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zsombirschroll: shoot, neither of us is online at that time, sorry :)04:59
zsombirschroll: checking your questions05:00
zsombirschroll: the first answered05:30
zsombirschroll: second answered05:34
zsombirschroll: bug1498138 commented05:45
zsombirschroll: also confirmed bug149814305:47
rschrollzsombi: Thanks!  It's bedtime now, but I'll look at them in the morning.06:11
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dholbachgood morning06:35
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GreatDantonHeya, I created Gui application with Ubuntu sdk and python, but I need a little bit of help with setting up window title right:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=229567711:34
Paddy_NII am looking to create either a scope or a webapp that points to my tower pc running transmission-daemon.13:18
Paddy_NII would very much appreciate a few pointers13:18
davidcallePaddy_NI, interesting use case :)13:19
Paddy_NII just like the idea, seems very handy to me13:20
Paddy_NIA generic scope for plugging into other torrent clients would be great13:20
Paddy_NIbut that would be more ambitious13:20
davidcalleFor webapps, you got the link, for scopes, you have three options : there are tutorials for C++ and Go, or the "scope creator" ( http://chrismwayne.com/?p=277 ) which deals with very specific data sources (twitter feeds, youtube channels, rss)13:21
Paddy_NIdavidcalle, Excellent13:21
davidcallePaddy_NI, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/tutorials/13:22
Paddy_NII have a weird bug at the moment with regards the web browser - it seems to have remembered the incorrect login information for my transmission-daemon. So far I have cleared the settings for the browser and cache with no success13:23
davidcallePaddy_NI, and in a not-so-far future (couple months, I'd say), you will also have a Javascript API for creating scopes13:23
davidcallePaddy_NI, can't help with it, I haven't used the transmission web ui in a long time13:23
Paddy_NII wonder if my bq Aquarius E4.5 will still be a relevant device by then13:23
Paddy_NIdavidcalle, No worries :-)13:24
davidcallePaddy_NI, as far as I know, the E4.5 will be supported for as long as possible13:25
Paddy_NIThat would be great13:26
Paddy_NII must actually check to see how well Ubuntu Touch runs on the Xperia Z213:28
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Gomsihii.. is this group active??17:05
Gomsior i am late?17:05
dobeyhow does one cross-compile a click that uses qmake exactly?17:14
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