duvnell I have a service .conf file  which has "start on lightdm"  so that it's started only after the display manager starts.   But of course if the user is running kdm, gdm, xdm, etc.. that doesn't work.  Is there an alias which means whatever-display-manager-the-user-uses or do I need to OR all the possible display manager names that I can think of?  (should start more or less at the login screen (i.e. when display manager starts).. not waiting for user to l16:11
JanCyou mean 'start on started lightdm', I guess17:44
JanCduvnell: in Ubuntu there is a 'login-session-start' event17:45
JanCsee the 'upstart-events' manpage17:46
JanCoh no, that fires before the DM starts17:47
duvnellI haven't find anything that works well19:29

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