shadeslayerRiddell: kmailtransport, a7ad58c9f94d7e067eb73a9e683e6d3331e449c3, plz let me know when this happens next time ;)01:29
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sitterRiddell: you made the frameworks CI red and didn't fix it?07:28
sittersomewhat rude.07:28
lordievaderGood morning.07:33
sitter        system('git checkout -f remotes/packaging/kubuntu_unstable')10:06
BluesKajHiyas all11:39
clivejohi BluesKaj11:39
BluesKajHi clivejo11:40
clivejohi soee11:45
BluesKajhey soee11:49
sitteranyone fancy doing some package updates?12:27
sittergoing to release all our software with translation updates soonishy12:28
Riddellsitter: what did I screw up in frameworks in CI and how can I stop it from happening again?12:29
sitterRiddell: you did not NOCI12:29
RiddellI think all I did yesterday was an update to kservice12:29
sitteralso you did not notice that everything went red after you pushed and didn't fix it, which arguably is the bigger problem TBH12:29
sitterRiddell: friday12:29
sitteractually thursday I think12:29
sitterI went "use NOCI", then I told you again while the pushing was still happening, then I complained that you pushed and then I went offline12:30
sitterand today I started work and everything was still red12:30
sitter  Uploading kubuntu-debug-installer_15.10ubuntu1_source.changes: done.12:31
sitterSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:31
sittertranslations from upstream12:31
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 4d3d814 * Harald Sitter: debian/control12:32
pursuivantdo not strip l10n for ubuntu12:32
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) 10436a3 * Harald Sitter: debian/control12:32
pursuivantwrap and sort12:32
pursuivantkubuntu-debug-installer (master) e73690d * Harald Sitter: debian (2 files)12:32
pursuivantNew release for 15.10 only updating translations12:32
pursuivantalso add fancy tech to get po directory via releaseme libs12:32
sitterdid I set that up Oo12:32
RiddellI'm not sure, pursuivant just appeared here one day12:32
sittermight have been me then12:33
sitterkewl eitherway xD12:33
Riddellhttp://kci.pangea.pub/ seems to be free of frameworks issues now in wily_FIX, did you tidy all them up and what did that involve?12:33
sitterRiddell: symbol updates all round. updates having been removing the optionals symbols we had for gcc412:33
Riddellah right, sorry for the hassle12:35
Riddellthe ubuntu-archive-upload script now does have NOCI in its commit messages12:36
sitteron that note12:36
sitterRiddell: since no one seems to want to look into jenkins releasing right now... you really should change the way versions are handled12:36
sitterit shouldn't introduce an epoch when the previousl entry didn't have one12:36
Riddelljenkins releasing?12:36
sitterreplacing intial-upload with jenkins tech12:37
sitter  Uploading kubuntu-notification-helper_15.10ubuntu1_source.changes: done.12:39
sitterSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:39
sitteralso translations12:39
pursuivantkubuntu-notification-helper (master) 9b304a2 * Harald Sitter: debian (3 files)12:39
pursuivantNew release for 15.10, updating translations12:39
sitterRiddell: we still need to revisit the flash notification there12:40
Riddellsitter: what's up with them?12:41
sittershouldn't be there12:41
sitterthey are in firefox12:41
sitteralso flash...12:41
sitteralso the way they are triggered now is always which makes them contextually irrelevant as a new install essentially goes "yo, you should install flash" at a random point in time12:42
pursuivantkubuntu-driver-kcm (master) 15.04ubuntu3-9-gf3c2388 * Harald Sitter: debian (3 files)12:43
pursuivantNew release for 15.10, updating translations12:43
sitter  Uploading kubuntu-driver-manager_15.10ubuntu1_source.changes: done.12:43
sitterSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:43
yofelthey're also fun if you have adobe-flashplugin installed from partner. The notification thingy doesn't recognize that and tells you to install to other flash plugin12:46
BluesKajyeah, there are a few websites that don't recognize the FF flashplayer, however google-chrome's embedded flash version works on those sites12:50
BluesKajany hints on how to get rid of chrome's annoying use of kwallet constantly asking for pw 12:53
sitterinstall kwallet-pam412:54
BluesKajsitter, the thing is  that I don't use kwallet , it's diasbled13:01
sitterthen I don't care try a support channel I guess :/13:02
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BluesKajFF is my default browser , only use chrome when flash doesn't work13:10
soeeRiddell: ping13:14
Riddellhi soee13:14
soeeRiddell: is there any chance to have breeze themes for gtk2/3 in Plasma 5.4 ?13:15
Riddellunlikely, it's not been released and we're moving into freeze13:16
Riddellclivejo: how's apps 15.04.1? are we ready to upload?13:20
Riddellsoee: fun :)13:38
soeeRiddell: hehe :) There was talk about 3 wallpapers on telegram chat, so maybe we will se 2 more soon13:39
sittersomeone broke kidentymanagement merger14:27
sitterRiddell: ^14:27
sitterScottK: FWIW qapt release sometime tomorrow14:27
Riddellhmm, then I fixed it, why it it break again?14:28
* Riddell looks14:28
* sitter needs to take a nap or something. totally out of energy >.<14:28
sitterScottK: oh and debconf with more transaltions, I guess that's of interest in debian as well14:28
ghostcubeany hope systemd will get kicked soon :)14:28
sitterRiddell: ah yes, fixed, sorry14:29
* yofel hands sitter some young wine14:29
sittersee.... brain kaput14:29
* ghostcube takes some young wine too, if there is enough :D14:29
* sitter still needs to blog about randa -.-14:30
sitterall perfectly terrible14:30
sitteryofel: are you on top of getting the mesa fix landed for intel?14:32
sitterI see you commented at least14:32
* BluesKaj prefers old wine, aged to perfection, almost like me14:33
yofelI commented yes, I didn't poke tjaalton yet14:33
* ghostcube reaches BluesKaj some rioja from 200114:33
BluesKajthanks ghostcube :-)14:34
sitteryofel: ok, let's poke tomorrow. or perhaps ask if he has a timeline in mind for landing already14:34
sitterI'd rather have it fixed sooner than later14:34
sitteralas, I am being overly rude today so best I don't do it :/14:35
Riddellrunning script for applications 15.08.115:03
guest3318in wily, how do I setup the "windows" key to launch the application launcher?17:01
BluesKajmap the key to the launcher I guess 17:05
marco-parilloISTR that by default the super key is a modifier only and cannot be mapped directly on its own. But, could you try this: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/ksuperkey?content=154569 and report back? I also recall a post somewhere where some future version of kwin might enable this more directly.17:05
guest3318ksuperkey doesnt seem to be available in wily17:08
marco-parilloYou may need to compile it yourself. It looks as if the PPA (https://launchpad.net/~mehanik/+archive/ubuntu/ksuperkey) does not have a wily version yet17:08
Riddellksuperkey isn't advised by upstream, but feel free to try it17:08
marco-parilloI assumed that is how NetRunner did it. Do you know how?17:09
guest3318hi Riddell 17:10
Riddellno idea, could well be ksuperkey17:10
guest3318hows apps 15.08.1 coming along?17:10
Riddellguest3318: uploading it now17:10
guest3318did you fix jig?17:11
guest3318thats the one!17:11
guest3318what did I do wrong?17:12
Riddellguest3318: are you clivejo under anothe name?17:12
guest3318I reverted some of the changes that made it build on my local machine17:12
guest3318yeah, its me17:13
Riddellguest3318: /nick is your friend :)17:13
Riddellguest3318: I just clicked rebuild and it built fine17:13
Riddellit just caught frameworks at a bad time17:13
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clivejo2that better :P17:14
clivejo2I like the way on this m$ keyboard the search key opens krunner17:15
BluesKajclivejo, I have a MS KB , where is the "search" key located ?17:41
soeeWayland 1.9 Tagged For Release :)19:47
clivejosoee: have you got wayland working?19:49
soeeclivejo: nope, i didn't try19:50
soeeclivejo: what is missing in apps 15.08.1, are they ready for tests ?19:51
yofel15.08.1 is in wily-proposed19:52
clivejosoee: not sure, I havent been working on them today19:52
clivejobut I think Riddell said he was uploading them19:52
clivejohi yofel :)19:52
clivejohows you today?19:52
soeeah cool, so they are ready :)19:53
yofeltired from work, but listening to the rain is relaxing ;)19:53
clivejois there an easy way to auto-update a kubuntu install?19:57
clivejowas someone working on fixing KCI problems today?20:09
Riddellclivejo: any fixes to kci issues appreciated :)20:28
clivejowhich branch should they be applied to?20:28
clivejocan I enable arm builds in my PPA?20:31

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