3DDY yes: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:00
T3DDYThankyou !10:00
lotuspsychje_hypermist: you can also browse known bugs here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/10:02
Halion-xhi to all10:07
lotuspsychje_Halion-x: welcome, what can we do for you?10:08
XeonSquaredYay, the AARNet mirror is back10:09
lotuspsychje_!yay | XeonSquared10:09
ubottuXeonSquared: Glad you made it! :-)10:09
lotuspsychje_XeonSquared: did they mention what was wrong?10:09
hypermistto many arguments on line 44 for the script.10:10
hypermistIm guessing lotuspsychje_ that means nope10:10
hypermist144 *10:10
XeonSquaredHaven't seen anything, but \o/10:11
al-damiriHi #ubuntu.10:18
al-damiriI have installed Ubuntu Trusty Tahr and my Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Super keys stick and doesn't release when I press it.10:18
al-damiriIt was working fine in Precise.10:18
lotuspsychje_hypermist: is this what happens? https://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/+bug/146141510:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1461415 in Ubuntu Customization Kit "failed to get chroot terminal." [Undecided,New]10:19
al-damiriI have installed the 64-bit version and am using a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop.10:19
hypermistexactly lotuspsychje_ xD10:19
lotuspsychje_hypermist: its on 15.04, so i would try 14.04 as the bug is undecided10:20
lotuspsychje_hypermist: or try other tools like remastersys10:20
someone235How can I share my screen with another guy with OSX?10:28
artisan_picklesomeone235: vnc10:30
EdwardIIIhey. i run php 5.5 from ondrej's repo, all works pretty well but i have odd issues with php5-fpm's startup script10:30
EdwardIIInot sure if it's like a verison conflict or something10:30
hateballsomeone235: does it need to be free software? teamviewer works on linux as well otherwise10:32
edimaxskype also works10:32
anewsudo a2enmod rewrite i ran this but the site is still not in sites-enabled10:42
Mathisenrestart apache ?10:58
santosxenHey guys, is it possible to show your emails DIRECTLY as a "widget" on your desktop?11:00
lotuspsychje_!info gm-notify | santosxen11:02
ubottusantosxen: gm-notify (source: gm-notify): highly Ubuntu integrated GMail notifier. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.3-0ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 20 kB, installed size 313 kB11:02
lotuspsychje_santosxen: or maybe a conky plugin11:03
santosxenSRY my Xchat crashed! Is it somehow possible to show your "email folder" as a permanent widget on desktop?11:06
ilkyou got KDE?11:12
santosxen@ilk , no xfce11:13
ilkhmmm gmail has desktop notifications....i dont know xfce too well11:14
BluesKaj'Morning all11:32
duser8how do I set a password for vnc-connection with VINAGRE? e.g. vinagre --password 123 ??11:41
SacrosanticHello I need help my laptop running lxde environment always stack at boot up process when reaching the add swap stage. But when I restart it boots completely... I have been doing this for long it's annoying11:52
ZigguratI am trying to boot Ubuntu on Baytrail, and I compiled Grub for 32bit and put it in an Ubuntu 64bit usb stick. Grub boots fine, and when I try to select try Ubuntu, I get two lines of text disappearing before I can read or take a picture, and then only black screen. (backlight is on but black screen nothing happens)11:52
TJ-Ziggurat: the 2 lines you miss are likely GRUB's "Loading linux .." "Loading initial ramdisk"11:54
ZigguratTJ- I tried to leave the machine on for 3 hours (I went to the cinema)11:54
TJ-Ziggurat: have you tried the Recovery boot option?11:54
ZigguratTJ- I have not tried the recovery boot option. I can not remember to have seen it. What is it supposed to do?11:55
TJ-Ziggurat: It's under the Advanced sub-menu of the GRUB boot menu, and does what it's title suggests - provides a recovery root console11:56
ZigguratIs the recovery root console running on linux or grub?11:57
TJ-Ziggurat: Linux. It's a minimal non-graphical boot11:57
TJ-!recovery | Ziggurat11:58
ubottuZiggurat: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode11:58
ZigguratTJ- ubottu maybe the boot parameters should be different since I am trying to boot from a 32bit Grub into 64bit Linux?12:00
ZigguratIs ther a 32bit image of ubuntu with UEFI?12:00
TJ-Ziggurat: It shouldn't make a difference. Linux kernel loader code will print a message to console if the architecture of the hardware and kernel image aren't compatible.12:02
ZigguratI used these steps in Virtual box running live 15.10 to compile the 32bit Grub, https://github.com/jfwells/linux-asus-t100ta/tree/master/boot12:03
TJ-Ziggurat: you know Ubuntu has 32-bit grub-efi packages?12:04
TJ-!info grub-efi-ia32 | Ziggurat12:04
ubottuZiggurat: grub-efi-ia32 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 version). In component main, is extra. Version 2.02~beta2-22ubuntu1.1 (vivid), package size 71 kB, installed size 210 kB12:04
ZigguratSo is there an image with a 32bit bootloader?12:05
randomuser_Just wondering if anyone can help me. Installed Lubuntu 14.04.3 and everything is fine except that I can't connect to a PPTP VPN server. I can do it with my Windows box. Here's my var/log/syslog: http://pastebin.com/Ns6dxkKa12:06
ZigguratOr is this something that is supposed to install on a machine that can already boot?12:06
jeffreylevesqueis `ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa` supposed to prompt "Enter passphrase for /home/travis/.ssh/id_rsa:"?12:07
jeffreylevesquewhen i created the key pair, i never defined a passphrase12:07
TJ-Ziggurat: obviously a .deb package is bundled for install into an active root file-system. That could be a regular booted system, or via a chroot environment for a broken system12:10
jeffreylevesquemaybe i can just pipe the enter command into the `ssh-add` command?12:11
jeffreylevesqueecho -ne '\n' | ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa is that the best solution?12:12
ZigguratTJ- so sadly of little use to me, since I need to be able to boot first. The tablet came with dualboot win8 32bit and Android (64bit with 32bit userspace), I am running Win10 32bit right now, but I think Windows is so slow.12:13
ZigguratTJ- ubottu Do you have any suggestions of what commands to run to figure out whats wrong if the recovery boot works?12:14
TJ-Ziggurat: The biggest difference is that recovery mode doesn't switch to a graphical video mode. If doing a 'normal' multi-user boot the screen doesn't display anything, then the problem is with the GPU drivers12:15
ZigguratTJ- Sounds reasonable.12:16
ZigguratSo then I can boot text installer, and install first then install gpu drivers.12:16
ZigguratTo get a text installer, do i need to install ubuntu server?12:17
TJ-Ziggurat: Check the ID of the GPU and kernel driver with 'lspci -nnk', and then you can hopefully determine from that which drivers are required and any special workarounds/quirks/settings required12:18
ZigguratTJ- At least I know its possible, because its the same SOC as the intel compute stick.12:18
TJ-Ziggurat: the Ubuntu minimal ISO image also uses the Debian Installer (d-i)12:18
ZigguratTJ- does it require network to install? Because Realtek dont answer me with requests for the wlan driver.12:19
ZigguratWould it be hard to extract the wlan drivers from a image intended for Intel Compute Stick?12:20
TJ-Ziggurat: Yes it does, so you'd need the Ubuntu Server ISO12:20
TJ-Ziggurat: no idea; in theory the installer allows you to provide driver files for unknown hardware12:21
ZigguratHow do driver files look on Linux? Are they like single file static libraries?12:23
TJ-Ziggurat: If I recall correctly the installer expects .udeb packages containing kernel modules built for the installer's kernel version. Kernel modules are xxxx.ko files usually, kept under /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/12:25
ZigguratShould I expect problems copying over the .ko files into that folder after install?12:26
ZigguratTJ- I excpect the intel gpu drivers to be a bitch if I intendo to copy over, but I mean like wlan, bluetooth, and audio.12:28
TJ-Ziggurat: Yes, doing that is non-trivial even for experienced installer devs12:30
ZigguratTJ- Thanks for the help! I really hope I manage to boot, and learn something while getting thus far.12:35
martinrameHi, does anyone found Skype 4.3 stopped working today?, until yesterday it worked without problems.12:38
brothersomemartinrame, Now I see things tumbling too in Skype12:39
martinramebrothersome: Aparently windows clients also cannot connect.12:40
brothersomemartinrame, Skyp is up but cannot connect - so I see it - strange12:41
lotuspsychjemartinrame: maybe try starting skype from terminal, it might spit out relevant errors12:41
brothersomelotuspsychje, It is not skype - it is the network12:41
brothersomeLet see if Skype works from a webpage12:42
lotuspsychjebrothersome: then it might show network issues12:42
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brothersomemartinrame, in outlook.com it looks normal - perhaps some ports are closed at mikkysoft12:45
TJ-martinrame: Skype reports a network fault since around 0800 UTC12:46
mripguruTJ-:  let me guess - their spying systems are down for maintenance? ;)12:48
lotuspsychjemripguru: hehe :p12:49
martinramemripguru: haha12:49
TJ-I don't use it but I saw a report on the BBC news12:49
brothersomeYou can use the beta version on outlook.com / hotmail.com12:50
dpShouldn't this work in the sudoers file to allow a user to run "service php5-fpm restart" without needing a password? username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/sbin/service php5-fpm12:53
geirhadp: might need a space after the :   Also, the order of the lines matter13:02
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AnthaasHi guys - having a bit of an issue getting my trackpad to function correctly, anyone here able to assist? I can't get two finger dragging to work, and from typing "xinput list" I dont think it is even recognised?13:10
=== troll is now known as jtrucks
AnthaasNew laptop - worth mentioning...13:11
dpgeirha: I'll give both of those a shot; thanks.13:11
pbxsometimes (like now) when my machine wakes from suspend the backlight controls stop working - the keys make the indicator go up and down but the actual level doesn't change.  xbacklight also has no effect.  anything i can do without logging out or rebooting?13:13
AnthaasSingle tap for click works..13:14
arunangshuon issuing make command i am getting http://pastebin.com/yqZS4CXn errors what to do13:17
AnthaasHmm, would seem I have no synaptics driver installed13:17
AnthaasMouse is shown as "PS/2 Generic Mouse"13:19
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kakashiALI try to install opencv, but ubuntu dont allowe it:13:20
TJ-arunangshu: the driver source-code you're building doesn't match the kernel version API requirements13:20
cfhowlettkakashiAL, for german language support >>> #ubuntu-de13:21
arunangshutj ok then what to look for and how13:22
cfhowlettkakashiAL, sorry, that was meant for arunangshu13:23
cfhowlett!de | arunangshu13:23
ubottuarunangshu: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:23
kakashiALcfhowlett: do you have any idea about my ubuntu error?13:24
cfhowlettkakashiAL, sorry, no can see it from behind the Great Firewall.13:24
lotuspsychjekakashiAL: did you add 3rd party ppa's?13:25
kakashiALlotuspsychje: not that I know13:25
aceri installed ubuntu onacer aspire e5 571 nx.mltsi.006  but no wireless no ethernet working. how to get and add drivers13:25
cfhowlett!wifi | acer13:25
ubottuacer: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:25
aceri will be thankful13:25
kakashiALlotuspsychje: do you understand the error that I get?13:26
lotuspsychjeacer: ubuntu version and wifi chipset please?13:26
lotuspsychjekakashiAL: sorry, its german13:26
hateballacer: what wifi chipset is it? run "lspci" or "lsusb" in a terminal to find out13:26
acerhow to start terminal i am new13:26
hateball!terminal | acer13:27
ubottuacer: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:27
kakashiALlotuspsychje: depends on: libopencv-objdetect-dev (= 2.4.8+dfsg1-2ubuntu1) should not be installed13:27
lotuspsychje!info libopencv-objdetect-dev13:28
ubottulibopencv-objdetect-dev (source: opencv): development files for libopencv-objdetect. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 209 kB, installed size 844 kB13:28
arunangshuwhat to look for matching driver source-code and kernel version api???13:38
bozsikarmandHi! I'd like to share a folder between two ubuntu host. On my machine I shared my Public folder, then Samba got installed. In nautilus when i click on Browse network then windows nwtwork then workgroup I have to type in a password. E.g.: my username is test1 so I set sudo smbpasswd -a test113:40
lotuspsychje!samba | bozsikarmand13:40
ubottubozsikarmand: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html13:40
lotuspsychjebozsikarmand: try also the #samba channel13:40
aakkaWhy does the MATE system monitor show different values when compared to free -m command? Free-m shows that much more memory is being used13:42
auronandaceaakka: maybe mate doesn't show what has been chached13:42
aakkaauronandace: Ok, but what dows that mean? On a computer with 512 mb of ram that will affect it right? Which values should i take into account?13:44
arunangshuwhat to look for matching driver source-code and kernel version api???13:44
aakkaauronandace: Is that cache affecting RAM memory or is it just stored on the hard drive?13:47
auronandaceaakka: in general cache is used to keep stuff in memory just in case it is needed and usually gets flushed when new stuff needs ram13:49
aakkaauronandace: You mean RAM?13:49
=== Guest73571 is now known as jero
aakkawhen you said memory or did you mean hard disk?13:50
auronandaceaakka: ram13:50
aakkaauronandace: So if i only have 512mb of ram what should i do?13:51
aakkaAlso... is Xfce lighter on resources than xfce?13:51
auronandaceaakka: 512mb of ram is not much nowadays13:51
aakkathan mate... sorry13:51
aakkaauronandace: Which one do you think is lighter?13:52
dr_sweetswell, am I still on13:52
auronandaceaakka: i've never liked gnome2 and don't use mate so i can't comment on how heavy they are13:52
aakkaOk. Thanks.13:52
mat1tchi all13:52
BlackPanx<aakka> they are very much the same.13:52
BlackPanxhere's a document13:53
auronandaceBlackPanx: he left13:53
mat1tcI w;oy13:53
mat1tcas hoping for some keyboard related help13:53
mat1tc(as you can see from my message... the w key is not always working)13:53
BlackPanxdid you try disabling numlock ? :D13:54
mat1tcno number number pad!13:54
mat1tcalso a problem with the arrow keys13:54
cfhowlettmat1tc, same issue!  my "m" key is acting funky all of a sudden13:55
mat1tcit started after I accidentally disable the wrong input from terminal (was disabling the touch screen)13:55
BlackPanxthey dont work, or they work unexpected ?13:55
BlackPanxtype reset13:55
BlackPanxin terminal13:55
mat1tcsometimes fine, sometimes it does other keys13:55
BlackPanxwell sometimes if you cat a file or something that's binary, can mess up your terminal and keyboard...13:55
BlackPanxtry typing reset in console13:55
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BlackPanxthen try again13:56
mat1tcproblem still thre, seems limited to the w key, arrow keys and the number 2!13:56
mat1tcat the time, I had an external keyboard in, when I disabled the internal one through terminal13:57
mat1tcrenabled it... problem wo13:57
mat1tc;as there13:57
mat1tcand that's an exmple of wyhat it does!13:57
mat1tc(also that second y, I'm not that bad a typist ;))13:58
BlackPanxseems like strange driver issue.13:58
mat1tcit's very frustrating, any suggestions?13:58
BlackPanxdid you try unplugging the keyboard and plugging it into another usb port ?13:59
mat1tcit's the internal laptop one13:59
mat1tcworks fine in wy;oindows13:59
BlackPanxi doubt it's hardware issue14:00
BlackPanxso yes, might be something with keyboard settings14:00
BlackPanxdid you try to play with them yet ?14:00
mat1tcyep, gone through them all14:00
BlackPanxand keyboard model ?14:01
BlackPanxcheck this14:01
BlackPanxi suggest you resetting it to default, and before that make screenshot of each tab14:02
BlackPanxso you will know what it was before you reset it to defaults14:02
mat1tcdon't have those same optoins14:03
BlackPanxwell find keyboard properties and there should be some additional settings14:04
mat1tcnot for model14:04
dr_sweetsBlackPanx, could you tell me why my sheel always stops when I log off ??14:05
BlackPanxmat1tc: sorry i use ubuntu mate, not really sure where in ubuntu you can set model or reset it to defaults. it must be something with you accidentally changing it somehow.14:07
dr_sweetsI have the keyboard settings on top of my screen, where the clock is and more14:08
mat1tcBlackPanx: ok thank - have gone through all the options and cant' find anythign there, might look at the files the control keybindings. Just really odd that it's so intermittent.14:08
JustPie_WorkHey all, I'm running into a strange issue. It seems as if randomly i get a 'cannot write to tmp folder' in ubuntu server ( 14 ) and it seems to be a permissions issue. It doesn't happen too often, and the only solution i could find is rebooting. Chown/Chmod doesn't fix the issue. Any ideas on what it might be?14:09
BlackPanxdr_sweets what do you mean by stops working ? :) of course when you log off, your current running scripts in terminal will stop. you have to send them to background with & if you want that... or run them as service.14:10
dr_sweetsI use it as a server and log on elsewhere, but everytime I log OFF from there, the shell logs off too14:11
BlackPanxJustPie_Work are you sure you didn't run out of space on tmp ?14:11
dr_sweetsnot just me logging off of the shell, but log of totally14:11
BlackPanx<dr_sweets> i still don't understand what exactly you are referring to. you ssh to your server and then ssh to another server ? then what ?14:12
dr_sweetsplah, me and trying to explain :P14:12
dr_sweetsI am using a BNC, and when I log on it is OK, but when I log off,, it terminates the BNC14:13
JustPie_WorkBlackPanx: I don't believe it was space issue as there was less than a gig of temp files. Does ubuntu define a max folder size for temp anywhere so i can check?14:13
BlackPanxokay. what bnc are you using. it has to be setting on bnc to stay persistent. znc for example is persistent bnc.14:13
BlackPanxJustPie_Work df -h and check? :)14:14
dr_sweetsI am using at the moment sbnc, tried the znc and it wouldn't start14:14
dr_sweetsI used the old psyBNC and that worked for a long time on a kernel of OPEN SUSE14:15
BlackPanxi think you should ask on sbnc's support for this, as it's clearly not ubuntu issue. :)14:15
dr_sweetsok, well :) one has to try :)14:16
BlackPanxyou can always run stuff in screen14:16
dr_sweetsthanks anyways :)14:16
BlackPanxand then detach14:16
BlackPanxfrom screen14:16
BlackPanxand then reattach when you want to14:16
BlackPanxbut i'm sorry i dont know sbnc :(14:16
BlackPanxi use znc and works perfectly14:16
dr_sweetswe all are different :P14:17
dr_sweetsbut will do some more ,,, "research" :)14:17
JustPie_WorkBlackPanx: Good call. Thanks! I'll be sure to try this the next time it happens.14:17
BlackPanxJustPie_Work, just check it now if it's on own partition14:18
BlackPanxand that you haven't run out of space on it14:18
BlackPanxbecause what you are referring to as reboot, reboot deletes everything in tmp14:18
BlackPanxand then as you are saying... after a while, when tmp gets bloaty again14:18
BlackPanxyou face same problems14:18
BlackPanxthat's why i'm thinking this might be the case14:19
BlackPanxbecause by default tmp is 777 chmodded. unless you manually change that14:19
BlackPanxand on some systems it's also nosuid and noexec mountable, so you can't really execute stuff there for security reasons14:19
BlackPanxand then you could get permission denied also14:19
BlackPanxother problem that i can think of regarding permission denied is chattr permissions... you can check with lsattr /tmp/* , but i really really doubt this is the case14:20
BlackPanxif you chattr a file with +i for example, you won't be able to modify it or delete it, no matter if you chmodded it to 77714:20
BlackPanxyou would get permission denied14:21
BlackPanxif you have too small /tmp and it gets filled, just remove mounting of /tmp or increase size of it.14:21
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michiilhey guys14:47
michiilmy system is waking up from suspend randomly14:47
michiilwhats the best way t debug this?14:47
michiilor to see why the system woke up?14:48
michiilhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12514624/ here is my syslog14:51
michiilthe wakeup is the last thing happening14:51
michiilioria: well thats not really helping in my case15:03
michiilwaeup via bluetooth is enabled15:03
michiilbecause i need it15:03
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michiilbut i don't think the harmony hub randomly sends out commands/wakes up my devices15:04
citrixHi all15:07
andi_hello there, i want to use my ipod touch (4. gen) with linux and i wanted to use rhythembox to put music on my ipod, the ipod itself gets recognized from the system and i can have access to it and can download pics and all, but if i drag and drop music in rhythembox it's not in the music app, how can i put music on my ipod?15:08
citrixI am not able to access my weserver from outer network15:08
andi_citrix: open up ports?15:08
citrixI already forwarded 80 and 808015:08
citrixfrom router15:08
citrixandi_, I already opened them from router15:09
andi_check if its running15:09
citrixand checked with canyouseeme.org15:09
citrixand other port checker websites15:10
citrixport 80 is opened15:10
citrixhow to check on linux it is working or not15:10
andi_just type in your browser localhost:8015:10
andi_you should end up on your webserver15:10
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=== ivanjianjian is now known as Guest92465
citrix__andi_, localhost:8015:24
citrix__shows my apache web page15:24
citrix__it is working15:24
andi_then you have probably routing probkems15:24
citrix__but my <ip>:80 do not work15:24
andi_check ip's and port forwarding/firewall15:25
citrix__andi_, how to check that?15:25
tgm4883citrix__: is this webserver at your house or some VPS you rent?15:25
citrix__tgm4883, it is at my house15:26
citrix__this pc is server.15:26
tgm4883citrix__: it's possible your ISP is blocking those ports15:26
citrix__No ISP is not blocking15:26
andi_citrix__: go on your router, check the ports, rules etc15:26
tgm4883citrix__: you're sure?15:26
citrix__tgm4883, yes on canyouseeme.org i can see, it says ISP is not blocking15:27
andi_if it's open, probably you route it the wrong way15:27
AfterDarknesshello, got a question. is the print as pdf feature an OS feature? if so, is there a way to know the encoding of the pdf?15:32
andi_AfterDarkness: not sure what you mean with OS feature, but the print to pdf is probably ghostscript printer15:33
AfterDarknessI am trying to use pandoc on the resulting pdf but getting an error indicating that it is not UTF-815:33
MonkeyDustwhat's pandoc?15:34
zambaanyone familiar with containers here? how can i check if a container is running ok? what about a "console" into it?15:34
AfterDarknessuse man pandoc15:34
andi_AfterDarkness: what you want to do in the first place?15:35
MonkeyDustzamba  lxc? if yes: lxc-ls --fancy15:35
AfterDarknessandi_, I want to make a .docx file from a pdf15:36
tgm4883AfterDarkness: out of curiosity, why?15:36
MonkeyDustzamba  with sudo15:37
reisiowhatis pandoc; apropos pandoc, etc.15:37
andi_Oo, AfterDarkness use openoffice/libreoffice they have pdf import tools15:37
AfterDarknessill try that andi_ ty15:37
andi_but the conversion will not be 100 %15:37
andi_AfterDarkness: also maybe try this15:38
AfterDarknesstgm4883, what I am doing is kind of silly(or just straight up silly). I am making a html from mardown file that has java in it. So I can't just convert the html to pdf I need to run the html first then save it as pdf15:38
AfterDarknesswhen I do that in chrome everything is fine, except the encoding isn't what I was hoping for15:39
andi_AfterDarkness: fix your stuff :P15:39
AfterDarknessso that I can recovert the pdf back to a .docx file when I want to15:39
andi_that's just straight up bad D15:39
AfterDarknessI know xDS15:39
andi_nevermind, you'll have your reasons15:40
andi_just pdf to *  is very bad15:40
AfterDarknessI am just experimenting with stuff15:40
AfterDarknessI agree15:40
citrixandi_, even if i am doing telnet <public ip > 8015:40
citrixit is refusing15:40
AfterDarknessthe problem is html to a docx wont help me15:40
citrixUnable to connect to remote host: Connection refused15:40
andi_citrix: you want to telnet your webserver?15:41
andi_AfterDarkness: the problem is, docx who wants to use docx?15:41
geniiandi_: Telnet is a good diagnostic toolo to use on any arbitrary port to check for services there15:41
tgm4883genii: +115:41
citrixandi_,  i want webserver15:42
citrixI was just checking for connectivity15:42
MonkeyDustisnt docx an ms format?15:42
andi_genii: sure, he'll get the header and stuff, but he has connection problems from routing, canyouseeme.org already said that the port is open15:43
cfhowlettit is15:43
citrixwhy is it doing so?15:43
AfterDarknessandi_, i don't but generally I do it for people who aren't necessarily comfortable with plain text15:43
andi_so why go invastigate further if the port is open or not, check routing tables15:43
citrixif the port is opened?15:43
citrixhow to check? andi_15:43
andi_citrix: go on your router and check if the routing fits15:44
tgm4883citrix: I think that you're fine15:44
citrixtgm4883, what you mean? :|15:45
tgm4883citrix: are you just looking for the apache page, or is your content already there15:45
citrixonly apache page15:45
citrixnothing is there tgm488315:45
tgm4883citrix: put a test page in there15:45
tgm4883like test.html15:45
citrixtgm4883, done15:47
tgm4883citrix: it's probably some networking issue with going out the same IP address that you're trying to access it on. I can see your apache2 page so it's at least working15:49
tgm4883I seem to recall that can be an issue, I'm not a networking expert though15:53
=== nuclearbob is now known as nuclearbob_lunch
deebulsGood evening . I wanted to update lightdm in precise 11.04. Can anyone suggest the ppa for it?15:56
k1ldeebuls: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?15:57
deebulsUbuntu 12.04 LTS15:57
=== NGC3982 is now known as Welcome
=== Welcome is now known as NGC3982
k1lok, so its 12.04 :) any reason why you want to update it?15:58
deebulsk1l : sorry made a mistake precise 12.04 LTS15:58
deebulsthe lightdm uses 30% cpu. I read its bug and fixed in newer version16:00
cfhowlettdeebuls, current 12.04 version is 12.04.516:00
deebulsi have 12.04.416:00
cfhowlettdeebuls, sudo apt full-upgrade will bring you to current16:01
deebulswill upgrading to 12.04.5 help ?16:01
k1llsb_release -d should have told then. maybe you are missing a lot of updates?16:01
cfhowlettdeebuls, might just fix it16:01
ge0rJeyis there any software in linux which has integrated daily expense tracking, bills and importing bank transactions16:01
metalicehi, im setting postfix+dovecot and while testing im getting this: ehlo: command not found16:02
reisioge0rJey: is there any software in any OS That has?16:02
cfhowlettge0rJey, look in the software center for personal finance.  gnucash leaps to mind16:02
dwoodsHey everyone, we’re having problems trying to install Openstack via MAAS and Landscape.  Is this the best room for assistance?16:02
MonkeyDustdwoods  is that a server? if yes: #ubuntu-server16:02
deebulsbut i dont want to upgrade whole only lightdm16:02
dwoodsMonkey - thanks, I’ll try there.16:03
cfhowlettdeebuls, sudo apt install lightd16:03
k1ldeebuls: can you run a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" then press "n" and show the result?16:03
cfhowlettdeebuls, sudo apt install lightd16:03
deebulscfhowlett : apt install says already to latest version16:04
cfhowlettdeebuls, there you go then ...16:04
ge0rJeycfhowlett,checked out gnucash website, it sounds complicated to use with ledger model, double entry accounting, something economics students would understand..16:05
ge0rJeyi need something for personal use16:05
ge0rJeyto track my monthy expenses16:06
cfhowlettge0rJey, seearch the software center16:06
tgm4883ge0rJey: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/?q=personal+finance&op=16:07
tgm4883ge0rJey: you should follow directions...16:07
arun_can u help me16:07
Picige0rJey: this probably isn't what you're looking for, but there is a cli ledger program that I've heard good things about, its available in the ledger package, see http://www.ledger-cli.org/ for more.16:07
deebulskll: its a big list , but lightdm not present in that16:07
deebulsk1l: its a big list, but lightdm not present in that16:08
cfhowlettdeebuls, you have the most current lightdm.  what did you expect?16:08
MonkeyDustge0rJey  in dash, type 'finance', see what comes up16:08
k1l!pastebin | deebuls16:08
ubottudeebuls: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:08
deebulsk1l : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12515073/16:10
cfhowlettdeebuls, so you're not running the updated kernel either?16:12
chris66Hi! I have a problem with my external hdd, I created a new btrfs partition and now I can't copy files to it, it says I have no permission, how do I fix this?16:12
k1ldeebuls: no one can say if your issues doesnt come from missing one of those updates.16:12
deebulscfhowlett: the current lightdm takes 30% of cpu . I read in the issues the bug is fixed in latest release16:12
cfhowlettdeebuls, the latest release for 15.04?16:13
cfhowlettcheck your sources16:13
tgm4883cfhowlett: IIRC he's on 12.0416:13
cfhowletttgm4883, exactly my point16:13
deebulscfhowlett : yes the lightdm release from trusty 14.0416:13
cfhowlettdeebuls, but YOU are not ON trusty 14.04   (for some reason...)16:14
tgm4883lightdm isn't one of the things backported16:14
deebulscfhowlett : no I am on 12.04 . I want to just upgrade lightdm to the version in trusty 14.0416:14
cfhowlettdeebuls,  you MIGHT be able to compile from source.16:15
cfhowletttgm4883, chime in if I'm wrong on this ...16:15
deebulscfowlett : i tried but somehow it gave me compilation error . I didnt debug16:15
deebulscfhowlett : i tried but somehow it gave me compilation error . I didnt debug16:15
hrushikeshi am having boot problem on acer e5-573-36uy single boot ubuntu 14.0416:15
tgm4883cfhowlett: deebuls You could, but I'm wondering why not upgrade to 14.04?16:16
hrushikeshhere is my boot repair op16:16
cfhowlettdeebuls, right.  then you have a choice to make; live with light d not working or do-release-upgrade to 14.04.316:16
tgm4883deebuls: one thing you should NOT do is install 14.04 packages on 12.0416:16
hrushikeshsorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/12515019/16:16
deebulscfhowlett : i use some s/w which i can only use in 12.04 so stuck with it16:17
hrushikeshneed help with http://paste.ubuntu.com/12515019/16:17
tgm4883deebuls: out of curiosity, what software?16:17
deebulstgm4883, yes i read about it . but what is a safe way to upgrade16:17
chris66guys! you gotto add Tomahawk in the next release, it's fantastic!16:17
deebulstgm4883, ROS hydro16:17
tgm4883deebuls: apparenlty 14.04 has been supported since Indigo Igloo16:19
deebulstgm4883, yes we are migrating to Indigo . but currently we have a huge setup running hydro . so it will take time migrating16:20
cfhowlett!patience | hrushikesh,16:20
ubottuhrushikesh,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:20
deebulstgm4883, everything works fine . just wanted to upgrade lightdm . ususaly i do by adding a ppa . but i didnt get a propoer ppa for lightdm16:21
tgm4883deebuls: I don't have an answer for you then. You could attempt to compile, or to backport the fixes into the 12.04 packages. Howerver, I'm not sure which one would be more work compared to upgrading to Igloo16:21
tgm4883deebuls: Yea I'm not sure you're going to find a PPA for lightdm16:21
deebulstgm4883, ok . then i will work on compiling from source16:22
hrushikeshi was trying something else to get some help about irc ommands , \help was a typo :P16:22
deebulscfhowlett, tgm4883 : thanks a lot guys . was first time in irc chat . Thanks for the help :)16:23
cfhowlettdeebuls, best of luck!16:23
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chris66do someone here know hdebuls try this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm16:23
chris66debuls try this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm16:24
arthur-dentCould someone please remind me how you reset a password on IRC chat?16:24
chris66can someone here please tell me how to set permissions on a external hdd?16:24
tgm4883chris66: the same way you do on an internal hard drive?16:25
arthur-dentNever mind...16:25
chris66<tgm4883> and how is that? I an kinda new on linux16:26
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:26
tgm4883chris66: ^16:26
MonkeyDustchris66  is the external drive formatted as ext4?16:26
chris66Moneky: no its btrfs16:27
MonkeyDustchris66  type chr and then hit tab, see what happens16:27
chris66Monkeydust: it says command not found16:28
xiaotonghit tab16:29
chris66ah it says just chrt16:29
chris66I have the btrfs tools installed16:30
chris66this is on a external drive, not the one Ubuntu is installed on16:30
chris66any ideas guys?16:33
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Guest86018xfce is cool, i hate des like gnomeshell and kde becouse they are bloated piece of shits16:35
chris66I love xfce too, but I'm running Mate now, it's fantastic too, did u try it?16:35
Guest86018yes, mate and xfce are my favorites16:36
k1lGuest86018: please keep the language family friendly in here16:36
chris66I love what they did in the Ubuntu Mate version, you can change between a lot of desktop enviroments with just one click, its the Ubuntu Tweak tool, fantastic!:)16:37
Guest86018yep, its cool16:37
chris66xfce is not a option though16:37
chris66no it's only for the Mate desktop16:37
Guest86018i see16:37
k1lubuntu offers to install all the desktop it supports through meta-packages.16:38
k1lso you can switch on the login screen16:38
chris66wait I show you my desktop16:38
chris66here, I tweaked it a bit .) http://postimg.org/image/9qtjm3fhb/16:40
chris66K11 yes sure, but I meant from inside the desktop16:41
tiutemzHi chris6616:42
tiutemzchris66: that'll fix it temporary16:44
chris66tiutemz> what will?16:44
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chris66tiutemz> how old are you? let me guess 7? :|16:46
=== Chris230 is now known as Guest82561
MonkeyDustchris66  i was away... what command was not found?16:48
chris66Hi! I missunderstod it, it just said ctrf or something simular:)16:49
=== jbasalone-away is now known as jbasalone
chris66<MonkeyDust> when I type chr tab now nothing happens, it says command not found16:53
MonkeyDustchris66  i mean, here in irc16:54
chris66just a lot of names, whats up with that?16:55
k1lchris66: its called tab-completion (works on terminal the same way) and is used to get the users nick right so they get a highlight mark in their irc lcient16:56
tiutemzchris66: shoe size16:57
chris66thanks, I guess I got to learn that16:57
chris66<tiutemz> you are a real asshole, pls leave me alone16:58
k1lchris66: stop insulting others. last warning!16:59
tiutemzOps! chris66 using curse words16:59
chris66yme?? ou wouldn't believe what private messages he sent me16:59
k1lif there is a issue report it to the ops in #ubuntu-ops so the ops team can handle it17:00
chris66he is calling me asshol and nigger in private message, I did nothing to him :/17:00
chris66yes thanks I will17:00
* tgm4883 sighs17:00
chris66<tiutemz> I got your ip idiot17:00
chris66prepare to get banned17:01
usuario_buenas tardes17:02
k1l!es | usuario_17:02
ubottuusuario_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:02
usuario_ok thank you, sorry17:03
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Yami_What is the best guide to configuring computer to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 8.1. I think what's confusing me the most is the partitioning part.17:15
al-damiriHi #ubuntu.17:17
OerHeksYami_, make spacefrom within windows, and boot the live iso, maybe you need this guide !uefi17:17
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:17
al-damiriI'm having problems with Trusty Tahr. My Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Super (window) keys stick and doesn't release when pressed.17:17
al-damiriIt was working fine when using Ubuntu 12, now that I have installed the Ubuntu 14 on the same laptop, it is causing issues.17:17
Cerealkill3rHey guys,quick question,I am running ubuntu 15.04 with the default Unity desktop environment and I want to create a group of apps in my launcher,any ideea how I can do this ( without UnityLauncherFolders)17:18
SolarNRGUEFI has a real problem the motherboard manufacturers have made the decision that everybody ONLY uses Windows 8 and anything else doesn't matter17:18
SolarNRGeven tho windows 8 is worse than windows 717:19
Yami_Thanks OerHeks, do I need to defragment my hard drive before I resize within windows?17:19
OerHeksYami_, not sure, but not a bad idea anyway.windows itself will show the max you can make free17:21
haporanimahi , what is the best software to encrypt files before uploading to google drive or dropbox ?? and does archive manager password setting  in ubuntu good enough ??17:21
LtLYami_: its a very good idea, yes  defrag then resize within windows.. never fails here17:21
Yami_Thank you OerHeks and LtL :)17:22
LtLYami_: welcome17:22
LtLhaporanima: i would use gpg17:24
haporanima<LtL : is it an encryption or a software ?17:25
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts17:26
LtLhaporanima: gnupg is a encrytion software avaiable on all 'nix machines. you need to learn about keys is all.17:26
MichaelTunnellhow do you submit bugs for Firefox Nightly on Ubuntu? The PPA doesn't allow any submissions. https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily17:26
trismMichaelTunnell: it seems to be detailed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs (linked from the daily section of here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion )17:30
MichaelTunnellyea I found the first link, thanks for the second one17:33
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alesansince last night, skype does not want to connect anymore - anybody knows if this is only me or if it's a common issue? I have
DeXyalesan : is only u17:52
Humbedoohalesan: I know Skype was/is down globally today17:52
DeXyno, 4 me work all day17:53
Humbedoohhttp://memeburn.com/2015/09/skype-working-on-a-fix-as-communication-service-faces-worldwide-outage/ etc17:53
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MonkeyDustHumbedooh  alesan yes, it moved to MS , not long ago17:55
programoCan anybody suggest me an IRC channel for C programming language?17:56
alesanMonkeyDust, not long ago? it's almost ten years I think17:56
ratraceprogramo: it's not like there's a million of them to choose from. Try ##c17:57
MonkeyDustalesan  2011, but, true, that's stiil 4 years17:59
alesanMonkeyDust, :)17:59
programoratrace,  I tried to connect to the channel "/join ##c " , but it says  ##c-unregistered :Cannot send to channel17:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:59
ratraceprogramo: maybe it requires you to have a registered account here on Freenode. Also, as other said, that's offtopic for #ubuntu, so if you need more help, google for it please or ask in #freenode18:00
programookay ratrace , thanks !18:00
alesanprogramo, you definitely need to register with the IRC server. Keep in mind however, that ##C is an advanced channel. Do not go there with newbie questions or homework, they will not like it18:01
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haporanimaHow To Encrypt files with gpg ?18:10
jpdshaporanima: gpg --encrypt-files18:10
haporanima<jpds : how to access the help manual to learn how tuse it ?18:11
jpdshaporanima: https://gnupg.org/documentation/index.html18:11
haporanimajpds : please can you provide specific manual about how to encryp/decrypt files  ?18:12
jpdshaporanima: I'm not going to go and catch the fish for you18:13
jpdshaporanima: You have to learn how to fish for yourself18:13
OerHekshaporanima, did you not read the url ubottu gave you? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto18:13
OerHekssee at the bottom for more18:13
haporanima <OerHeks> thats too much to learn , and it is really interesting but i dont have time  to completely understand all about it, see18:15
MonkeyDusthaporanima  reading a manual takes time too18:16
OerHeksoh, it must be click click18:16
jpdshaporanima: GnuPG is an very powerful tool18:16
jpdshaporanima: If you get it wrong, you could render your files inaccessible18:17
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haporanimahow about 7z encrytion feature  is it safe if i you it ? is it crackable ?18:24
reisioquite safe18:24
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haporanima<reisio> why ?18:24
OerHeksAll is crackable, and no answer will satisfy you i guess18:25
reisiohaporanima: because it is18:25
pbxhaporanima, in evaluating crypto you either 1) are a cryptography expert or 2) trust cryptography experts18:25
reisioit uses a scheme that is still unknown to be easily broken18:25
haporanimareisio : i guess only with good password18:25
pbxhaporanima, did you ask here before doing other research?18:25
reisiowell you have to have a good password regardless of encryption scheme18:25
reisiootherwise you can just type 'abc123' and get in18:26
pbxhaporanima, good keys are always a requirement18:26
reisioyou could have something that would take a hundred million existences to decrypt, and it would still be crap if the password were 'sex'18:26
pbxbut wait reisio that's my ashley madison password. i guess i should change it huh18:27
OerHekspbx naughty girl, that goes offtopic18:28
reisiopbx: guess it depends on whether you think using ashley madison is scandalous18:28
haporanimapbx : but i read about password removal software that can actually bypass the enctiption feature it 7z what say you about that ?18:28
MonkeyDusthaporanima  source?18:29
OerHeksoh my, it is fud-monday ...18:29
haporanima<MonkeyDust ; I don't have one , but is it possibel ?18:31
kam 18:32
OerHekshaporanima, without source, you are trolling the channel18:32
OS_ConnoisseurOnce quantum computers become available enough, all of this "encryption" that we have now will be broken.18:32
AvatarAOS_Connoisseur, what if they already have them? :p18:33
MonkeyDusthaporanima  is their first target/victim18:34
haporanimaOerHeks : not at all , i guess it's theoriticaly possible , some encryption software can have bugs in them ? right ?18:34
AvatarAsome, but well tested ones have a high probability of being quite alright18:35
AvatarAplus, if I'm not encrypting child porn and the FBI is not on my tracks I wouldn't worry too much that my neighbour might decrypt pictures with me naked18:36
thatguywhich DE would you recommend if I want to be able to quickly modify it/easily write extensions which integrate well into the de (e.g. putting icons into the bar etc)18:36
OerHekshow is this related to ubuntu support?18:36
MonkeyDusthaporanima  are your data so important, that anyone would want to target you?18:37
thatguylets say which ubuntu DE would you reccomend OerHeks18:37
thatguyis this channel very strict about being on topic?18:37
MonkeyDustthatguy  try a few, choose the one you like most18:37
=== VonB1 is now known as VonB
OS_ConnoisseurAlmost any of them can do that.18:38
haporanimaAvatarA ; i don't have to be involved in criminal stuff to want to keep my privacy i think18:38
OerHeksA desktop with great support ... wait that is ubuntu18:38
MonkeyDusthaporanima  ok, now take it to #ubuntu-offtopic or so18:39
haporanimaMonkeyDust : yes sorry , i still have technical questions though18:40
OerHeks It depends more on your systemspecs, and wishes .. Kubuntu/Ubuntu for heavy machines, Xubuntu is more lightweight18:40
AvatarAhmm, I wouldn't say Ubuntu requires quite a heavy machine18:42
AvatarAbut KDE ya, it's the heaviest from what I know (Kubuntu)18:42
OS_ConnoisseurUnity uses more resources than even KDE.18:42
AvatarAI saw many people say that but I did not personally experience it18:42
MonkeyDustOS_Connoisseur  yes, that's why there are lighter DE's18:42
AvatarAactually, Unity is most fluid on my old laptop18:43
thatguyMonkeyDust, OS_Connoisseur is any of the DE easier to modify with python then the others?18:43
thatguyyeah no I am linux user for a few years now18:43
OS_ConnoisseurI don't know.18:43
OerHekssome guy Linus rants about desktops, but changes his view every 6months,...18:44
thatguyI had all of them running at some point (but most of the time xfce and gnome)18:44
OS_ConnoisseurUnity uses tons of python.18:44
thatguybut just getting into the idea of modifying them a bit or taking part in development18:44
AvatarAdepends what you want to modify18:45
AvatarAe.g. plugins are quite easy to write for gnome318:45
AvatarAand they can add great functionality18:46
Murdoch5does anyone have any good web based tools they use for DHCPD management including lease information and reservations?18:56
haporanimawhat does this command  do exactly ? gpg --encrypt-files , and how to encrypt spesific file , should i write the name of the file or the location ?18:57
=== mezgani is now known as p3rror
TJ-haporanima: See "man gpg" it details all the options18:58
goddardhow can i install netbeans with openjdk 8 or 9 instead of 7 ?19:02
FuchsSolarNRG: you tend not to, you tend to run them. But in most cases this is very much not what you want19:07
FuchsSolarNRG: what software are you trying to install, and why not using package management?19:07
PiciSolarNRG: what does this .sh file represent?19:07
SolarNRGan experimental platform distro agnostic build of unity 3d for linux19:07
kostkonSolarNRG, why not use the .deb file?19:09
SolarNRGdo I have to download again?19:10
FuchsSolarNRG: I'd recommend it. Installing manually by running a .sh file (usually) bypasses your package management, which can end up with all sorts of issues19:10
SolarNRGoh alright I'll delete the file then download the .deb, THEN what do I do?19:11
kostkonSolarNRG, double click on it19:11
SolarNRG:p cross eyed retarded emoticon19:12
wafflejock1SolarNRG: yeah the .deb file is a package that Ubuntu can install using it's regular software center installer (or using sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb in a terminal) it'll be compiled configured for running on Ubuntu with whatever flags or configuration it needs to run properly, with a .sh file it's just a shell script (you can open these with a text editor to see what they're actually doing), with the .deb file you can use dpkg -L pa19:17
wafflejock1SolarNRG: .deb is something like a .msi or setup.exe in the windows world (think they are .app files on OS X but not sure) whereas a .sh file is like a windows batch file just a text file with a bunch of system commands in it basically (maybe a little logic to check whats there or prompt the user for input)19:20
nemoSo. I have an old ubuntu chroot running 13.10 that I'm trying to upgrade.  And I'm getting tons of 404s.  I'm guessing that is due to deleted packages on the mirrors19:22
ioriai think so19:23
nemoI want to run apt-get dist-upgrade  but unless I can fix the install it isn't letting me go forward.  Any ideas?19:23
EriC^^nemo: did you change archive.ubuntu to old-releases.ubuntu in the sources.list?19:23
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:23
nemoEriC^^: ah. hm. wasn't aware of that. 'k19:23
EriC^^nemo: you mean upgrade to 14.04? or upgrade 13.10?19:23
nemoEriC^^: upgrade 13.10 to 14.0419:24
nemoEriC^^: since nothing seems to be working anymore19:24
iorianemo, i think you want a functional ubuntu version... or what ?19:24
SolarNRGthanks, this transition off windows has been a long battle, but I'm in no way going back to bill gates grips19:24
EriC^^nemo: ok, run sudo do-release-upgrade19:24
EriC^^( after changing the sources.list per instructions above )19:25
Jamie_1hey while trying to run my netbeans i am running into Cannot find java. Please use the --jdkhome switch. its odd due to i am running jre in the browser...19:25
nemoEriC^^: command not found.19:25
EriC^^you sure?19:25
EriC^^do-release-upgrade ?19:25
nemoEriC^^: yeah. pretty minimal image tho19:25
nemowhat package is it part of?19:26
wafflejock1Jamie_1: JRE doesn't mean you have the JDK19:26
Jamie_1i installed all of oracle java 819:26
wafflejock1Jamie_1: JDK will have javac in it the JRE will just have java VM itself19:26
nemoEriC^^: so the repos listed is ports.ubuntu.com19:26
nemochange that to the eol url?19:27
cdk_is there an ssh server that i can connect to for free as i am at school and cant do anything because they locked down the internet?19:27
wafflejock1Jamie_1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java19:27
wafflejock1Jamie_1: you should be able to install whatever version you need then use update-alternatives like shown there to update which one is used19:27
Jamie_1i have jdk 6 installed... :/ not sure why its of next to no use...19:28
wafflejock1Jamie_1: you should be able to run "javac" in the terminal and get some info19:28
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Jamie_1wafflejock1: okay one sec im installing openjdk7 right now19:28
cdk_is there an free ssh server i can connect to?19:29
EriC^^cdk_: unixssh.com19:29
Jamie_1wafflejock1: how do i do the update alternatives ?19:29
cdk_kk will check it out19:29
MonkeyDustcdk_  this my irssi runs on unixssh19:30
wafflejock1Jamie_1: sudo update-alternatives --config java19:30
Jamie_1sorry im not a java dev person... i just need it to run adb and my ides19:30
wafflejock1Jamie_1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Choosing_the_default_Java_to_use19:30
Jamie_1thanks wafflejock119:30
wafflejock1Jamie_1: no worries support channel is for support :)19:30
Jamie_1oh while im in here... is there some reason that when i add a online account from settings to my computer when it pops up later on and ask for the password it wont accept it?19:31
ioriakeyring ... you mean ?19:32
nemoEriC^^: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/dists/saucy/main/source/Sources19:32
cdk_MonkeyDust i am looking for a way i can getpast my schools blockedc searches19:32
Jamie_1do i need to sign out or anything for it to take effect wafflejock1?19:33
EriC^^nemo: i think there should be a ubuntu after ubuntu.com19:33
wafflejock1Jamie_1: shouldn't need to, just try which javac, or just javac and see if  it finds it19:33
EriC^^nemo: did you follow the website instructions?19:34
nemoEriC^^: well, I was trying to adapt since working w/o bluetooth kbd is kind of a pain19:35
Jamie_1... not sure how to do that... but javac -version outputs 1.8.0_6019:35
nemojust changed ports. to old-releases. in synaptic. but, 'k, will check whole url19:36
wafflejock1Jamie_1: my "which javac" shows /usr/bin/javac, if you ls -al /usr/bin/javac, you'll see where the symbolic link is pointing to that has the executable or ls -al /etc/alternatives/javac19:36
wafflejock1Jamie_1: sounds like it's fine though19:36
Jamie_1its still not letting me run netbeans...19:36
EriC^^nemo: ill pm you the sources from the site19:37
wafflejock1Jamie_1: you may need to restart netbeans if you had it running or configure the JDK location in Netbeans but javac itself is available now19:37
Jamie_1its telling me it still cannot find java... and it wont start netbeans without it...19:37
wafflejock1Jamie_1: I've typically just used Eclipse for Java dev and lately just been using IntelliJ so dunno about netbeans in particular19:37
nemoEriC^^: adding ubuntu helped19:37
nemoeas afk editing it19:37
Jamie_1i need a good html5 and js ide19:37
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator19:38
nemo*was. stupid soft kbd19:38
Jamie_1one that allows inporting of js libraries and netbeans has addons to allow that19:38
wafflejock1Jamie_1: I use PHPStorm for those... used to use SublimeText but needed something with interactive debugging for PHP19:38
Jamie_1wafflejock1: i need one that i can import a js library in19:38
Jamie_1wafflejock1: also needed the ability to use the local host feature19:38
wafflejock1Jamie_1: Atom is another nice option for just HTML/JS stuff, IntelliJ is like eclipse but has more HTML/JS support than regular Eclipse, Aptana is a version of eclipse with HTML/JS stuff but haven't tried it19:39
Jamie_1wafflejock1: oddly enought the question from me is does it allow js library importing for syntax and html5 syntaxing19:39
skrydalHi guys, I have problems with enabling my custom daemon to be started on system startup, I created proper script in /etc/init.d then ran update-rc.d <daemon-name> defaults and I can see proper links being stored in /etc/rc*.d but still when i restart pc i don't see this service being started19:40
Jamie_1wafflejock1: i am using webGL and html5 canvas so i need to be able to import js libraries or my life will become a living hell19:40
skrydalany idea what might be wrong?19:40
MonkeyDustJamie_1  or this http://www.w3.org/Amaya/screenshots/Overview.html19:40
skrydalif this is possible I'd like to use sysvinit instead of going with upstart19:41
wafflejock1Jamie_1: well any IDE will be separate from the part that runs the server on localhost but typically all have some tools for starting up or stopping some scripts that run a server, regarding the syntax stuff best thing I've used is the IntelliJ stuff but have heard good things about VS Code too haven't tried it though19:41
skrydalservice <service-name> start/stop/restart/status work just fine19:41
wafflejock1Jamie_1: would just download a bunch of them and give them a go yourself, NetBeans isn't particularly great in my personal experience though19:41
Jamie_1MonkeyDust: taking a look19:41
frikkieHi, does anyone know how to stop wlan0 from starting up during boot19:42
Jamie_1wafflejock1: only reason i was using it was due to the ability to import js libraries then added the libraries functions to the tabcompletion19:42
wafflejock1Jamie_1: yeah intelliJ does that I haven't explored it a lot though it just automatically picks up everything19:42
wafflejock1Jamie_1: you can tell it to exclude some parts of the project for scannning too but not a free option19:43
wafflejock1Jamie_1: gives me completion on JS and CSS though which is handy19:43
Jamie_1wafflejock1: okay then i will definitly try it... im using it for 3d rendering with webGL... and the amount of syntax i need its immense19:43
OneM_IndustriesHey guys?19:44
Jamie_1need to be able to do all the calls for the vertex3 and matrix calls.... all in a library to make it not as much of a bitch... so without it.... yea19:44
OneM_IndustriesThe default addons for firefox really slow firefox down, just so you guys know.19:44
wafflejock1Jamie_1: yeah I hear ya, dealing with any complex library without some intellisense is pretty painful, can't make any educated guesses have to look it all up19:45
Jamie_1that is conanical not from us over with mozilla OneM_Industries19:45
skrydaldo you guys know how could I get some debugging info from sysvinit (what kind of services it tries to start, what happens, etc)19:46
Jamie_1wafflejock1: yea... tried to do it with educated guesses once... created one of the worlds largest recursive loops (the kind that crash computers) from linking the wrong things together for just messing up i think it was 3 calls in a 450 line script19:46
wafflejock1skrydal: you mean like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootCharting ?19:47
skrydalwafflejock1: interesting, let me take a look19:48
AvatarAJamie_1, I bet it wasn't worse than a fork bomb :p19:48
skrydalwafflejock1: thanks19:48
Jamie_1AvatarA: to say the least...19:48
Jamie_1when it brought down the computer also corupted data from improper shut down....19:48
wafflejock1dang that's quite the meltdown19:49
Jamie_1that would be the only problem with the ability to access low level with just js19:49
Jamie_1with webGL you have the OpenGL just its setup to be access from html setup and javascript19:50
Jamie_1so its messing with computing and sending and receving stuff from the gpu... so you mess up with a recursive loop you can cause some really big processing issues that are enough to crash a compute19:51
Jamie_1i learned my lession... always set to use strict... so it cant do that..19:51
Jamie_1starting intellij19:52
AleksaAnyone to help me with xkb settings?19:57
AleksaIt's about inverted breve. How do I produce it?19:57
AleksaI change /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/*19:58
ycyclistSay, I am using 15.04, and on a process I see, I am getting pmap telling me it has 8000K of memory usage, but memstat is telling me 340K plus 24K.20:04
KaZeRhi there20:06
KaZeRi need some help with a preseed profile. I can't get it to not ask for "Write the changes to disks?"20:06
KaZeRi've read stuffs like http://serverfault.com/questions/415174/debian-6-preseeding-keeps-asking-write-the-changes-to-disks-and-configure-lvm and even http://people.canonical.com/~chiluk/preseed.cfg but i'm still stuck20:07
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Guest44424stupid question on this ubuntu machine i set ulimit -c unlimited , and ulimit -a shows that core dumps have unlimited space/are enabled. I see a core file in my same directory but it looks binary what is used to view it? I see that apport is being used and in it's /var/log/apport.log it shows that it is writting it out to this core file and saying it is not a package , ignore what is all this?20:10
Guest44424for my test crash program20:11
chilukKaZeR do you have "partman-basepartman/confirmbooleanfalse"  in your preseed?20:11
Guest44424I thought i was supposed to see core.pid but i just see one core file which i think everything is getting written to?20:12
chilukAlso KaZeR I'm curious who's linking to my old preseed.cfg?20:12
jackhumi am trying to install wine in my ubuntu ,20:12
MonkeyDustjackhum  what goes wrong20:13
jackhumi am getting unable to fetch some archives , E: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/util-linux/libuuid1_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.6_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:13
jackhumas i can see that apparently there is no package at that address ,20:13
MonkeyDustjackhum  what'qs the ouput of   cat /etc/issue20:13
chilukKaZeR,  you might want to try pastebining your preseed if you want people to check it out for you.20:13
KaZeRchiluk: oh wow the man is here20:14
KaZeRsure hang on20:14
chilukI am definitely not "the man" when it comes to preseed..20:14
jackhumMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l20:14
chilukbut I'll take a look.20:14
KaZeRchiluk: https://bpaste.net/show/397b2894566920:15
jackhumMonkeyDust: ?20:15
atrikahello, i've manually built and "make install" gtk 3.16 because I needed some new feature, but now my lightdm greeter isnt able to launch because ubuntu_menu_item_factory_get_type is not in libido3-0.1.so.0. help!20:15
KaZeRthe ubiquity part used to be enough, but we have some new hardware where it fails. asks for this confirmation.20:16
Bashing-om!info libuuid1 trusty | jackhum20:18
ubottujackhum: libuuid1 (source: util-linux): Universally Unique ID library. In component main, is required. Version 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.7 (trusty), package size 11 kB, installed size 108 kB20:18
jackhumBashing-om: how to solve my problem?20:18
chilukKaZeR, unfortunately I haven't touched a preseed since I posted that preseed a few years ago.20:19
KaZeRha. and there's a LOT of partman entries in your preseed file :)20:19
Bashing-omjackhum: Your install is an older version attempt .. have you updated/upgraded the system ?20:19
jackhumBashing-om: no , i dont want to upgrade my dist.20:20
chilukKaZeR, what I would do is run the installationto passed the dialog box..20:20
chilukthen in a different terminal run debconf-get-selections --installer > file20:20
chilukand debconf-get-selections >> file20:21
chilukKaZer, then grep for confirm in the file to discover which confirm dialog you ar missing.20:21
Picijackhum: doing an apt-get upgrade/apt-get dist-upgrade does not mean moving to a new release of Ubuntu.20:21
KaZeRthanks chiluk it helps. trying it now20:21
Bashing-omjackhum: 'sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' Will only update installed packages, has nothing to effect a version upgrade .20:22
chilukKaZeR, good luck... d-i preseeds can be a royal pain...20:22
chilukI hope that helps.20:23
KaZeReh. i have debconf-set-selections but not the get version20:24
RonWhoCaresIs there a simple way to install PHP 7 in the Ubuntu 15.0420:26
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chilukKaZeR, You might have to apt-get install the debconf-utils or do so manually.. it's been a long time since I've messed with that.20:28
KaZeRyep thanks. the install is already finished. i'm looking into it20:28
chilukKaZeR, you might also be able to just install it after reboot20:28
chilukand just check the --installer output.20:29
KaZeRactually it's available after reboot20:29
chilukI haven't touched it in so long .20:29
KaZeRnp, it already helps20:29
chilukKaZeR, fyi you're not going to want to just modify your existing preseed in small increments rather than just pushing the whole get-selections into a new preseed20:30
KaZeRoh yeah for sure20:31
KaZeR224 partman entries in the output :)20:31
w00tnerhello guys how can i update my libglib from  2.0.0 to 2.40.0 ?? im trying to fix a know mysql bug : http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=7414720:32
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Bashing-om!info php vivid20:33
ubottuPackage php does not exist in vivid20:33
MonkeyDustit's php520:33
genii!info libglib2.0-020:34
ubottulibglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): GLib library of C routines. In component main, is standard. Version 2.44.1-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 1136 kB, installed size 5093 kB20:34
elisa87I am doing experiments. I want to see what happens if my slave nodes in yarn fail say at 25% or 75% of the job? so I need to know how to kill the job20:34
elisa87how can I listen to a job and know it is say 70% complete and then I kill it?20:34
geniiw00tner: Looks like Vivid's version is already at 2.44.120:34
Bashing-omMonkeyDust: :) was hoping to see a return of 7, as 5 is what is in trusty .20:34
w00tnerim using 14.04 LTS20:35
genii!info libglib2.0-0 trusty20:35
ubottulibglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): GLib library of C routines. In component main, is standard. Version 2.40.2-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1007 kB, installed size 4667 kB20:35
* genii makes more coffee20:35
w00tnerhwo can i know the libglib version ?20:35
w00tneri currently have installed20:36
elisa87how can we kill a script after say 5 seconds?20:36
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geniiw00tner: apt-cache policy libglib2.0-020:37
MonkeyDustelisa87  with sleep and pgrep `script name`20:37
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m3n3chm0anybody uses wicd ¿?20:37
elisa87MonkeyDust: can i write it inside the script that I am executing so it would kill itself after a specific time?20:37
w00tnerInstalled: 2.40.2-0ubuntu1, Candidate: 2.40.2-0ubuntu120:37
goddardcan some one help with some headphone mic issues?20:38
MonkeyDustelisa87  a bash script?20:39
w00tnerIt's been reported that downgrading libglib2.0.0 from 2.42.01 to 2.40.0 solves this problem.20:40
w00tnerdo i need to downgrade from 2.40.2 to 2.40.0 ?20:41
elisa87MonkeyDust: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32704196/how-to-make-a-script-kill-itself-after-running-after-a-specific-time  here it is20:41
geniiw00tner: No20:41
MonkeyDustelisa87  if you don't get an answer here, ask in #bash20:44
reisioelisa87: time is easy20:48
reisiopercentage requires being able to quantify done-ness20:48
ZigguratCan i boot into recovery mode from a live usb ubuntu 15.10? I cant find the option in grub20:49
EriC^^Ziggurat: advanced > recovery20:49
roundduckmanI need help with Cinnamon20:50
auronandace!ubuntu+1 | Ziggurat20:50
ubottuZiggurat: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+120:50
RonWhoCaresHow can I install PHP 7 in my Ubuntu 15.04 ?20:51
auronandacewow, w already. i remember warty warthog20:51
jackhumtrying to install wine, and still getting error E: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/util-linux/libuuid1_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.6_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:51
jackhumhelp help help20:52
roundduckmanMy Cinnamon desktop is blank after installing extensions, and then restarting Cinnamon20:52
jackhumMonkeyDust: help ,20:52
jackhumMonkeyDust: i also did sudo apt-get upgrade20:53
Picijackhum: did you do a sudo apt update?20:53
jackhumPici : yes20:54
ZigguratEriC^^ My options are "Try Ubuntu without installing" "Install Ubuntu" "OEM Install" "Check disc for defects"20:54
Bashing-omjackhum: Installing wine from our software repository ?20:55
jackhumPici: i am getting lots of PPA not found , and error though20:55
Zigguratubottu oh sorry, ill try to join that chat20:55
ubottuZiggurat: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:55
Picijackhum: sounds like your system is quite out of date then.20:56
jackhumBashing-om: i am running sudo apt-get install wine20:57
OneM_IndustriesHey, I am attempting to scan a document using xsane in Ubuntu 14.04, but it shows no devices even though I have a cannon MG3500 ready and waiting to scan. Any ideas?21:00
rooksOneM_Industries: look for instructions to unblosc your driver manually in /etc/saned21:01
rooksOneM_Industries: and then run sane from root, or dibble with rights to parpors21:02
Bashing-omjackhum: " PPA not found , and error though " let's look at these sources ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pasteninit ; tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' . You may have to install the "pastebinit" tool .21:03
keyvinIs canonical still going full steam ahead on mir?21:04
ratraceat flank speed.21:04
alumy nvidia drivers break every ubuntu upgrade21:06
keyvinalu, did you install them from the repos?21:06
aluits really annoying having to reinstall them21:06
aluno i dont think so21:06
alui got the cuda ones and stuff from nvidia21:06
keyvinalu: you have to install from the repos or a PPA for them to reconfigure after updates21:06
alu.g nvidia ppa drivers21:07
valeechcan someone help me with an ldap client getting nss_ldap: failed to bind to LDAP server ldap://ldapserver: Invalid credentials errors?21:07
Bashing-omalu: That is why ^ . From Nvidia is not ubuntu . each time the kernel is updated, the nvidia driver built against the old kernel is broke in the new .21:08
jhutchinsBashing-om: Isn't there some kind of build wrapper like dkms that will do that for you?21:10
elisa87how can I look for a file in the entire directory?21:11
tgm4883jhutchins: only if nvidia configures it (or the user does)21:11
EriC^^elisa87: find iname "file"21:11
EriC^^it's recursive so it searches in subdirs too21:11
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rpm_45whaddup? does anybody use a laptop/desktop with a touchscreen? i would like to map some gestures to unity things in 14.04 - be able to swipe across workspaces on the touchscreen would be hot.21:12
Bashing-omjhutchins: Best I recall, there is a means to enable 'dkms' but one has to be aware of it .21:12
rpm_45i have not had much luck with the typical tools - programs such as "touchegg" and "easystroke" don't recognize my multitouch gestures on the mousepad nor the touchscreeen.21:13
elisa87according to this how can I know where yarn-daemon.sh is saved? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12517320/21:16
paolos1956hello all s21:17
EriC^^elisa87: it looks like it expects it to be in the current directory21:18
netameta_How can i add a certain folder to path ubuntu 14.0421:20
paolos1956xdcc send21:20
EriC^^netameta_: system-wide or for a user?21:20
netameta_so say i have home/appname/bin/filename21:20
netameta_instead of cding there i could do filename anywhere21:20
netameta_and it will run21:20
k1lnetameta_: stuff in ~/bin will be added on each login21:20
netameta_k1l:  ?21:21
netameta_i am not tlaking about /local/bin21:21
netameta_EriC^^: yes system wide21:21
k1lnetameta_: if you want to easily add own programs into a suers PATH, just put it into the users Home/user/bin21:21
EriC^^netameta_: system-wide means for all users not just yours21:21
ubottuThe $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables21:22
netameta_k1l: cannot add it /move the file from its current directory. and EriC^^Yea for all users21:22
EriC^^netameta_: ok, put it in a dir everybody can access, and add that dir to /etc/environment in PATH=21:23
k1lusually non-package-manager-stuff goes into /opt21:23
jackhumwhile trying to install photoshop cs6 on my ubuntu , can i run existing photoshop installed on windows ? i mean without installing it21:34
daftykinsjackhum: windows progs often rely on registry entries, so your mileage may vary.21:35
daftykinsi wouldn't recommend you try running any programs from your Windows drive at all.21:36
nemoyeah, that really doesn't seem like a good idea21:36
nemojackhum: any reason you can't reinstall it linux side?21:36
jackhumyeah , low space21:37
noahmg123I am having trouble pairing my Bluetooth headset. I can connect to the headset service but no sound outputs to the headset21:37
nemovirtualbox in theory allows booting existing physical partitions.  in practice the incredibly specific hardware requirements and software install theft detection of windows has made that fail for me every time even w/ dmi cloning21:37
jackhumi dont want to spend another 1 gb21:37
SADQUAHello folks21:37
SADQUAI hope you are all wel21:37
nemojackhum: does your windows partition have more space perhaps?21:37
nemostrange to be a graphics developer and be that short on space21:38
SADQUAI am having server issues :) I have been trying to fix it since 8am this morning, it is now 10pm BST / 4pm CDT :)21:38
nemojackhum: also, gimp ftw21:38
daftykinsSADQUA: and the problem is?21:38
SADQUAWould anyone fancy taking a look over my bootloader paste report and telling me if they can see anything I will have missed? :)21:38
daftykinsjust link it21:38
SADQUASome time over the weekend the log file for apache grew too 1.8 TB21:38
SADQUAmy junior tech deleted it and restarted the machine :)21:39
SADQUAand now it refuses to boot!! :)21:39
nemoSADQUA: gonna guess someone was probing your machine, or a script went wild21:39
jackhumnemo: not a graphic designer + hobbyist programer and developer + jobless + no money + poor enuf + cant buy mac21:39
SADQUAI think it may have been a thumbnail generator gone crazy21:39
elisa87hey http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32704945/how-to-extract-something-out-of-a-file-after-greping21:39
SADQUAsadly my lead developer is crazy sick and cannot help me21:39
nemojackhum: m'k - well, that's one of the reasons I never learned CS6 - never could afford it21:39
daftykinsSADQUA: so are you gonna link the issue or make us guess? :)21:40
nemojackhum: but, eh, there are surprisingly powerful tools in GIMP that people are rather unaware of.  liquidrescale and resynthesizer for example now exist in photoshop but were in GIMP first21:40
elisa87how can I do this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32704945/how-to-extract-something-out-of-a-file-after-greping21:40
SADQUAsorry mate :) I was just thinking about CS6 :D21:40
nemojackhum: in ubuntu those are in a separate package btw21:40
SADQUAI love GIMP now that adobe have gone all evil21:40
jackhumnemo: will i get functional photoshop or not ?21:41
daftykinsSADQUA: why is this a mac o021:41
daftykinsfunny choice of Linux server :)21:41
SADQUAhmm, that is a good question!21:41
jackhumi want photoshop becaise that way i can master only one tool, instead of learning both21:41
SADQUAI guess that is because I had an external drive plugged in?21:41
daftykinsjackhum: go talk to the folk in #winehq21:42
nemojackhum: m'k. whatev.  your call.  in that case, do you have a gigabyte to spare to install it twice on your windows partition?21:42
pocketprotectorIs there a way to config syslog for all of the preseed install?21:42
nemoeh. or what daftykins said21:42
pocketprotectorto send syslog to a remote server, tat is21:42
noahmg123I am having trouble pairing my Bluetooth headset. I can connect to the headset service but no sound outputs to the headset.21:42
nemonoahmg123: run pavucontrol and doublecheck your outputs21:42
daftykinsSADQUA: so the server is a mac or not?21:42
jackhumi would really love if i can run already existing one , that is available on my programfile21:42
SADQUAthe server is IBM :)21:43
nemonoahmg123: #pulseaudio on this server has been very helpful to me in the past w/ stuff like this21:43
SADQUAServeRAID hardware raid21:43
nemonoahmg123: but check pavucontrol first21:43
daftykinsSADQUA: so unplug any other useless stuff and let us know what actually happens at boot time21:43
SADQUASo when I boot it21:43
SADQUAthe grub options come up21:43
SADQUAand if I pick the non-recovery mode one (Ubuntu 12.04 etc…) it just hangs21:43
SADQUAblack screen with a underscore21:43
UserUSgrub is broken21:44
noahmg123nemo: what do I check for in pavucontrol?21:44
SADQUAif I pick the recover mode option it says “Loading Initial ramdisk; error no suitable mode found.; Booting however”. and then it hangs with just an unblinking underscore21:44
pocketprotectoranybody know about the syslog part?21:45
daftykinsSADQUA: boot a live session and back it up first21:45
UserUSnoahmg123: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTmZYzaxR_k21:46
nemonoahmg123: output devices tab. also, check the output for specific app you are testing in the playback tab21:46
SADQUAPlease excuse my ignorance, when you say “live session” do you mean boot it from an Ubuntu live CD?21:46
daftykinsSADQUA: yes21:46
SADQUAOkay, I have a backup of my main database file21:46
UserUSSADQUA*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTmZYzaxR_k21:47
daftykinsSADQUA: btw this definitely is a mac, or is a system using the SSD from a mac - no sign of any RAID.21:47
SADQUAYeah, I am really confused about that21:47
SADQUAI will rerun the test and come back to you folks21:47
SADQUAsorry for wasting your time! I am very confused about this at the moment (too little sleep, too much caffiene! :))21:47
daftykinsmight be using the wrong machine ;)21:48
SADQUAYeah, that is confusing me a lot21:49
daftykinsi mean it's fine if it's ubuntu on a mac, but you have to be up front with us21:50
noahmg123I am having troubles with my bluetooth headset. #pulseaudio is inactive right now. I can connect to the headset service but no sound is output.21:51
SADQUABasically, I got the boot loader fix ISO, burnt it to CD21:51
SADQUAstuck it in my IBM 3650 M421:51
SADQUAbooted from that and ran the report21:51
daftykinswithout even knowing what was up? :D21:51
SADQUALet me re-do that :)21:51
SADQUAWell, I am guessing it is a GRUB issue of some kind21:52
daftykinswell you get the menu21:52
SADQUAYep :)21:52
daftykinsboot a live session of a full desktop ubuntu, image up the disk / backup however21:52
daftykinsthen consider fsck-ing the file systems21:52
SADQUAI ran a full raid consistancy check and I ran testdisk21:52
SADQUAboth told me no issues :)21:53
bekksSADQUA: But you didnt run a full fsck.21:53
daftykinsthere's no RAID in the boot log, SADQUA21:53
SADQUAThis is true bekks21:53
SADQUAYeah, I must have made a mistake some how, but I really have no idea how!21:53
daftykinsthere is a mac with 1 x 128GB SSD and nothing else :)21:53
bekksSADQUA: So without running fsck, you cant tell wether the filesystem is corrupted or not.21:53
SADQUAI use a Mac but no mac servers so yeah, I am confused!21:53
daftykinsis it possible you rebooted your own laptop and somehow ran a boot-repair on that 0o21:54
SADQUAmy laptop has 256gb SSD and no CD drive hehe21:54
SADQUAbut yeah, let me go investigate and I will come back to you :)21:54
SADQUASorry folks :)21:54
SADQUAOmgoodness! I wrote the paste number down wrong :)21:59
SADQUASorry about that!21:59
SADQUAFor a moment there I thought I was going crazy21:59
daftykinsSADQUA: alright same idea applies, i say boot a desktop live session from flash drive ideally - preferably the same version (12.04)22:01
SADQUAOkay cool, I can do that22:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3904
Guest3904Drone`: How can 12.10 be upgraded?22:02
tgm4883!EOL | Guest390422:03
ubottuGuest3904: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:03
daftykinsSADQUA: so you said you get the GRUB menu at least, have you tried booting an older kernel? are you familiar with how to do that?22:03
SADQUAYep :)22:03
SADQUAA few months ago I cleared out the old kernals because my /boot drive was full, but I still have the latest 5 or 6 Kernals, I tried them but no luck22:04
SADQUAsorry, * Kernel :)22:04
daftykinsso identical issue, flashing cursor for every one huh?22:04
UserUSyou ever use rEFInd?22:04
daftykinsUserUS: who is that aimed at?22:05
SADQUAnot even flashing, just static!!22:05
SADQUAFlashing would be lovelhy22:05
SADQUA* lovely! :D22:05
RonWhoCareshow do I uninstall a program22:05
rwwdepends on how you installed it22:05
daftykinsSADQUA: ok try removing 'quiet splash' from a boot entry too and watch the boot messages go, see where it stops maybe22:05
EriC^^try nomodeset too22:05
daftykinsEriC^^: i think it's a server so should have no X, but hmm22:06
daftykinsSADQUA: does it have X?22:06
SADQUAokay, when I press “e” in the grub loader22:06
RonWhoCaresI've just finished installing PHP 7.  http://pastie.org/10436433  I want to uninstall php5.6.4   PHP 5.6.4 was installed when I updated to Ubuntu 15.0422:06
daftykinsEriC^^: oh nomodeset is on all the GRUB entries anyway o022:06
SADQUAit seems to just be wrong! :)22:06
SADQUAI will load it up in that and then copy what it is saying for your viewing :)22:06
Rurikhow do I set Atom as my default text editor for all text files?22:06
EriC^^hmm, maybe without nomodeset?22:06
daftykinsSADQUA: what's wrong?22:06
daftykinsoh ok22:06
SADQUAbasically when I hit “e” and I get the editor, I don’t see what I would expect to see (not that I have ever looked in there before!)22:07
daftykinsah no i was reading the recovery kernel entries like an idiot22:07
SADQUAplease stand by :) I will come back to you :)22:07
daftykins<-- -10 points22:07
SADQUAhaha, I am already -1000 points :)22:08
vlad__something weird happened when I did an upgrade from 14.04 to 15.0422:16
tgm4883vlad__: as it should, you missed 14.1022:16
vlad__tgm4883, I went through 14.1022:17
vlad__ubuntu-system-settings was installed, which is for phones/touch22:17
Trav15Running 14.04. Why is there no format option when I right click a drive?22:17
vlad__instead of gnome-control-center22:18
daftykinsvlad__: everything working otherwise? "lsb_release -a" says what?22:18
tgm4883vlad__: without any upgrade logs, I don't know what to say22:19
vlad__and apt-get says i have held broken packages22:19
Guest3904Drone`: very well22:19
goddardhow can i get netbeans working ?22:19
daftykinsGuest3904: you appear to be trying to talk to a channel bot.22:19
goddardit keeps failing to start22:19
daftykinsgoddard: that'd be a better question in a #java channel i would think22:19
vlad__daftykins, lsb_release -a confirms 15.0422:19
Guest3904Drone`: email me if you need anything22:19
daftykinsvlad__: so if you run a dist-upgrade now to clear the package issues?22:19
daftykinsGuest3904: DRONE is a BOT22:20
vlad__daftykins, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.22:20
ratracedaftykins: so is Guest... it seems :)22:20
vlad__"parole" has been held back22:20
tgm4883Isn't this a no bot channel?22:20
daftykinsno users are allowed to run bots, yeah22:20
daftykins!info parole22:21
ubottuparole (source: parole): media player based on GStreamer framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 307 kB, installed size 2052 kB22:21
=== w00tner is now known as Guest87242
daftykinsvlad__: do as you will with it then, i guess22:21
vlad__daftykins, ok, I removed it22:22
daftykinsabout your main query, no idea - just install what you want? :)22:22
vlad__so when I try to install gnome-control-center, I get more held broken packages22:23
vlad__which I followed all the way to indicator-bluetooth22:23
vlad__which, if I ask apt-get to remove it, claims that indicator-bluetooth indicator-network ubuntu-system-settings  ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts unity8 will all be removed as well22:24
UserUStry a reinstall rather than removing?22:25
daftykinsthis would be a lot more useful shown in full in pastebins rather than piecemeal, vlad__22:25
vlad__UserUS, reinstall what?22:25
UserUSvlad___arent you trying to fix a bluetooth issue?22:26
daftykinsUserUS: don't bother replying if you don't even know the query.22:27
UserUSYeah, sorry. Wrong person.22:28
UserUSStill, a reinstall might fix broken packages, wouldn't it?22:29
vlad__daftykins, http://pastebin.com/WuWwxW7T22:29
daftykinsif you're unsure, don't assist ;)22:29
daftykinsvlad__: did you have any PPAs installed and enabled whilst you upgraded?22:30
vlad__yeah, lots22:30
UserUSvlad____: sudo apt-get -f install22:31
AleksaAfter messing around with xkb, I messed something up and I cannot use "alt gr + numbers + letter" to create letter with accent above it (like I used to). How do I reset it?22:31
daftykinsvlad__: right so you've trashed your install by upgrading whilst they're still on, nasty.22:31
vlad__I thought do-release-upgrade was supposed to just deactivate ppas it couldn't upgrade?22:32
daftykinsthe upgrade advice is always to remove everything yourself so you don't brick it22:32
Aleksaremoving *.xkm from /var/lib/xkb, doing sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data and sudo restart lightdm doesn't work22:32
AleksaI just don't know which package to reinstall22:32
vlad__should I just manually follow the broken packages and remove stuff?22:33
daftykinsup to you, i'd check where it's getting gnome-control-center from first22:33
daftykinscheck which PPAs are active, etc22:33
aluokay after getting the ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa22:34
aluand installing nvidia-35522:35
aluwhat next, restart?22:35
daftykinsif you want to use that driver, yep22:35
aluno blacklisting?22:35
UserUSvlad___: sudo apt-get autoclean, sudo apt-get clean, sudo apt-get autoremove, sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq package name22:35
daftykinsalu: what is your hardware setup?22:35
daftykinsyou kinda came in at the middle :)22:35
alux201 external gpu [via pci express] to nvidia gtx 96022:35
daftykins"x201" ?22:36
daftykinsah ok. what's the internal hardware?22:36
alui7 and 8gb ram22:36
daftykinsno graphics hardware.22:36
daftykinsintel on-die only?22:36
aluyeah i think so22:36
daftykinsconfirm with "lspci"22:37
AleksaCome on people! Please give me the answer! How do I reset xkb settings?22:37
daftykins!patience | Aleksa22:37
ubottuAleksa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:37
aluhost bridge: intel corporation core procesor DRAM controller22:37
aluintel corp integrrated graphics controller22:37
daftykinsalu: just throw the whole lot in http://paste.ubuntu.com22:37
aluits not connected to the card atm22:38
daftykinsnoticed that ;)22:39
daftykinsok so broadwell only22:39
daftykinsif you want just the nvidia card to be in use, you'll have to blacklist intel or just hardcode a base xorg.conf22:39
alunot nouvaeu?22:40
alunouvaeu is blacklisted i think22:40
daftykinsshouldn't be relevant if you put drivers on properly22:40
daftykinsas nvidia will be picked first22:40
aluokay so insert blacklist intel22:41
aluin what file do I blacklist that btw22:41
vlad__daftykins, isn't there a gui for manging ppas?22:41
aluis it /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf ?22:41
daftykinsalu: notice that file has nouveau in the name, so i doubt it22:42
aluokay i appended blacklist intel at the bottom of /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf22:43
alugunna restart that pc now22:43
aluwith the card connected to it as well22:43
SADQUAHello folks :)22:44
SADQUASo I booted from a live USB (Ubuntu 12)22:44
vlad__ok, all my ppas are "disabled" according to software & updates (except for Canonical Partners)22:44
SADQUAI ran fdisk -l to get my drives22:45
daftykinsSADQUA: please type complete sentences so as to reduce spam22:45
alusigh, its booting but the screen is black22:46
daftykinsa screen connected to the card or the onboard? :)22:46
daftykinswell, pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log afterward.22:46
SADQUAhaa, I am sorry, that is a bad habit of mine! :) So I am used to fsck on a Mac but not on Ubuntu as such. I ran fsck /dev/sda (that is the raid super block). It says the superblock is invalid. Bad magic number.22:47
alui can ssh in22:47
SADQUAIt does not show the partitions when I run fdisk -l, I tried running fsck on /dev/sda1, 2 and 3. It seemed to run on them22:48
Aleksadaftykins, http://askubuntu.com/questions/676838/how-to-reset-xkb-settings22:48
daftykinsAleksa: i don't want that.22:48
Aleksadaftykins, ubotty told me to ask there. I did it.22:49
daftykinsSADQUA: time to backup then as i mentioned, you should've done that not just fsck'd immediately22:49
daftykinsAleksa: no, i typed a trigger which told you to drop your attitude and go hunt for yourself instead of demanding help :)22:49
Aleksano, it told me to be patient22:50
aluanything look strange in there daftykins ? maybe i can reinstall the drivers with it plugged in now22:50
daftykinshaha, yeah i'm stating my version ;)22:51
daftykinsAleksa: notice how i typed !patience prior to the bot's message.22:51
daftykinsalu: looking now.22:51
Aleksaif being patient means someone will finally get to remember how to reset configurations for xkb (to match the state of fresh installed system), I hope I'm patient enough22:51
Aleksait's a one line command for terminal22:52
daftykinsAleksa: my point was, don't hassle people who help for free, in future. goodbye.22:52
daftykinsalu: nvidia module failed to load, i suspect it didn't install for the running kernel - run "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" and pastebin22:52
daftykinsalu: also "cat /etc/issue"22:53
aluUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l22:53
daftykinsalu: i think your blacklist method is wrong as it's still loading intel etc. too22:53
daftykins!info linux-image-generic-lts-utopic22:54
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts-utopic does not exist in vivid22:54
aluHmm this is my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf http://sprunge.us/JCAM22:55
daftykins!info linux-image-generic-lts-utopic trusty22:55
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-utopic (source: linux-meta-lts-utopic): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)22:55
daftykinsno use to me, i've never blacklisted22:55
=== Guest87242 is now known as w00tner
daftykinsalu: try reinstalling the nvidia package, it didn't generate a module for whatever reason22:56
aluprob cuz i installed it without having the card plugged in22:56
aluill purge nvidia-* first22:56
daftykinsno it shouldn't matter22:56
aluokay what command then22:57
daftykinsbut sure, a reinstall now would be fine22:57
alu>_> alright22:57
aluisnt there an apt-get reinstall command22:57
daftykinspurge and reinstall will do nicely22:58
aluanything else?22:59
daftykinsi've not had anyone have that PPA work well though btw :)22:59
doulosi need help please...23:00
aluthats a good thing tho :o23:00
doulosi just installed ubuntu 14.04.3 on a desktop23:00
daftykinsdoulos: ok...23:00
doulosbut i cant see the mouse pointer23:00
daftykinsreplug the mouse23:00
douloseverything else is showing ok23:00
doulosdoesnt work23:00
daftykinsUSB 2 slot?23:00
doulossometimes it shows... (randomly)23:01
doulosany slot...23:01
doulosts the same...23:01
daftykinsget another23:01
doulosi read it was a problem with the 2 monitor option, i disabled that, but nothing :/23:01
doulosits not the mouse23:01
doulosit seems like a video card issue...23:01
AvatarAsounds like some driver/video issue23:01
daftykinsctrl+alt+T -> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit -> pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:02
doulosdo u think it can be fixed... i installed Lubuntu before this, and was showing the same issue...23:02
doulosill try23:02
AvatarAI think I randomly read somewhere about this problem at some point23:02
AvatarAand it was fixed by a xorg.conf setting23:03
daftykinsbe a shame to have to bring that file back23:03
doulosAvatarA: thks, ill see.23:03
AvatarAwell not everything can always be perfectly auto-set, just too much hardware out there23:04
aluokay it finished installing23:05
daftykinsi know that :)23:05
aluAfter installing nvidia-355 should I restart23:05
daftykinsbut you would wonder what is so special about this mouse :D23:05
alurebooting anyways, hope I can boot into X...23:06
roastedis anybody finding that notifications in 15.04 act strangely? I have a notification that came from another IRC channel (using Quassel client) and despite the fact I addressed the client's activity about 30 minute sago, the notification is just staying on my screen.23:07
roastedI've had behavior like this on 2 totally different 15.04 systems. Kind of curious if something is broken in 15.04 series or if this is a weird fluke only hitting me and my systems.23:07
aludaftykins: it boots into black screen still T_T23:08
alu/var/log/Xorg.0.log = http://sprunge.us/Reje23:09
KionHow can I reinstall all of the printing functions for Ubuntu, my printing service is incredibly slow, I am sure it has a problem23:10
daftykinsalu: still no module, remove that PPA - remove the utopic HWE and update to the vivid HWE maybe23:10
Kionis there a ppa that will keep LibreOffice up to date faster than the Ubuntu repository?23:12
daftykinsask the libre office folk23:12
daftykinsif there is it won't be supported here23:12
doulosdaftykins: i have the info... http://paste.ubuntu.com/12517949/23:12
aluremove the utopic HWE and update to the vivid HWE maybe23:13
aluwhat are those?23:13
noahmg123OK, I was able to setup my Bluetooth headset in a admin account but not in a non admin account.23:15
daftykinsdoulos: any errors shown from "dmesg | tail" ?23:16
daftykinsnoahmg123: is your user missing some kinda relevant group?23:17
daftykinsdoulos: try "gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false"23:18
noahmg123_hi. got disconnected. did anybody reply to me?23:19
noahmg123_I am having issues switching profiles on my bluetooth device23:23
=== ircmaxell is now known as giantwaffeldonke
daftykinsnoahmg123_: is your user missing some kinda relevant group?23:26
noahmg123_daftykins: that might be it. It is not a sudoer23:27
* genii ponders plugdev23:27
daftykinsnoahmg123_: yeah i meant any other than which would grant sudo use really23:28
noahmg123_daftykins: say again?23:29
daftykins"a different one"23:29
geniinoahmg123_: Try adding your non-sudoer user to the group plugdev23:30
noahmg123_genii: that looks like it might be it. do I need to log out and log back in after?23:30
* genii wanders off to watch hockey23:30
geniinoahmg123_: Yes, for the change to take effect23:31
noahmg123_genii: thx23:31
geniinoahmg123_: Hopefully that does it :)23:31
* noahmg123_ doesn't care that much for hockey23:31
noahmg123_geniI logging out now.23:34
youttuoynoahmg123_: good23:35
noahmg123ok I'm back. did not work23:38
youttuoynoahmg123_: good23:39
noahmg123did NOT work23:39
youttuoynoahmg123_: good23:39
noahmg123youttuoy: uh... why is that good23:39
youttuoynoahmg123: restart23:40
server_someone here ??23:48
server_nothing ahh ?23:48
ablest1980i am here23:48
server_whats up mate23:48
ablest1980good to see life on freenode23:48
server_yeaaa aha where u from ?23:49
daftykinsserver_: got a support question? this channel isn't for chat23:49
daftykins#ubuntu-offtopic for that.23:49
ablest1980im there too23:49
ablest1980ty im sorry23:49
server_thanks mates im just testing hexchat in ubuntu mate23:50
ablest1980i use that too23:50
daftykinsthat's nice23:51
noahmg123daftykins: hi. the profile switching is still not working. I added the sudo group and am going to test it soon. Currently I am looking into erros in the logs.23:57

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