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lazypowerapuimedo, it was excellent! Next time, I hope you can make it :)11:19
apuimedolazypower: I hope so too ;-)11:20
apuimedolazypower: so who is going to the OSt Summit?11:20
apuimedojamespage will surely be there11:20
jamespageI will yes11:20
apuimedosome presentation on nova-lxd, jamespage?11:21
jamespageapuimedo, I submitted talks, but they did not get chosen11:22
jamespageapuimedo, but I expect I'll still get an opporunity...11:22
apuimedojamespage: lightning talks?11:25
jamespagegnuoy, did you have any opiniuon on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-api/wily/+merge/271917 ?12:42
gnuoyjamespage, it's ok12:44
gnuoyI can't say I'm over the moon about abusing the interpreter to install packages12:45
jamespagegnuoy, its horrid12:46
jamespagebut probably required12:46
jamespageI'm open to suggestions12:46
gnuoyjamespage, I wonder whether it's clear to actually use the install hook for this. Remove the install symlink, replace with a bash script and then call the old renamed install function12:47
jamespagegnuoy, that might be a bit neater yes12:48
jamespageso splitting any install related activities from interpreter resolution12:49
jamespagegnuoy, so something like - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-api/wily/+merge/27191712:51
gnuoyjamespage, exactly (although line 25 look wrong)12:52
jamespagegnuoy, hmm - really?12:52
gnuoyjamespage, which method in  ./hooks/neutron_api_hooks.py is going to be called?12:53
jamespageI think the basename will remain install so that might dtrt12:53
gnuoyoh, ok12:53
gnuoyI stand corrected12:53
jamespagejust testing that now12:54
jamespagegnuoy, nope that does not work as I thought12:57
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jamespagegnuoy, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-api/wily/+merge/27191713:10
jamespageand tested :-)13:11
gnuoyjamespage, approved. Not sure if you want to wait on osci13:13
beisnergnuoy, jamespage - on that ^ n-api test, precise-icehouse timed out (45 minutes), stuck @:  neutron-openvswitch/0 maintenance executing (config-changed) installing charm software;   not sure if that was an infra hiccup or indicative of a real issue.13:23
jamespagebeisner, did not touch thatbit honest guv13:23
beisnergnuoy, jamespage - a re-run of that is also stuck in the same state, on precise-icehouse.13:42
beisnerthis one, caught in the act if you want to poke at it.13:42
beisnerjamespage, gnuoy - the hang happens when this happens:13:52
beisner00:12:56.675 2015-09-22 13:19:34  Adding relation neutron-api:neutron-plugin-api <-> neutron-openvswitch:neutron-plugin-api13:52
redelmannThere is a better way to do this: juju debug-log -n 100 | grep --line-buffered my-service-name | awk '{$2=$3=$4=$5=$6=""; print $0}'14:07
marcoceppiredelmann: wow that's quite a string of commands14:45
marcoceppithere's a way to filter debug-log, but I still haven't quite figured it out14:45
beisnerjamespage, observing some new wily deploy woes, assume that is the py2 affect?    ie. 2015-09-22 15:08:31 INFO install ImportError: No module named apt_pkg15:09
jamespagebeisner, yes - I just stuck up MP for all OpenStack charms that resolved that problem15:10
jamespagebeisner, wily will lose py2 on the cloud-image, its already loosing some implicit depends which charms assume are installed15:10
beisnerjamespage, right-o.   thanks, just wanted to make sure i wasn't bumping into something else.15:11
beisnerfun times!15:11
* beisner re-coffees15:11
PrabakaranHello Team,15:19
marcoceppijamespage: do you have a bug for adding things like apt_pkg or py2 back into cloud images by way of juju?15:46
bloodearnestbundletester from pypi seems broken for me. 0.5.4/0.5.3 fail to start, and any of the 0.5 series seems to get stuck in a recursive __getattr__ lookup.15:48
bloodearnestis there somewhere else I should be looking for bundle tester15:48
jamespagemarcoceppi, nope16:03
marcoceppijamespage: do you think it's worth having juju do as part of it's cloud init?16:03
jamespagemarcoceppi, I think we'll put in a install wrapper for this cycle16:04
PrabakaranHello Team,  I am charming Platform RTM using juju framework, when i am following the silent installation procedure. i was asked give input as (Yes/No in GUI) to configure database for rsyslog-mysql with dbconfig-common. As per my requirment i will have to give input as "NO". I have tried to use pipe and expect in order to avoid tat prompt but unfortunately it doesnt worked out.  Please advise how to avoid configuring rsyslog-mysql p16:43
PrabakaranCould someone help me on my query regarding prompt?17:11
rick_h_Prabakaran: hmm, how did you give hte requirement? this is during hte install step? I'm assuming it's the package install?17:19
rick_h_Prabakaran: http://www.microhowto.info/howto/perform_an_unattended_installation_of_a_debian_package.html walks you through helping to provide commands at install time of packages that might help?17:19
Prabakaranyes it is a package install along with my product , Here for database i have used seperate charm so that we dont need to configure configure database for rsyslog-mysql with dbconfig-common. That is why i have to give No in the GUI prompt17:22
PrabakaranThank you  rick_h ..i wil refer the link which you had sent..17:27
rick_h_Prabakaran: ah makes sense. Yes, I think you'll need to get the config passed during the install step like that doc mentions. Good luck!17:27
Prabakaranya k i wil try.. Thanks for ur help17:28
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tsakasHi everyone. Trying to deploy nfs charm on Azure I see that the agent state on the machine for a very short period becomes dead (right after VM provisioning) and the nfs service  status becomes unknown. Has anyone seen this before?21:47
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