wulfgarprowgrant: i've set it to "Invalid" but it's still open in a sense00:06
cjwatsonInvalid isn't open.00:07
cjwatsonIn what sense are you perceiving it as open?00:07
wulfgarprocjwatson: well I can see it in the list of bugs marked as invalid00:07
cjwatsonYes, not open doesn't mean deleted.00:07
cjwatsonThat's expected.00:07
wulfgarprocjwatson: so that's closed00:07
wulfgarprocjwatson: ok00:07
wulfgarprohow do I filter the bugs I can see by project?00:08
cjwatsonfor appropriate values of PROJECT00:08
wulfgarprocjwatson: great, thanks00:09
wulfgarprois it possible to delete comments you make?00:22
wgrantwulfgarpro: You'll see a Hide link, which makes the comment invisible to everyone except you and admins.00:27
wulfgarprowgrant: thanks :)00:51
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karniIs there a way for me to request another import of translations with launchpad? I used the one-time import, but now I've added more translated .po files, and would like to re-do it. (After I commited it, I also changed import pocliy to import both pot and po files, hoping lp would pick it up)10:26
balloonsDoes anyone understand what this message means "This team cannot be converted to Public since it is referenced by an usertouseremail." I'm trying to convert a private team to public, but running into this error13:24
cjwatsonI think that means you should file a bug13:26
cjwatsonWe don't allow changing visibility in cases where there's a reference somewhere else that would risk leaking private team membership information13:27
cjwatsonBut the fact that somebody has once used the "contact this team's admins" facility surely doesn't do that13:27
balloonscjwatson, mmm. So I'm a bit stuck then13:28
balloonsI can definitely file the bug. Sounds like if I want a public team now though, I'll need to create a new one? What I'm really after is a public ppa from the current team13:28
balloonswhich, since the team is private, doesn't seem to be possible13:29
cjwatsonIs it today-urgent?  We could fix such a bug reasonably quickly13:30
cjwatsonAs in a couple of days13:30
balloonsyea, I kind of need to keep moving on this. Hmm13:30
cjwatsonIf you need a public team absolutely right now then you're stuck unless you create a new one13:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1498497 in Launchpad itself "This team cannot be converted to Public since it is referenced by an usertouseremail" [Undecided,New]13:39
balloonsI'll make / use a public team in the interim. thanks for the help13:39
cjwatsonballoons: What team name was this, BTW?  (in /msg if you want)  This is an interestingly obscure corner case14:31
cjwatsonballoons: I can't find a way to reproduce this in the test suite without making the team in question be a member of another team, which independently blocks visibility changes (even if the membership has been deactivated)14:36
cjwatsonBut maybe I'm missing something ...14:36
balloonshopefully the specific team will help. But I have gone ahead and used another public team, so I don't need to make this work anymore14:38
balloonsit is a weird bug, as I don't suspect there's anything really private about the team as-is. It was private for benign reasons14:39
cjwatsonballoons: all right, hopefully https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/visibility-usertouseremail/+merge/271997 will pass muster15:11
balloonscjwatson, awesome, thanks ;-)15:11

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