mbruzekhello rick_h_14:54
mbruzekI have a question about your response to https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/jujucharms.com/issues/15814:54
mbruzekplease ping me when you have time to talk14:55
hatchhey mbruzek did you ever get that GUI issue solved?14:55
rick_h_mbruzek: shoot14:55
mbruzekrick_h_: I get that charmworld does not support v4 bundle format yet.  But what confuses me is the bundle.yaml found at https://code.launchpad.net/%7Echarmers/charms/bundles/plumgrid-ons/bundle looks to me as a v3 bundle format, because I see the bundle name at the top.14:57
rick_h_mbruzek: ah, but hte filename is wrong for v3, charmworld only looks for bundles.yaml14:57
mbruzekIf I am mistaken please educate me, but I thought v4 bundle format == no name14:57
rick_h_(with an s)14:57
rick_h_mbruzek: and yes you're right14:57
rick_h_so the bundle is all kinds of confused14:57
rick_h_mbruzek: honestly I didn't open it, I just looked at the file listing and saw bundle.yaml and replied14:58
mbruzekrick_h_: OK.  I was just confused.14:58
rick_h_mbruzek: but yes, atm we've got contention with not killing off charmworld/v3 api yet and it's causing this issue in migrating14:58
rick_h_mbruzek: for good reasons, it's not simple and I apologize. Once we kill of v3 it'll be normal14:58
mbruzekSo your answer is still have both v3 and v4 bundle for now until we can fix the system?14:59
rick_h_mbruzek: you just need enough v3 to make charmworld happy14:59
rick_h_mbruzek: the charmstore will default to using the v4 if it sees it14:59
rick_h_mbruzek: and ignore the v314:59
rick_h_mbruzek: it could just be a v3 file with one service and nothing else tbh14:59
mbruzekIn another bundle we have a v3 bundle named bundles_v3.yaml and we have a bundle.yaml 15:00
rick_h_mbruzek: did that ingest properly?15:00
mbruzekIs that sufficient or do we need to name the v3 bundle, bundles.yaml.15:00
rick_h_charmworld only looks for 'bundles.yaml'15:00
rick_h_so I would not expect anything else to work15:00
mbruzekit appears to work but if you recommend naming it bundles.yaml that is what we will do15:01
mbruzekand by work, I mean I can see it on the web site.15:02
rick_h_mbruzek: did that go through ingestion or get uploaded?15:02
mbruzekhatch: no we never resolved that GUI bug, and the customer did not open a bug for it.15:02
rick_h_mbruzek: that's the other route15:03
rick_h_skip ingestion, use the store upload command15:03
mbruzekrick_h_: This is a personal namespace bundle, we haven't promulagated it 15:03
mbruzekrick_h_: I don't understand the difference15:03
rick_h_mbruzek: after the format it fixed15:03
rick_h_juju store upload talks directly to the charmstore and doesn't involve synciung with charmworld or pulling in updates from bzr15:03
lazypowerrick_h_, i recall this, we were going ot do store upload for some of the bundles in k8's repo17:31
lazypowerbut we haven't got there yet17:31
rick_h_lazypower: ah ok17:31
lazypowerI'll propose a fix for the plumgrid bundle before i EOD today, and get that fixed up17:32
lazypowermoving forward, would you prefer to get the exercising in on the upload bits?17:32
rick_h_lazypower: you poke at the spec for the future upload work?17:32
rick_h_lazypower: hopefully will provide good things for your folks17:32
rick_h_lazypower: makes no difference to me to be honest17:32
lazypoweri took a real brief glance over it, i need to dedicate some brain cells to it. I've been sick since i got back from DC :|17:32
rick_h_lazypower: understand17:32
rick_h_thanks for taking some time17:32
lazypoweri'll give it more brain power today and land comments17:32
lazypowerwe've been grasping at straws trying to get the CWR working for k8's bundles presently17:33
lazypowerour github => launchpad promotion process has left us with some inconsistencies17:33
lazypowerYeah, Cloud Weather Report17:33
rick_h_ah ok17:33
lazypowerso, in short, store upload decoupling cant come fast enough if this is our chosen path forward :)17:33
lazypowerstick our upload logic in CI and call it a day for things being out of sync.17:34
rick_h_lazypower: yes, that's why I'm pushing for feedback. Some of the team have already started on small bits and we want to plow forward and get it out to folks to use when we kill v3/charmworld at the end of hte year17:34
lazypoweri'm +1 for that17:35
lazypowernow if i remember orrectly17:35
lazypoweronce i store upload, that branch is pretty much forever tied to that new workload17:35
rick_h_oh hmm...pretty much17:36
lazypoweronce the store finds it in its own data store, it no longer looks @ charmworld for data, right?17:36
lazypoweri think mbruzek and I will be +1 for adopting that workflow and killing off the porting between VCS tools.17:36
lazypowerit skips review process though17:37
rick_h_lazypower: right17:37
rick_h_lazypower: on both accounts17:37
lazypowermbruzek, any thoughts/comments on this? ^17:37
lazypowershall we be guinea pigs on this and reduce our cost of ownership to port between GH and LP?17:37
rick_h_lazypower: that's the issue is getting the review queue work pulled in. Talked to marcoceppi and tvansteenburgh on that a bit yesterday. 17:37
lazypoweryeah, it was a topic at our standup too17:37
rick_h_so increase in manual watching over review/udpates17:37
lazypoweri think we can gate through CI to do this though17:38
lazypowerand have the CI process be our source of truth until the new revq lands17:38
lazypowerits ~ a day of engineering to land that work when coupled with tvansteenburgh's jenkins scripts17:39
rick_h_lazypower: ok, let me know what we can do to help17:40
lazypoweri think i've identified a blocker though: we have no way to push our branches from namespace to ~recommended17:40
lazypowerand what this has in terms of implications on CWR/CI17:41
rick_h_lazypower: ah, we have a promulgation command/api call17:41
rick_h_lazypower: might have to check how to get you able to use it17:41
lazypowerand CI/CWR? i guess we need to do a litmus charm/bundle and see whats missing?17:42
rick_h_lazypower: shoot an email to urulama rogpeppe and myself17:42
lazypowerwill do17:42
rick_h_we'll try to unblock you17:42

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