SteffiekeWhy I cannot install any linux on a P4 2.66Ghz ??14:16
SteffiekeI tried many distros14:16
Steffiekenormaly lubuntu hAs to work on a P4 ??14:17
geniiTry the 32 bit14:18
SteffiekeI did14:18
Steffiekeare there importand bios settings I need to make?14:19
Steffiekelxle ?14:19
geniiWhat typically happens when you try to install?14:20
hateballDoes the CPU support PAE? Even 32-bit kernels are compiled for that now and does not work with older hardware14:20
SteffiekeI start booting up and I can select the language and keyboard settings and than it hangs14:21
SteffiekeI don't thinks so14:21
Steffiekeits a P4 2.6614:21
Steffiekethe live-boot allso hangs14:23
Steffiekeonly windows will install and Hirens bootcd works too14:23
hateballSteffieke: you can try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE14:26
Steffiekethnx , but do you think an old P4 intel has pae?14:26
SteffiekeI'll check that out14:27
Freddie_MercuryDoes installing libqt5gui5 and its dependencies on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS break the system?16:38
wxlshould not, Freddie_Mercury . it's just adding libs that lubuntu doesn't normally use16:40
Freddie_Mercurywxl, basically, it seems Minitube 2.5, the latest stable, requires it, but I was told in #ubuntu that since Lubuntu, which uses LXDE (non-QT so far) doesn't use QT, it may break the system>16:41
wxlFreddie_Mercury: sounds to me like they're guessing. as long as it doesn't remove gtk, you should be fnie.16:42
Freddie_MercuryLet me go ahead and take the plunge then.16:42
Freddie_Mercurywxl, install seems to have worked; now I'm finally able to install from the Minitube deb.16:45
wxlexcellent Freddie_Mercury :)16:45
Freddie_MercuryNow, I hope this new version fixed the problem I was having.16:46
wxlbest of luck on that one!16:46
Freddie_MercuryApparently the Google API, it wasn't able to access it.16:46
* Freddie_Mercury shrugs.16:46
Freddie_MercuryYay, works now.16:47
wxlwell if they make apis like everyone else does, they change every 5 minutes :)16:47
Freddie_MercuryYeah. ._.16:48
wxlglad it's working :)16:49
phillwFreddie_Mercury: ping17:09
Freddie_Mercuryphillw: ping17:09
phillwI *may* have a work round to add the weather applet, if you are okay with terminal stuff?17:09
Freddie_MercuryHm, what was the issue again? It disappeared when I minimized the windows?17:10
Freddie_MercuryBecause what I did was, just get rid of that toggler.17:11
Freddie_MercuryAnd now I use the virtual desktops.17:11
Freddie_MercuryTo look at desktop.17:11
Freddie_MercuryI also added a Conky widget to the desktop.17:11
Freddie_MercuryAnd look at it the same way.17:11
phillwFreddie_Mercury: that was it, but I said to use the inbuilt weather applet.. which is not there in 14.04. But, if you have solved it using conky , no further action is needed17:12
Freddie_MercuryOh, that.17:12
Freddie_MercuryWhat was your workaround?17:12
Freddie_MercuryJust roughly/17:12
Freddie_Mercury(I don't use Conky for weather, just system stats.)17:13
Freddie_Mercury(I don't know how to do the URI stuff. :/)17:13
phillwFreddie_Mercury: I was going to send you weather.so to simply drop into /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxpanel/plugins17:18
Freddie_MercuryWhat does it look like.17:18
phillw1 little applet for cloud type (sun, partially cloud, cloud, light rain, heavy rain... and night ones) and a temp applet in F or C17:19
Freddie_MercuryVery simple and small I guess.17:20
Freddie_MercuryHold up a second, let me show you what my desktop looks like atm17:20
phillwalso includes forecast for tomorrow17:20
phillwFreddie_Mercury: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/8615/pluginwithtooltip.png shows it on tool bar and also the display when you click it.17:27
Freddie_MercuryOhhh, it's an indicator.17:27
Freddie_MercuryNot a *widget*.17:27
Freddie_MercuryLike, a tooltip thing.17:27
Freddie_MercuryWhatever it would be called.17:28
phillwyeah, sits along side the other little indicators that you can add... Uses very little space up, which I like :)17:28
Freddie_MercurySounds good, I may get it. This is my desktop atm: http://s12.postimg.org/m8zdwz0gt/2015_09_22_192105_1280x800_scrot.png17:29
Freddie_MercuryWeather widget looks neat, huh?17:30
Freddie_MercuryI found it yesterday.17:30
phillwmuch tidier than mine, although I rarely see my desktop!17:30
Freddie_MercuryHeh, why is that, always doing stuff in active windows? :)17:31
phillwindeed.... IRC keeps me busy, and I over see a couple of Fb areas and get a fair bit of mail.17:32
Freddie_MercuryYou're FB staff17:33
bioterrorsome ubuntu related pages on fb17:33
Freddie_MercuryOhh, nice.17:33
phillwno, I'm a mod for three lubuntu areas17:33
phillwand linuxpadawan17:33

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