elachecheMorning Africa :)08:08
craigbrashmorning :)08:17
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Kiloswake up africa14:51
Kiloshi pieter2627 hows things there lad?14:52
pieter2627hi Kilos good good ty, and self sir?14:53
Kilosjust tired lad otherwise ok ty14:53
Dro__hi Kilos elacheche pieter262714:54
Kiloshi Dro__14:54
Kiloswhats happening your side14:54
pieter2627hi Dro__14:54
elachecheHey Kilos :D :)14:54
pieter2627Kilos: when was the surgery?14:54
elachecheWassup :)14:54
KilosQA announce Meeting here tomorro night at 20.30 everyone14:55
QAKilos: What?14:55
Kilosonly on the 15th now pieter262714:55
pieter2627next month?14:55
Dro__Kilos, discussing about dreams, with elacheche  :P you ?14:55
Kilosya everytime they just tes again and give you another appointment14:55
Kiloswhat about dreams14:56
KilosDro__ im still sleeping lots but should be better end of next month14:57
Kilosstupid meds14:57
Dro__hope you'll be better14:59
Kilosi will dont worry then ill rock this boat again15:03
Kilosi want to see everyone greeting everyone else every day15:03
Kilosbecoming friends not just contacts15:04
Dro__yes! become friends! sing! dance! :P15:06
Dro__by the way elacheche have a great voice15:07
elachechelool Dro__ :)15:09
elachecheKilos, you still @ZA?15:09
Kilosya elacheche15:13
elachecheOk :)15:13
elachecheTake care of yourself :)15:13
Kilosoh yes i will, otherguys you guys will let my channel die15:14
Kilostell me about you guys dream theories15:14
Kiloswhere are you azzenovic ?15:25
Dro__in my land :D15:25
Kilosyou must bring all your friends here Dro__15:25
Dro__Kilos, ok i'll invite all my citizens15:25
azzenovichi I am from tunisia15:25
Kiloscool azzenovic tunisia peps are getting more and more here15:25
Dro__tunisians will occupy this country :P15:26
Dro__i mean this channel*15:26
Kiloslooks like15:26
Kilosza still leads though15:26
Dro__Kilos, do you have any statistics about the number of people using Ubuntu in africa ?15:28
Kiloswhew i had info but wiped my drine on pc playing wit dd command15:29
Kilosbut on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa you should see most15:30
Kilossome countries joined their whole loco teams15:30
Dro__i see15:31
Kilosthe you could join their team and see all member i supposed15:32
Dro__Kilos, thanks but i was looking for a statistics about the people who USE Ubuntu, not loco teams15:34
Kilosthere are many that are in lugs and most lug members use ubuntu for at least their servers15:35
Kiloswith ubuntu seeming to fade in africa buntu users joined the lugs15:35
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