* sputnik13 is confused16:35
sputnik13is cloud-init maintained in bzr or git?16:35
smoser0.7 is in bzr, but harlowja wants to move it to git.16:39
smoser2.0 is git16:39
sputnik13yay git :)16:46
* sputnik13 is lazy and doesn't want to learn another tool if he can help it16:46
sputnik13woot, taskflow in cloud-init?16:47
smoserthats proposed16:51
sputnik13taskflow all the things :)16:51
sputnik13hmm, no growpart in 2.016:58
harlowjasputnik13 2.0 is a WIP :-P17:11
harlowjasmoser is 0.7 in git yet :-P17:11
smosersputnik13, no much in 2.017:12
harlowjabut sputnik13  u are gonna make 2.0 more super!17:13
harlowjai just know it17:13
harlowjai believe17:19
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harlowjasputnik13 talking to a coworker internally, i heard that IPA may be doing/getting LVM support22:19
harlowja*ironic IPA22:19
harlowjaalthough i guess u are thinking of LVM outside of ironic22:20
sputnik13indian pale ale?22:27
sputnik13pale ales are not my thing22:27
sputnik13weird, I'm getting errors about unable to find resizer for 'growpart'22:30
sputnik13when specifying 'growpart' as the 'mode'22:30
harlowjathat thing i think22:30
sputnik13using cloud-init 0.7.6~bzr976 on debian22:31
sputnik13^ is in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/00_growpart22:32
sputnik13and getting this in cloud-init.log22:33
harlowjasputnik13 i suppose https://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init/blob/0.7.x/cloudinit/config/cc_growpart.py#L49 ?22:43
harlowjai guess https://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init/blob/0.7.x/cloudinit/config/cc_growpart.py#L84 broken?22:45
harlowjasputnik13 ^22:45
harlowjaseems to be searching for r"--update\s+"22:45
harlowjain the output of --help22:45
harlowjanot sure why22:45
sputnik13that is most odd22:50
sputnik13smoser any clues?23:04
sputnik13re ^23:04
sputnik13harlowja smoser what do you think about extending growpart to handle resizing lvm logical volumes as well?23:05
sputnik13or should it actually be a separate module that handles lvm?23:05
harlowjaunsure, either is fine with me, not sure what is better23:06
sputnik13well it definitely shouldn't be resizefs, that part I'm pretty sure of23:33
sputnik13I kind of like having it as a separate thing so that conceptually you have growpart that deals with "physical" partitions23:33
sputnik13physical partitions in virtual disks, heh23:33
sputnik13and some lvm handler thing that handles logical volumes23:34
sputnik13and resizefs is still concerned only with filesystems23:34
sputnik13keeps the three independent23:34
harlowjasounds super to me23:34
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* sputnik13 is confuzd23:53
sputnik13I swear it was loading my /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/00_growpart before when growpart had no --upgrade in the help output23:53
sputnik13but now that growpart has --upgrade in the help output (I hacked it in) it's acting like 00_growpart isn't there23:54
harlowjanot running the module?23:58

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